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    One Piece RPG Master Thread

    Welcome to AnimeFlame's official One Piece RPG. This is a text-based role-playing game where participants create their own unique characters and engage in various features. These include casual combat against others, campaign scenarios that are more story oriented, tournaments, trading with others, etc. You can choose to be a Pirate, join the World Government as a Marine or Cipher Pol Agent, be a Bounty Hunter, or whatever else floats your boat (that makes sense). Regardless of what you pick, the world of One Piece RPG is full of adventures!

    All the information that you need is listed in this thread, but it's always a good idea to introduce yourself to the community in our active One Piece Chat Thread: Link

    Our members will help you with whatever question you have.
    Game Masters
    The Game Masters are the people who make sure the RPG runs smoothly; they are the key decision makers of the section. They approve characters, balance out the systems, and generally promote the role-play in many important ways.

    Ellie Q
    You can use the Navigation system to get around the section with ease by locating the place you want with a single click. Important threads are listed here.

    General IC threads

    OOC info Threads
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    Character Creation
    Here, you can see a step by step process of creating a character in One Piece RPG. Remember, if you want a Devil Fruit you must claim it in the master thread. To check out the list of available Devil Fruits, go here: Devil Fruit Information

    Step #1: The official One Piece RPG character template.
    Basic Character Information
    Stat Points: Since the update, all new members can start with 450 points. 
    Devil Fruit: 
    Date of Birth: 
    Role Playing Character Stats
    Strength Attribute:
    Agility Attribute:
    Vitality Attribute:
    Additional Attribute 1: optional
    Additional Attribute 2: optional
    Additional Attribute 3: optional
    Getting to know the Character
    Character Personality:   
    Character Appearance: 
    Abilities and Power
    Character Weapons: optional / needs approval first
    Devil Fruit Abilities: optional / needs approval first
    Fighting Style: optional / needs approval first
    Other Abilities: optional / needs approval first
    Misc: optional / needs approval first
    Character History
    Try as possible to have a brief background about your character and continue to tell us about your character by writing it in here.
    Note: Feel free to create your own character template, or steal one from another member!

    Step #2: Choose your Race.
    There are currently three available Races in the One Piece RPG. Each Race has its own benefits and conditions. Go to this post to view details: Important Information

    Step #3: Pick your character Class.
    Starting with a Devil Fruit is possible; however, you must check the Devil Fruit list and make sure the DF you want to claim isn't already taken.

    Another option is to select a fighting style that you can create and submit for approval along with your character, however, just like in Devil Fruit Mastery, this requires a stat category as well.

    For all Character Class information: Important Information

    Step #4: Understand the Statistics System.
    Step #1: Know your level
    All new characters now begin with 450 skill points.

    Step #2: Choose your skill categories
    There are three mandatory categories that all characters must have skill points in. These are Strength, Agility and Vitality. After that it all comes down to what additional skills your character has, such as a Devil Fruit, or a Fighting Style (like Zoro’s swordsmanship), etc. You can view the skill list in detail here:

    Example: 450 Skill Points Character 
    • Strength: 
    • Agility: 
    • Vitality: 
    • Devil Fruit Mastery: 
    • Fighting Style Mastery:
    • Armaments Haki:
    Step #3: Allocate your points
    Now that every basic things are all set, you can now start allocating the available skill points that you have to any of the skills you wish your character wants to master as long as you are allowed to learn that certain skill.

    450 Skill Points
    • Strength: 71
    • Agility:  81
    • Vitality: 61
    • Devil Fruit Mastery: 100
    • Fighting Style Mastery: 61
    • Armaments Haki: 76

    Step #4: Submit your character for approval.
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    Important Information
    All the various rules and information about creating a character are listed here, with the exception of Devil Fruits, as that has its own section, but you will be redirected from here. Remember, you can always visit the One Piece OOC Thread and ask other members any questions you have, I actually recommend it.
    Devil Fruits
    Character Races
    • Pros: No significant drawbacks.
    • Cons: No Significant drawbacks.

