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    Yeah, wish I had thought of that. Oh, well...
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    I wanna you make my set.. are you busy right now? :>
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    can you help me?
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    Part 2

    Both Wing and Vyk - Whenever I bring up that they don't manage the site properly and actively enough. I.E activity. When the fudge do they do anything? When the fudge do they show up? Almost never ever. Which ins unacceptable for admins/owners. I can write a book while being logged into mnf before Wing shows up or do anything and that's not a exaggeration by any means. For Vyk, 2 books. It's ridiculous. I.E gold system Vyk: "we'll have the shop and bank soon" 6-7 months later nothing changed with the system, no bank working, no shop, no use for gold at all. And all they have for this is excuses.

    It wouldn't make any sense to stay there
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    I don't feel it was that bad back then. It's more now. And last year.

    Here's how it works and all this actually happened

    Let's start with genk, Genk doesn't like that i have a different opinion than him in our debate, gives me infarction. Furthermore he abused his power and changed my blogs and my profile information to rude content for no reason.

    Wing holds grudges against me, won't let me return as staff simply because she has a grudge. Ofc as always she tries to deny this with bs reasons she made up. And guess what her grudge is "I don't like the way you talk online"... what kind if idiocy is that. You always allow moderators that did a great job to come back from retirement when you're short on staff which they more than are.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much it.
    I have MAL as well, except that I've never listed Naruto on there, so I have no idea which episode I left off at,
    so I pretty much have to start all over again to be sure I won't miss anything.
    In either case, I usually won't watch series with more than 30 eps, because my rather limited attention span will cause me to loose interest,
    unless the series (like Monster) is interesting enough.
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    I see.
    Well, the series is just waaay too long...
    I think I've seen like, what 200, 300(?) eps.
    Lost count, and really don't feel like picking it up again atm.
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    They don't even apologize. They just give excuses for any feedback they get. They did that on fb then blocked me like cowards.

    It's a community though. Nobody gives a **** about a forum if the owners/leaders of the community are *******s and don't do their job.
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    Have seen VK, VKG and Death Note as well. ^^
    Though I suspect I will never finish Naruto.
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    Ofc, you did say you live in Texas. ^^

    Yeah, Monster is indeed a nice anime. The first one I run a marathon with.
    Just took me a couple of late nights to complete it. Who needs sleep, anyway?
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Long time no see >>

by Kaname on 01-05-2018 at 10:26 PM
I know it has been awhile. Some may not even know me or even remember me. But 2017 was a hell of a ride! Hurricane and snow? All in the same year! Yea it is a big deal in Texas. My husband and I are doing good. Started watching Hellsing...but seriously need to finish. I have been watching more Asian dramas then anything else. Anyway...Happy New Year!

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by Kaname on 08-20-2016 at 12:31 PM
Well I have been busy. Got married 2 days ago so now I am a married woman! Third times a charm
He is from the Philippines some of you may know. I didn't think it would happen. I did have some doubt but no more. I'm glad he likes Asian dramas but doesn't get into anime except for DBZ (why do guys like that one? o.O)

Anyway...that is all.

It's complicated...

by Kaname on 06-26-2016 at 01:02 AM
A lot has happened since I have been on. The bf moved in and I am taking online classes so I can get my certificate and get a better job. Also I have been having a tough time lately with my daughter. She recently tried to commit suicide a couple of weeks ago. It hurts like hell. Had to put her in a psychiatric hospital for 7 days. Now she is on meds and currently seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist. I don't understand why some teens do this. I remember being depressed but I just cried

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For Daniel....

by Kaname on 06-13-2016 at 12:56 AM

Going back to school :p

by Kaname on 01-03-2016 at 09:31 PM
I am going back to school. Night school that is considering I have a full time day job. Decided life is too short to not do better for myself. It's a career institute and I'm going to learn medical billing and coding. I have always wanted to work in the medical field. I am tired of working for nothing and making nothing. I really encourage those who think they can wait, to go to school and get it out of the way! Never too late.

This will give me more opportunities to work

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