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    Character History

    Relena was born to a minor noble family in a country on the Grand Line. The country was affiliated with the World Government, and enjoyed the benefits of such a relationship, letting even a family of lower nobility like Relena's live a life of luxury. Relena enjoyed the sweet taste of fruits that her family's plantation workers would bring after a successful harvest at their orchards, fields, or vineyards. However one day she saw a strange looking fruit and decided to give it a taste, not knowing it was a devil fruit that her father had acquired and planned to give to one of their guards to better protect them. They didn't know what it was, but after Relena began able to create candy, they dismissed it as a useless fruit not fit for protecting them, and so Relena was not punished for eating it. But as she grew and began to better control the fruit, her family realized they were quite wrong. The day it dawned on them was the day a mad bull broke loose from one of their pastures and charged the girl. They were afraid their daughter was about to be killed before them, but when she created a wall that stopped the bull in it's tracks, they were mystified. They didn't know that Relena's candy devil fruit was that strong. They soon learned that Relena had been using her devil fruit to punish bullies that picked on her friends, and had become quite adept with it, even against bullies that were also guards in training. They were unsure of what to do with her, but Relena made her own choice and decided to enlist with the Marines when she came of age.

    Relena was only a marine for a short time before she fought and defeated a pirate crew that had survived sailing in the Grand Line. She was promoted to captain, and her first mission was to track down where the pirates had come from. She tracked their home port down to a poor town in the West Blue, and led the attack that destroyed the town that was labeled as a pirate haven.


    Long blonde hair with a piercing blue eye stare, Relena is a beautiful, slender young woman.
    Spoiler: Appearance


    Although she doesn't often speak, Relena is a kind and caring woman who looks after those under her command. She maintains a regal air, always calm and classy. She is known to give out candy to those that please her. Despite this pleasant attitude, Relena is completely ruthless when it comes to confirmed criminals. Although she will be lenient to common people, pirates and revolutionaries are met without mercy.

    Combat Info

    Devil Fruit - Pero Pero no Mi
    • Candy Creation
      The user creates a candy of a specific flavor.
    • Candy Armor
      The user creates a suit of armor around herself for protection.
    • Candy Wall
      The User creates a wall made of hardened candy to block attacks.
    • Candy Shard
      The user creates a shard of hardened candy that can be hurled at an opponent.
    • Candy Syrup
      The user creates globs of liquid candy that harden after impact.
    • Candy Golem
      The user creates a massive golem made of hardened candy and stays inside of it, controlling it's movements from within.
    • Candy Rain
      The user launches a volley of Candy Shards.
    • Candy Weapon
      The user creates a specific weapon out of candy.
    • Candy Elevator
      The user creates an elevator made of candy to reach a place too high or low to reach normally.
    • Candy Construct
      The user creates a specific item of varying size out of candy.
    • Candy Cushion
      The user creates a large cushion made of gummy candy to land on when falling.
    • Candy Servant
      The user forms a humanoid out of candy and controls it like a puppet.
    • Candy Building
      The user is able to create an entire building out of candy, complete with internal decorations like chairs and tables.
    • Candy Limb
      The user creates a giant limb out of candy to attack an opponent with.
    • Candy Maiden
      The user creates an iron maiden made of candy to trap an opponent in.
    • Candy Spikes
      After either coating the ground in candy or turning the ground to candy, the user creates a group of candy spikes to rise out of the ground to impale a target.
    • Candy Syrup Trap
      The user unleashes a wave of liquid candy that washes over an opponent, then, once they are caught, hardens.

    Busoshoku Haki:
    • Insulating Haki - While the user is reinforcing herself or something she is touching with Haki, aside from the standard offensive and defensive boost, the haki also insulates, giving a measure of protection from high and low temperature extremes.

    Candy Land: Awakening the Pero Pero no Mi allows the user to transform the landscape around her into candy.

    Basic Information
    Full Name: Relena Darlian
    Epithet: N/A
    Affiliation: Marines
    Occupation: Captain
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'7"/1.70m
    Weight: 130lb/59kg

    Devil Frut Class - 350 Points

    Strength Attribute: 10
    Agility Attribute: 100
    Vitality Attribute: 40
    Devil Fruit: 100
    Armaments: 100

    Chef: ★★★★
    Engineering: ★★★

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Irvine View Post
    Spoiler: Basic Info
    Name: Nori
    Epithet: N/A
    Affiliation: World Government, Cipher Pol 9
    Occupation: CP9 Agent
    Level: 300
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: September 29th
    Height: 9'10" / 3m
    Weight: 474 lb / 215kg

    Spoiler: Stats
    Haki Class - 300 Points

    Strength Attribute: 60
    Agility Attribute: 55
    Vitality Attribute: 60
    Rokushiki Mastery: 65
    Armaments Haki: 50 (40+10)
    Observational Haki: 25 (20+5)

