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    Me too, i didn't notice it, the only people i remember on the House of Cards are Frank and Clair lol :S And talking about House of Cards, i love it when Elliot breaks the 4th wall like Frank imo some of the best lines is when Elliot is narrating.

    I don't hate, i kinda agree with you. it feels like Suits is on borrowed time, they should just wrap it up if not this season then defo the next one.
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    I decided to learn Graphics from you. Also we should skype soon.
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    I agree, right now Elliot is making the show, without him and his awesome acting it wouldn't be half as good as what it is. Im not sure about the fight club theory either, it could be right but i don't think it is anymore.

    That and Harvey's lines are the best part about this season, i'm not that big of a fan of the stories this season, though i do reckon its going to get better especially with Mike's wedding and the fact that he has to turn down junior partner.

    Best blog ever <3
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    Elliot smashed him, if we saw more of that guy then we would of seen him go home and slit his wrist's, Elliot didn't hold back at all and his nonexistence expression just made it worse, I loved it lol and when he destroyed his therapist lmao. I wonder how it all comes together because so far it seems like its 3 separate stories which all have something to do with Evil corp.

    Haha, awesome gif, and so accurate too lol.

    I've caught up on skins too, the latest episode was sick, i especially enjoyed the last scene, though i was kinda hoping that Louis got the upper hand lol. also someone needs to redo Mike's hair, he looks like a dick, and his arrogance isn't helping.
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    I got the same feeling with episode 6 too, which has to be the best episode so far even better then the first ep, I thought no. 7 was very good too. i cant believe how crazy that guy is who killed that bird on thee roof, talk about issues lmao, also Elliot lol, he's brutal.
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    I've been watching some Mr Robot, and i'm loving it. The last episode was pretty particularly sick, the one where he was going cold turkey and he had this crazy dream. Not long now until I catch up with it then off to Suits which you've got me interested into what could of happened.
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    It's gonna be hard for it to top season one, especially since Woody Harrelson/Matthew Mcconaughey > Vince Vaughn/Colin Farrell. Oh nice, I just got done with the previous plot and the preview for next episode showed Will back to work. it will be nice for a change of pace and be back to being like the previous seasons. This season so far has been pretty weird/f'ed up lmao.

    I need to get on that train ASAP!
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    Nice, I'll watch some Hannibal when I get home. oh yeah, I completely forgot about True detective lmao, i need to write down what I want to watch so that i dont forget lmao.

    Haha, I did see him comment on Aesima's gallery not that long ago, so i did think that he was back, but it seems he hasn't posted since then. He's defo lurking though lol, most probably waiting for someone to feed his ego.
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    When I was around 15-16yo there was this scottish kid and his parents that I hated with a passion, we got into an argument once over something stupid and I can't remember the details but I remember that they asked me if I understood them and I couldn't help but say in the most stereotypical Scottish accent "aye, I understand ye" haha that pissed them off, they chased me for at least a mile, they were like the terminators lol, luckily I managed to get away. Ironically I'm half scottish myself lmao.
    Oh sweet, I'll catch up to it after I've caught up with Hannibal.

    Looool, retarded versions of Frank and Claire Underwood, spot on. Though I do agree with you about it being boring without them.
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    Hehe, thanks, I do hope that more people find me funny and not a twat lol, you wouldn't believe the amount of trouble I got into in real life because of my mouth though thinking back onto some situations is making me laugh at how funny it was lmao. Haha, I can only imagine Eina laughing her ass off at some of the things that I said.
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Didn't think anything was going to top Sanchez's goal until I saw:

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Sanchez goal for reference

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How to win every SoTW

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