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    One Piece RPG Bio thread

    Character Profile Thread


    Welcome to the Character Profile Thread. This place serves as the collection of all profiles that are collected and submitted to us by every user in the section for role playing purposes. We compile every gathered data and supply information to the people who need to know everything about your characters. Under these rules and regulations are the things that must be followed in order to have an acceptable profiles to be used in the section. [B]Before actually making a character profile, make sure you've read this:

    Approval Staff

    They are the people in charge of running and keeping this thread in track. They are the people who organize, approve, correct or evaluate every profile that is submitted before being used officially in the RPG.

    Approval Staff
    2.)Elie Q

    Biographies: How To

    Use the provided format below for the profile of your character you are going to make. Copy the code and paste it on your profile page and start filling it up with corresponding information you want your character to have. An example is provided in the spoiler above the code. You may edit the format and add other information and improve it on yourself as long as it still follows the general outline and rules of a character. For detailed information on how to make your stats, go here.

    Character Template
    Basic Character Information

    Epithet: optional
    Affiliation: your organizations
    Occupation: your position
    Level: members start at 300 stat points unless told otherwise
    Devil Fruit: optional / needs approval first
    Bounty: n/a for starters unless told otherwise by a Gorosei
    Date of Birth: optional

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength Attribute:
    Agility Attribute:
    Vitality Attribute:
    Additional Attribute 1: optional
    Additional Attribute 2: optional
    Additional Attribute 3: optional

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality: Describe the personalities and traits of your character
    Character Appearance: Describe your character's appearance / Provide image as possible.

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons: optional / needs approval first
    Devil Fruit Abilities: optional / needs approval first
    Fighting Style Abilities: optional / needs approval first
    Other Abilities: optional / needs approval first

    Character History

    Try as possible to have a brief background about your character and continue to tell us about your character by writing it in here.
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    General Information

    Spoiler: Info
    Wade D. Eadpool AKA Deadpool

    The Merc with the Mouth



    Fighting Style







    Role Playing Character Stats

    Spoiler: Stats

    Strength Attribute 50
    Agility Attribute 90
    Vitality Attribute 70
    Life Return Custom 80 + 20 = 100
    Weapons 77 + 15 = 92
    Color of Armaments 80

    Disguise ★★★★★
    Dancing ★★★


    Broken Mind: As a result of the brain tearing itself apart via tumors, and repairing itself via regeneration, this manifests itself in the form of insanity. This makes Deadpool's mind incredibly difficulty to read, giving him a resistance to mantra.

    Getting to know the Character

    Spoiler: Character Info
    Spoiler: Character Appearance

    Spoiler: Personality
    Deadpool is cray cray yo. That is all you need to know.

    Spoiler: History
    None yo business fool!

    Equipment and Abilities

    Spoiler: Info
    Spoiler: Equipment
    Eisen Sword *Lucy*
    A cutlass composed of Iron Cloud. The Eisen Dial in the pommel allows changing the Iron Cloud into many different shapes. Carried on the left hip fully retracted in to it's handle.

    Items Installed into Eisen Sword

    Water Dial - Poison *Lucy*
    A water dial filled with Scorpion Poison. This Poison is potent enough to melt rocks.

    Sea Stone Katana *Lucy*
    A Katana Deadpool caries around for when he fights unruly fruit users. It works well as a Haki Substitute. Carried on the Right Hip.

    Ryo Wazamono Sword 1 Mil
    It is a fancy sword. Not currently in use.

    Tsubaki Mk III *Lucy*
    A Blade consisting of a steel housing that contains a Jet Dial and a Thunder Dial. The Jet Dial projects air as the Tunder Dial electrifies it in to plasma. Similar in nature to a welding torch. Carried on the left hip next to the Eisen Sword.

    Sky Island Jet Ski 2.3 Mil
    A pair of skates equipped with jet dials.

    Crag Blunderbuss 600k x2
    A pair of Blunderbuss that fire out a special cluster of explosive ammo. They may only have a single shot each, but with a spray of deadly bombs it hardly matters. Strapped in on the front of his belt.

    Sleep Rounds 400k
    Blunderbuss balls that burst with a gas that causes drowsiness and can cause someone to fall asleep with enough exposure.

    Pepper Rounds 200k
    Blunderbuss Balls that burst with pepper spray.

    Coat Hanger Rounds
    A Poor Man's flechette round. A wire coat hanger cut up in to small pieces that tumble in the air and eviscerate flesh on impact.

    Flash Guns 1.2 Mil x2
    Deadpool carries a pair of Flash Guns. These pistols emit a bright flash when they fire, blinding the targets they are pointed at. Carried in holsters under his armpits.

    Judgement 1.5 Mil
    Judgement is a powerful handgun that fires lasers. It is made of Steel. Deadpool carries it in a lower back holster.

    Rail Rifle
    A high powered air rifle that shoots iron spikes like those from a rail road. The bolts when fired burn bright white and fire like a nail gun. Hot, heavy, and piercing. Carried on Deadpool's back with the Burn Bazooka.

    Small Knives carried on his person. One strapped to each shin, Two more stored in his shoes

    Sea Stone Tipped Knives 750k
    A pair of knives with their tips laced with Sea Stone. Intended mostly for stabbing to remove the devil fruit factor from fights. Carried in chest holsters.

    Burn Bazooka 1.4 Mil
    A bazooka with three Dials installed into it. Fires in two modes: Gas mode and Flame mode. Can also fire cannonballs. Strapped to Deadpool's back.

    Burn Blade *Lucy*
    A sword hilt with a breath dial and flame dial installed to make a blade of flames. Capable of cutting a large tree in half with a single swing. Strapped to the sheath of the Seastone Katana.

    Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So 800k
    A Pop Green that explodes upon impact. It releases a large red explosion in the shape of a skull.

    Lamp Dial 200k
    The Lamp Dial is used for capturing light and releasing it at a lower brightness than the Flash dial for a longer time. To be used for an Incubator.

    Package of Peanuts
    Deadpool carries a package of peanuts on his person in the event he ever comes across The Emperor that Ho Ri warned him about.

    Regeneration 3.6 Mil
    Through the combination of multiple parts of regenerating animals from Thriller Bark, Deadpool has gained their power. With this he is able to heal from wounds and even regrow whole limbs.

    Spoiler: Misc Items
    Third DF Slot
    Foxy Chef Disguise
    Cran Yam's Vivre Card

    Spoiler: Unused
    Incendiary 500k
    When Elyisia punches, this round unleashes a burst of flames. Can also be shot out like as a mid range fire ball.

    Cryo 500k
    When this ammo type makes contact it can freeze it's target.

    Midori Boshi: Sargasso 700k
    Fires a Pop Green at a target, which then explodes into an array of resilient seaweed, strong enough to delay an avalanche of rock and earth. This can be used to bind opponents with seaweed.

    Midori Boshi: Take Jave-rin 600k
    Shoots a Pop Green and stalks of bamboo shoots up from the ground, stabbing and impaling anyone it crosses paths with.

    Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So 800k
    Shoots a Pop Green that explodes upon impact. It releases a large red explosion in the shape of a skull.

    Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf 1.3 Mil
    Shoots a Pop Green into the air which then sprouts into grass that takes the shape of a wolf. The bulb where it came from that shaped like a wolf's nose can release a stunningly powerful shockwave that is three meters in diameter, which can shock an opponent.

    Midori Boshi: Platanus Shuriken 700k
    Shoots a Pop Green that sprouts into several star shaped plants that cut at the opponent.

    Lasers 1.5 Mil
    Ember Celica is upgraded to be able to fire lasers. Each gauntlet is capable of firing a smaller and less powerful laser, or they can both be fired together to fuse two lasers in to one bigger laser.

    Spoiler: Combat Info
    Spoiler: Mixed Weapons
    Deadpool is versed in many bladed weapons and firearms. His cutlass tends to be his favorite, but he still holds a fondness for knives and katana along with other blades he can get his hands on. Beyond that, Deadpool uses various fire arms. Mostly Flintlocks and Blunderbuss. As for a specific fighting style, Deadpool prefers to improvise. His fundamentals are good though. Due to his spread out focus on weapons, he tends not to be highly skilled in the finer arts. No impossible long range shots or highly fancy cuts with blades. Beyond his Eisen Sword abilities, he tends to just roll with whatever comes to mind.

    Eisen Whip (鉄の鞭(アイゼンウィップ) Aizen Wippu?, literally "Whip of Iron"): Tetra unleashes a powerful whip-like attack from her sword, making it look like a projectile attack at high speeds.

    Eisen Fan (鉄の扇(アイゼンファン) Aizen Fan?, literally "Fan of Iron"): Tetra shapes the blade of her sword into a fan-like blade and strikes against her opponent.

    Eisen Fork (アイゼンフォーク Aizen Fōku?): Tetra shapes ers sword into a giant fork and wields it like a whip once again.

    Eisen Back (鉄の堤防(アイゼンバック) Aizen Bakku?, literally "Embankment of Iron"): Tetra forms a solid wall to block any of her opponent's attacks.

    Eisen Fleuret (アイゼンフルーレ Aizen Furūre?): Tetra shapes her sword into a long, sharp spear and projects it against her opponent.

    Spoiler: Life Return Custom
    This is a strange fighting style as it is completely intended for defense and support. It is closely related to life return, but it abandons almost everything from Life Return and instead focuses all efforts on healing the user. Because of Deadpool's advanced training in this ability he is able to enhance the healing abilities of his animal parts to new heights. This skill could be mistaken for a devil fruit, even though it isn't. Though Deadpool still isn't on par with the phoenix, he is likely the next best thing.

    Focused Healing - When out of combat, the user can recover from injury at an accelerated rate. This ability take full concentration. Focused Healing also burns stamina at a faster rate, relative to the severity of the wounds.

    Digestion Control – User can digest and absorb the nutrients from eaten food at an accelerated rate. This results in a faster recovery of stamina.

