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    rip.. I dont even remember who is Minerva either >_>
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    If ruhk returns back to the great flow and Solomon was god of Alan torran what ever happen to his presence was that destroyed or rewritten? Cause ugo was in charge of this world.
    set by ~YUI

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    So dumb that it pains me.


    Quote Originally Posted by old View Post
    besides torturing animals and experimenting on people in your own psychic ward, you are alright
    Quote Originally Posted by Rin View Post
    no, you just are the ultimate trap : (
    Quote Originally Posted by 3bada View Post
    Lmao Bad really knows how to manipulate people xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Shikamaruuu View Post
    Bad may be psychotic but he's a sweetheart too.
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    your face is better than England..
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    I was a good person before you got to me : (

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