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    Rodrigo Guerra

    Basic Character Information


    Name:Rodrigo Guerra
    Occupation: Captain
    Level: 300
    Devil Fruit: Doku doku no mi.
    Bounty: n/a
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: May 10
    Height: 1.80 m
    Weight: 85 kg

    Role Playing Character Stats
    Strength Attribute: 50

    Agility Attribute:
    Vitality Attribute: 70
    Devil Fruit: 85
    Roukushiki: 30

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality:

    Friendly and Enthusiastic, though self confesed lazy he is also brave and capable of dying to defend what he believes is important. He is a father to his men, and a faithful son to his superiors. He believes in justice as a force to save the innocents from criminals. He pretends to be a ladies man, and he would be if it wasn't for his doku curse.

    Character Appearance:
    Spoiler: appearance

    Abilities and Power


    Character Weapons:

    Official guns and sword.
    Two chakram daggers
    Devil Fruit Abilities: Doku Doku No Mi

    Blue Vapor: (VX Nerve gas) A bluish vapor that works by attacking the nerves, resulting in constant activity, a ‘storm’ in the nervous system that quickly overwhelms the body causing the victim to have problems controlling the movement of their limbs. It can be used in the Doku Gumo form.

    Golden Poison:
    (Batrachotoxin) The toxin works by attacking the nerves causing paralysis, essentially shutting off the entire body’s ability to communicate with itself. (effective only against weak npc's, just want it to arrest mooks or something like that)

    Fighting Style Abilities:

    Rokushiki: Stage 2. All 6 Base Rokushiki techniques unlocked.

    Character History

    Rodrigo was born in a country controlled by a tyrant pirate crew that oppressed the citizens, forcing them to give them money, making them live in poverty. When his country was saved by the Marines, Rodrigo was impressed by their bravery and poise, and wished he could become one of them. However, as time passed, he realized that his hometown didn't change much even though it was now "free". This hard truth that marines and pirates aren't very different made Rodrigo become a little cynic. He joined the marines and has served faithfully though a little lazily. He has now received the grade of Captain.




    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
    Spoiler: old npc's graveyard

    Spoiler: old npc's graveyard

    "Lissandra Mata"

    Basic Character Information


    Name: Lissandra Mata
    Epithet: The Last Shadow / H-21
    Affiliation: World Government
    Occupation: Assassin
    Level: 308
    Devil Fruit:Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl
    Bounty: NA
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Date of Birth: February 1
    Height: 5'6"/ 1.67
    Weight: 147 lbs /
    Class: Devil Fruit
    Berry: 1 200 000



    Role Playing Character Stats


    Zoan perk= 1 agi 2 vit

    Strength Attribute: 40
    Agility Attribute: 73 (+7) = 80
    Vitality Attribute: 60 (+14) =74
    Devil Fruit: 70
    Fighting Style: 65

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality

    At most time, she is emotionless in her facial reaction and speech. During a mission she is quiet and calm; always analyzing the situation rapidly respond to tactical changes. She can seem to be a quiet person but can get pretty talkative if the situation needs it to, specially when not in a mission, or undercover.
    Since she grew up in confinement, inside government facilities, the outside world is unknown to her, so she is naturally curious and want to learn new things all the time.

    Character Appearance:

    Liss is a young woman with a tan skin complexion and an athletic and well-fit built. She has long dark hair that she wears loose and comes down around her mid-back with green eyes. She usually wears a tank top shirt underneath her jacket with black gloves, with form-fitting leather pants and black combat boots.
    Although, many times she decided to wear complete body disguises to hide her Zoan body.

    Character history

    Born and raised in captivity, Lissandra has been trained to become a living weapon by World Government scientists. She is trained in the use rokushiki, and thus, a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. She has also been subjected to conditioning in which she can't deny an order from a higher ranking officer of the world government.

    Abilities and Power


    Character Weapons

    Cat Claws
    : The gloves contain two retractable sharp steel blades each. The blunt side of the blades are coated with Kairoseki.


