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    I'm not able to edit images much. I don't have a Computer
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    It's not that I can't make a twist, its that I was caught off guard by you making a twist within a new possible twist lol. Hmm, you are right. Can't just assume people will think a certain way. Good looking out.
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    Ok 2 things. 1: nice second reason for shingen anf amaya to return to fiore and getting involved. 2: shingen knows too much. Its ok that he knows orochi and a guild could possibly be helping however no one suspects a wizard saint. Only 1 guild has a wizard saint and that just maked the point of it being a surprise for pcs pointless. Not everyone knows the threat anyways so i need to keep it somewhat under wraps. Could you edit the part about the wizard saint out?
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    Crocus is where it's being held. This is the link to where we started. Idk if you want to read up until where we are now but this is where the rules and guilds are listed. The teams are in order from who's in what place from 1st to 8th
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    You can't come into the games until day 2. We're half way through day 1 right now. 1st half of 4 days is a hidden event (not always a fight). This last one was a race. if you want to be in the hidden event, just rp it out as wanting to say you want to be the one to represent the guild. If not, don't bother. The 2nd half of the days are battle rounds. 1 on 1 fights. That isn't something you select, its chosen randomly who fights who. Day 5 is a battle with everyone on every team involved. Last one standing wins.
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    Change Enhanced Ethernano Control to Superior Ethernano Control and you're done
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    Gotcha. Ok then you have Second Origin. You just have to apply the (+20) to your magic and (+20) to either str - vit or spd when you go into second origin. That's it though. After this then you are ready to get back into this sir
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    Isn't second origin 5mil? it says on the tracker you have 4mil

    Second Origin is an ability that you use when your about to lose the fight and nearly out of energy Shingen, not a boost you keep on your stats all the time. So its like.......you have 81 in speed. But when you use second origin, you have 101, which means you get another perk for that time being. Second Origin is a time limit boost.

    But you are starting to get it!
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    What stat you want raised by 20 along with 20 in magic. Thats what it says i think. Thats it actually
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    The store is on the master thread :O been there since day one its after the listing of the magics.

    The perks i posted are all the ones you can have. If you look on the master thread there are some you can change but like i said, i picked out the ones that i think best suit shingen
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