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    OH ****!! I remember you. We was good friends. I only remember half of your old username though but boy this brings back memories. Awesome that you're back. Knew there was a reason I liked you - no homo. ; )

    PS4 is actually my first ever console so yeah you know. Thanks man, same, you can always hmu about that depression **** and I'm literally almost always here. Looking forward to reading your blog BTW I been on that uncharted. On the second game now. Suicide diving off cliffs and buildings and that stuff. :^]
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    yo man it's all cool no problem at all i didnt even know you're an oldie or someone i used to know so it's cool mane. i will let my brodie kno you wish them a happy birthday.

    i been fine, juts playin on the ps4 all day and being depressed as **** like usual. what bout u brodie?
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    i have no idea what you mean, man. only my brodie knows. and i will relay your message to my brodie, amen.
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    the person who put the 'yay i haz internet :'d' tag says hi, and asks if Neil still plays with his magic wand.
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    I thank you, my good pal. I hope you have a had a decent regular-day on your end. Amen.
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Uncharted 4 Review [Spoiler Free]

by Anon on 05-12-2016 at 02:54 PM
This is my first game review, I hope that you all find it useful.

As I was making my way to the shop what sells the games I was over come with excitement. Never have I felt such excitement for a game. It cannot be contained, visions of Nathan Drake making quips and shooting the baddies rush through my head. I cannot express how much hype I am feeling in this moment. I finally reach shop and ask the man behind the counter " Do you have the Uncharted 4?" He says "No

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