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    Posted. Nr. 11
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    30? We can make it even more!
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    I'm pushing for a win. Though it should still be an epic fight. I don't want to conclude it half assed because it would take to long. Hell, that what the GL theard is all about.

    Though if Irra wants to throw the towel and give up, there is nothing Tenguman can do
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    Now thats a post I can work with

    Thanks for considering my thoughts
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    On the sword matter: Irra is hugging/grappling Tenguman like a Koala Baby hangs on his parent, just from the front. Tengumans arm and sword are beneath her shoulder and come towards her face from the side. There is no way Irra can see that, given her body is in her own line of sight and she has no eyes at the side of her head.

    Secondly, Irra having some points more in FS doesnt matter. The ability of Tenguman moving the sword in the way he does, wouldn't increase if he had 100 points invested. Its not like we have difficult and complicated techniques clashing.
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    On the Gravity manner: Gravity is no kinetic force in the traditional sense you see it. Its not a shockwave, which is really just a wall of air that is acelerated suddenly to the extreme. And it is no piece of metal that is accelerated fastly and needs to penetrate. Gravity is unblockable. It pulls things into a certain direction and makes them to gain kinetic force/speed on their own towards said direction. What Gravity Gun does is shifting the gravity in a beam like space (or thin and tube like space) so that it pulls things into the direction Tengumans finger is pointing. What is also does is that it increases that pull into the extreme. Think of Isshos Gravito: Moko move, limited on a beam.

    Essentally: While everything else in your belly would stay at the same position, everything in the 'Gravity Guns'-line of influence would be torn out by the sudden acceleration of a thousand G.
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    I've argued with people about spars before, including you. Keeping it civil is a nice resolution. Though such predicaments rarely solved themselfes without a GM intervening. That being said, this will be my last try in this. There will be two more VMs coming, one explaining the gravity gun and one the sword matter. After that, I'll see if you edit it fairly or just continue the fight with previously mentioned intend.
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    Its up to you to edit for a more fairy or respectable outcome. I can understand if you don't want to, though I'll simply begin to play by the same rules.
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    You expect me to roll with getting hit by 'unexpected' moves of yours, with the odds being against Irra, but Irra blocks moves she can't neither predict nor see coming and that literally leave no time to react in its execution? Also, while Tenguman has less points in FS than Irra, he is certainly not untrained in close quater combat.

    Also, no matter how many Layers of defense Irra may use, they do not necesarily "block" gravity or help Irra to withstand it. A haki shockwave doesn't negate the effects of gravity. The same with the raid suit and the fortress stone resilience. While they make Irras skin more resilient to stabbing and similar, they do not protect her organs. Gravity is nothing that has to penetrate physically. The gun would still tear through her body unblocked.

    The only things that may influence that may have real unfluence on the gravity gun are your normal haki and your tekkai, which persumably also strengthens your organs.
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