    Knife Boots:
    A pair of tactical boots with a long steel claw like blade sprouting from their tips

    with 10 shots.
    Smoke Bombs.


    Fighting Style Abilities
    Stage 4 [61-80 mastery]
    • All proficiency are unlocked.
    Combining Rokushiki with Life Return.

    Devil Fruit:

    Fruit: Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl
    The Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to turn into an axolotl hybrid and a full axolotl at will.

    Devil Fruit Techniques.
    Extreme regeneration
    . As an axolotl or axolotl hybrid, Lissandra can heal immediately, grow back full limbs, eyes, jaws and even hearts; without leaving any scar. She can even regrow
    parts of its brain

    Multiple Limbs
    As axolotls do
    , Lissandra has the ability, on purpose thanks to her Life return, to grow extra limbs.

    Cobling Together:
    Lissandra can rebuild herself by accepting spare parts from others people--
    including their heads
    . If she is missing an arm (or wants an extra one) Lissandra can use the limbs of other people if they are fresh, including even an extra head (why would I want to do this? I don't know, but it's something Axolotls can do.)

    : If one of Lissandra's limbs is separated from her body, such as being cut off, her cut limb gains the ability to move and act as if they were sentient, carrying on tasks. (Based on on Smiley, unlike him, the cut limbs don't change form but remain the same body part).

    Salamander Senses: Lissandra's also possesses the heightened senses of Salamanders, including night vision and Magnetic navigation.

    Spoiler: Zoan forms
    Spoiler: Hybrid form

    Spoiler: Zoan Form

    Spoiler: locked
    Spoiler: locked
    DF: the increased regenerative properties carry over to Liss' human form, albeit at not the same level, which also slows down her physical aging process.

    CP9 Assassin

    Infiltration. ★★
    Disguiser ★
    Stealth. ★★★

    To be added


    Spoiler: Basic Character Information
    Name: Tyrar
    Affiliation: CCP
    Occupation: Shipwright.
    Level: 357
    Devil Fruit: Magu Magu.
    Bounty: 140,000,000
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Date of Birth: 11 April
    Height: 1.65 m
    Weight: 55 kg.
    Bery: 1 150 000
    Class: Haki Class

    Spoiler: Role Playing Character Stats

    stat= 357

    Strength Attribute: 20
    Agility Attribute: 80
    Vitality Attribute: 80
    Fighting style: 1
    DF Mastery: 91
    Haki:85 (3 CoA 1 CoO)
    Unused: 0

    Spoiler: Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality
    : Tyrar's more defying feature is that she follows fanatically what she believes to be her destiny: world destruction. Tyrar considers herself both a god and a monster; a tyrant and a messiah for the world. She feels she has been chosen by the powerful Magu Magu devil fruit to be the "destroyer" of the world and to help form a new one. Despite this terrible "mission" given to her, Tyrar has decided to follow a strict, yet convenient, code. Tyrar loves power and when she starts using hers, she rarely stops until consuming her objective.

    As a religious person she believes she is able to talk with the "Devil" that gave her her magma powers, who she calls "Goddess"; The goddess gave Tyrar her mission to destroy the world. Tyrar is a person with many different phobias and manias; she, for example, can't stand being touched or hugged, which leads to violent retaliation. She dislikes trees, who she is afraid of, for some reason. or she feels the need to destroy them. And god forbids a squirrel to get near her.

    Character Appearance

    Spoiler: Wanted Poster

    New Poster

    Spoiler: Abilities and Powers

    Character Weapons
    Ryo Wazamono
    grade katana. Flintlock gun.
    Devil Fruit Abilities
    Magu Magu No mi
    Spoiler: Custom techniques
    Lava sphere
    : Tyrar releases lava from her feet and then raises it to create an sphere made of Lava to protect herself.

    Lava mannequin
    : Sara can make human-like figures to sprout out of the ground covered with lave and slide from place to place. They have lava appearance and act to defend Tyrar. She usually gives demon appearance to the mannequins.

    Lava column
    : A technique involving forcing columns of lava out of the ground after releasing lava. Using a similar principle, Tyrar can shoot a stream of small incandescent ruts and protrusions from underground at their opponent. This can also be used to enhance her jumps.

