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    Morgiana please be against this craziness. Everyone is seriously hyped that they are going to die what is wrong with you people??

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    Rofl no! I've only ever been drunk one .

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    so sinbad wants to everybody except him to die?
    he cant die cause he wants to creat the new world


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    Everyone's gone insane. How will Aladdin/Alibaba reverse this??

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    Judar still can help em maybe :> I wonder how Arba actually thinking right now while being prison on Sacred Palace.. I mean lel she indeed want to follow David's way.. but I bet she notice that David as retarded as all of them now.. might change her mind now.. lel this crazy witch will never end with her yandereness
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    The irony of having Arba and Judar be the ones who help out the protagonists xD

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    wow aladin has giant feet on page 6
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    how ****ed are they ?

    id say very ****ed :O

    They are sooooo no prepared to fight God Sinbad , God David, and the 7 Djinn that have assumed God status aswell.

    also im pretty sure Sinbad is aware of there every move.

    Sinbad only had to compete vs Ugo, Alibaba and them are going to have a **** ton harder battle

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