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    Lol. Jussayin'. Doku will be my baby until that time arrives.

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    Heh... "your" baby. Take care of my child well, then. I don't need to see more disappointment for her.

    //Was the doku user way, way back. Both in AC and in NW.

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    Dropping the Sabi Sabi no mi [Rust Fruit] and claiming the Bari Bari no Mi - [Barrier Fruit] if the free claim period is in affect?

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    Keeping the Horo Horo no Mi with the move

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    I'd like to claim the Mane Mane no Mi.

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    Checking in:

    I drop the supa supa no mi.

    As long as I know kunshu wanted to drop the pheonix right?

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    So.... I am joining the Clockwork Pirates... If there is one~

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    under your bed O-O
    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    Because your answer is on the DF List
    If Zyk doesn't show up in a week, you can have the fruit. You'll then get bored of it within a week and want to switch.
    just wondering does this apply to all current taken fruits that the owners have yet to come post saying they want to keep there DF

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    I want to request the Hito Hito no Mi - [Buddha Fruit]

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