    Lava shield
    : A levitated slab of lava can also double as a shield when positioned in front of Tyrar. The shield can be hurled at the opponent for quick retaliation

    Lava armor
    : Tyrar can bring incandescent rocks, and lava around her and mold it to fit her body and create something similar to a large armor; giving her a larger and more terrible appearance similar to a demon..

    Lava wave
    : Tyrar can create a wave of lava to ride on and use it as a form of transportation.

    Volcanic Explosion
    : Tyrar transforms her hand into magma and then punches the ground. This results in an eruption of volcanic rocks around the punch area and several spots around it, inflicting damage to anyone within the blast radius.

    Magma shotgun
    : The user extend one or two fists and causes an explosion of magma, sending onward incandescent material in a wide range. Although it's range is very limited, what is special about this technique is that it requires little to not preparation.

    Magma whip
    : The user releases a bit of the most viscous and hot magma, and shapes it as a lashing tendril of magma to swipe at an opponent. The shape, and size are all variable depending on the amount of lava used, although the length can't exceed the 10 meters and stay in control of the user before it divides. It's a very versatile technique and allows a lot of control from the user, that can manipulate it completely.

    Magma Drill
    : After using a explosion or Magma column to get high in the air, the user release magma and makes it rotate. When user falls down it creates a large crater and devastates a large area.

    Pumice Raft:
    Throwing volcanic matter into a large body of water to cool it, the user is able to create raft of floating stone of variable size; it can even be steered with more smaller magma explosion from the stern of the raft and move at a fast speed.

    Fighting Style Abilities
    : optional / needs approval first
    Other Abilities

    Spoiler: Character History

    Dear Mom and Dad:

    I write this to tell you I'm Ok. It is been 2 weeks since I last went home, I am sorry, I am alive and everything will be alright now. Please, believe me when I tell you I did not want to worry you. Dad, I am sure that for now you already know I disobeyed you and left to be employed as a shipwright; because I met some of your old friends in the harbor and they should have already told you about me working in a merchant ship. I'm sorry for not hearing you. As I write this, I'm crying, wishing I had listened to ypu. I am sorry, but at the same time I believe it was my destiny to sail in that ship.

    The reason I haven't been back home is not because of defiance, resistance or nonconformism against you; you're my parents and I love you. No, my plans were much more innocent. I wanted to be back home in 5 days, after my first voyage, just to show you what I was capable of, hoping then you, specially you dad, would allow and respect my work as a shipwright. My plans miscarried when our ship was attacked by nefarious pirates who killed most and took a few of us as prisoners. We were taken to a deserted island where this scum of the sea had a camp. There I spent nearly 7 days, watching my fellow captives being tortured to death, being tortured and harassed myself.

    Please don't worry, I am free now and completely unharmed. I write you from the port town of Isjin, in the same island that the big city of Regrel. I'm not far from home, but I'm not going back with you for some time. As I said before sailing that ship and being captured was fate, and so I found what the glorious quest that was destined for me. About how I escaped, well, I cannot tell for sure. All I know is that it was a miracle. That night I was fed a sort of large fruit, which I believe to be poisoned, judging by the horrible taste only. The pirates were expecting some entertainment, probably expecting me to die because of the poison; they laughed and made bets as I felt dizzy and sick. I passed away. I woke up the next morning, the place still in fire and what was left of the pirates and the few prisoners weren't more than ashes, scorched bones. Husks of human beings. I cried, tried to remember, but nothing, except a strange vision or dream, came to my mind. In my vision, an angel, or more accurately, a demon, made of molten rock descended to save me, destroying everything around me.

    "Nonsense, madness." I know you are thinking that. I did too, and discarded that vision as just a bad dream. I wanted to believe that the fire was started by accident by the drunken pirates and I just survived by luck. But the vision and the dream were confirmed yesterday, after arriving to the neighbouring town of Mottoom and almost being arrested by the local authorities for docking a sailboat with a pirate flag and sail. I tried to explain but they didn't hear me. Now I understand they were constantly victimized by the pirates, but at that time I was the victim and they wanted to arrest me with no reason. I felt angry and suddenly, without realizing, my body's temperature raised burning the men holding me, and molten rock dripped from my hands. Afraid the men let me go, and I felt happy. Happier than I have ever had.

