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    I did and I didn't, I knew that he would betray him sometime I just didnt think it would be so savagely lol, just abandoning him when he is surrounded by the enemy, though that is not as bad as stabbing him in the back at a feast lol. he is a interesting character, I feel like he is quite complicated/complex, even though he does want power, he wants it because he thinks he knows whats best for elothkar(his country), he kinda reminds me of tywin lannister.
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    Ive read kaladin and szeths first fight, and what a fight, and szeth wow, i knew he was strong but he made a fool out all 3 (kaladin, Dalinar and Adolin), even 3 vs 1, he just mugged them all of lol, and he would of won if Kaladin didnt scare him off with his surgebinder powers. it was also pretty sick when Kaladin healed his dead arm, its gonna make his fights with shardbearers a little bit more interesting know he only has to watch out for blows that will kill him.
    Ive read quite a bit of book two already and so far I am enjoying it alot, im upto either part 3 or 4, I cant remember which one but the last chapter is when shallan arrived at the plains.

    Aha Henry Cavill, what a legend.

    **** me 1000 character limit is **** lol
    and it censored my words lol
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    Yep I feel like I'm gonna finish the second book alot quicker, I've already read part 1 lol. I can't believe that Jasnar has been killed, I never expected that, especially not this early in the story, I thought that she might of trained Shallan for a bit longer, at least until they got to the shattered plains though it's gonna be interesting to see what happens to Shallan now and how Jasnars family reacts.
    And Kaladin, I wonder what he's gonna do when he comes face to face with the guy who stole his shardblade and killed his squad.

    Yeah that's right szeth was given a mission to kill Dalinar, so he is heading to the shattered plains too, I can see it now, szeth Vs Kaladin, please let it happen lol, it will be immense.
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    So I've finished the first book and wow, it was amazing, when sedaes betrays Dalinar, just wow, edge of my seat stuff and then Kaladin saved him in the most epic way, when he jumped the chasm while the bridge was halfway across and sucked in the storm light from the parshendi gems and started kicking their arses was immense, just wow. Then there is the parshmen being the voidbringers, I did not expect that, it is an awesome twist that I can not wait to see what happens with them. Also, damn the way that Tien died in Kaladins arms, it makes me hate the light eyes even more, it's just savage how they just used the weaker soldier s as a decoy/bait.
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    The light/dark eyes is an interesting take on class/race, it gonna be interesting to see how the light eyes take Kaladin and his bridge squad being given so much power, I'm also eager to see what happens when the light eyes that killed Kaladins old squad and took the shardblade and armour arrives at the plains and what he will do when he sees Kaladin.
    Szeth is an awesome character, I love how he is conflicted and doesn't want to kill but he has no choice because of his oathstone.
    Tbf I cannot see how the second book can top the first one lol, it was amazing, everything you promised plus more.
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    That was epic, the was he used his extra mobility to dodge him and to find the one weakness and actually be able to kill him because of the weakness was just immense. I've got a few therapies about were this story is heading, first I think that the visions that Dalinar is having were someone tells him to unite them, doesn't mean the highprinces but Kaladin and Shallans and maybe szeth aswell and if it's szeth than there is going to be a villian that appears, that is linked to why radiants disappeared, maybe the guys who have szeths oathstone are also linked to them. Hmm, I was gonna say that the main antagonist might be szeth, because him Vs Kaladin sounds like a pretty sick battle lol, but thinking on it, szeth isn't really suited to be the main antagonist for such an epic story.
    Yep Ive came across Roshone is his backstory, the last chapter with him is when he made Tein join the army and then Kaladin joined too.
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    I've just done part 3, the last chapter is were we find out how Kaladin was betrayed by his captain, who murdered his friends, stole the shardblade and made him a slave in the first place. Kaladin has also survived the highstorm (wow, that chapter was awesome) and now he is training his bridge crew so that they can escape. Shallans chapters are really good too, she has just given back the soulcaster to Jasnar, so that she could save her from the poison. Her previous chapter was especially really good, were she was drawing the black shadows getting closer, proper intense. I am truely hooked, it has been a while since I read the A song of fire and ice books, so it's not really a fair comparison? but this book has surpassed all of them, the story, the characters, the world, everything about this is so much better, thanks again for introducing me to this amazing story.
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    My next chapter is the first Shallan chapter since she became Jasnars? Ward, and I did like those chapters, I thought it was interesting and I'm intrigued to find out how she tries to steal the soulcaster from Jasnar. Yeah that is something I would like to know too im also wondering how he became a slave in the first place, he did mention about turning down a gift from Sadeas, but why was he given one in the first place. Yep Dalinar, I think him and his son Aldolin? are both awesome. I'm really hoping that Kaladin and his bridge join his army and that kaladin gets to fight for him too. I've only just read the chapter that has Szeth? (Why couldn't the writer give easier names to remember how they are spelt lol) but yeah Szeth had just became a slave to those people who handed him a list of people to kill that will "shake the world" so I can't wait to see where this story goes.
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    I'm upto chapter 28 which i think is almost halfway through and I'm enjoying it immensely, I especially like Kaladin and his parts, though the other characters chapters are good too, kaladins in particularly is really good, I like how he is gradually getting more of his bridge to like him and trust him and his back story is also interesting, I cant wait to see where his story takes him.
    The world itself is also really interesting, like the spren and why syl is so special. and where did the radients go, and why does that soldier, (I forgot his name) keep getting flashbacks/visions.
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    Hey, I thought I'll let you know how I'm getting on and that I'm still reading it, albeit slow though lol. I am enjoying it, I've just been somewhat busy and I'm just passing out everything I get into bed and not being able to read any lol. I'm gonna read a few chapters tonight though
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