    Blood Control – User can instantly coagulate the blood in wounds to prevent blood loss. Includes internal bleeding.

    Excretion Control – The user can decompose and excrete harmful substances that enter the body at an accelerated rate.

    Antibody Production – The user is able to significantly able to increase the rate of antibody production. This is used to bolster the users immune system to provide higher resistance to disease, harmful bacteria, poisons, and other such hazards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Getting To Know The Character

    Spoiler: Basic Character Information

    Name: Reiji Maruko (Known as Marco)
    Epithet: Atmosphere
    Affiliation: Affiliated with a particular NPC faction, but isn't a part of any crew
    Occupation: Guy who gets things done
    Class: Haki
    Stats: 500
    Devil Fruit: Gasu Gasu no mi
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 20-ish
    Date of Birth: June 22
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 182 lbs

    Spoiler: Deeper look into the Character

    Character Personality: He's best described as relaxed, cynical and a little sarcastic. Kind of a coward in the sense that he'd much rather take the easy way out, but would do anything for his ambitions. Lying, cheating, trickery etc are a given and he's pretty shameless about it. He literally has 0 honor. Can act a little "extra" from time to time.
    Character Appearance:

    Character History: He has a tremendous history. A great one. Best history around. Nobody has a good of a history as this guy. Bigly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stats and Profession
    Spoiler: Stats

    Strength Attribute: 79
    Agility Attribute: 100
    Vitality Attribute: 60
    Devil Fruit Mastery: 100
    Ssamsu Taekkyeon: 81
    Armaments Haki: 100 (80+20) (Haoshoku Haki unlocked)

    Spoiler: perks

    Liquid Gas: The user can create liquefied gas through increasing pressure within an area (note: this is done by concentrating gaseous molecules within a target area) which in turns increases the consensing point. It takes a Fog-like appearance and has freezing properties. (Note: Can only manipulate self-created liquefied gas and difficulty in manipulating large amounts)

    Spoiler: CoA techs
    Red Hawk: The user produces intense flames with haki, which can combined with flames from other sources to increase the heat to white hot flames.

    Construction: Marco can extend his haki from around his arm and solidify into various shapes while still being able to move it. Nothing too complicated - simple stuff like a drill, blade, shield etc.

    Temporary Boost: Marco gains a significant boost in either defense or offense for a limited period of time. The amount of time this technique was used is also a cooldown time during which Al is unable to use CoA. (Perk)
    Something in the future

    Spoiler: Profession

    General Knowledge: ☆☆☆☆☆
    Science: ☆☆☆☆☆

    Quote Originally Posted by Combat Ability
    Spoiler: Ssamu Taekkyon
    Its primary focus is on strong, fast kicks. It utilizes no particular stances, allowing users of it, to mimic any stances they feel like, and overall has a very comfortable feel to it before engaging attack. Most of its moves are specialized kicks, which are specially developed for helping the user out in any situation.

    Bo-bup: Essentially this is a special method of walking which appears to be an instantaneous movement behind, next to, or above the opponent instantly. (follows Soru guidelines)

    Hwan: A movement technique where the user leaves afterimages.

    Yung Hua: This technique uses pure leg strength to let its user run on walls like it was normal ground. The user must keep on moving constantly.

    Gong-gi: The user is able to walk on air or water as if it was a solid surface.

    Nirvana: A state of absolute focus where Marco stops thinking of anything else, clearing his mind of anything but the task at hand. This is where he only relies on instincts to gain the fastest reaction speed imaginable. During this state, it feels as if time itself is slowing down, making close combat even more efficient.

    Khun: A sword catching technique where the user bring his two hands together quickly to stop a sword's swing without getting his hands cut. It can also be used to catch projectile weapons such as cards or knives or arrows, but doesn't work against firearms.

    Bong-Seon: Once the user has gotten behind a target, he could follow their movements through keen observation of the target's body and stay behind them without being seen. With delicate steps that make no sound, the user of this technique becomes very hard to find and/or catch.

    Nakyoung: A defensive technique where the user puts his hand(s) up from the elbow up. Right as the opponent's strike is about to land, the user spins their hand(s) to deflect away the oncoming strike.

    Basaltic Kick: The technique allows the user to kick away cannonballs/grenades with such delicacy that they don't explode upon contact without the kick losing its power.

    Hoe Grab: It is used to grab an opponent in a lock position. The fighters faints a reverse kick with one leg and uses that leg to hold the arm of the opponent and uses the other leg to hit the opponent in the side of their head, completing the move.

    Leg Hook: A high kick to the shoulder level, which follows through to slam the opponent onto the ground.

    Ground Drawer: The user sweeps his toes across the ground while kicking to throw up dirt and debris on to the opponent's face.

    Spinning Top Kick: With the back to the opponent, the user will perform a lashing high kick to the face while spinning 360 around.

    Hwechook: Executes a spinning, high kick first from right, then left and then from behind, using a single foot as a pivot. The three kicks land in such rapid succession that it seems like the kicks were delivered simultaneously. (Order of the kicks can be different)

    Dragon Seize: An advanced version of the Hoe Grab, the user jumps high into the air while holding the foe by their neck using the Hoe Grab, spinning at a high speed. The foe is then thrown to the ground head first, making an impact crater and left spinning like a coin around the crater.

    Dragon Sign Hwechook: While charging, the user concentrates force in the foot, which will execute the Hwechook, crushing the ground. The result of three rapid, spinning kicks generates a localized twister around the foe which can cause suffocation and more if not escaped.

    Scissor: A kick performed at a diagonal motion at the neck of the opponent forming a scissor shape as the legs go down.

    Roundhouse Kick and Scythe: The attack starts with a roundhouse kick and further the holds the opponent's face with knee joint. This is to pin the opponent with one leg in order to aim punch straight at the face.

    Goh-Ryuh: Quick strikes using one's feet. The user's kicks focus their power on one point, giving them a piercing potential. They basically decrease the Area of Effect to increase the damage to that one singular point.

    Baekdu: A knee attack.

    Fangs: Elbow attack.

    Truth Tornado: A technique performed by kicking ones opponent. When being performed a swirl of wind is generated around the user, and then concentrates around the leg, and generates a massive tornado on impact, increasing its offensive power. Unlike the Dragon Hwechook, the tornado is larger, but dissipates near instantly.

    Arang: A punch that sends shockwaves down an opponent.

    Alpha Axe: A descending technique, which entails a front flip followed by an axe kick. The act of dropping the user's heel generates a wave of wind which is strong enough to damage multiple enemies in its path.

    Phoenix Kick: A kick close to the ground where the opponent is standing. It is strong enough to shake the ground close by

    Red Dragon's Kick: Basically, it's a wind blade.

    Blue Dragon's Kick: Similar to the Red Dragon's Kick, but instead of wind blade, it sends a pseudo-spherical, concussive blast of wind towards an opponent.

    Black Dragon's Kick: Uses friction with the air to ignite his wind blades into flame blades.

    Blue Dragon's Fist: Same as the kick, but it's a punch. Less potent, but it's still there.

    Ice Kick: A kick only usable in the presence of very turbulent winds (could use his own attacks to set it up first). The user generates a kick with turbulant winds which devour the surrounding air currents and reverses it. The resulting high pressure wind attack can raise the freezing temperature and anyone/anything caught up in it experiences an ice cold chill that can even freeze them.

    Signature Kick: Marco basically put himself in this stance and flies down like a meteor.

    Nakyoung: An advanced version of Nakyoung. The user spins in the direction of an oncoming attack to "steal" the opponent's momentum and attack back.

    White Tiger's Dance: The user aims a reverse roundhouse kick towards the opponent's face and either the opponent dodges it somehow or the user misses on purpose and sends his leg behind the opponent's head, giving them a false sense of security due to the user's currently awkward stance. From there, the user jumps into the air, twisting their body as the leg behind the opponent comes down to the back of their knees and the leg in front attacks the face.

    Blur Limb: Derived from Blur Limb, this technique focuses on the stopping and speeding up aspect of the technique rather than disappearing limbs. The user kicks and stops for a split second, making it easier for the opponent to react to it. From there, the user changes the course of the kick to where the opponent has dodged and uses the inertia from before to greatly speed up the kick. Even if the opponent doesn't somehow dodge, the kick's speed still increases, throwing off the opponent's timing. (Note: Stopping and twisting in the middle of an attack puts a strain on user's body so frequent use is not advised)

    Crystal's Dance: Marco imitates some of Crystal's dance movements to make dodging easier for him. He can flawlessly do this or this or this in the middle of the battle and smoothly transition back into attacking.

    Baekje: The user enters into a state of "weightlessness" where he can balance himself perfectly on small areas such as tightropes or even opponent's weapons without imposing his weight and falling down.

    ]Agma Dali: The user channels his innermost emotions to set one of his legs on fire. Adding heat to Marco's kicks gives them the explosiveness he always wanted. Burning enemies is also pretty nice.
    Hell Memories: Full body version of above tech

    Cutting Potential: The user straps a sword to their leg in order to increase range and add cutting potential to their strikes.

    Spoiler: Equipment

    :- 6 knives that also function as knuckle dusters. The knives are made up of kairoseki with only the hilt made up of metal (but not the knuckle duster part) so that Marco could still touch them without being affected by kairoseki.

    :- Kairseki Net stored in a grenade-like capsule

    Pop Greens
    :- Custom Pop Green

    Dials/Dial Weaponry
    :- Reject Dial x2
    :- Vision Dial
    :- Lamp Dial

    Miscellaneous Items

    :- Bubbly Coral
    :- Wind Knot
    :- Flower Lapel: A flower lapel pin worn by Marco on his suits, it contains a small dose of acid. It can be sprayed through a push of the button located inside his sleeve, however, the range, like the quantity, is small.

    Spoiler: Devil Fruit
    Gasu Gasu no Mi

    Gaseous Limbs:- The user can extend his range by creating gaseous limbs. These can't punch people and be effective, but are able to grasp and hold things, which can then be used to attack.

