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    Photographic Memories

    Hey Guys
    These are all the photo i click whenever i go somewhere or just for Fun i an't any pro so there might be some really disturbing Pictures don't bitch about them and i am just sharing not Showing off

    luv you all

    Well i was Going to America (Murika) from Canada ( yeah i am from canada )
    it was early and i was bored my Frd was driving so i start clicking


    in West Virginia

    going back i was driving and click foggy road , it was 27*c in WV and 3*c in Toronto and super windy with rain -.-


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    i like your sunsets

    last one is awesum

    keep it up

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    I like the second picture, I really look forward to checking more of your things out.
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    Nice pics!
    Set by xeltox

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