    Mom and Dad. I don't want you to understand. I just write so you know I am ok. I won't be going home any time soon. First, I need to understand what is this power that has chosen me. Why the angel from my vision saved me, and only me, in that deserted island. Why his powers manifest on me now. I believe I have a mission, and I have to discover what it is.

    Good bye Mom and Dad. I'll go back home when the time is the right .
    Love, Sarah.

    Spoiler: Profession

    -Robotics ★★★
    - Ship Craft ★★★★

    Yzzo the Bat.

    Spoiler: Basic Information

    Name: Yzzo
    Affiliation: CCP
    Occupation: Radar...
    Level: 48
    Devil Fruit: Batto-Batto no Mi, model: Vampire.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Devil Fruit weapon, Vampire bat.
    Age: 2

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength Attribute: 40
    Agility Attribute: 50
    Vitality Attribute: 50
    Fighting style: 40
    Devil Fruit: 60

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality: After "consuming" the bat fruit, the boomerang got sentient and now has a personality by itself. As most animals in this world, Yzzo demonstrates a high degree of intelligence and is able to understand human speech, although he can't reproduce it. Yzzo usually acts as a normal bat but he things of himself as a chivalrous bat that only loves females. He may be called a pervert, but it has little to do with that; he actually just love their smell and the taste of female human blood. Despise being originally a not living being Yzzo is highly conscious of his appearance because people's opinions on whether he is frightening, ugly, majestic, adorable or strange looking depend widely on the person and reactions vary just as widely (To be expanded)
    Character Appearance:

    Boomerang form:
    Yzzo appears as an elegantly crafted, skillfully made and very light weight darker bluish steel boomerang with rounded edges over most of it but a defined sharpened edge along the outside and pointed corners, making him seem rather unorthodox and dangerous to throw as a returning weapon. The boomerang is around 30 centimeters and bends at the proper forty-five degree angle with a slightly brighter metal tone on the edge and a slightly darker metal tone on the blunt side.

    Bat form:
    Yzzo appears as a larger than normal vampire bat with dark fur, black eyes, a wrinkled snout and large ears, a fanged mouth and a squat furry body with larger hairless wings and large complex ears.
    -Hybrid form (base)-
    The hybrid form is larger still than both forms, about fifty centimeters long and has bladed wings, sharp claws and fangs and is made entirely of living metal with metallic fur, in this state he carries the engravings on his back. This is the form Yzzo normally remains in.

    Character History

    Yzzo took a liking to the female members of the Crazy Cage Pirates. So, he has been following them for a long time, without being noticed. That is how he learned Life Return, by imitating the Female pirate captain.

    Spoiler: Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons: optional / needs approval first
    Devil Fruit Abilities: Bat-Bat devil fruit, model vampire bat.
    Spoiler: Zoan forms and techniques

    Techniques for Yzzo the bat npc.

    Devil fruit

    Yzzo is a edged metallic boomerang that has been “fed” the Bat bat fruit, model vampire bat; as such he has a living consciousness, fully lucid and animate despite being once lifeless. This also affords Yzzo with the ability to learn, train himself, grow and obviously to control his devil fruits powers which include the ability to shift his form between that of the weapon he was created to be, a vampire bat and a hybrd between the two. As a boomerang yzzo is not limited to only bat like flight, if necessary for maneuvers and attacks in the air he can easily begin to fly like a boomerang with stationary curved wings, even rotating at high speeds with out getting dizzy, thanks to his echolocation, this is especially useful in avoiding attacks or turning on a dime.

    As a bat, Yzzo posses a natural radar system, thus being able to locate potential danger that may not be clear at simple sight, simply by hearing the sound waves bouncing off of individuals and objects, or sounds as faint as heartbeats.