    Jet Thrust: The user mimics a jet dial using Gasu abilities by releasing a burst of air in order to get a velocity boost.

    Tempest Kick: The user turns their legs into gas and spins the gaseous particles, creating small tornadoes, which can then be used to execute FS moves to increase their destructive potential.

    Warp Strikes:- The user's limbs disappear by turning into gas and are reformed in a different place that contains gas to deliver a strike.

    Wind Manipulation:- Since wind is just air molecules moving with velocity, the gasu user can do stuff with wind like dispersing air blades. Screw those. Of course, it's not limited to that, but screw those the most.

    Whiff:- Replenishment of energy through absorbing pre-existing gases.

    Bonds:- Forceful bonding of different gases to create gaseous compounds. Can also break bonds between gaseous compounds as well.

    Plasma Manipulation:- Ability to turn gases into plasma and manipulating them as needed.

    Solid Plasma:- Plasma still keeps its properties, but can be given a shape such as CC's blue sword (or Ace's fire lances/Enel's bird etc)

    Fujin:- Marco forces a thin line of plasma to travel along a surface before it erupts into plasma slashes using airborne gaseous molecules. Think of it like lighting a fuse to a bomb to set it off.

    Mimicry:- An unknown substance, as long as it exists in gaseous state of matter, can be produced by the gasu user as long as it is absorbed once. The requirement is obviously only for gases that the user doesn't know about like the ones that are yet to be found.

    Mirage:- Light rays are refracted by changing the density of air around and changing the composition of air (basically boils down to adding and removing various types of gases) to form mirages. Although it can't create illusions out of user's mind, it can change how one perceives existing objects. They can seem distant, closer, to the left or right, bigger, smaller, at various angles etc.

    Seventh Sense:- Marco is attuned to the gases to the point that he can feel any slight change in temperature, vibration, composition or movement/flow in the air.

    Waves:- The user can lead waves that use air as a medium to his discretion by using his control over the gases. Just gets the molecules to vibrate in a different direction.

    Vacuum:- The removal of basically every gaseous thing floating around in the air allows the user to create a vacuum.

    Sound Wave Manipulation: Since sound is just the reception of a mechanical wave of vibrating air particles (when moving through the air), the gasu user is able to manipulate sound waves by controlling the gaseous particles in the atmosphere. Can't control/generate it in liquids/solids obviously.

    Quote Originally Posted by Basic Character Information

    Name: Touma
    Epithet: Optical Orange
    Appearance: Standard Appearance Due to profession, can look like just about anyone.
    Affiliation: Crazy Rainbow Stars
    Class: DF
    Race: Human
    Devil Fruit: Giro Giro no mi
    Age: Nobody really knows
    Height: 6+
    Weight: 180+
    Character Personality: As a sniper, he's extremely reliable, patient and competent. As a person, he's playful and mischievous to the point of being a dick to his enemies.
    Character History: Soon
    Quote Originally Posted by Stats and Prof
    Spoiler: Stats

    Str: 20
    Agi: 100
    Vit: 80
    FS: 100
    DF: 100
    CoA: 100

    Spoiler: Prof
    Disguise expert
    Painting/Make-up: ★★★
    Craftsmanship: ★★★★
    Tailoring: ★★★
    Quote Originally Posted by Combat Ability

    Spoiler: Haki

    Haki Burst: A shockwave tech that's designed to increase a projectile's range and speed by performing a burst of haki at the same time as the projectile is fired. This technique can damage a weapon in which the tech is being used, so it should only be used in a weapon made with a highly durable substance.

    Sharpen: The user coats his haki on any substance in such a uniform way that it can cover any irregularities on a microscopic level, creating a perfectly sharp or pointy surface. The shape of the object has to be compliant for this to work. A spherical rock can't turn into a dart all of a sudden, but a rock's edges can be sharpened enough that they can sever an artery or two when flying by. (This tech replaces haki for str in piercing/cutting techs)

    Spoiler: Devil Fruit

    Free Range: With high mastery, the user doesn't need any physical contact to use the df's abilities. This means he doesn't have to put his hands over his eyes to activate the df.

    Iron Tears: Solid constructs of tears. The durability of these have increased up to pacifista metal quality, but the user can change it up for it to be weaker.

    Surprise Bullets: Using the power of his df, the user can create bullets that encase either pop greens, liquid and other things. These bullets shatter on nth impact depending on their durability (that the user controls), revealing the surprise stored within. User can also make normal bullets shatter after impact, sending a number of shrapnel into the opponent's body.

    Borrowed Vision: The user, when focusing their own vision at someone else, is able to then see exactly what the other person is seeing. It's usually a downgrade, but can sometimes be helpful.

    Shared Vision: Upon contact, the user is able to share what they see with whoever. This technique can also be used offensively by exposing someone to the entire spectrum of what Touma sees; the sudden burst of sensory information can cause temporary blindness and disorientation. Similar to bright lights being flashed directly into one's eyes, but in this case, closing your eyes won't help.

    I See You: Touma stares at someone with such intensity that they start to get the creepy feeling of being watched. If Touma uses this in front of someone, they have a feeling where he can see through them but wouldn't have any proof. Just induces paranoia

    3-D Printer: The user is able to make models/replica made of Iron Tears of anything his eyes are able to see. These items are scaled down in size if original is too big, but retain the proportions. They can't mimic an the original's special effects (things like curses of a cursed weapon etc) or color.

    Tracer Vision: Due to the DF's incredible insight ability, the user is able to study an object and learn it's "history"(will be able to detect traces left behind by individuals who came in contact with it, more recent stronger trace). These traces are undetectable by any other means then the Giro. (DF Perk)

    Slow-mo Vision: The user is able to see things in slow motion. Only the vision is affected, the user doesn't physically get faster. (Agi Perk)

    Spoiler: Fighting Style
    Projectile Expert: The user can shoot whatever, however, whenever with the utmost accuracy. No gun is too complicated. Even good at throwing, but this is limited by strength.

    Ricochet: The user picks a trajectory of projectiles by getting them to ricochet.

    Camouflage: Combined with his profession, the user can camouflage himself anywhere given enough time.

    Last Second Escape: Blinding speed used to escape if hiding location is found out. (Soru limits apply)

    Trajectory Switching: The user can shoot his pre-fired bullets in mid-air in order to change their trajectory. This takes pre-planning.

    Western Gunman: Fires a shitload of bullets in a short time. Can reload them quickly and creatively as well (Refer to the trailer for The Dark Tower).

    Lip Reading: Touma has learned how to accurately read lips after observing people from afar for so long.

    Spoiler: Equipment
    Dearly Beloved: A bakumetal weapon that can take the form of a sniper rifle or two handguns. It has various things installed into it to increase its range, power and versatility. Special thing about this weapon is that it can fire bullets made by Iron Tears.
    :- Jet Dial x2
    :- Thunder Dial x2
    :- Flash Dial x2 with Silencer
    :- Lasers
    :- Tesla Coil
    :- ERS (Electric Routing System)
    The above two systems work in conjunction with thunder dials to create a network of wires that provide a safe passage for electricity without harming the body. This way, electricity can be accommodated to parts that require it powering up various weapons or absorbing electrical attacks for powering up to a limited extent.
    :- Fluffy Cables
    Cables with the center core surrounded by dielectric insulators, then covered by a metallic shield and lastly by a plastic jacket. The shield acts as a Faraday cage to reduce electrical noise and electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with the equipment and prevents the equipment from harming the user.

    Vasily Zaystev: Bakumetal weapon that can take the form of a sniper rifle or handguns. Contains silencers.
    :- Rail Gun: The shoots are electricaly charged increasing their range,power,speed,etc through the use of electromagnetism, while also adding electric damage beside the normal bullet one. It can also absorb electricity from outside sources and store it for later use(thunder dial).
    :- Electric Charger: A self-winding clockwork device that generates electricity for the rail gun.

    Carrying Separately
    :- Lily Carnation - A parasitic flower.
    :- Jet Shoes - High elemental grade weapon that works with 2 jet dials to help user move around in air.
    :- Dial Gun - A weapon that can combine several dials to fire off a unique combination attack.
    :- Water Dial x5 (Sea Water, Fluroantimonic Acid, Scorpion Venom, Pheromone Purple, Liquid Nitrogen)
    :- Grow Up Kuro Kabuto
    :- Cold Dial
    :- Jet Dial x2 (Separate from Jet Shoes)
    :- Thunder Dial
    :- Flavor Dial (CO)
    :- Breath Dial x2 (O2, N2)
    :- Heat Dial
    :- Flame Dial
    :- Eisen + Blue Sea Dial combo
    :- Rafflesia
    :- Trampolina
    :- Nott's Bandage
    :- Smoke Blossom
    :- Sargasso
    :- Dokuro Bakuhatsu So
    :- Uchiwa So
    :- Metal Piranha - A piranha plant made of organic substance with steel-like hardness. Can chew through metal. Has corrosive breath.
    :- Move Along - A pop green that, when planted into the ground, releases a gas that causes plantlife to move to the next phase of life. Seedling becomes a mature tree, mature tree dies etc.
    :- Lava Piranha - A plant that can live in lava. The piranha has the ability to spew fire and is quite immune, in turn, to it. The plant also has intelligence, albeit horribly fiery and hot tempered as it screams and shouts with crass language.
    :- Malbroro - A pop green which sprouts into a massive thing of vines that rots with bacteria, toxins, and plague. With razor teeth it eats foes, and with bad breath it stuns them. The poison of the Malbroro's breath has many, multiple symptoms that can be resisted with a high enough constitution, but are too numerous to be immunized against save for those truly unaffiliated by disease, poison, or simply foul air.
    :- Thirsty Thorns - Releases a large volume of vines similar to sargasso, but instead of leaves, these contain thorns. The thorns from these vines can absorb, store, and release previously absorbed liquids.
    :- Hungry Worms - Summons a number of small, plant termite hybrids that are capable of eating through steel. These contain small pockets for carrying items that can fit such as seeds or other pop greens.
    :- Mask - Augments the user's eye. Their vision extends by the several miles when the eyes are zooming. These eyes can also pick up infrared lighting when said extra mode is activated, allowing for thermal vision. The eyes also have night vision capabilities. Additionally, the mask has a voice altering function and a gas filtering system. (High make + Low make gadgets)
    :- Armor - His clothes are made from Darwin Bark Spider's Silk. 10x tougher than Kevlar.

