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    Haha that is a tricky situation indeed.
    Indeed. I see Bad is at ilke 60k posts lol. I'm glad I popped back on though. Reading through some old threads really kicked up some nostalgia for all the good times I had here, and all the awesome people I met. T'was truly an incredible time & I hope that one day this community is revived. Perhaps not on a forum (as they appear to be less fashionable these days) but maybe some other kind of chat thingy. I really miss the days of hopping on and having every thread with new unread posts + tons of notifications from the VMs and PMs and stuff.

    Yeah. AF/(AC) emojis are the best, I need them everywhere

    Nuuuuuuu don't feel bad!!! I wouldn't say I'd do it if I didn't want to. I've been meaning to make new stuff recently anyway. Though I'm probably always going to be trash at avys lol.
    Though I'd be lying if I claimed to have any idea what I'd do anyway
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    Ahh yes, been there & done that too. Though currently I'm feeling more on the positive side. I'm not where I want to be, but I (think?) I have a clear path forward to get to where I want to be.
    Man that sucks It's nice to see that some familiar faces are still around though.
    Also these emojis, holy hell. You've no idea how much I wish I could use the face everywhere

    I'll give em a look. Got nothing better to do this weekend anyway :P
    And I'm awful at making avys. I don't even think I made one to go with that sig originally. Their just so small that idk what to put in them D:
    If you've got an image or an idea of what you want I could always give it a shot though I'm rusty and haven't fired up PS in a while so don't expect much :P
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    Fair enough. It's that wanting to be better that gives us progress anyway, as being complacent can only get ya so far.
    Man, the RP section is like a goddamn zombie. That place never dies lol. I've missed the site quite a bit recently as well. On top of which I haven't watched any new anime in over a year & this is really the only place I know to come for recommendations

    I absolutely still do. Here's an updated link.
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    I am well. Had a sudden burst of nostalgia which made me log back in.
    It's been a while so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's not quite as active as I remembered, but still... It just feels so sad for some reason...

    How about you?
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    Works for me. Amaterasu isn't hard to pick a fight with anyway, seeing as she is arrogant and has a god complex.
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    Lol, she can be fascinated by my awesome electro. Yes.
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    I'll update again. Knowing Bad he'd also post today. So it's no big deal.
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    I see. Well take your time. For the moment I'll move a bit forward with Bad. I can easily extend Bad's part.

    It'll prevent me from loosing interest.
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    Btw, let me know if you're not interested anymore in the quest. Cause Bad won't be able to clear it unless you partake. But if I know you aren't interested any more(which I understand) do let me know so I can change things.
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    Left Seastone Glove: A tough glove fabricated with seastone on the inside of the hand and fingers, not the actual inside of the glove as well as the side of the hand. This allows him to catch, grab, chop and even also slap devil fruit users. Allowing to defend against them, particularly against Logia's

    Right Seastone Glove: A tough glove fabricated with seastone on the outside and side of his right hand, covering the backhand and outside of the fingers. Allowing him to strike against devil fruit users via punching, backhand slapping or chopping. This is particularly useful against Logia's devil fruits.

    Tho I guess you could just have fully it covered.
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