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  1. i now watch more of Korean dramas as well new J-Dramas-


    last "old" J-Drama before 2014 i watched was-


    between you and me, i prefer K-Dramas and J-Dramas more. don't recommend me other Asian dramas ok?
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    Rofl, so many versions. Real infectious that's for sure xP.
    You should sing it and post a vid ; ).

    Ah, figured as much. Lol, I didn't actually have a fever. I meant the lazy fever xD.

    Good grief, that's flippin' expensive D::. Hope you're not stressing too much over it though. I know the feel though...already in a tonne load of debt 'cause of uni ;_;.

    Just dandy thanks. Been obsessed with the World Cup as of late xP.
    Everything else going okay with you?
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    You know, I wouldnae be surprised if there was one. Frozen has pretty much taken over now xD.

    I dinnae who they even are! xD At least you're picking up more on the language that way though with them being stuck in your head, so it's kinda productive .

    Rofl, cleaning isn't bad. I've just been struck with lazing around fever...then again, it's always there. Shame on me U_U...

    Just working and trying to save up...yet I keep spending as well E_E...cursed money talkin' to me and puttin' ideas in my head!
  4. Testing...
  5. Sorry, i dropped Otomen because it don't interest me.
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    Good lawd, so many things all at once! xD Always the very nature of life, huh xD.
    Insomnia can be a real pain up the backside but as long as you're doing okay <3.
    Listening to the full hours one again now xP ~

    It's kinda become my pick me up song when I'm feeling down. Well more like, a sympathetic song.

    It's been good. Very busy last week with some museum work but this week I've got a fair bit of free time so yatta! xD
    It'll still end up going ridiculously fast and I'll fail to get the things I need to get done...as always, u_u.
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    Sounds like fun busy rather than annoying busy at least xD.
    And those hours D:::...did you sleep the whole day after? xD
    Arigatou, fingers crossed .
    Heh, that vid seems to have taken over YouTube! I keep hearing about it from so many peeps xD. Love it though, really well done and the movie is just luffly *_*.
    I even listened to a whole hour of it in 30 diff. languages or so :P.
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    Heh, make the most of it. So in other words...SLEEEEEEEP! xD

    I am, it's definitely better than my previous job. It's still only part time but I'm hoping something will come up and I'll be able to get more hours, fingers crossed!
    Japan and New Zealand await me after all .

    Lawl, good luck trying to stick with it. It never quite goes to plan xD.
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    Drop by more!

    I've been all good. Been working part time/casual at the museum I've been volunteering at. Playing WoW (ofc :P), watching/reading, same ol' same ol'. More importantly just trying to save for a trip to Japan this year .

    What about yourself?
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    Yeh, I'm glad they did too. If they didn't and it still came out that well then well, that's some skill xD. Defo watch the first and the next 2 this year. You can do it! Ganbatte (Rofl, what a fun target to reach)
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