    :- Gyrating Bullets: bullets are designed to spin after being fired increasing range and power, used on all bullet types
    :- Armor Piercing Bullets: as name implies
    :- Exploding Bullets: bullets designed to be used agaisnt cyborgs and machines, explode on contact
    :- Corrosive Shot: a bullet with contains a capsule of one of the most corrosive agents known to man, the capsule breaks upon impact, releasing the agent upon the target. Will eat through anything exept plastic. (there's a similar acid in reality, flourhidic i think).
    :- Shatter Shot: a special bullet which can be set to vibrate at a certain frequency. The true destructive ability of this bullet is shown in combination with Ivan's devil fruit, first using his eyes to discern the target's natural resonating frequency then setting the bullet's value and firing it upon the target, resulting in the target area shattering through vibrations.
    :- Splinter Shot: bullet that explodes before hitting target, scatering into several pieces of shrapnel instead.
    :- Inciendary Rounds: bullets set target ablaze.
    :- Cryo Rounds: bullets freeze target.
    :- Sonic Shot: A bullet that after being shotwould constantly emit a high frequency sound wave along its path, the sound waves would hinder/damage anyone caught inside them even if they blocked or dodge the bullet, especially effective against humans and other such organics due to inner ear damage and destroying balance.
    :- Muggy Balls
    Quote Originally Posted by Basic Character Information

    Name: Dawn Urn
    Epithet: Ethereal Emerald
    Appearance: Assumed Appearance
    Affiliation: CRS
    Class: Devil Fruit
    Race: Dwarf (pretends to be a human)
    Devil Fruit: Horo Horo no Mi
    Age: Late teenage years
    Gender: Female
    Height: Normal Dwarf Height
    Weight: Normal Dwarf Weight
    Character Personality: Easily gets influenced by people around her and since she's usually around Touma...well, things never turn out well.
    Character History:
    Quote Originally Posted by Stats and Prof
    Spoiler: Stats

    Str: 10
    Agi: 100
    Vit: 85
    DF: 100
    CoO : 100

    Spoiler: Prof

    Bluff: ★★★★
    Linguistics: ★★★
    Quote Originally Posted by Combat Ability
    Spoiler: Horo Horo no Mi

    Canon Techs
    :- Ghost Network: Elaborate network of hollows used for surveillance and information gathering. The user somehow has access to information these hollows have scouted.
    :- Astral Projection: User's own consciousness is projected outside of their body.
    :- Mini Horos: Tiny hollows that explode.
    :- Toku Horos: Giant hollows that explode.
    :- Negative Hollows: Hollows that drain willpower and positive attitude from people and make them incredibly depressedfor a short amount of time.
    :- Size Control: User is able to control sizes of their astral projection and hollows.
    :- Position Switch: Astral Projection is able to switch places with a hollow. Soru limits apply.
    ;- Flight: User is able to fly with their real body.

    Custom Techs
    :- Emotional Hollows: Variants of Negative Hollows that make people feel a pre-specified emotion for a short amount of time.
    :- Mimic Hollows: Hollows that take the form of anything the user imagines, but they all share the goofy facial features of a regular hollow even if the objects don't normally have a face.
    :- Varying Transparency: Hollows and Astral Projection can have varying degree of transparency, but it can never go full invisible.
    :- Ursus Hollows: A single hollow made out of numerous Mini and/or Toku Hollows packed together. Devastation scales with the amount of time it took to prepare this technique.

    :- Contact: The user's horos can physically interact with their surroundings, however, this is limited to simple interactions with fairly light objects

    Spoiler: Haki

    CoO Techs
    :- Sniper's Scope: The user focuses their haki in a certain direction by making a ring with their thumb and index finger and placing it over their eye. It increases the range and accuracy of CoO, but decreases the width (I can't figure out the right term, but just think of it as looking through a sniper's scope)
    :- Aura Stamp: The user puts their own stamp on something by physically touching it and can detect that aura stamp from anywhere. Weakness is that since every aura stamp is the same, the more often this tech is used, the less effective it becomes, so it's mainly used to put a stamp on their own body just in case it gets lost while the user is in their astral form.

    :- True Ghost: The user completely erases their aura, preventing them from being detected by other CoO users. However, during this time, they cannot use CoO themselves.

    Spoiler: Equipment (Not in use)

    Cyborg Items:

    • Bakumetal Plating
    The outside armor integrated within a body that once used to be human.
    • EMBG (Electromagnetic Barrier Generator)
    A device within the Cyborg's body that generates an electromagnetic firld and allows the Cyborg to erect an electromagnetic barrier around him. This allows him to repel metals such as bullets and cannonballs so that they cannot harm him. It can also be used as a defence against hostile lasers and plasma attacks. If the Cyborg has access to plasma weapons himself, that barrier can also be used to control the plasma that the Cyborg produces - i.e. The Cyborg erects the barrier and then releases plasma, it spreading across the barrier to create a plasma barrier.
    • EMRS (Electromagnetic Routing System)
    It is a system that allows to somewhat control and channel the electromagnetic field that the Cyborg produces, provided they have the gadgets to produce said electromagnetic field already. This allows a Cyborg to focus the electrocmagnetic field on a limb or a elbow blade for example, and use it for polarization to disperse lasers. It also increases the range a little, allowing the Cyborg to use electromagnetism to "attack" other Cyborg's systems and gadgets (either at a short range or through physical contact with the limb where the electromagnetic field is focused).
    • Sensory Upgrades
    Eyes: night vision, heat vision, infrared, scope (zoom in zoom out)
    Ears:can enhance or shut down.
    Face: Breathing mask
    • Sonic Gloves
    Located within the hands, these can absorb sound energy to emit sonic waves (Not to be confused with hasshoken vibrations)


    • Thunder Dial x4
    • Flame Dial x3
    • Heat Dial
    • Breath Dial x3 (Carbon Monoxide, CO2, Breathing air)
    • Jet x2
    • Axe
    • Reject x2
    • Impact x2
    • Ball Dial + Blue Sea Dial

    Novelty Items
    :- Sogeking's Cape
    • Rocinante's Make up Kit
    • Set of Pandawoman's Bra and Panties
    • Painting of gOda
    • Luffy's afro wig
    • Foxy's Chef Disguise

    • Kairoseki x2
    • Smallest size of circuitry
    • Low make gadget (unused)
    • Shusui
    • Gun-Knife: A knife with a built in gun at the hilt
    Falchion - A Ryo Wazamono grade sword with a sheathe that can fire it off like a gun.
    Blades of Exile - A pair of cursed daggers that augment the user's strength, speed, and vitality greatly in exchange for filing the user with rage and hatred. Once the hilt has been touched, the chains from the knives wrap around the user's arms and will never let go until the curse has been removed or the user dies.
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    Shinto Toroko, Freelancer

    General Information
    Basic Information
    Name: Shinto Toroko
    Epithet: TBD
    Affiliation: None
    Occupation: None
    Stat Points: 300
    Class: Devil Fruit
    Devil Fruit: Faburikku Faburikku no Mi(Fabric)
    Bounty: 0
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 55 kg
    Personality: ~will be filled in~
    Character Statistics
    Stat Pointsl: 300
    Strength: 50
    Agility: 50
    Vitality: 50
    Fruit: 81 [Gear 2nd unlocked]
    Haki: 40 [Armaments Rank 2]
    29 unused points
    Abilities and Power
    Faburikku Faburikku no Mi
    A Paramecia-type Devil Fruit bestows the user the power to control an infinite number of ribbons which appear from around them. There are a variety of uses for these ribbons such as defense, offense, and an aid for movement. These ribbons can be detached or connected to the user depending on how they choose to use them. A single strip of ribbon can increase durability with training and at complete mastery may even be strong as Iron.

    How durable a ribbon strip is with DF mastery.
    1-20: Fabric
    21-40: Wood
    41-60: Stone
    61-80: Harder than stone
    81-100: Iron

    Within the One Piece world, characters have several specialties that are unrelated to their combat choices yet defines their characters. Every character can choose a broadly defined trait to influence their character's knowledge. These traits can also be leveled up, increasing the overall knowledge of the skill from novice level know-how to masterful level brilliance. The maximum level is five . One allows for novice knowledge in the trait, while five allows for maximum knowledge in the trait.

    name - ( 300/50 = 6 )
    trait 1: stars
    trait 2: stars
    trait 3: stars
    trait 4: stars

    Reaction Images

    Bio Under construction thingys


    Lapahn are big, white, carnivorous and intelligent snow rabbits from Drum Island. They are the most vicious species of animal on Drum Island and aggressively protect their territory. They appear to have nonretractable claws and favor plantigrade, bipedal motion, although they can also be seen on all fours, with their hind legs becoming digitigrade, likely for speed or extra spring in their jumps, making them a facultative quadruped.

    History - Part C
    When Shinroko was younger he had taken a trip to Drum Island and got lost in the snow covered plains of the region. When he thought all hope was lost, due to being near starvation and staring right at a pack of hungry wolves, he was rescued by these massive creatures. Though he may have only survived due to them seeing no threat in the boy, thus ignoring he was there and just dealing with the wolves, he still to this day admires the strength of the creatures. Even if he was no where near Drum Island he would think of the Lapahn and their power they had. He even wears a jacket that has ears like a rabbit flowing from the hood.