    Profession: Assassin
    Observation: ★★★
    Human Anatomy:
    Undercover: ★★

    Haki Class Bonus

    Spoiler: Bio
    Character Personality: Like nearly all CP agents, Nori is always calm and collected, rarely showing any emotion. The few times he is seen showing emotion is when drinking coffee, his favorite drink. He is able to act in a variety of ways for purposes of going undercover on missions. However, unlike many agents, he prefers not to kill if he doesn't have to. That doesn't mean he dislikes killing, merely finding random killing to be tedious. He has no family name, and does not give one unless given to him for the sake of a mission.
    Spoiler: Character Appearance

    Character History

    Like many agents of the World Government, Nori was raised from a young age to be an assassin.
    Is undercover more of Disguise or Stealth?
    Other than that, approved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    Is undercover more of Disguise or Stealth?
    Other than that, approved.
    Disguise, I suppose. Basically what CP9 did to be in Galley-La Company to get the Pluton blueprints from Iceburg.

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    Ilsyria up for approval. FS is a work in progress.

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    Changes pending approval:


    New Stats for Weiss: (Will purchase pending approval of below)

    STR: 41
    AGI: 50
    VIT: 41
    DFS: 100
    CoO: 76

    Devil fruit stuff:
    Pending approval of the things listed below, my new DF mastery will be 100.

    Blood fruit perk:
    True Control: Weiss is capable of manipulating his blood without requiring a connection to it. Making his attacks more spontaneous and unpredictable. This includes altering its state of matter as well.

    Gear Upgrades:
    Sanguine Surge- (Previously approved, renamed, added one detail.) A Gear 2nd style upgrade. Weiss speeds up the flow of blood within his body, giving him virtually the same effect as the original Gear 2nd. With similar consequences as well. It strains his body, and leaves him exhausted for a time after use. The time he is exhausted is dependent on how long he spent utilizing the benefits. While utilizing this mode, Weiss is capable of limited Soru-like movement. It is easy enough to determine when Weiss is making use of this form. His entire body gains a red tint.

    Sanguine Shroud- A Gear 3rd style upgrade. Weiss is now capable of releasing blood from his pores, in the form of a mist. This enables him to quickly spread his blood throughout the battlefield, in addition to giving his enemies the chance to inhale some of his blood. This mist type of blood is rather hot, and the downside is the pain Weiss suffers from releasing it from his body in such a state. This mist type of blood can be extremely dangerous. The attacks possible from it are extremely hard to see.

    Devil Fruit Fighting Style:
    Septagram Blades- The main way Weiss uses his Devil Fruit to fight. He controls seven blades made from his blood, and has them rotating around himself. In addition the the actual Katana he wields, this gives Weiss access to an 8 Sword Style of sorts. The formed blades aren't durable by any means, only being as strong as your average iron blade. But it means nothing to Weiss, as he is capable of simply reforming them as needed.

    Observation Haki stuff:
    Reached Rank 4, second tech for approval, reworked original tech a bit.. let me know if doing so requires a purchase of some kind (it is the same, only with the addition of being able to be expanded beyond the radius of my arms reach)

    Seikuken- An Observation Haki technique that involves concentrating on the surrounding area creating a spherical "shield" around oneself. It can be used for offence and defence. The radius of the technique ranges from the area of his arms reach, or as large as X meters in diameter.

    Blood Ties- It is a passive technique in which Weiss is always aware of where his blood is on the battlefield. Knowing where any and all of his blood is, is second nature for him. As natural as breathing is for anyone.

    Gonna let you guys decide what is an appropriate radius for the "shield" tech.

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    Ya did and ya approved it... but then I did the Ellie thing and changed it one more time.

    Concept approved.


    Sanguine Shroud should not be a gear; it is but a technique.

    How can Seikuken be used? It's great to say you can use it for offense or defense... but what do it do? Heightened mantra? Particular focus? Power level readings? I would say no more than five feet if its what I think it is... or whatever the current "ima use mantra no matter what u say" technique does.

    Could be mantra, could be DFS, for Blood Ties.

    Approved, otherwise. Note the blades of seven can only go so far based on your DFS.
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    I believe when I described the technique to others they said it was En from HxH..

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    Pandora for approval.

    DF stuff has already been approved, all items are from my previous character and are fully paid for. There isn't really anything new bar aesthetics.

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    Not helpful. Name of technique, what it was in HcH or whatever it's called (I haven't watched anime for roughly seven years,) and less ".." would help in me understanding.

    I will trust you Green, and will approve FTTB. If I find I have been bamboozled, I will come back with a hammer named "nerf."
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    Someone using En can feel the shape and movement of anything entering their circle.

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