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    Oh, regarding that PM i just sent ya, Domo just made a post reacting to all that's going on, and he has quotes of the last posts from the rest of us, so you can skim them for a better idea.
    I'd especially recommend checking the dialogue out at least.
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    If you're still game for joining in on the CRS stuff, I'll have Copse send you the summary
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    Right. My fault, I'm sure.

    Initial mission was to infiltrate the castle and obtain the plans for the opening of Tequila Wolf, where the last lineage of one of the families will be there. The RA wants to end a family of the 20 Tenryubito families. This is extra information collected through your travels in the castle:
    -Castle seems to be vampire facility
    -Blood banks held people
    -Walls stated "Beasts of...", before blurring
    -Children bet on pints of blood
    -2/3 of the alarm has gone off

    Let me know when you have edited!
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    That. Is. Hilarious.

    I got you to dance (xD). Do me a favor, though. Ask the questions in your post, to get it moving faster!
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    That. Is. Hilarious.

    I got you to dance (xD). Do me a favor, though. Ask the questions in your post, to get it moving faster!
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    I'd say as long as it's a basic whip sword, it's fine for a basic weapon. It's really no drastic transformation, just basically blades on a rope.
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    Five people have Green's agility reaction perk... so you can copy perks. I just like when people attribute them. So if its Green's perk, you say so. No need to steal the wheel you are trying to reinvent.
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    Agility perks are hard to find because they really shouldn't exist.

    What you can do is possibly this:
    Agility Barrage: By honing one's muscle memory and reflexes, one can turn any attack they make into a barrage attack, where it looks like a massive flurry of blows of swift movements. These attacks are swifter than normal, and appear a blur to any who may face them within reason.

    Me? I jsut go for perma soru:
    Agility Burst: Without FS, the user can utilize the soru technique by using agility as the FS stat.

    Also works for geppou, can work for kami-e, and agility perks aren't limited to "can be faster." Agility is reaction time, but its also dexterity and the ability to bend, flex, and be nimble. But, yeah. Agility perks are mean to be a bitch. The stat should be renamed dexterity, and actual speed techniques kept in FS, aethetics.
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    I posted in SSP. Sorry for taking so long. I'll try to keep them quick.

    Is there anything you want me to include in the story, for your character development? I don't know your character's history, other than he's a mercenary. If you haven't noticed, it's a Vampire Castle.
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    Eh... go for it. Since no post, no character. No character, no real anything.
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