    --Some info on a gear 2nd creating an outer shell in the form of a Lapahn that can be used to fight with. Something like Mr 3's wax boxer. More info later.--

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    Izumi Aizawa, "Eir"
    She gives off an unapproachable vibe, but to those who know her well, she is quite down to earth. She cares about her allies while being very independent at the same time. She can be quite stubborn though, much to the dismay of those around her. Often choosing to do something and never giving up until it gets done. She formed a pirate crew not to declare war on the Government, but simply because she wanted to become the Queen of the seas. Her primary motivation for wishing to conquer the seas is because people in her life assumed she couldn't do it. That a "proper lady" should stick to doing more traditional things. Needless to say, she didn't like the idea of that. Once, when asked why her crew is female only, she replied with two words, "Eye candy.".

    Chi Chi no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit. Granting its user the ability to freely control their own blood. Including changing its state of matter. From a liquid, solid and even a mist like state. Normally to retain control over your blood you require a connection to it. Namely direct or indirect contact with it. This does not apply to Izumi, as she is able to retain control over her blood without any sort of contact.

    Haki She is capable of utilizing both of the standard Haki types, Observation and Armaments. She shows more of a preference for Observation Haki though. Having access to both the invisible armor that Armaments Haki grants, in addition to the sensing capabilities Observation Haki grants aid her greatly in battle. Utilizing her Observation Haki to know where any and all of her blood is grants her the freedom to go as wild as she needs to. While the buff that Armaments Haki grants her can give her the edge she needs to win.
    Seikuken- An Observation Haki technique that involves concentrating on the surrounding area creating a spherical "shield" around oneself. Utilizing this technique, the user is able to immediately react to threats within it. The radius is limited by her arms reach.

    Blood Ties- It is a passive technique in which Izumi is always aware of where her blood is on the battlefield. Knowing where any and all of her blood is, is second nature to her. As natural as breathing is for anyone.

    Haki Pulse- The user forms black haki and then strikes. As they strike, the haki vibrates and moves rapidly. This motion adds an extra crushing or sawing force to whatever it is applied to, amplifying the damage considerably. This technique also allows the user to apply haki to cutting requirements.
    Credit to Ellie Q for Technique

    Doctor Izumi, from childhood, studied to become a doctor. She was a fairly successful one, and that was only amplified when her fruit gave her plenty of blood to study. After obtaining her fruit, her study expanded from general medicine to hematology as well. She hopes that one day, using her blood, she can develop something to cure all forms of illness.

    Basic Information
    Name: Izumi Aizawa
    Epithet: Eir
    Affiliation: Revolutionary Army
    Cover: Valkyrie Pirates Captain
    Occupation: Doctor
    Race: Human
    Devil Fruit: Chi Chi no Mi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 173cm
    Weight: -

    Total Points: 421
    Spent Points: 421
    • STR: 40
    • AGI: 71
    • VIT: 82
    • DFS: 100
    • CoO: 76
    • CoA: 52
    •Medicine: ✧✧✧✧
    •Hematology: ✧✧✧✧

    Jet Shoes
    Reject Dial
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    Blog Entries
    Name: Ryanne Stargaze
    Epithet: The Nights Princess
    Affiliation: Marine
    Level: 35
    Devil Fruit: Hana Hana no mi
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Date of Birth: 5/05/??

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength Attribute: 30
    Agility Attribute: 60
    Vitality Attribute: 30
    Rokushiki: 45
    Devil Fruit:20
    2n fighting style:

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality: She rarely talks, she usually shows her own worth by her actions rather then words, although when she does talk, its usually something provocative or on a very important occasion.

    Character Appearance:
    Spoiler: Appearance

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons:
    2 Sai
    Spoiler: weapon

    ninja stars
    Spoiler: weapon

    2 Sword with gun:
    Spoiler: weapon

    Devil Fruit Abilities:
    360 Rankyaku - Ryanne lifts her arms up and sprouts several arms in her torso, afterwards she starts spinning while cutting the air with her arms, creating a rankyaku wave that cuts in a 360 angle.

    Blind Spot Rankyaku - Ryanne is able to sprout limbs in various locations, making it possible to create rankyaku waves from every thinkable spot.

    Can sprout body parts in various locations

    Fighting Style: Rokushiki
    Standard 6:


    3 profeciencies unlocked:
    Spoiler: Proficiencies
    Tobu Shigan "Hibachi" (飛ぶ指銃「火撥」 Tobu Shigan "Hibachi"?, literally meaning "Flying Finger Gun: 'Fire Plectrum'"): Used by Lucci. Same as Tobu Shigan: Bachi, except that the projectile is a fireball, possibly created through friction, that burns the victim upon impact.[26] This is an anime only technique. "Hibachi" is a type of Japanese grill.

    Tekkai Kenpo (鉄塊拳法 Tekkai Kenpō?, literally meaning "Iron Mass Style"): Used by Jabra. Using Tekkai Kenpo, Jabra is able to move while using Tekkai. Tekkai Kenpo is also an entire fighting style, with various techniques of its own.[44] In the Viz Manga, this is called Iron Body Kung Fu.

    Rankyaku "Amane Dachi" (嵐脚「周断」 Rankyaku "Amane Dachi"?, literally meaning "Storm Leg: 'Severing Cut'"): Used by Kaku in his half-giraffe form. In this attack, he spins around quickly in a circle on one hand while performing Rankyaku to create a circle shaped Rankyaku which radiates outward. The attack was powerful enough to cut through the outer walls of the Tower of Justice in all directions.[11] It can also be used to send an enormous mass of Rankyaku at the user's opponent, to inflict massive damage.[12] Kaku says that this is his most powerful Rankyaku.

    Other Abilities: Great awareness: The first thing she does whenever she sees a new place is have a look around and all the things that are on the room

    Character History
    Although no one knows about it, Ryanne is in fact a true princess. Tired of the boring life of a royal princess, Ryanne escaped from her country when she was only 8 years old, looking for some joy in her life. However, she was fairly unlucky. Her escape raft sank on a violent storm and got lost in the sea, floating on a board for 2 days, until she was saved by a pirate crew.
    She doesn't talk much about what happened in the pirate ship, little is known about it, but the truth is, Ryanne hates the 10 years of her life spent in that ship, specially the the parts that include the captain. She hated that man so much, only 2 hours after eating the crews treasure, the Hana Hana no mi she plotted a plan to kill the captain. She looked through the doors keyhole, and using her new gained powers she stabbed the captain in the neck with his own knife. The next day, she used the chaos created by the discovery of the captains day to escape, since the ship had recently arrived to an island and everyone was too busy.
    Hours later, the crew noticed her absence, and sent several man looking for her in the island. The pirates didn't take long to find her, but by the time they did, she had already asked the marines for help. After the marines took care of the pirates, she asked to join them, and they didn't refuse her.

    Sense Motive★★★★
    Sleight of Hand★★
    Escape Artist★
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    Character Info

    Born in the West Blue, Johnny Ridden lived an ordinary life of a poor boy. As he grew up he taught himself how to swing a sword by practicing with sticks with other children and learned about ship building from watching the shipwrights at the local docks. In his teens he joined up with several other youths from his town when they formed a pirate crew. The crew sailed all around the West Blue, but didn't manage to make much of a name for themselves. Frustrated with this, the captain decided it was time to take the crew to the Grand Line. Upon entering the Grand Line, their luck was put to the test as they were beaten easily in several encounters but always managed to barely escape for some reason or another. After one such event, they were scuttled out at sea and were lucky enough to be right on top of a Knock Up Stream, being knocked into the sky. Upon arrival, they bartered with the inhabitants for wood to repair their ship, while the crew was allowed shore leave.

    It was during this short time that Ridden met a Skypeian woman named Leana, and he instantly fell in love. After the ship was repaired, Ridden asked to stay. While sad to lose such a capable swordsman and shipwright, the captain allowed it, and Ridden said goodbye to his pirate life. While staying in the Sky, he grew closer to Leana and learned much about life in the Sky. She told him about Dials and how they worked and what life was like in the Sky. And above all, she shared with him the dream of their king, Kogen Oldgate. After over a year, Ridden and Leana got married, and two years later Leana gave birth to a little girl. Those short years were the best Ridden could ever remember, but they didn't last. Soon after giving birth, Leana died. Drowning in grief, Ridden tried his best to take care of their daughter, but was unable to look at the baby without remembering his wife. After a month he left the girl in the care of Leana's parents and left.

    Ridden told Leana's family he had to go and find himself, but he only ended up at the bottom of a bottle. He tried many times to quit drinking and pull himself together, but the pain of loss always brought him back to rock bottom. This existence continued for years until Ridden heard word of the deaths of both Oldgate and Majuro. Realizing what this meant for the Sky, Ridden picked up his Eisen Sword, a gift Leana had given him, and took to the seas once again as a pirate. His wife had believed in Oldgate's dream for the future, and Ridden seeks to keep that dream alive for her sake, for Oldgate's, and all those who believed in the dream of peace.


    Long blonde hair tied into a ponytail, blue eyes and a handsome face, Ridden is a tall, lanky man with an acrobat's build.
    Spoiler: Appearance


    Once a sensitive but carefree flirt, Ridden has fallen on emotionally hard times. He is prone to self doubt and has a drinking problem, although he is trying to get better. He refuses to see his daughter, feeling that he is not worthy of calling himself her father, and he can barely look Leana's family in their eyes. He is highly sentimental, having named his sword after his wife.

    Combat Info

    Sword Name: Leana
    Sword Type: Eisen Sword
    (2x Eisen Dials + 2x Blue Sea Dials)

    Sky Swordsmanship
    • Rakurai (落雷, lit. "Lightning Strike") - A powerful slash, capable of cutting through many metals.
    • Kaze (風, lit. "Wind") - The user launches a single air blade.
    • Kyōfū (強風, lit. "Gale") - The user launches a massive and powerful air blade.
    • Kōu (降雨, lit. "Rainfall") - The user launches two air blades that collide, causing dozens of smaller air blades to rain down on a select area.