    Thermal sense:
    As a vampire bat Yzzo possesses the ability to detect infrared radiation as a means of locating hotspots on warm-blooded prey. This heat detection system can be used to track individuals or detect ambushes.

    Zoan forms:
    Screeching form:
    It's similar to the hybrid form but with decidedly larger ears and slightly smaller in size with a darker tone to his body. This form both enhances and provides protection against Yzzo’s vocal screeches and enhances hearing ability and tolerance. This form enables the use of the earsplitting screech and the hell screech while enhancing the effects of the distortion sonata and the crimson aria’s sound based applications.

    Spoiler: Techniques

    Deception screech:
    A simple enough skill in which Yzzo uses his understanding of sound waves and their ability to bounce off surfaces to employ a simple ventriloquism, throwing his voice to make it come from different directions unknown to others. This can be used to fool individuals but can also be used to bounce sound based attacks (like the distortion sonata skill) off of surfaces and change their direction.

    Hell Screech: Using his wings as an antenna to concentrate and direct the sound (of course it's still AoE and can still hurt comrades) of his loud screeches; Yzzo sends a loud screech that can hurt the ears of anyone who hears it, causing damage to the inner ear and also may cause people to lower their defense.

    Distortion sonata:
    A technique in which Yzzo moves rapidly around a target darting in different directions using the boomerang like wind force to pivot on air rapidly between each dash, passing them from all sides at multiple angles while making a series of shrill screeches; thanks to the high speed and the Doppler effect, this creates a situation where the targets inner ear is struck with many varying frequencies at high decibels very quickly. Causing on the victims to loss of balance, disorientation, vertigo and dizziness. This can be combined with the deception screech skill for added effectiveness.

    Earsplitting screech:
    Most unlike normal sonic attacks that cause hearing to damage, in this technique Yzzo throws a cry at such a frequency as to cause a state of severe hyperacusis in the victim, causing an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound (put another way, a collapsed tolerance to usual environmental sound) which causes the effected individual to become excessively more susceptible to Yzzo's other sound based attacks.

    Blade form:
    This is larger still than the hybrid form but is almost entirely in the wings, which are now much larger and comparable to sword edges. Though still fully mobile this enhances his melee combat abilities and his control over air currents. Each wing can be moved independent for slashing attacks.
    Spoiler: Techniques

    Wing cutter:
    While many swordsman can create air slashes, no tool is best for manipulating wind currents than that designed by nature, the wing itself, so Yzzo devoloped the skill to send air slashes while in mid flight or glide, but especially during a turn or pivot. Yzzo extends his wing and using the air current already flowing over his wing mid flight directs the air into a bladed compressed current with a simple forward turn, though the arked blade isn’t as large as a blade produced by a sword or human leg simply because of the wings size difference.

    Piercing dive:
    Heyato performs an extended barrel roll maneuver mid flight directing air currents around his body to become a flying drill like tornado’s center and flies toward an opponent, this is a devastatingly powerful but simplistic attack used to outright drill though things or at the very least strike with considerable force and sharp damage.

    Spike form:
    Yzzo's fur grows out and covers his entire body leaving only his head and two legs visible. Since his body is metallic in hybrid form, his fur the form of a thousand deadly spikes. This form doubles as both offensive and defensive forms. Thanks to Life Return this form can become much larger. Yzzo can't fly during this form, having to exit it before being able to use his wings.

    Running Form:
    Bats are naturally agile and capable of walking, running and hopping. When Yzzo takes on this form, the size of his wings is reduced and his legs and "arms" are more prominent, as well as his claws, allowing faster running and even allowing for "hand to hand" combat. It's usually used for areas where flying is impossible or dangerous.

    Night flyer form:
    Yzzo's final form created by life return and his previous two forms Yzzo doubles in size to around one meter across, large enough for carrying a person on and fly, able to harness the advantages of the blade and screeching form. (What limitations are there for equivalents of monster point? )

    Fighting Style Abilities: Life Return.
    Spoiler: Life Return Techniques

    Life Return
    Yzzo has learned some degree of life return to be able to produce his numbing agent and anti-coagulant at will even through the edges of his bladed wings. He also uses life return to repair himself with absorbed blood’s iron and use his final night flier form.