    • Pros: Physical abilities enhanced in water, fish attributes.
    • Cons: Eating a Devil Fruit means you lose the underwater physical enhancements. Being a cyborg means you lose fish attributes. Cyborg upgrades cost 1.5x to make them water proof.

    • Pros: Small and difficult to hit.
    • Cons: Small size means attacks do more damage; small weapons do less damage and break easier.
    • Devil Fruit class - The ONLY class to start with Devil Fruit.
    • Cyborg Class - Only those who choose this path can become Cyborgs. You also start with a Medium grade Chassis and Exotic Grade Weapon.
    • Fighting Style Class - For every 20 points invested in Fighting Style Mastery, you get an additional 5 points. You can master a FS with just 80 points!
    • Haki Class - For every 20 points invested in a Haki Type mastery, you get an additional 5 points.
    • Profession Class - Unlock Profession Stat+, meaning the more advanced version of the Profession stat.

    • Devil Fruit Class - You can't swim. Kairoseki becomes a weakness. Changing Devil Fruits is costly.
    • Cyborg Class - Cyborg Bodies interfere with the Abilities of Devil Fruit, at times making them useless to you. Especially Logia Fruits.
    • Fighting Style Class - Nothing worth mentioning
    • Haki Class - Conquerer's Haki is not just obtained and stat devotion is still needed for Rank 4
    • Profession Class - Trading Power for Knowledge
    Stat Unlockables
    • Perks are unlocked at 100 Points in a single category. These are up to the player to decide what they will be, but require GM approval before being used. Only two perks can be chosen per character, so choose wisely. Limit breakers will be considered a perk and be at a max of 120 for limit, but will still require the player to put the points to reach that level.
    • Techniques such as Gear Second will be unlocked at 81 DF Mastery.
    • 4 Zoan Partial forms will be unlocked at 61 DF mastery. 3 more will be unlocked at 81. At Max DF Mastery, a controllable Monster Point will be usable. All Partial transformation points that increase a specific body part or attribute must have a negative aspect.
    Haki comes in two different types, each considered its own category when it comes to stats. They will naturally go up to Rank 4. A new Rank available every 25 points put into mastery.

    Observational Haki
    Rank 1 - Able to roughly sense presences within a short radius, high focus required.
    Rank 2 - Prediction Ability and general power sensing unlocked, requires high focus and short radius. One usage constitutes a 3 turn cool-down.
    Rank 3 - Prediction Ability usage lowered to 2 turn cool-down. Moderate focus needed. Distance improved to moderate radius. More specific outlines of presences being sensed. First tech allowed.
    Rank 4 - Prediction cool-down reduced to 1 turn. Full range achieved. Little focus needed. Identification allows for true identification. Second tech allowed.

    Armaments Haki
    Rank 1 - Partial coverage of body with no damage and defense boost. Allows user to his Devil Fruit user's real body.
    Rank 2 - Full body coverage with low level damage and defense boost. Weapons can be coated in Haki.
    Rank 3 - Partial black Haki with moderate damage and defense boost. Black Haki can be applied to limbs and weapons. First tech allowed.
    Rank 4 - Full body black Haki achieved. High damage and defense boost. Second tech allowed
    Zoan Conditions
    For every 10 points in DF mastery, you get a set bonus of points applied to a specific stat(s) depending upon the Zoan. The stat bonuses can range from 4-0, depending upon how much that stat is emphasized with said Zoan. These are manually handled by GM's. In addition, factors such as special abilities configure into how much of a bonus is given. (With a maximum of 7 bonus points and a minimum of 4 points)

    Special abilities are split into Major and Minor abilities. Major abilities subtract 2 stat points from the potential maximum and minor abilities subtract 1 stat point from the maximum bonus. Ask a GM if a physical feature of an animal could constitute being considered an ability.

    Using a Cheetah Zoan as an example:
    I'd argue that Cheetah would be Speed class with minor Strength. No Vit at all.

