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    Thank you again!

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    I'm reseting my 400 PC Slot Character Takeshi Musashi.

    Dropping the Mondo

    Picking up the Bane

    The new Bio will come soon.

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    I was wondering what were the special ruling concerning devil fruits ?
    I was interested on the Gura Gura no Mi. But it seemed to be "locked".
    Is there a way to unlock them ?

    Much appreciated

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    Duchess of Eggplants Ellie Q's Avatar
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    Certain fruits are, naturally, too desired. Logia and extraordinarily powerful paramecia are such fruits. Instead of being freely available for claiming, which can also lead to claim wars, we lock them.

    To unlock:
    - Acquire beri/money/credits through RP and purchase a mystery box from our community market. You have a 1/50th chance of getting a "locked fruit" where you then have a 1/12(?) chance of the gura.
    - You can possibly acquire in character through limited (GM) events, or through questing for a random devil fruit. There is no guarantee.
    - Finally, in our in game shop, we have it for sale for 100 GP/units, which requires extensive role playing for the guaranteed chance of the fruit.

    Before this system, devil fruit that were like the gura were chaotic to manage. This system places it at an even playing field.

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    I see. Thank you very much.
    Things just got a lot clearer.

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    Can I get a pricing on a cursed item?

    Leech Hook

    A cursed hook hand that, when it strikes one, sucks the enemy's blood to regain health for the user. The curse turns the user anemic, giving them a 15% vitality debuff.


    Dropping Hito, claiming Atsu. Shale takes a whopping 2-point reset and becomes an NPC (so no need to change the WG thread).
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    I'd like to possess the Hito Hito no Mi.

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    Vitality* as it won't allow for regeneration or healing, just energy regain. Length also determines energy gained, and it will be a 1:1 ratio almost.

    15% is fine, P20 can adjust if he sees fit.

    3.5 million, and no less. Adjusted if too low by, of course, P20.


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    Question concerning the Hito Hito no Mi. I wish to have it used on a diamond.
    Do I need to buy the diamond before hand ?

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    Duchess of Eggplants Ellie Q's Avatar
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    Regrettably, yes, as a balance. I don't think we have diamond priced, though. I'll price it at 600k for a chunk.

    That said, the diamond fruit, recently as of eight posts above this one, is open.

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