    Vampire bat’s feeding:
    Though Yzzo does not require sustenance to live due to his non-organic true form his vampire bat status shows itself in his ability to absorb blood by breaking down the iron in his saliva for use in his metallic body and use its proteins as fuel in his various hybrid forms, this causes a minor increase in Yzzo's physical capabilities.

    Anti-coagulant production
    As a vampire bat Yzzo possesses the power to produce a chemical native to real bats of his kind, an anti-coagulant that stops blood from clotting. This naturally occurring substance has since been “weaponized” to prevent healing or cicatrization on whoever he cuts with his anti-coagulant covered edges ,fangs and claws. Though the agent comes from his mouth, Yzzo can easily coat any body part in this substance. If left unchecked in the bloodstream the agent will cause the blood of the victim to thin out similarly to the effect alcohol has on the circulatory system but is useful in the preventing of strokes.

    Numbing agent production:
    As a vampire bat Yzzo possesses the power to produce a natural numbing agent, when introduced to the blood stream this agent numbs all pain in the localized area for duration of time, this can be used as a painkiller in small doses or a useful tranquilizer in excessively high doses as overdose of the numbing agent can cause light headedness, weakness of limbs, and potential loss of consciousness.

    Hair Production:
    Since Yzzo is able to control his fur completely, it is possible for Yzzo to throw his metallic hair, as if they were needles with wing beats, and easily regrow the hair to continue attacking.
    Other Abilities:

    Gaura Melek.

    Spoiler: Basic Information.

    Name: Gaura Kadu.
    Epithet: NA
    Affiliation: CCP
    Occupation: Helm/Dancer
    Level: 45
    Devil Fruit: Fusion Fusion Fruit.
    Bounty: NA.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Skypean (human)
    Age: 18
    Date of Birth: April 13th
    Height: 175 cm
    Weight: ?
    Dominant Hand: Left

    Character Personality: Gaura is a serious and often shy person until her patience run out and explodes, being capable of high levels of violence and sadism, specially to those weaker than her. Despite her education as a lady, being taught to be respectful, educated and submissive to the higher classes; she despises them and is thirsty for adventure and glory for herself. Although she is capable of bold bravados she is actually quite a coward, and won't doubt to run away if the odds are not in her favor.

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Character History: To be added.

    Spoiler: Power and Abilities

    Role Playing Character Stats
    230 +10
    Strength Attribute: 25
    Agility Attribute: 30
    Vitality Attribute: 50
    Fighting Style 40
    Devil Fruit: 40+10=50
    Colors of observation 45

    Character Weapons:
    Gaura's weapons of choice are her twirling "Kujakki Slashers", which are small sharp jewels attached to her fingers by sharp wires. She is left handed, but is capable of spinning the slashers with both hands.
    Kujakki Slasher: Gaura has rings on her fingers that are attached to the end of the wire, she then swings the Kujakki jewel to whip and stab opponents as well as swinging it into a razor disk. She keeps a number of slashers woven into her clothing so she can quickly draw them in order to fight. More than one can be used on each hand.

    Kujakki String Slasher: Longer range and stronger version of the Kujakki Slashers which are strong enough to behead a normal person with a single slash, although not as versatiles. One of them can be wield on each hand. They're kept on Gaura's waist as a belt.

    A flintlock pistol.

    A dagger.

    Fighting Style
    Dancing Angel.
    A fighting style that combines graceful and agile dance movements with accurate and skillful whip swings. First techniques are a form of hypnotism and I guess they would follow the same ruling as other hypnotism techniques: They will only work on fodder or when the affected PC approves.

    Vertigo Heavenly Dance: Gaura dances, causing her opponent to become dizzy from her movement. This leaves them open for more attacks.

    Enchanting Heavenly Dance: Gaura dances with such a beauty and grace that people forget what they were doing before the dance started.