    With 450 Skill Points

    Strength: 90
    Agility: 90
    Vitality: 70
    DF Mastery: 100
    Fighting Style: 100

    Because they have 100 DF points, they gain 10 tiers of the stat bonus. If Agi is 3 points each, they get a bonus 30. Since Str would be 1 point each, they'd get a bonus 10. And Cheetah would get no Vit. So the final stats would look like

    Strength: 90+10 (100)
    Agility: 90+30 (120)
    Vitality: 70
    DF Mastery: 100
    Fighting Style: 100

    But the bonuses only apply when they are in hybrid/animal form.
    Rokushiki Conditions
    Rokushiki is the special martial arts style of the World Government. It has been handed down for generations and possesses six techniques that when mastered, enable the user to perform super-human feats of martial prowess. In addition to bestowing these special abilities it is also a fully developed martial arts style with a complete range of offensive and defensive maneuvers and strikes. Rokushiki is also an extremely adaptive martial art as it takes on many nuances and traits of the user's tastes, style, and any other types of attack that they add to it. Devil's Fruits and weapon skills have frequently been incorporated into Rokushiki throughout the generations to incredibly potent effect.

    Since Rokushiki has become exceedingly popular, and is often abused, we decided to impose some rules and rugulations that balance the combat experience for everyone. Our goal is to maintain the value of the Rokushiki art, but also distribute its massive arsenal of techniques in accordance to the stat system.

    Rokushiki Unlockables
    Rokushiki: Stage 1 [1-20 mastery]
    • 4 Base Rokushiki techniques are unlocked.

    Rokushiki: Stage 2 [21-40 mastery]
    • All 6 Base Rokushiki techniques are unlocked.

    Rokushiki: Stage 3 [41-60 mastery]
    • 3 out of 6 technique proficiencies are unlocked.
    Note: Proficiencies grant one the ability to perform variations of the standard base techniques.

    Rokushiki: Stage 4 [61-80 mastery]
    • All proficiencies are unlocked.

    Rokushiki: Stage 5 [81-100]
    • Custom Rokushiki techniques can be created.
    • Rokuougan unlocked.

    Note considering weapon usage in Rokushiki
    When using a weapon as part of Rokushiki, it will be considered as a proficiency unlocked after 40 points put into Fighting Style master. However, this means that the technique with the sword MUST be related to the chosen proficiency. You can't have standalone weapon techniques, as that would require another fighting style in its entirety.

    Soru Frequency (this applies to all high speed movement techniques)
    In order to ensure that Soru isn’t exploited, all Rokushiki users need to abide by the frequency limitations.

    1-20 Stat Mastery – 1 use per 4 turns
    21-40 Mastery – 1 use per 3 turns
    41-100 Mastery – 1 use per 2 turns

    Soru can never be used consecutively. This also applies for variations such as kamisori.

    Agility Standstill [This applies when the agility stat between two opponents isn’t noteworthy. Up to 20 speed difference is not considered noteworthy] 'Vanishing' effect occurs, though the defender is allowed a chance to react because Soru must be exited for the user to attack;

    Agility Advantage [When your agility exceeds your opponents] Soru must still be exited before attacking but as the users are of different levels of reflexes, the defender must compensate (within acceptable reason) in order to successfully defend themselves.

    Agility Disadvantage [When your agility is 20+ lower than your opponents] f the defender has an advantage of significant value over the user than offensive uses of Soru may have a severely reduced odds of success or could potentially be interrupted entirely. Example, having a 25 speed difference will enable the defender to somewhat track the Soru movement, and act accordingly. However, if the difference is something like 35+ then Soru isn’t really effective at all.
    Cyborg Fighting Style
    With the advent of Cyborg Technology reaching an ever incredibly high point, it comes to the GM's attention that a more strict Fighting Style requirement will need to be put into place. It's going to look a little something like this. Given that people start with 300 Stat points, it doesn't seem ridiculous to have something like this in place.

    1-20 Mastery – Low Grade Weaponry
    21-40 Mastery – Exotic Grade Weaponry
    41-60 Mastery – Low Grade Elemental Weaponry
    61-80 Mastery – High Grade Elemental Weaponry
    81-100 Mastery – Highly Advanced Cyborg Systems
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    Profession System

    Within the One Piece world, characters have several specialties that are unrelated to their combat choices yet defines their characters. The One Piece Organization has none of this and has left the choice rather open. Anyone could be a mad scientist/carpenter/chef/musician without reprise, and use said know how in RP. That ends now with logic and coolness!

