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    Looks like the first one, but reversed roles for Helen and Bob. I hope not.

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    Just saw black panther, that was a great movie. I put it in the top 5 MCU movies. The bad guy, killmonger has to be one of the better villains not as great as vulture but up there.
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    i'm actually looking forward to this. hope it turns out to be good


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    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    Have you read Watchmen? I also liked the movie until I read the original story when i realized Snyder completely missed the point of Watchmen.
    I haven't, and I don't think I ever will now lol, I really like the movie and if reading the graphic novel will make me not like the movie anymore than I'd rather not read it lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by osna View Post

    i'm actually looking forward to this. hope it turns out to be good
    Oh wow that looked awesome and I loved ex machina so I'll definitely will be checking this out when it releases.

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