    Eisen Sword Techs/Forms
    • Eisen (weapon name) - Transforms the Eisen Sword into one of various weapon forms.
    • Eisen Wrecker - Turns the Eisen Sword into a giant wrecking ball that the user can swing around.
    • Eisen Lance - Rapidly extends the blade of the Eisen Sword.
    • Eisen Spikes - Spikes bloom out from the Eisen Sword's current form, impaling any who are close enough.
    • Eisen Buster Blade - The Eisen Sword's blade increases in size tenfold.
    • Eisen Island Cutter - The user increases the blade's size to an extent that it's length is equal that of a warship.
    • Eisen Snake - Similar to Eisen Lance but it can twist and turn to track it's target.
    • Eisen Hydra - By controlling the Eisen Dial's clouds with Armaments Haki and directing it with Observation Haki, the user is able to create a hydra's head to attack enemies.(limit 1 per Eisen Dial)
    • White-Barbed Iron Deathmatch - Creates a dome of large iron cloud strands with thorns sticking out, trapping whatever is inside it.(requires full use of 1 dial)
    • Stahl Blade - After using all of the Eisen Clouds from one Eisen Dial to create the Eisen Island Cutter, the user compresses it into the size of a regular katana. This katana is extremely sharp and as durable as Bakumetal.

    Milky Shoes
    • Flight - By activating the Blue Sea Milky Dials in his heels, the user is capable of flying through the air.
    • Milky Road - With a kicking motion, the user is able to release a path made out of Sea Clouds. Kicking with both feet creates a road large enough for a small ship to use.

    Ironcloud Armor
    • Fibers of ironcloud are woven into the user's clothing, giving him a measure of protection in combat.

    Haki Techniques
    Spoiler: Armaments Haki
    Dark Clouds - By utilizing his mastered control of Armaments Haki, the user is able to control the ironclouds that come out of his Eisen Sword and Eisen Dials such that's it's on the level of a Devil Fruit user, so long as he is in direct contact with the dials and using black haki reinforcement on the clouds.

    Basic Information
    Full Name: Johnny Ridden
    Epithet: N/A(For Now)
    Affiliation: Sky/Blue Sun Pirates
    Occupation: Sky Craftsman
    Bounty: ฿150,000,000
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Height: 7'0"/2.13m
    Weight: 256lb/116kg

    Haki Class - 466 Points

    Strength Attribute: 60
    Agility Attribute: 100
    Vitality Attribute: 60
    Fighting Style: 100
    Armaments: 100 (80+20) [R4]
    Observation: 81 (66 +15) [R3]

    Sky Craftsman
    • Dial Technician: ★★★★★
      -Having learned much about dials from his wife and from living in the Sky, Johnny is an expert at creating Dial-based gear and contraptions
    • Shipwright: ★★★★
      -Having seen all manner of ships from the blue seas to the cloud seas, Johnny is adept at building and repairing all manner of craft


    • Reject Dial

    Total Beri: 400,000
    -1,100,000 - Badshah
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    Cerveny Klinge

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Cerveny Klinge
    Epithet: Bloody Guitar/Bird of Death
    Affiliation: Unaffiliated.
    Occupation: Mercenary / Rock Star.
    Level: 391
    Devil Fruit: NA.
    Bounty: 140,000,000
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: August 3
    Height: 1.95 m.
    Weight: 80 kg
    Class: Fighting Style
    Bery: 3,800,000

    Role Playing Character Stats


    Strength Attribute: 100
    Agility Attribute: 80
    Vitality Attribute: 80
    Fighting Style: 80 (+20 fs class)= 100.
    Haki: 51. - 3 CoA.

    Character Personality:
    A mentally unstable young woman, she is sadistic, ruthless and violent. Cerveny is highly eccentric, violent and unpredictable. She is erratic and the things she does and says often make very little sense to others. A bloodthirsty swordswoman that has little concern for other people's well being.

    Character Appearance

    Character history

    Cerveny is a former member of a bounty hunters guild, but she left the group due to her mental state.
    (more to be added)

    Abilities and Power

    Spoiler: l
    Character Weapons:


    6 knives
    hidden in cerveny's clothes that also function as knuckle dusters. The knives are made up of kairoseki with only the hilt made up of metal (but not the knuckle duster part).
    Cat Claws: The gloves contain two retractable sharp steel blades each. The blunt side of the blades are coated with Kairoseki. (not in use)

    Iron Raven: It is a ring blade used by Cerveny. The blade of the ring is dull on the inside but sharp on the outside, allowing Cerveny to swing it around without injuring herself. It can be used to a variate of attacks, and for defense.

    It's can also be divided into three different blades. Three curved Scimitar-like swords --each of them being grade three named swords known as Orn, Ithes, and Areioi-- that are also used independently, allowing fighting with one, two, or three swords. Dividing the blades also makes transportation easier.

    Spoiler: Blade Ring

    Blades of Exile - A pair of cursed daggers that augment the user's strength, speed, and vitality greatly in exchange for filing the user with rage and hatred. Once the hilt has been touched, the chains from the knives wrap around the user's arms and will never let go until the curse has been removed.

    A whole bunch of bananas

    A prehensile tail she can use to hold a sword with.

    A guitar:

    Sacred Odyssey - Gauntlets with kairoseki exterior and an intricate wiring system (low make gadget)
    Left Gauntlet:

    • Light's Edge (Breath with Nitrogen, Thunder, and Jet) :- Blade made out of pure plasma with a shooting function courtesy of Jet dial. It extends out of the gauntlet to give Cerveny additional range or just for ranged attacks. When plasma is not in use, the thunder dial helps add electricity to her punches with some help from the wiring system. Looks close tothis .
    • Jet Dial - Attached at the elbow for added speed boost to punches.
    • Axe Dial - For that special moment when you need to cut people.
    • Flash Gun with Silencer (Flash Dial + Low make gadget) :- Gun that flashes while firing a bullet to blind opponents. It knows when to stay quiet. Flash dial can be used independently.
    • Tone Dial - Contains high pitched noises that can cause temporary hearing loss, vertigo etc.
    • Reject Dial + Impact Dial - Placed back to back, one absorbs the backlash while the other adds a mighty force to the punches. Can be manually switched around after usage.

    Right Gauntlet:

    • Ice Breath (Cold dial and Jet Dial) - Releases either steady gusts of cold air to freeze people or a concussive blast of cold air to both freeze and blow away people. Also, longer range with jet dial.
    • Jet Dial - Attached at the elbow for added speed boost to punches.
    • Axe Dial - For that special moment when you need to cut people.
    • Flavor Dial - Contains carbon monoxide. Useful for stuff.
    • Thunder Dial - With the wiring system, it adds electricity to Al's punches.
    • Flash Dial - For blinding people.
    • Reject Dial (x2) - Placed back to back, one absorbs the backlash while the other adds a mighty force to the punches. Can be manually switched around after usage.

    Spoiler: l

    Spoiler: [CENTER
    Novelty Items[/CENTER]]

    • :- Sogeking's Cape
    • :- Rocinante's Make up Kit
    • :- Set of Pandawoman's Bra and Panties
    • :- Painting of gOda
    • :- Luffy's afro wig
    • :- Foxy's Chef Disguise

    Fighting Style Abilities: Sword Dance of Death

    Cerveny's swordsmanship style revolves around the use of her Iron Raven, either in the Ring Blade form; or as one, two, or three swords, as well as acrobatic movements, unpredictable attacks, and impeccable timing.

    Canary Waltz: Cerveny's fighting style main feature that allows her to move swiftly and rhythmically while fighting, giving the appearance as if she was dancing. Her movements are fast and precise. It can be combined with any other technique.

    Peregrine Rhythm:
    a technique in which Cerveny's slashes an opponent at such a fast pace that she disappears from sight. (Soru regulations apply). It can be combined with other techniques.

    Harmonic Wing: The user has the ability to create winds attacks. When using the Ring Blade, the wind attack is maximized in both range and power.

    Bremen Fortissimo:
    The user has the ability to cut bakumetal, and damage other harder materials.

    Nightjar Elegy: A stabbing technique. Cerveny stabs her enemy directly with force. This attack creates a small shock-wave that would knock the victim back, beside the cutting/stab damage the blade could cause itself.

    Oratorio Halcyon: Cerveny slashes the air in front of her which creates a shock wave attack that knocks her enemies away. When performing this attack on a armored enemy, the shockwave would travel through the armor to damage the flesh.

    Parakeet Scratch: Upward slashes to the left and right. Ends with a frontal downward slash to the ground, creating a shockwave with small AoE around Cerveny.

    Snare Robin:
    Performing a circular swing, Cerveny launches compressed projectiles spiraling towards the target. The power of this attack varies, depending if she is using 1, 2, or 3 blades, multiplying the power of the technique; When using the Ring Blade, the air compressed projectiles instead fuse and become a larger and more powerful, compressed air projectile with powerful concussive force.

    Discord Parade: Cerveny spins with her swords to create a dragon-like tornado that both slashes and blows away the target(s). This is one of Cerveny's most powerful attacks. When the Ring Blade is used to perform this technique, the attack keeps going like an actual whirlwind and cuts up anyone who gets caught in it. this version of the attack is able to cut through bakumetal

    Strayed Robin: Cerveny has the ability to throw her Ring Blade and make it bounce of several surfaces while still retaining accuracy.
    Sweet Lullaby: A anti-swordsman technique where the user waits for the opponent to attack first, before deflecting the incoming blow to either damage the weapon or disarm the enemy, all in a single move. Cerveny is able to tell the balance point of the enemy blade to make her counter more effective.

    Ptarmigan Gestopft Madness: When Cerveny's mind gets lost in too bloodlust , her personality changes and she enters into a much gloomy state. This mode results in stronger and more offensive attacks, but many of these attacks will damage her as well upon usage, regardless of whether or not they strike the opponent.
    Phoebe Bewegt: : Using precise swords movements Cerveny is capable of redirecting projectile attacks like bullets and cannon balls with great accuracy and even with a greater strength.

