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    jinzo my bitch
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    3. Consider your characters position at all times. Shuuya is a rookie when it comes to power and abilitie. And right now he is fighting a strong member of a pirate crew that was strong enough to establish a base within a populated town of the new world. So instead of a play toy, you should begin to consider your enemy a viable threat. Which I will express in my upcoming post.
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    since you are new and all I have some key RP information about being inside a quest. Usually, there is a quest GM, which is me. The quest gm controlls the whole enviorment and almost every NPC included. Player, such as you, Kunshu, Sky and Ace only control the actions of their very own characters in this kind of scenario. This basicly means as a player:
    1. You shouldn't create random NPCs or envoirmental influences (such as storms etc)

    2. You should write in the 'would'-form. You describe the first reaction of your character, afterwards you describe what he would do if his intended reaction was indeed sucessfull. In case of your last post, it would be "Shuuya turns around, trys to grab the ninjas hand and would then grapple it strongly with the intent to have the ninja drop his weapon". This style is what the GM needs in order remain able to plot/describe certain reactions of that npc.
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    That's awesome, need to check it out then. Whats the name of the crew?
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    Same! I really want the Bleach RPG to get some momentum, I cant believe they are thinking about shutting down the section!
    Haven't checked out OP yet, but the Naruto one is intense... want to get into it but dang! It's a bit complicated.
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    Right? We have like one conversation a year, but it's good to stay in touch. I'm just happy this place is still kind of active
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    In the virtual flesh hahaha What's up man?
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    Now I really want to read it. I love the more dark ones (alongside my girly mangas lol).
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