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  1. R u sure u got time for this? Originally Jame were suppose to help me, but he is so busy atm so I cant ask him. Cnp, Tuna, Kaien and Zero r really good at english but they all seem busy so dont wanna ask. It's not that I am not confident abt my skills, but I dont think I can make a handsome post
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    Okay, well I'll probably post a bit more of my character sometime today. I'll add in the limit break and a couple of weapons with their effects from the limit break.
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    Huzzah, that allows for magic-based limits breaks.... or at least possibly what I had planned.
    The reason I say about 'magic-based limit breaks' is if you've seent the many limit breaks used, you'll notice that (excluding Vincent due to him having so many experiments done to him) Aerith/Aeris is the only one to have magical powers from the limit break, well the others may have a one or two techniques (like Cloud's meteorstrike) but most of their limit breaks are actually just special techniques that don't involve any special powers. Like Cid's 'dynamite' or Yuffie's 'greased lightning'.

    My original thought for a Limit Break was a technique that unlocked a weapon's inner strength. Thus it would have a different effect depending on the weapon (though since I'm a swordsman that means I'll only be using swords) What is your opinion on this limit break technique?
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    I was wondering for the FF RP, could my character be part Ancient? it'd be like a granparent or something who was an ancient. Also is the RP taking place after FFVII? or is it set in a slightly altered version of the world?
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    Borja :3 yay ill have my bio posted by tomorrow night :3 ( work and all that jazz )
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    Bro-san , kank here, i'll join ff as an avalanche member i guess >..> but I do hope to be compensated for my rp experience as well as my ability to overall roleplay o.o just pm me my level and such and rank
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Why can I imagine Gaara's character being that roach guy off of Men in Black? >_>
because he was the best villain they could have in the entire series... all the other one's sucked.
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