    Dreamy Heavenly Dance: Gaura's dance cadence is so calming and relaxing that makes people to feel drowsy and ultimately fall asleep.

    Slashing Paradise Dance: Gaura moves with grace, as if she was dancing (Could be combined with the hypnotic dances above) while spinning a Kujakki Slasher on each hand, cutting "anything" that gets on their way. During this dance she can't completely control the Slashers but just keep them spinning.

    Round Paradise Dance: Kujakki Slashers hit several enemies from various directions with Gaura somewhere in the center causing the victims to be stabbed by the tip of the whip. It can be done while jumping from a place above the targets.

    Flying Paradise Dance: After spinning the Kujakki Slasher into an slicing disc she throws it for a long range attack.

    Trapping Paradise Dance: Submission technique. One or more Kujakki Slashers spirals upwards and around an enemy to tie the victim. By pulling with enough force the slasher would cut deeper and deeper into the enemy's skin.

    Charming Celestial Dance A long-range attack where Gaura launches her Kujakki String Slasher that ties around an opponent's limb to cut it off or cause severe injuries. It can also tie around other objects.

    Lovable Celestial Dance: The Kujakki String Slasher spirals around Gaura to defend her from projectiles from different angles, as well as cutting anyone that gets in contact with the String Slasher.

    Devil Fruit Abilities: Techniques to be added.
    Spoiler: Fusion Fusion Fruit
    Fusion Fusion Fruit.
    Type: Paramecia

    The fusion fruit allows the user to fuse their own body with any object they come in contact with. This is not like the baku baku no mi where the objects become part of user, but rather the other way around. The user becomes part of the object. The time it takes for the user to fuse depends on the DF skills, also the most similar in size the user and the object are the fastest the fusion happens; if the object is bigger or smaller the process is slower. When the user fuses with an object, it may grow a pair of eyes.

    When the user takes the form of the object, he or she is able to control the functions of the object. Example If the user fused with a pistol, he/she would be able to shoot. The user is not able to control anything that isn't part of the object's design; meaning that unless it is built into the object itself it can't be controlled. So it's not possible for the user to take control of any people inside a vehicle (if the user fused with a vehicle), and any other object brought inside or on it that are not nailed/welded/ bolted would be out of the user's power.

    After the fusion the object receives the ability to move. Example, a table would be able to move it's wooden legs to walk. But it depends on the objects nature, if fusing with a gun the user can't move around, since it doesn't have legs, just jolt/shake to change positions.

    Receiving damage may force the user to leave an object. Whatever injuries the object receives while fused, the user will receive too. If the object is cut, the user will be cut in a similar place. The object's resistance can be increased by the user's vitality, as well. Example a piece of wood won't break with ease if the user has a high vitality, but the wood will still be vulnerable to flames.

    At no time can the user fuse with multiple objects at a time.
    The user cannot fuse with liquid or gaseous material, only solids.
    The user cannot fuse with any living creatures (maybe at a higher level?)

    Fighting NPC
    Spoiler: Magu user

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Ahena Alcis
    Epithet: Lucifer.
    Affiliation: CCP
    Occupation: N.A.
    Level: 45
    Devil Fruit: Magu magu no mi
    Bounty: N.A
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 11 years old.
    Date of Birth: October 14
    Height: 150 cm
    Weight: 42 K

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength Attribute: 25
    Agility Attribute: 50
    Vitality Attribute: 55
    Devil Fruit: 60 +10 racial= 70
    Color of observation: 40

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality:
    Ahena is a naive and curious 11 year old girl. Despite her apparent mental condition, she is wise beyond her years and highly capable of taking care of herself and those around her. Ahena's state of mind is not always stable and appears completely insane at times. She struggles all the time to keep herself in touch with really. One of the mechanism she has created for this is "Alu", and imaginary friend to which she talks and uses him to express freely to other people.
    She's considerably rash, impulsive, and temperamental, and does not faze at the notion of using violence as a means to an end or verbal vulgarity as a way of expressing how she feels. Her complicated mind also suffers from diverse phobias, such as Monophobia, Agoraphoia and Umbrophobia. Ahena is also affected by an unknown disease, which is the reason that she is under Evan's care.
    Obsessed with comic books, Pirate's stories, and other "pop" culture, her knowledge base is filled as she travels with the CCP Pirates, learning about the real world. For some reason, her curiosity makes her happily intrigued by whatever is strange, dangerous, disturbing, and/or frightening to any normal kid.

