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    I'll try to introduce him tonight.

    Any preferences?
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    You can even use max discipline/strength on Sunbreaker since they nerfed the special kinda bad it's still good though cause with Simmering flames you can sit on your super and cut the time to charge your melee and grenades by half. So max strength and Discipline will give you a really good neutral game
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    Always focus on Intellect for all classes. Strength and Discipline is your choice if you want grenades faster or you want your special melee faster
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    Well most Titan classes run Intellect and Discipline. Since Striker has the best grenades. Sunbreaker has a good grenade game also, but in most forums they say focus on Int for Sunbreaker. Defenders use Int and Strength since their melee gives them an over shield for a little while.

    I started with a warlock. But I run a Titan also. Depending on your exotic armor. The new ones called Thagomizers would want you to run a strength and int oriented build. But mostly it's discipline and intellect.
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    What class did you choose?
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    Damn you're like about 8 hours ahead of me. If you want Tuesday I can team up with you for a while to help you level up better
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    What time is it for you just in case I get on later and you're not on
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    What's your psn tag? So I can add ye
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    Well I'm already level 40 and RoI missions are considered very hard or Impossible for me because my light level isn't high enough. I've tried the raids but you actually need a full fire team. Just go through the story you'll be able to progress fine but not hit max light level till afterwards.

    Also I also play ps4 (it's my sister's but whatever) all you need is some headphones that has a mic, even the regular headphones for cellphones or whatnot works if you want voice chat but don't wanna spend 50+ on headsets
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    Well if you get the latest edition you can get the sparkling light to level you up to level 40 but your light level stays the same. Best case for getting better gear is to do strikes, prison of elders, Archon's Forge or challenge of elders. Also gain faction reputation by doing strikes or crucible. Since every time your reputation go up you get a nice package that is higher than your light level for armor or weapons. What system do you play on?
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A well known youtuber was streaming earlier today. And you know what his audience thought might be a good prank to do? Call the cops on him that there is a shooter located at his home which they found out somehow. A few minutes later you see this swat team bursting in his home taking him down. I can't begin to imagine what these people are thinking they're right down retarded.

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