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    I just need to do the skills and teigu arts for my teigu, pretty much done everything else that needs to be done at this point though I do have some questions:

    1. would the regneration automatically be a thing for biological teigu or would it require a teigu slot?
    2. If I get a trump card does that mean I have to divide three skills over two characters or do I still get five?
    3. If I want to start with a territory how exactly does that work? (since my char is going to be a noble)
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    *pokes* Posted my Bio, please let me know if my Spirit Medium skills are okay or not, they are kinda iffy considering what's known of the Akame ga Kill Verse.
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    Ah wait...Sin empowerment...<_< I double checked myself. My fault sir Carry on I get it lmao
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    How many abilities does your character have <_< I thought teigu grants you a limit? Akame only had two things. Kill with a single cut, get a powerup with trump card. How does yours grant you like 5 things
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    Do not hate me if you die I will help come up with a new pc if you don't have one thought up! Or or or you can turn Shin ...(forgot that npcs name) into your new pc and build upon that! Or or or you know o_o Be cool homie.......But if you somehow survive that attack I call bs >.> But if it's legit...I have other pc so Im straight lmao. Either way, GG
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    Ah, what a shame then :O It was a good fight sir faizalot O_O I know you super duper hella anger and all, but I'm guessing you have no intention of continuing the Rp after this fight? I prefer to since I really liked the anime but those damn busy ppl lol...Sorry! But I do hope you join FT Again! This time, as a player and not a Gm though Maybe you'll have fun this time around
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    Explain the attack. I got the other parts but not the snap of the finger part Is it an explosion How did you survive your own explosion if so? Isn't that weird in anime when they make a big ass explosion and they aren't hurt but it's RIGHT there in front of them xD
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    I was going to reply with something super duper hot and heavy, but this isn't the place for that Anywho, nah i didn't see it lol. Im sorry I'll post very soon. Like right now I'll start!
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    Waaaaiiiiit i remembered lmao! I knew i wrote it somewhere...thank god for stickynotes
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    I cleared out my pms to pm you all those times recently i...i deleted the password...
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