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  1. I will also do like a bio thead so ppl can really understand all the characters that interacts. Ill be working on it as well , but right now a lot of ppl or on vaca so to recruit ppl would be not so good atm. We should wait for ppl to come back from vaca, but ill do the settings pretty strict so we dont fall out of the order that I intentionally intended for the org.
  2. I see I see. I don't think wev met. I might have seen u but not actually rp u or talked to u nope ^^"

    I don't think I want anything specific. Like it doesn't have to be a wall. Just short and good. I would have to put a touch on it just to add the cuteness factor to it. U dont have to rush it since the place is growing slow atm and I am still studying for exams ^^. I find it being a more relaxed atmosphere, but like wed pbably do like "day 1" "day 2" and so on. Try to hit it as closely as possibly to a real maid cafe. Also I thought abt doing some small settings so that ppl can pretend they went other places bf they entered the cafe. To really add some free space, excitement, and that extra free rp fun factor!
  3. Lui doesnt rp but she is my bestie. I am very close to Yondi,Spell, Lui, Jin, Lahil, Akury and Arake. They r my closest ppl whom I really love.
    Was ur name the same on nw? In that case then we havnt ever met.

    I was very active from 2008 and up. Iv been close friends with the mentioned ppl for almost 6 years soon. Id like to start this thing up as fellow "owners" with Lui and Spelly.

    It's clearly not a combat system org, but fight can occour u nvr know , but it's more the typical japanese guy/girl image that u ill live out (obviously rl world is different from the one appearing in normal japanese animes/mangas).
  4. I am just bad at making really good written fancy posts. At least it's quite a while ago. U can work on it as u please since i ill be very busy with exams. Ill share with you how I see it.

    I plan it to be in "other orgs" but not sure yet or if ill just keep it in bleach. It's more anyone, even ppl outside of the bleach org should be able to join, but it does of course changes the bio of everyone a tad concerning what kind of "powers" they can have.

    I pretty much see it as a typical maid cafe as for settings. We got our maids and we got our costumers. Some visit often and some come from time to time.
    Owners of the place would be me, Lui and Jame. I wish to partner up with my best friend Lui, and because I planned this out back then with Jame I wish to have him own it with me (as u know I am a nw person so those r my beloved ppl <3).

  5. For settings it's pretty much like kaichou wa maid sama u can say. We will be having some "games" concerning poetry corner for the week, music days, playing games, gambling etc.
    Men can rp impressing a certaint maid or have a crush on her, of course that might result in some punching back and sending a body across the room, but that is how it is u know.

    I think it will be very funny to play out and really let ppl rp the "average japanese male" they picture reading mangas and watching animes. I obviously wish to make a "bio thread" to let ppl explain their characters ~

    What do u think ^^?

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    hmmm cloud or squal?? decisions. the first looked real nice but finding gifs for him would be hard if even possible.
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    I dont think you need help but if you do I can help gm and I definitely intend to be around for the rp,, awesome job you did witth it, Tomorrow or later today I shall really push to finish my character.
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    Young,like cloudish and swordsman, badass ....idk
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    I need help finding char appearance preferrable from FF cuz iluv the graphics, and /what levels should I start with in your rp?
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    can you help me
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