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    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Rackham for approval

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    - Added new pop greens.
    - Changed her plant skin to piranha plant.
    - Adam wood pulp now acts as muscle fibers.
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    Basic Character Information

    Name: Sir Robert "Bob" Brownstone IV
    Epithet: The Titan
    Affiliation: World Goverment
    Occupation: Captain
    Stat Points: 450 Skill Points
    Class: Devil Fruit
    Devil Fruit: Pamu Pamu no Mi
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 22 years old
    Date of Birth: 27st of December
    Height: 300 cm

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Total: 450 Skill points
    Used: 450 Skill points

    Strength Attribute: 81
    Agility Attribute: 100
    Vitality Attribute: 88
    Pamu Pamu no Mi: 100
    Color of Armament: 81

    Agility Perk: The user's reflexes have reached a level that appears inhuman, allowing them to react to things even those of equal speed couldn't. To be noted, his speed isn't enhanced, only his reaction is.
    Devil Fruit Perk: Due to his full control mastery over his devil fruit, Bob can rupture and explode his own body. Its Bob's best defense and an automatic one.

    Weapon Making ★★★★★
    Infiltration ★★★★

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality:
    Bob is a positive person who believes that helping is the most basic thing to do in this world. He's well aware of the corruption in the world and wishes to completely erase this from the face of the earth. He trust in his own code which is "True Justice". Those who oppose his justice will be dealt with, but he'll never have any ill will towards them.

    Bob has an huge appreciation for explosion, because of his devil fruit. Due to that reason, The Titan has a huge admiration for Fleet Admiral Torgue. He also has a past with the man. Bob is incredibly philosophical in the view of the nature of explosion itself. He poetically describes it as being ever-changing, indefinable, and transformative. He sees it a one of most truest things in the world.

    Character Appearance:

    Bob is a tall person around 300 cm. He keeps his blond hair cropped short and his face clean shaven at all times.

    He wears a blue and gold uniform made from what appears to be leather, designed with a blue star in the center of his chest, gold gauntlets with blue gloves that have gold mechanisms in the center that can emit beams of energy and blue boots. There are Marine insignia on the arm of his suit and the back of his suit. He's also seen to be in possessing of a warhammer.

    Abilities and Power


    Pamu Pamu no Mi

    The Pamu Pamu no Mi] is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to cause their own body or any inorganic object they touch to rupture and explode, turning them into a Rupture Human (破裂(パンク)人間 Panku Ningen?). It was eaten by Sir Robert "Bob" Brownstone IV.

    Passive Skills

    ☞ Speed: Bob ruptures his feet and legs as he runs to increase his speed. Its his own version of Soru. (Follows Soru Guidelines)
    ☞ Jump: Another variant of Bob's Speed technique. This enables him to move in the air. (Follows Sky Walk/Geppo Guidelines)
    ☞ Control: Bob has reached a level of control that it enables him to inflates objects and have the explosion delayed. This is used to create mine fields that will erupt once some one walks on it.
    ☞ Flight: Bob inflates his body to hover in the air. Granting him a form of flight.


    ☞ Burst: The basic attack of the Pamu. Bob inflates an object, his staff or a part of his body and then ruptures it to create an explosion.

    ☞ Self Burst: Bob inflates part of his body or his entire body. When doing so, any part of him that is inflated will detonate once it made contact with something or someone. Only the inflated part will detonate.

    ☞ Air: Bob ruptures the air in order to create shockwaves.

    ☞ Oba's Arc (locked): It's a technique where Bob uses his warhammer bakumetal weapon named Oba as a medium for his Pamu Pamu no Mi attacks. (Check out Oba's section to find out more info)


    ☞ Ultra Mode : Bob inflates a specific body part to lauch an attack that will create an explosion on impact without him losing the inflation.
    The downside: His vitality will be drained much faster than before.

    ☞ Titan Mode: In this form, Bob's inflates his body to reach Whitebeard Size. It's basically his Ultra Mode, but every body part is inflated. He'll also have Busoshoku Haki infused in this form.
    The downside: His usage is limited in time ,as well as his vitality will be drained much faster than before and might have issues in using Busoshoku Haki after it wears off.

    Busoshoku Haki

    Busoshoku Haki is a form of Haki that allows the user to use their spirit to create, in essence, an invisible armor around themselves.


    ☞ Haki Force: Bob uses his devil fruit to inflate a body part and coats it with black haki. As it ruptures, the shockwave created from the explosion is amplified. This attack can be used for both long and short range.



    ☞ Bakumetal Weapon (Locked)
    ☞ Den Den Mushi
    ☞ Pair of Sunglasses
    ☞ Log Pose
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    New bio in sig, nothing that requires approval.

    Question: Can I perk the Supa to awaken in a similar fashion to Doffy and Katakuri?

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    Resilience is essentially you can't feel pain, correct? Or more, it's muted pain. If so, that is fine and approved.

    Denying the regeneration perk. Outright perfect regeneration is not a thing we often approve short of very, very rare conditions being met. However, if you are basing it off of lizard physiology, we can permit extraordinary limb regrowth. It won't be instant, but it can happen quickly.

    King Point should label under it "awakened" if it's going to be two points mashed together. Zoan awakening, unlike Parameica awakening, is free for zoan to utilize without a perk. Zoan awakening is also a good thing with how it makes you durable as all heck.

    Rumble balls, luckily, are free. You may want to list them as a thing you have for Monster Point.

    Otherwise everything is in good order and approved.

    Like Doffy, yes. Blade World could be a... sadistic sort of thing.

    As promised, your bio is sparse and approved.
    "FTTB" - Ellie Q
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    Bio for approval. Nothing fancy yet.

    Awakening added
    Spring Compression technique added
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    Brahma up for approval.
    Perks and Passives need approval to be exact.
    Everything else is simple

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    CoO is weird, but cool.
    Perk is denied. Past approvals limit two barrier max, I think.
    Remember what I said about barriers in that if they move rapidly, they become visible.

    Approved otherwise.

    "FTTB" - Ellie Q
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