    Vespers Peregrine: More of a dance movement than an attack, Cerveny combines her speed with dance movement to the point that she leaves an after-image. It confuses adversaries and is used primarily to dodge attacks, occasionally to launch an attack.

    Vespers Peregrine Eleganzza: A variation of the former movement that requires more precision. It is an offensive technique as it involves stepping forward, slipping past an opponent's side, and then moving behind them in order to strike. The proximity of the after-image is such that it appears as if the user had slipped through her opponent's body, causing confusion allowing Cerveny to find openings to attack.

    Jay Fugue: Cerveny uses dance movements and the flexible quality of both her body and her scimitar swords to vibrate and undulate her swords, making them resemble a rippling snake. This illusion causes her strikes to be near-impossible to anticipate or block as they can weave around an opponent's sword.

    Mockingbird Aria: Cerveny slashes the air and propels a beam-shaped cut at the enemy. The cut is able to bounce off the air on sharp angular turns, and appears with a bird shaped head at the front of the cut.

    Garuda Aria: A more advance form of the formed attack. Spinning her bladed ring she propels a beam-shaped cut at the enemy, all the time the ring keeps spinning she is in control of the attack, being able to make it turn at will.

    Emu Lied: A ranged attack, Cerveny strikes the ground with her monstrous strength sending debris at an opponent in a similar manner wind blades are thrown.

    Albatros Lied: Similar to the former attack, but done near a body of water sending "water blades" instead.

    Quetzal Jentele: Similar to Nightjar Elegy, Cerveny moves forward and uses a thrusting movement with two or three swords, but instead of directly attacking an enemy the swords clash with each other producing a shock wave that would blow away everything in front of her. If performed close enough to an enemy the shock wave would travel through the enemy's body causing internal damage or destroying armor.

    Vireo Couplet: Cerveny moves he swords very quickly, launching multiple air blades with each sword. Each cut is smaller than a normal air blade. When using three swords a large barrage of small cuts can be created.

    Crane Piatti: Cerveny begins to twirl the hilt of one or two of her blades between her fingers with both hands at the same time increasing the spinning speed and control. She can achieve such a spinning speed with this method that the blade forms a near impenetrable shield within the radius of the blades.

    Colibri Cerato : Cerveny has such mastery that she is capable of performing sword techniques without swords, using her hands, or other blunt objects. The power and sharpness of the attack is greatly reduced

    Fighting Style perk: Cerveny's fighting style "Sword Dance of Death" is a merciless one, always aiming to kill or maim her enemies with each attack, for this reason she puts all her skill and strength in every blow allowing her to have the power to cut through dense and hard materials like pacifista metal with each swing of her sword.

    Song writing: ★★★★
    Musical instruments ★★★
    As a master musician, Cerveny can compose songs that are able to affect those that listen to them, the songs may have different effects.

    Courage: Cerveny sings a epic song, granting those that hear her the courage and bravary to continue fighting, with renovated strength.

    Distraction: Cerveny's performance, replete with dizzying flourishes, is designed to distract and confuse. The target would forget who it was fighting and becomes disorientated. (Used with NPC, or at PC discretion).

    Captivating Song: Cerveny begins an entrancing song that stuns hostile targets nearby. The song may continue indefinitely, but Cerveny cannot move or take any other action while singing.

    Berceuse: Cerveny plays a soothing melody which makes the user's enemies fall asleep. This allows him to score a free hit on the sleeping enemies. The main drawback however is that allies of the user are also susceptible to falling asleep as well.

    Commanding: Cerveny plays a martial song, prompting people to follow her orders.

    Seduction: A flirtatious tune makes Cerveny look more beautiful in the eyes of her listeners.

    Terrifying: Cerveny uses her music to hypnotize her opponents into believing they are being hunt by scary monsters.


    Evan Nott

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Evan Nott
    Epithet: White Death/Ghoul Doctor/Necrophiliac
    Affiliation: Crazy Cage Pirates
    Occupation: Doctor
    Level: 312
    Class: Professional
    Bounty: 120,000,000 Berry
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Date of Birth:
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 78 kg

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Spoiler: p

    Strength Attribute: 50
    Agility Attribute: 70
    Vitality Attribute: 94
    Profession: 100

    Getting to know the Character

    Spoiler: p
    Character Personality: Introverted and serious, Evan is an oddball, and he is pretty much aware of it. He enjoys being treated specially and acts accordingly to separate himself from the rest.
    He is not quiet thought, as he enjoys giving his honest opinions about everyone and everything, not caring for people feelings or rank. He has an awkward sense of humor that only he seems to understand, and he is constantly talking to himself and chuckling at his own remarks .
    He considers himself a genius, and, justified or not, he expects people to accept it and follow his instructions to the toe.
    As a doctor he enjoys taking care of his companions health problems.
    Character Appearance:
    He's usually wearing his doctor coat and a mask; and sometime he is seen wearing a hat.
    Spoiler: p

    Bounty Poster
    Spoiler: p

    New Wanted poster

    Character history
    Spoiler: p
    Short version: He was found dismembering a boy when he was a kid, so he was sent to jail and decided to become a pirate.

    Interesting version: Evan was born into a pretty normal family, in a pretty normal island in the South Blue; his father was a state employee, his mother baked cakes the weekends for selling among her friends, and his older brother was a playful and happy kid. A very peaceful life ruled by routine and good manners alone. Unfortunately, Evan became the end of their normal and happy lifestyle.

    By the time Evan was 8 and his older brother, Thomas, was 11, people around them started to hate Evan. Since people always hate what they fear, and they fear what is different. Evan had always been different, always quiet around people and thinking aloud when he was alone; spending time reading complicated books instead of playing outdoors with other kids; but it wasn't until he got expelled from the local school for being "imbecile" that it became evident for other people that there was something wrong about him.

    First his parents decided to give up on him, so they let his "education" on the grandfather; then, his own brother was forced to decided between being bullied by the other kids because of his brother or join them to bully Evans. Evan was the only one satisfied for not having to attend school anymore and be able to spend time at his grandfather's place reading or in the nearby forest looking at plants and animals.

    Unfortunately for Evan it didn't go as smoothly as he desired. The way from home to his grandfather's house became quite an obstacle with all the street kids, yelling at him all sort of insults which quickly escalated to physical attacks; every day started and ended with him beaten up with interludes at his grandfather's place to read and asking questions about them that the blind old man would answer patiently. And thus Evan's life continued for a couple of months.

    Until one early morning, before everyone in home got up, when Evan entered his brother's room, put a handkerchief with chloroform on Thomas face and proceed to open his chest with a knife. He didn't stopped cutting and removing his brother's insides until his mother opened the door wondering why Thomas was not having breakfast yet. And even then he continued, as a possessed, completely concentrated in the crimson organs he was touching with his bare hands.

    His mother cry of horror didn't distracted him, only his father slap could stop him; and then everything he muttered with a creepy smile was: "I did it. I could do it". His father beat him and only the urgency to save his older son, whose chest was still wide open, stopped his father of ending Evan's life. A doctor arrived in minutes to treat Thomas and Evan was taken to the local prison.

    Being a child Evan was offered mercy but his parents and the whole community demanded the maximum penalty which wasn't granted. Instead Evan was condemned to spend ten years in a maximum security prison. Before his transfer Evan didn't want to talk with anyone except with his grandfather; when the old man finally visited, the young convicted Evan hurried to inquire about his brother's health. The man opened his lifeless eyes and squeezed a smile before saying honestly: "He is alive. Doctors didn't have problem suturing his wounds, no artery was damaged so he hadn't lost much blood, they didn't even notice the Mitral valve repair" and after a pause he added: "well done, son".

    "I did it, grandpa" Evan enunciated slowly, with tears running on his usually expressionless face, words were not coming out easily. "I saved Thomas. I did it" The old man just nodded calmly. Slowly, Evan stood up and walked to the warden who was waiting to take him back to his cell. According to the courts sentence he had to be taken to a special prison in the Grand Line to spend a ten years term of imprisonment.

    ~~~~~~~ Imprisonment ~~~~~~~~
    During the few days his cruise travel to the Grand Line through the Calm Bell lasted, Evan spent his time in his bed imagining the place he was condemned to. In his mind there was no sign of regret for what he did, but in his spirit, that part of his existence he could not explain, he harbored fear.

    As many kids, Evan had heard about the horrors and marvels of Impel Down, the worlds' biggest and most secure prison, most of those tales might have been exaggerated or myths; if this "Special" prison was slightly similar to it, then Evan's fear was more than justified.

    Evan disembarked in Rekirs Penal Colony and was immediately taken to the special prisoners area, as he was walked he could see several areas of the prison. Most things he imagined and feared were presents: violence, abuses, unsafe facilities, menacing looking prisoners and menacing looking wards. As the name indicates, the Special prisoners area was reserved for a particular kind of criminals, namely offenders diagnosed with mental disorders and considered dangerous.

    Under construction xD

    The first second of freedom he enjoyed he stood face to face to the sea and decided that he would challenge the world becoming a famed doctor whose thesis would be taught around the world, but for that he needed money so he started taking jobs as an underworld doctor.

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons:
    Spoiler: p

    3 Wind Knots: Untying one knot results in a light breeze. Untying a second knot brings a strong wind. Untying the last knot summons a squall.

    Ironcloud Armor:
    (etched into clothes)

    Medical bag
    : Quite sturdy despite its appearance, and can be used to shield some attacks.

    Spoiler: p

    Nott rapier: Despite its appearance of a normal pointy sword, this rapier developed by Evan is actually a giant Syringe which is used both on enemies and friends. When not administering a special substance any cut with the rapier would cause the victim to feel sick thus affecting his/her mobility for 3 turns due to the toxicity of the disinfectant used on it.
    It's not sturdy enough to defend against attacks, though it's quite flexible to avoid being broken.
    Spoiler: p

    Nott's Stethoscope:
    A stethoscope developed by Evan Nott. It consists of a pair of black colored ear-muffs, the ear-muffs are connected via a cable to a microphone that allows the user to amplify the sound waves. Contrary to normal stethoscopes, Nott's doesn't need to be placed against the patient for sensing sound but only "aimed" to him when he is at least 1 meter (around 3 feet) most of the background sound is filtered.

