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    Oh lool, pirate way yeee, but Im the type who needs comfort, I'm wayyy to lazy, I'd rather sit on my ass and get to plces and putting in effort and sweat xD

    Just your regular work, studying all that xD
    My bro recently moved there so he's still kinda settling in, mostly his kids.

    lol I've actually said it before, it just comes out as durarararararara xDDD

    Maybe watchin this OP will give you an idea about the characters type of anime, like literally the anime is all colorful patterny (is thats a word but idc lol) like that, also the story follows generations of jojo, so first part (first season) shows us the very first jojo and how this mysterious powers started and then it goes on and on for generations. So the 4th part rn, is the 4th generation jojo and his story.

    Ofc Ofc It got to long, gomen vong ;~;
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    Ahh I'm not even pickin any random ones this season, I have way too much anime to finish. Watchin Ajin right now, I darn loved the manga and even tho anime was so hard to watch because of CG galore, still they've done a pretty darn good job with it.

    Rofl gimme the weed, insta crazier powah up. :"D
    Ohh I talk about traveling with my frds like all the bloody time but now I finally will travel xDD
    Where'd you guys plan to go? If I ever come to Germany I should meet up! *_*
    I still rem how you looked, tho obv its been years so slightly hazy xDD

    Huh why is it hard to get in? A bunch of european countries has exactly what you're looking for >.<
    Or you know whats even better, is visiting Japan Mountains, scenery, craziness, beautiful sights to see.
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    I'm going crazy over Seventeen's comeback from yesterday, these guys are my SKLDFNHKUASFGWEAUGVSD BABIES. IT'S ILLEGAL I SWEAR THEY'RE LIKE 17 / 18 AND IM GOING CRAZY OVER THESE BOYS HELP ME.

    lool what dramas did you watch. Totally intended to ask you. Totally.

    Rofl I'm also tryin to shorten but couldnt contain my excitement up there as you can see :P ^
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    lol either ways I understood what you were talkin about, probably because you had phrased it in such a way xD

    lol true true, I'm really just generalizing but yeah xD

    oh thats what you meant, lol ive seen some ppl call em girls gen, but obv seeing as you are the bigger fan its prob not the official name of whatever XD
    but well you got my point and who i was talking abaout xD

    oh lion heart blehhh, idek why ppl like that song its so...bland.

    lol yeah their 1cm was pretty cool xD Esp in the video they're doing some hilarious stuff even tho idk members its still cute xD
    Watched a live performance of 1cm too, pretty darn good i must say xD
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    Ooops too big again xD

    Goto catch up to DRrr, got all episodes

    Jojo seems dumb, and its actually dumb, coz its so cold, but its hilarious and its so dumb its fun lol
    The animation colors music all are super cool, def give it a try, the anime well Idk about the manga wouldnt recommend it coz old art but i know you dont mind the old art but well anyways give the 2012 jojo a try, we got the latest part 4 airing , which is also season 4 soooo :do itttt
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    I started bottom xD, working my way up : P

    I have many downloaded myself, slowly catchin up to them all xD
    Watchin Akagami, its a shoujo one, not thatttttt good or anything special infact, but well still wathchin xD

    Holland and then US, im prob even gonna make a stop to UK on the way back, planning to meet shika (shes on the forums here), but not sure about that lol
    I'm not too interested either, I'm more of the East Asian countried or Europe craze XD
    My sis and bro live in US is why we are gonna go meet them

    ehhh dont you always go back to baccano lol
    you know it all too well baka!
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    haha iio :"D

    Well I thought thats what you implied by watching germans drink away : P

    Soshi is a fan name for SNSD / Girls Gen no? lol I see you post their gifs and whatnot all the time on tumblr, so we def are talking about the same girl group. I like Taeyeon as a single, I loved her song Rain <3

    Ahh Mamamoo are cute, stylish, swag everything lol, but with all the hip hop its just not my thing.
    Here's Stellar's latest release <33

    Well there are various boy bands, I mean diffferent concepts, most girl and boy bands follow either badass dark mature or the cute ones. I'm just here and there but the top would br GOT7, they're juust the most adorable everrrrrr
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    rofl you didnt want kino to end xD
    You answered your own question, GO WATCH KINO NO TABI TILL THE END! :sanjij:

    Ahh lol travelin bit, well i was in pak, for around almost a month. Nothin much to it just meet a bunch of family and lazed around and whatnot xD
    I plan to go to Holland / US sooon! I'm superrr excited~ !

    Oh right on mine it is because its all patterns on my profile and bright colors. But I like it and also cba to change xD
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    Is not cheesy at all, there are just some stories you can relate to or find inspiration or get motivation from, for me I have quite a few and I adore my favs. I keep going back them <33
    Ahh havent seen OP in idek, since they enter Dressrosa, so I have like way too much to catch up too Im not even touchin it atm lol
    The animation is always yuck, messed up, and sometimes doesnt have the same impact like the manga did, prob because I put my own music while reading. But regardless, I enjoy it quite a lot <3

    I had intended to watch that subete ga f ni naru, but I was hardly watchin anime so I just gave up on it. xD
    I have to catch up on the latest season of Drrr.
    Oho h oh oh oh oh oh JOJO IS BACK WOOOO HOOO :sanij:
    Please tell me you watched Jojo 2012 parts
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    Gomeeeennn I hardly came here! >.<

    Germans drinkin away and people going cray..yup def dont wanna see it xD

    lol i see, tho google translate is never perfect, diaclects and whatnot also gets missed out on. There are just some things I find easier to say in other languages, more expressive.

    lol I just thought girls gen was called girls gen or SNSD xD
    kwangsoo is def the starnge tall guuy, hes def into yuri xDD

    listen to more guy groups They're greatt!
    Ever heard of Stellar? You might like them, sexy concept after all xD
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