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    Shinsei, I don't recall seeing you participating in any rp so I wanted to invite you to Akame ga Kill where you can be as brutal as you want and start a conquest of power. Since we're old friends I may be able to make you a leader of a country with your own military at your will. The laws of the kingdom and it's appearance would be up to you. If not a king you can start off pretty damn powerful. No official stat numbers or anything just your imagination when creating a teigu, which I guess for reference is like a zanpakuto except it doesn't have to be a sword. Plus many more things that could interest you. If you are interested, I can tell you more in the master thread
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    Hahaha I appreciate it but she was made as more of a story driven character than anything else. I intentionally gave her no release, she once proclaimed herself as the Queen of Hueco Mundo and fought wars with Barragan in the past, but after ripping her mask off she lost all of her power. Her story will be revealed as the rp progresses.
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    I also said that I took part in the flaming as well. Remember when we called that girl a *****, slut and all those names that caused her to quit the forum? Not to mention that she seemed to have a bad home life at the time as well and the forums was her escape? Well I take it back, you didn't flame her. But you saw the rest of us do it and you didn't stop us for it either.
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    Note how I said we in the namecalling. Also wasn't it you who changed the password to the main gm account on nw because you didn't get your way once upon a time.? Also, the Eggnog thing was in jest, because it was Christmas time at the time when the name was conceived. You can't blame me for what I've seen. And to doubt my judgement or anything like that is unfair to me for the same reason you're saying it to me. The thing is, I've never had any bad misshaps to my name. You do, but that was a long time ago and you and me both were different people back then.

    In any case, Kank is the secondary GM or the only one in high enough position to claim it. And we both like him, and again we are both on the same side. How long has that been.?
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    A character similar to Mayuri would be cool...

    btw your PM box is full...
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    Wassup Eggnog!
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    Oh my, you seem to be very easy man to amuse.
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    You have a typo in your sig quote, just to point it out so you can fix it. ^^
  9. pmed u.
  10. I need to catch u on something so I will just send u a pm
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My timeline.

by Shinsei on 02-19-2014 at 08:26 AM
Well i'm gonna summarize my life in a timeline. Hopefully this will make me previous blog a bit clearer.

October, 1986 - Born.

1991 - Starts School. Already has high reading level and intelligence for child his age, but does not communicate well at all.

1992 - Sexually abused by a random stranger. Keeps it a secret until his late twenties.

1993 - Diagnosed with ADHD. Given medication. Misdiagnosis causes severe sickness.

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by Shinsei on 02-18-2014 at 10:53 AM
Just really depressed with the internet lately.

Been trying to organise an outfit / gaming community since Nov 2013, and we really took off and peaked at 200 members, but because I left an old gaming community, it's been warring and griefing and teakilling me my members since it's inception.

Also feel so hated and unfairly treated in the RPG communities. I feel like I get a bad rap because of stuff I've done from ages ago. It's like, people love to judge and condemn

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