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    Weekly Shonen Jump 'Rankings' - Discussion

    What is this thread about ?
    This thread is for WSJ fans to discuss whatever the like or dislike about WSJ.The discussions most likely will be centered around the ToC ranking that's posted weekly. You can also post the magazine covers and preview pages in this thread.

    What is ToC ranking ?
    ToC stands for Table of Contents. It's found on the last page of every issue of WSJ, but more importantly, the order the series appear in on the ToC is closely related to the popularity of the series. This is determined by polling the readers; there is a polling postcard in every issue of WSJ.

    Each week, a certain guy from 2ch writes out TOC for the following week's Jump. TOC order is usually based on polling result of readers, thus you will know how your favorite series are doing based on the order.

    Some exceptions etc:
    - For the 2nd-8th chapters, TOC is already decided, though it could change depends on readers' ranking.
    - The TOC is affected by the popularity of 8 chapter ago.
    - Shuei-sha's aiming their main target as elementary and junior high school students, thus, their votes weigh probably more than others (fangirls).
    How can I find what series runs in WSJ ?
    Just click HERE

    Spoiler: F.A.Q.
    Who are the people who post spoilers at 2ch?

    First of all they are Japanese.
    They live in Japan and most of them are normal people.
    By normal, i mean Junior highschooler, university students, salary men etc

    Are they Jump insiders?

    No, would you do that if you were one? Risking to be fired for that? I guess no.
    But, from time a time, some of them post "spoilers" concerning Toc's (Rankings, New Series ...) before anyone can get the jump.

    How come they can get the jump one week before the release date, for some of them?

    They get their copy earlier than they should.
    Most of the industries in japan work in "just-in-time distribution" which mean that they immediately ship merchandises after they were produced, to not pay stock taxes.
    So they ship the fixes quickly that's how bookstores etc get them on monday/tuesday etc ( i don't how they manage the priority between stores) and are supposed to sell them only the next Monday.
    But some of them don't respect that and sell them to people they trust.

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    hehe i saved this thread on my PC too xD

    this weeks ratings:

    Jump Issue #32 TOC:

    Assassination Classroom (Cover & Lead Color Page, First Year Anniversary)
    One Piece
    Shokugeki no Souma
    PSI Kusuo Saiki
    Nisekoi (Center Color)
    Kuroko no Basket
    Sket Dance(Center Color, END)
    Smoky B.B.
    World Trigger
    Soul Catcher(S)
    Mutou Black - First Ranking
    Koisuru Edison
    Cross Manage

    Hunter x Hunter (Hiatus)

    Jump Issue #33 Information
    Cover & Lead CP: Ginga Patrol Jako by Akira Toriyama (New Series, 35 pg.)
    CP: Toriko, Haikyuu!!
    First Rank: Smoky B.B.


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    Mutou Black might not last too long, after all

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    I want to see no more hitaus's so that the anime doesn't have to stop for hunter x hunter :<
    set by ~YUI

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    Kuroko no Basket is doing great i see  97
    set made by Badshah

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    Hopefully World Trigger will last, it got potential to be a long-running series.

    Lol at Bleach. xD

    Set by Nel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renshi52 View Post
    I want to see no more hitaus's so that the anime doesn't have to stop for hunter x hunter :<
    ^ This. HxH is great. I don't want the anime to have fillers or be on hiatus because of the manga .

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    Is it very close? How long do you think it would take for the anime to catch up? (No spoilers please. :P)

    Set by Nel

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    Haven't watched the past 5 episode or so, but they slowed the pace a lot once they started the Chimera Ant arc, so I would give it something like 1 more year or so...

    And that list makes me so sad because of SKET Dance. :'(

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3bada View Post
    Is it very close? How long do you think it would take for the anime to catch up? (No spoilers please. :P)
    Right now at this point its like two archs behind... excluding the the arc we just started on.

    But that means at this pace we have another 2 years at most...
    set by ~YUI

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