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    Hey sorry about the delayed reply, life just got the best of me lol. I haven't even read anymore either, the last bit I did read is when Kaladin just left his villiage after returning thier to warn them of the voidbringers, so I'm still aways off finishing it, hopefully I'll get back into it in the coming days.

    Yeah I think you are right, I can imagine you recommending me Vikings off GoT. Don't forget the rest lol, you recommended a ton of shows lol, most of them awesome though, and most of them I'm still watching lol.

    Yeah, it's a shame it is going to end like this, I did think it was going down hill but I still think it deserves an awesome ending which I can't see happening with out Frank. Though what can you do, Kevin Spacey ended up being dodgy and he was rightfully sacked.

    Same universe? Sick. I'll definitely be reading some of his other stuff while I wait for the next book.
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    That's cool, I'm guilty of it myself lol.

    That's right, I think the first show you recommended me was Hannibal and that finished ages ago lol.

    What I've read I'm enjoying it though that isn't saying much because I haven't read much of it, I've been taking this book alot slower. Ive watched a few of the Americans though, and it has been alright so far, I'll continue watching it because it has an interesting plot.
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    Yep it has been quite a while since you first messaged me 69 pages back and a lot has changed for the better and worse, it's strange though I haven't met you and we mostly talk about media but I feel like I know you better than people I know irl lol but yeah it's been a blast talking with you and I won't be without good TV for years to come because of it lol.

    Oh that does sound like it's right up my alley, it reminds me of a film that I've seen which I can't for my life remember what it was called but yeah I does sound interesting. I've got a few hours free everyday in the week so I'll watch it then and I'll let you know what I think about it but I'm certain it will be something I'll enjoy. Hopefully I'll blitz through it quickly because I've got ALOT of catching up to do lol.
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    When you put it like that, it is a pretty arsehole move by moash.

    Aha oh yeah that's right, that king did have that weird quirk/illness. But yeah he is interesting and I am curious where his story goes, I can see him being a radiant and joining Dalinar also tbh I can see eshonia (the main listener) also joining Dalinar and co in the fight against the main villian.

    I would of preferred to read them all back to back lol though at least the wait won't be as bad as ASOFAI but 3 books back to back is also awesome, my nights are not gonna be the same after I've finished oathbringer. Though I've also got that other book you have suggested so that should keep me busy.
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    One of my favourite bits about this series is the world itself, its super detailed and how the plants and wildlife react to the highstorm is really interesting and it's also a nice touch how he has also included animals that we know of like horses and chickens so that it makes it somewhat more relatable and less alien.

    I'll be sure to check it out after I'm finished book 3.

    This 1000 character limit is getting right on my tits!
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    Hmm you say that it was moash betraying Kaladin but I felt it was Kaladin who betrayed him, granted it was the right thing to do due to the king not deserving it but Kaladin did agree to it at one point however moash should of gave up after Kaladin said he would protect the king instead of attacking Kaladin so he did kinda betray kals in the end lol I'm so divided on who betrayed who lol

    Yep I can't wait for Kaladin and to see how the villagers react to him coming back, especially when he confronts Rashone, that's gonna be really satisfying.

    Not much lol, it took me a while to remember who he was lol, he's that king right who ordered szeth to kill all of those important people?
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    Yeah Sadeas does remind me of littlefinger too, he is very sly with his schemes, it was nice to see him get killed, especially the way he died, it was like an assassination of sorts though I don't really think that is the end for him, maybe the guys who brought szeth back alive will do the same to him. Overall I loved this book, particularly the last part, it is most probably the best bit of writing/story I've read/seen, so so good. I also enjoyed Shallan s back story too, it was really interesting to see how she got to where she is plus it was a nice twist to find out that she killed her mum because she attacked her due to her being a radiant. But did I think that I prefer the first book slightly a bit more, to see Kaladin be a slave and a bridge man on the edge of suicide to the leader of bridge 4 and saving Dalinar was super interesting but if I was going to rate them I would give book 1 a 9.7/10 and book 2 a 9.5/10 so it's pretty close lol but they are both masterpieces.
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    The dual was sick, how Kaladin jumped in and saved Aldolin when he was outnumbered was sick and even though I didn't really think Adolin would lose a bit at the back of my head did think what if, Jasnar was killed so I didnt really think that anyone was safe. It was sick at the end too when Kaladin called out Amaram, it would of been even sicker if they got to fight together. Buuuut forget that, I finished the book :P and just wow, the final part was immense, when Kaladin got his powers back gave me goosebumps, it was epic. I had an inkling that the surgeblades were spren so that was nice when it was confirmed and I'm loving how syl can turn into and weapon depending on the situation, and it was especially good when Kaladin was fighting szeth and what a fight, even though I don't want them to adapt this story, seeing that fight in live action would complete my life, so sick.
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    Yep Szeth is op as fcuk, its good though, it gives Kaladin a goal and he also knows what he is capable of doing, I'm up to were he has just more or less mastered lashing to walls, it was a pretty sick chapter, tbf all of the chapters are sick lol. yeah Adolin has just finished hes third fight were he embarrased this guy lol, hes next fight is a 2 vs 1, which sounds like an awesome duel lol.
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    That's my favourite chapter so far, how it kept switching between characters, always keeping me on edge lol, like something sick happened than it switched to a different perspective of the same battle, just awesome writing, and I agree Im glad that the author didnt end it on a massive cliffhanger, one of the reasons why I was hesitant picking up another unfinished series was because of the wait for the next book lol so im thankful he isnt just like GMMR lol. cliffhangers ae good just not when you have to wait 7+ years to see what happened.

    I had an inkling that Kaladin would save them so im glad that he did. id imagine that Dalinar does get his sword back, it would be pretty sick to see adolin make a fool out of him in a duel but I dont think sadeas would ever agree with one, the next best thing is for Kaladin to kill him.
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