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    i wonder if jahad set someting up in the princesses that they cant fight him
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    Main character asks that his comrades be given the same training, thus neatly avoiding the "protag leaves support cast in the dust" scenario?
    Is SiU just subverting shonen tropes for the sake of it?
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    It's possible. I think he'll maintain a balance where Baam will get the specialized training while everyone else gets a lesser power up.
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    I have to wonder... does dio just permanently pose or something?

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    i read a lot of theories about rak changing his position to 'tank' and koon to spear bearer. and that they'll be a good duo. so they can be 'useful' to baam's climb like that


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    i think khun's problem is that he doesnt want to accept his lineage so he cant use his power

    also baam's attack
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    Eating stones helps

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    What dwarf gave him that spear I wonder...?
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    iirc it was evan (yuri's guide)


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