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    should watch it. fun movie


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    Quote Originally Posted by osna View Post
    i'm intruiged as to how this movies continues from prometheus. how big the connections are etc..
    My fear is that it will be more of a mindless killer thriller than a hardcore space sci-fi. Prometheus has Alien fans with feelings split down the middle. One wanting one or the other. I heard Covenant was suppose to be of the hardcore space sci-fi element but later altered bc of the studio having fear of those mixed reviews again. So like what all these studios do, they go for the mindless killer thrillers. I'm gonna be so pissed if that's the case and hope for a hardcore space sci-fi movie to take place between the two movies.
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    The biggest problem in Prometheus was that the characters did illogical things and it barely felt connected to the Alien universe.

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    Just watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 I got to say, I loved what they did with a lot of scenes. And their Easter eggs were damn well impressive loved each and every one.

    9/10 for me, the main bad guy didn't fall in line with the same concept of the other marvel villains. The progression of the movie was slow in the start. Overall a great movie.
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    this actually looks good



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