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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurotoki View Post
    hey guy's, quick question, what was you're favourite game that you played this year?
    Honestly I'm an FPS pleb, so it'd probably have to be Rainbow Six: Seige. Though Witcher 3 is a close second. (I know, neither of those two are new releases this year! But I'm a poor college student who only buys **** on sale lol)

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    I haven't played rainbow six because I tend to stagnant from competitive games and i wasn't really a fan of the previous rainbow games (not that I don't like shooters, I loved halo and GoW). The Witcher 3 is a beast of a game though.

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    Pickle, Teostra, Kushala and a new dragon in MH world boys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea View Post

    Pickle, Teostra, Kushala and a new dragon in MH world boys.
    Dude add me so we can take on said new elder.
    set by ~YUI

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    TWEWY and Dark Souls coming to Switch? I like.

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