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    Well, Bon Clay feels it, soooo......................... see these dots........... they go on.

    Damage will always happen and always stay. That said, if you are at 50, and take 40's worth of damage, you cannot switch to a 30, but you could a 55, 60, etc until you meet a cap.
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    They can tank quite a bit. The key to harming them is separation. But, otherwise, they are borderline immune to all physical damage. Like a logia.

    Elemental damage does extra, as damage to a slime also weakens it greatly.
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    Son Rohan and Tenguman May geht a Bit hostile in the future
    Besides Mortica He might bei the only one able to Beat him in direct combat
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    I did Not mean to sound angry

    The describtion is the key
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    Tenguman has no wings. If you use the apperance of my PC, at least do it right
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    Happy birthday. ~
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    Posted in our thingy.
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    Basically the moment you appear.
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    It's more of if you had hindered Baghead. If you stopped him, he would have been unable to complete the process, which would have ended negatively. Not for you, but for him and the remaining Revolutionaries under the Toy Soldiers.

    If you did not do anything, he would have finished fine.

    If you did not go into the lab, however, and fought the Berserker... well... even I didn't plan that far ahead.
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    Maybe spoilers, probably not.

    Those two girls, Empty and Space, are the Gura Twins. One has the Gura Gura no Mi, which is the one that is human. The other is made from a material similar to that beast you are stabbing with a syringe (berserker nano cells; See GUNMM for better details; it's a great manga, so read it maybe.) This is why you could never vibration sense Space; she refused you. It's also why Empty was sorta a blob of metal; she had no reason to be.

    Baghead was trying to make them fresh, clean slate, and you had the chance to stop him for being where he should never have been. You did not, which allowed the three to escape (most recent posts will explain that if you inquire deeper.)

    So you did... great?
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A well known youtuber was streaming earlier today. And you know what his audience thought might be a good prank to do? Call the cops on him that there is a shooter located at his home which they found out somehow. A few minutes later you see this swat team bursting in his home taking him down. I can't begin to imagine what these people are thinking they're right down retarded.

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