    The system is basic. Bellow is a massive, ever growing list of what we shall call "traits". Every character can choose a broadly defined trait to influence their character's knowledge. These traits can also be leveled up, increasing the overall knowledge of the skill from novice level know-how to masterful level brilliance.

    Every trait can be leveled when chosen. The maximum level is five stars ★. One star allows for novice knowledge in the trait. Five stars allows for maximum knowledge in the trait, leaving the user rather limitless in potential in an RP sense. More interesting is the ability to use an amalgam of these traits to create professions. These professions are rather limitless, but consist of cook, navigator, inventor, shipwright, musician, and so on so forth.

    - Unlimited traits
    - Maximum of five stars ★ per trait
    - A star is rewarded for every 50 total stat points.
    - At max stats, ten stars are allowed to be used on traits

    Proposed Traits
    - Barter
    - Negotiate
    - Escape Artist
    - Sleight of Hand
    - Medicine
    - Chemistry
    - Botany
    - Geography
    - History
    - Cooking
    - Ship Craft
    - Robotics
    - Meteorology
    - Zoology
    - Dance
    - Sketch
    - Music
    - Architecture
    - Sense Motive
    - Geology
    - Anthropology
    - Anatomy

    Example Professions:
    - Sleight of Hand
    - Negotiate
    - Escape Artist

    - Chemistry
    - Cooking
    - Zoology

    - Geography
    - Meteorology
    - History

    Shipwright Cyborg
    - Robotics
    - Ship Craft
    - Barter

    As these traits exist and combine, the option for negative traits also exists. That option shall be discussed upon a later date and will not be implemented currently until this system is refined to the T. However, it is a system that allows negative stars to permit for more positive stars.

    Credited to: Rainbowdashie and Elie Q


    The Profession Stat
    Anybody is capable of putting points into the profession class. Those that don't choose to take the profession class as their beginning class however, will not be as well trained as their professional counterparts. Their stat gains will look like this:
    • 0 - 20 - 1 Star every 50 Total Points
    • 21 - 40 - 1 Star every 45 Total Points
    • 41 - 60 - 1 Star every 40 Total Points
    • 61 - 80 - 1 Star every 35 Total Points
    • 81 - 99 - 1 Star every 30 Total Points
    • 100 - 1 Star every 25 Total Points

    For those who choose to take the profession class, the amount of stars they can gain is increased dramatically. This will also be known as Profession Stat+. The profession class backed stat list will go like this.
    • 0 - 20 - 1 Star every 50 Total Points
    • 21 - 40 - 1 Star every 40 Total Points
    • 41 - 60 - 1 Star every 30 Total Points
    • 61 - 80 - 1 Star every 20 Total Points
    • 81 - 99 - 1 Star every 15 Total Points
    • 100 - 1 Star every 10 Total Points


    Sword Grade System

    Within the One Piece world, there exists a ranking system for the durability and sharpness of bladed weapons. To simplify it for those who don't understand Japanese, we are ranking it by number.

    Rank 1 = Saijo O Wazamono (The best swords)
    Rank 2 = O Wazamono
    Rank 3 = Ryo Wazamono
    Rank 4 = Wazamono
    Rank 5 = Nameless (The worst swords)

    Adding Kairoseki to a blade makes it unbreakable, but also dulls the blade. That's why it's important to upgrade your weapon, unless you want a whacking stick incapable of cutting potatoes.


    Secondary PCs

    In place of NPCs, we will now be allowing Secondary characters. All of these will begin at the base level of 300 stat points and grow independently of the original PC, unlike before. Based upon this change, there will be further rules however.

    • Only two Devil Fruits are allowed among all PCs for a single player.
    • Only two PCs to a faction for each player.
    • PCs for the same player can not battle each other for the benefit of stat/level gain.
    • There is a limit of 4 PCs to a character.
    • "Dropping" a SPC is the same as changing a character and as such, will require you to pay to do so.
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    Is the Gura Gura No Mi open?

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    bad said this thread was still closed, so i dunno
    but if i can claim it already, i will.
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