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    So I guess I'm just gonna have tyo throw something out there

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    Now thats 3 suggestions! Anyone got a 4th? If not anyone feeling either of these fine suggestions?

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    3? I only saw Bloodbourne and Bleach. What's number 3?

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    Oh, the third would be what I would want to make but Im not entirely sure on what I want that to be. You know I'm specifically organized

    But what I wasnt sure which to pick. Its all so iffy, depending on what people can get into so it can grow.

    Boku No Hero

    An option to bring back the classic fight between Heroes and Villains. With this rp I would place us all as UA students. Learning and training as a class or individually. Of course people can make characters as a villain or a Full fledged Hero's. But to spread the fun, I think it would be a good idea for people who wants to create a hero or villain for like events for extra rewards and points.

    Now being students is all fun but of course There's gotta be villains plotting away against us

    But this would be a long term pption of which we would need enough people for a class

    Too many Fates. We Know this. So with this I was basically going to take note from Grand order and Apocrypha.

    A fight to the death for the Holy Grail by teams of master and servant. Masters being Mages.Students, experts, and masters of magic and servants. Heroic spirits of the past summoned to serve and protect their master. Working together to be the final survivors. Having any wish they want granted by the omnipotent grail.

    With fate I thought it leaves room for casual rp'ers and those who like to fight to enjoy both. In the Holy grail wars its not like they always start in the same area. Maybe make regions so teams can travel together.

    Heres where grand order comes in since it deals with masters going back in time. Lets people have their own event timeline Either something major like the master got tossed in time and met a heroic spirit in their time. But Masters of course fix the timeline in the form of missions to get stronger. And those who creates servants can battle it out able to pick out their servant class saber, caster ect.

    Its just some dabble rp for a small to medium group since im not sure Who's around and who guest lurks lol

    I dont think anyone is as into this series as I am >_>

    Now we can kick this again. Problem was we were doing boruto era and not much of anything or direction was given but I think there's more to work with now. We see jutsu are variant. I think we just Shouldn't start off as fresh Genin. Maybe Genin close to chuunin exam time. Give people time to bond and learn
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    Problem with Heroes and Villains is the powers. How do you prevent someone from being too OP but still let them have fun and not get stuck with a power they don't want.

    Fate, not sure how we'd do it. Everyone being masters would be fine but the servants, I don't see how we could effectively do that.

    Basilisk, I have no idea what that is.

    Problem with the Naruto/Boruto is that it's pretty big. I doubt we'll have a big enough playerbase for it.
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    Once you see all might. I doubt many can get as op as that xD

    But thats where the growth and training.

    I wont say there wont be limits to power

    But i figured the freedom to make your own quirk should be allowed, creative freedom most definitely is a must for something like quirks. If you just want to test out an ability you're not sure of yet you can create a hero or a villain in a event thread or something.

    It would work like this. People who are masters of course are fixing anomolies through history. The masters are like the guiding light. While someone who wants to make a herooc spirit can make one. So if the master earns your loyalty and trust you can give them a relic, to summon you personally. Of course the more you're summoned the more stronger the spirit gets. It also opens up class options. Say you made a Saber class named Azeal. You give someone your relic and they summon you in their next war. Boom you Unlocked Azeal Caster Class.

    Basically Both grow but in different methods.
    Of course the bond between master and servant plays a crucial role. Not every Grail war would have the same rules.

    Of course there is a main plot but with the way id have it. It leaves room for people to vreate their own places, events/timeline situations if they want some extra benefits, also gaining more for having people participate. Whether its a Heroic Spirit or a Mage event. Not everything made will have to be combat oriented. Mages have the mage society and such. Build bonds between masters and servants helps both out.
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    While immensely powerful, All Might is pretty tame compared to what some powers can do.

    While Fate sounds nice, it would place a tremendous load on a GM's shoulders, and since I doubt there'll be many people who actually join, I don't see that working well. Maybe a single set storyline, but it'd be hell to do.

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