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  • Apple

    7 25.93%
  • Google

    16 59.26%
  • Both suck, I prefer my nokia 3320

    4 14.81%
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    iOS (Apple) vs Android (Google)

    Apple vs Google

    Clash of Titans

    Who's the best? Who's the most evil? Who will win?

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    i voted google but i hesitated because of the store , by store i mean applications
    otherwise i hate apple , it was the first smartphone i had and ive stuck to it but wheneva i get a hold of my brothers S3 i can never let go

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    Biased in my opinion because I've only ever had a an iPhone but it does what it needs to and more.
    Granted there are some flaws and things that could be fixed a bit it's pretty good overall.

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    Android is the best BTW I'm using an Android tablet while typing this

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    Both are great, but based on my experience with both, I'd say Android is slightly better for advanced users and can be confusing for beginners, while iOS is better for beginners and easier to use in general.

    Voted for Android.

    Set by Nel

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    I like how easy to use iOS is, but I am kind of biased since I only have an iphone and haven't used an android for an extended period of time I'm going to be getting an android to replace my iphone though, so I'll vote once that happens

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    In my opinipn ios and android wins nokia and other **** sucks!
    Ios for simplicity and no software fragmentation
    Android for high power and cheaply available
    Nokia sucks every way!

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    android since its easier to get and install apps since its open source and all unlike with ios.
    /although im using an apple :/

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    I want my nokia back
    but any funny wires to connect my phone and itunes ... umm no way

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    Lol ashur!I think both ios and android have their weakness and speaciality but nokia is just waste of money:-\

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