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    My friend (Rage) is going to be streaming Doom (2016) at 7:00 PM Central Time tonight (Roughly 4 hours from now) Come check it out! Link in Sig!

    Hey Guys, Check me out on Twitch!
    Usual scheduled stream on Saturdays at 7:30 PM Central Standard Times
    Other streams done sporadically throughout the week.
    Follow us on Twitter @SageNtheRage

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    EA's conference was super meh


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    That's why you watch it with snarky youtuber commentary.
    Set by me.

    Quote Originally Posted by kirika View Post
    Are we making a suicide pact? Cuz if it comes to that..... I'm in. :shudder:
    Quote Originally Posted by nelkk View Post
    And here i was assuming she had been swallowed : P
    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    you were too ahead of the times for people to take you seriously. what a shame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mreaper View Post
    That's why you watch it with snarky twitch commentary.
    that's what i was doing^^


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    check a look


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    that Monster hunter game tho

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