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  • They share Nami's excellent fashion sense.

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  • They show great concern for eco-friendly transportation.

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  • I just like to be hip with the times like a cool kid, and dig what's in.

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  • I have secretly been a mink spy this entire time. Our time draws near!

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    i should have figured that snakeman would still look like this. boundman and tankman looked the same as well just with different 'fighting styles'.
    i wonder if luffy will go through all the animals from his training island with naming his attacks xD

    Spoiler: also new volume cover


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    Quote Originally Posted by NiL8r View Post
    Even though I really hate what they did with Katakuri with the whole Flampe deal the fight itself has been top notch.
    just read like 30 chapters in a row if anything i hated his "real face" at first but his personality was straight up badass and that honor he shoiwed like he didn't want to win in that regard was near zoro's level and this guy is on my new favorite bad guy list. made me forget the whole face ordeal.
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    I don't hate that kind of character but it doesn't mesh right with everything else that's been going on this arc. We went from desperate escape from one of the strongest armies in the world, and a character who got pissed when his family was attacked, to this honorbound duel in one chapter. It's incredibly jarring.

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    For me it felt like it was more like he didn't care he was just doing it to appear like the "perfect brother" which was constantly shoved in that one or couple chapters. So when they showed his flaw then slowly showed how luffy was starting to grow he basically acknowledged luffy can learn a new technique and slightly master the future sight thing, which honestly felt like normal haki from before just a bit faster in response time now.
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    Haven't been on here in a little while.
    I do think Katakuri's change in reason as to why he wants to beat Luffy is a little odd but I can see how when you fight someone for long enough on a pretty much even level that you start to respect them which can change your motives on a personal level as to why you want to beat them.

    Also did any of you know that the cockroach that Fullbody kills to put into Sanji's soup in the Baratie arc has a name and is officially the weakest character in the series!?? mad
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