View Poll Results: What is your favorite tribe, and why is it the minks?

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  • They share Nami's excellent fashion sense.

    6 16.22%
  • They show great concern for eco-friendly transportation.

    12 32.43%
  • I just like to be hip with the times like a cool kid, and dig what's in.

    3 8.11%
  • I have secretly been a mink spy this entire time. Our time draws near!

    16 43.24%
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    How the hell should I know?! I'm not God y'know.
    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkinbread21 View Post
    Im more worried that something will happen to the cake on the way to Big Mom and she just proceeds to destroy the world.
    Just blame it on the rest of the Charlotte family. Make Big Mom destroy her own crew in a food rage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Rin View Post
    Just blame it on the rest of the Charlotte family. Make Big Mom destroy her own crew in a food rage.
    Based on the latest chapter, that seems to be the direction they're going in.

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    I'm pretty sure we're headed to a giant naval battle. Oda said in an interview for the One Piece magazine he's wanted to do fighting on ships for a long time, and we're seeing every faction now head to sea.
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    True, but that'd seem kind of unfair with Big Mom literally riding a tsunami.

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    Finally we see Sanji go somewhat all out. Super speed and extra leg strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shikamaruuu View Post
    Rofl no! I've only ever been drunk one .

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    at least no armadillo penises on the color page

    just that one line from carrot gets me hyped
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    I think this arc will go on a bit longer than expected. Since Carrot mentioned full moon, I'm guessing we'll see her true strength under the full moon, but it's hours till midnight.

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    Full moon line got me hyped!

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    full moons probably happen all the time, there are like 6 of them after all

    and whos to say it has to be night to see a full moon ?

    you can see a full moon during the day aswell under the right conditions

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