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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazeOP View Post
    They look nice ^^

    But I'm sure I can't take good looking pics at all *sigh*

    I could post them but there' really nothing to take pics about in my city , maybe when I get my new phone and I'm in K.S.A I might show you phone pics ^^
    Post them anyway bro!! Mine don't look good lol
    Quote Originally Posted by gamesharkakaflash View Post
    you should photoshooop them
    If I do I really don't want to edit them a lot just because I want to show more of the original picture.

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    I dont use photobucket i upload from my pc how can i put images in full size?? after loading they are always like thumbnails u have to click to enlarge

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    Depends on the uploader/host you are using.

    Try using Tinypic, Imageshack, Imgur or Cubeupload

    The main problem I think, is that you're not using img tags inside your spoilers.

    Use [img](put the image url here)[/img] inside the spoilers and the image should be full size.
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    I was doing a huge banner for a site and a lot of sites have a limit in the size. I figured out Mediafire doesn't.
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    Love the picture quality! What camera did you use PSP?

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