    The main use of the Nott's stethoscope is to diagnose patients but it's useful as a lie detector since it's possible to pick the heartbeat rate, given his experience with torture in jail, Evan is quite proficient with. Nott's stethoscope has a second function that gives the user enhanced hearing of his surroundings; allowing the hearing of sounds in one direction at a distance the human ear isn't usually able too (GM tell me what distance would be considered reasonable), it can be switched from function one and two easily.

    Nott's Prosthetic arm: Battle Smasher in his left arm.

    Evan wears a rather normal left hand prosthesis that looks metallic when not covered by a glove.
    The battle smasher can only be used by Evan with "Nott's strength steroid" because of its heavy weight. For this reason, Evan transport the battle smasher separately in a backpack, the assembling of the battle smasher has been automatized and the assembling takes much shorter now.

    Evan's small prosthesis contains retractile claw-like needles with Nott's venom and when the Battle smashed is armed three of them appear at the end of its giant fingers.

    The Battle smasher is armed with machine gun ammo and 9 cannon bullets
    3 explosives.
    2 Nott's Venom (liquid).
    1 strenght poison
    1 agility poison
    1 drunk shot
    1 Pleasure toxin.

    Defibrillator: Evan has a defibrillator integrated into his left hand's prosthesis. Beside it being used as a medical device it can be used as a weapon to stunt enemies as a teaser. When used with the complete Battle Smasher then it's effectivity is reduced.

    Gas Release System - Little pockets litter the battle smasher. These pockets, when opened and activated, can release a deadly gas that covers the direct field of the user. The gas can be changed out, but the user will generally either have a small bladder within them that hold the concentrated gas or each gas pocket will have a compressed gas capsule that cracks upon activation.

    Tesla Coil: It is a device that channels and shoots lightning to, at most, a medium range one its own. This does not have the greatest accuracy; it generates electricity, not control it (that is more tech). It is incredibly lethal to ill equipped humans and cyborg alike. It will sap your energy, as it is energy, and accuracy is determined more roughly by energy left, energy used, and your willingness to turn on the juice.

    Hypodermic Needle Gun: A gun (seen in appearance) that is capable of shooting needles containing one of the different substances and drugs developed by Evan.

    Gas Bombs: Several gas bombs that contain the same substances that Nott Shots (See Fighting Style). After being thrown the substance would come out quickly in the form of gas. There is one of each flasks.

    Water Dials: :- Water Dial x7 (Sea Water, Fluroantimonic Acid, Scorpion Venom, Pheromone Purple, Liquid Nitrogen)

    2 Eisen dials: Normal

    Reject Dial: installed in the Battle Smasher.

    Impact Dial:

    Jet Dial:
    Installed in the elbow part of the BS for stronger punches.

    Flutter Kick Coating: Stored within Bubbly Coral, it works just like with normal coating, covers a person with a bubble to give them a bubble diving suit. When a person is coated, the bubble forms a spherical shape around the person from the knees up, with a thin coating from the leg down. Just like with Ship coating, the people are able to withstand great pressure as long as they are in the bubble, but the air they have is limited. The bubble will only work underwater, in Sabaody Archipelago and on Fishman Island.

    Nott's Fluid Jet Blade: Installed in Evan's prosthesis, this high grade elemental weapon can release a highly pressurized combination of water and an abrasive substance (Evan's poison) at an incredible speed giving it the ability to cut through human flesh, stones and even steel. It's equipped with a water dial to store the liquid. Max length of the blade is 30 cm/ 1 feet.

    Nott's eyes: Prosthetic eyes that, besides being near impervious to harmful gases (e.g. Evan's own poisons) or blindness caused by harsh light, provide a limited degree of “x-ray vision” and thermal vision, through walls and light cover.

    "Medical" Instruments:
    Spoiler: p
    A set of scalpels: This throwing scalpels are soaked in a anticoagulant substance which would cause the wounds made with them not to stop bleeding for a time, thus making the victim lose strength, varying on how severe the cut is. Their sharp blade is so fine that they cut without the victims even noticing it if not by sight.
    Syringes: Throw-able syringes that contain the same substances that Nott Shots (See Fighting Style). There are three for each Nott Shot.
    Nott's Healing Pad: when applied they heal one flesh wound completely, thought they don't recover the fatigue or energy.
    Nott's Surgical Mask: Effective for protecting against poisonous gases.
    Crystal Flasks: Several crystal flasks that contain the same substances that Nott Shots (See Fighting Style). After being thrown the substance would come out in the form of gas. There is one of each flasks.
    Nott's medical goggles: A pair of goggles that protect Evan's eyes.

    Knowledge is Power - Due to Evan's excellent skills in his profession, he is able to use any self-made product exceptionally well as if he were fully trained without the actual need to train his body, disregarding the necessity for a fighting style.

    Medicine: ★★★★★
    Chemistry: ★★★★★
    Anatomy: ★★★★★
    Gadgetry ★★★★★
    Devil Fruit knowledge: ★★★★★
    Biology: ★★★★★
    Geneticist: ★★★★★
    Unused: ★

    Acupuncture: Using his great knowledge of medicine and anatomy Evan is capable of delivering precise and effective puntuations, with his hand or another instrument with different effects.

    Disarming Thrust: a technique in which Evan slashes an opponent's dominant hand (or the one holding a weapon) almost instantaneously from a short distance. Evan faints a thrust but he actually aims to disarm the opponent by causing damage to the hand's muscle. If the opponent's strength stat is below Evan's (FS+Agi)/2, it can't be defended against.

    Numbing Thrust To partially and temporarily disable an opponent's arm, Evan targets the Medial Nerve. The Medial Nerve runs along the arm in the small gap between the bicep and triceps. A precise trust in this location is very painful and make the opponent's arm numb and difficult to control for 4 turns.

    Crippling Thrust: Evan aims for the sartorius muscle in one of his opponent thighs. If it connects the victims leg will feel burning pain tightness to make the opponent's leg numb and difficult to control for 4 turns

    Paralyzing Needle: With an accurate prick with his rapier or another needle to the lumbar area Evan is able to incapacitate his opponents to different degrees depending on the difference between Evan's fighting style mastery and the victim's resistance.
    Very effective: when Evan's fs is 10 points above his opponents vitality. The victim will suffer of cramps all over their body challenging mobility for three turns.
    Effective: the difference is below 10 points. The victim suffers of a numbing sensation on their limbs that would delay reactions for three turns.
    Not very effective: Evans opponent's vitality is 10 above Evan's FS mastery. The numb sensation would only last for 1 turn

    Blood Needle: another acupuncture based technique. With a combination of two needle pricks in the users chest evan can control blood pressure, depending on the intention there are two possible consequences:
    Slow blood circulation: used to delay or lessen the effects of poison in the user's body. It can also be used to reduce bleeding.
    Rapid blood circulation: it has an opposite effect, accelerating poisoning and bleeding. It also can give the user an energy burst for one turn.

    Nott Shots: Using his giant sword-shaped syringe Evans can administer different shots to allies or enemies, they can't be combined with other shots while the effect is active.

    Nott Pain killers: When taken, any pain would be suppressed for three turns, giving the feeling the body is in optimal conditions, thought the pain will return when the effects end.

    Nott Strength Steroids: After being taken, this shot gives the user a sudden burst of power for three turns, increasing the user's stats, the higher the user vitality the higher the boost: 5 Strength points increase for each 10 Vitality points. Due to the extra pressure on Evan's body his stamina gets depleted rapidly. A second use, immediately after the first dose may cause his muscles to wear down and tear apart.

    Nott Agility Steroids: After being taken, this shot gives the user a sudden burst of energy for three turns, increasing the user's stats, the higher the user vitality the higher the boost: 5 Agility points increase for each 10 Vitality points. Due to the extra pressure on Evan's body his stamina gets depleted rapidly. A second use, immediately after the first dose may cause his muscles to wear down and tear apart.

    Nott Venom: It's toxicity is so that now when a part of the body has been affected by it, the poison spreads like a disease to others parts of the body causing a lot of pain and rendering the victim very affected.
    It also affects non-organic matter that makes contact with it, being able to melt through rocks. It's liquid form is of a greyish color. Its gas version is less concentrated and can't melt anything.

    Nott Strength Poison: After being taken, this shot gives the user muscle pain, decreasing the victim's strength.

    Nott Agility Poison: After being taken, this shot gives the user a sudden low energy, greatly affecting the victim's agility.

    Drunk Shot: The user of this drug gets automatically drunk for 3 rounds. Doesn't matter if he/she is a hard drinker since the toxin goes directly to the nervous system.

    Nott Pleasure Toxin: A toxin that makes the victim feel better than they have ever felt to an euphoric level except that three turns later they will develop a high fever and extreme pain. A failed happiness elixir.

    Nott's Fear Toxin: the victim suffers of hallucinations, living his/her worst nightmare for 1 turn.

    Nott's Antidote: A powerful antidote that cures most of the known poisons.

    Nott's Acid: A dangerous substance specifically designed to maximize damage to living organisms. In its gaseous form, it can burns the eyes and lungs, but it's in its liquid form when it's the most dangerous: When exposed to the human flesh, it is initially painless. The fact that it doesn’t hurt means people can become seriously exposed without even realizing it, seeping through the skin and in the worst cases, it can soak through the tissue and damage the underlying bone.

    Other Abilities

    Spoiler: p
    Medicine Genius: Evan is a genius doctor capable of treating from the most common diseases to complicated operations, always he has the required elements.

    High concentration: Evan is owner of a great focus capacity and as such he is able to solve difficult problems, learn new things quickly and diagnose the human body at a great speed.

    Contortionist: Thanks to his knowledge of the human body Evan can dislocate his own bones painlessly to get free of binds or restrains.

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