View Poll Results: What is your favorite tribe, and why is it the minks?

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  • They share Nami's excellent fashion sense.

    6 15.79%
  • They show great concern for eco-friendly transportation.

    12 31.58%
  • I just like to be hip with the times like a cool kid, and dig what's in.

    3 7.89%
  • I have secretly been a mink spy this entire time. Our time draws near!

    17 44.74%
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    I think oda just forgot he died

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    well to be fair big mom 'only' took 40 years of lifespan. he could still have enough left. same as pekoms


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    Quote Originally Posted by osna View Post
    So i wasn't the only one that thought she looked like her.
    set by ~YUI

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    Pretty sure he's re-using Nami's original concept a little there
    Set by me.

    Quote Originally Posted by kirika View Post
    Are we making a suicide pact? Cuz if it comes to that..... I'm in. :shudder:
    Quote Originally Posted by nelkk View Post
    And here i was assuming she had been swallowed : P
    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    you were too ahead of the times for people to take you seriously. what a shame

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    so yay new Arc next chapter id assume :O

    wonder which one it will be

    will we jump to Zoro and them in Wano ?
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    carrot for nakala

    i wonder if it's too early for another one of these 'reaction parts' where everybody we know react to what just happened at WCI.

    also no chapter next week cause this WSJ issue was a double issue


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    So 902 was the final chapter - anyone get it right?

    Also what's with brulee looking sweet
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    nobody got it right so far xD
    but i'm not sure there wont be one or two more chapters which will belong to this arc


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    The finale to this arc was kind of... meh

    We didn't get a big final blow from Luffy, we didn't get a moment of recognition between Sanji and Judge, Sanji won't get credit for the cake.

    It feels like the wedding was the climax and everything after was just dragging it out.
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