    Character Appearance: [IMG][/IMG].

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons: optional / needs approval first
    Devil Fruit Abilities: Magu Magu No mi
    Spoiler: Custom techniques
    Lava sphere: Ahena releases lava from her feet and then raises it to create an sphere made of Lava to protect herself.

    Lava mannequin: Sara can make human-like figures to sprout out of the ground covered with lave and slide from place to place. They have lava appearance and act to defend Ahena. She usually gives demon appearance to the mannequins.

    Lava column: A technique involving forcing columns of lava out of the ground after releasing lava. Using a similar principle, Ahena can shoot a stream of small incandescent ruts and protrusions from underground at their opponent. This can also be used to enhance her jumps.

    Lava shield: A levitated slab of lava can also double as a shield when positioned in front of Ahena. The shield can be hurled at the opponent for quick retaliation

    Lava armor: Ahena can bring incandescent rocks, and lava around her and mold it to fit her body and create something similar to a large armor; giving her a larger and more terrible appearance similar to a demon..

    Lava wave: Ahena can create a wave of lava to ride on and use it as a form of transportation,

    Fighting Style Abilities: optional / needs approval first
    Other Abilities: optional / needs approval first

    Character History

    Ahena has grown up in the harsh New World and that violent world is all she has ever known. She’s an orphan who was raised in a Research center controlled by Scientist of the Marines. She consumed her fruit at a very young age and since she remembers she has been treated like a demon by her equals and as a weapon to be by the marines which, after training her to control her abilities, used her to exterminate rebels and pirates until she escaped and wandered from island to island. Her existence is a secrete to the world only known by the higher ups of the world government.

    Ahena is enthusiastic about the outside world, given her confinement to a research senter during her childhood. She is obsessed with things she collects from others, illustrated through her interest in music, Books and pirate stories. She frequently remarks her amusement upon finding interesting collectibles throughout her trip.

    Professional NPC
    Spoiler: Inventor/Smith
    Basic Character Information

    Name: Ubu Daor
    Affiliation: (C)CCP
    Occupation: Mechanic / Inventor
    Level: 45
    Devil Fruit: NA.
    Bounty: n/a
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 14 y.o.
    Height: 15 m

    Role Playing Character Stats
    Strength Attribute: 60
    Agility Attribute:50
    Vitality Attribute: 60
    CoO: 55

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality: A misanthropic person; Ubu is usually portrayed as a calm, collected and responsible young woman. She is withdrawn and reclusive because she doesn't like humans, looking down on them as "a race of simpletons who see fighting as the only way to accomplish things". She doesn't like to be around people and prefers to stay enclosed, working with her machines, even chasing violently, people who stay for too long near her.
    Character Appearance:

    Profession: Mechanic.
    Robotics: ☆☆☆☆☆
    Sketch: ☆
    Engineering: ☆☆☆

    Profession: Doctor
    Medicine: ★★★★★

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons: optional / needs approval first
    Devil Fruit Abilities:
    Fighting Style Abilities: optional / needs approval first

    Character History

    Ubu comes from a family of smiths and

    Ubu Daor grew up in Cravel, a city known for its quality ore, with her father. Her father was a renowned swordsmith, and taught both her to work with metal.
    His father's swords were known as the best swords in the whole Dunaweller Archipelago, unfortunately this fame came to bite him back, when the fame of his swords reached the higher classes fighting for power in the Archipelago. As the best swordsmans wielded and died with Ubu's father's swords, the swords were claimed to be cursed. And his father work was prosecuted, destroying all his swords and putting him in jail where he died.
    The day he was taken to jail, her father would ask her what kind of sword she wanted to forge, and she would reply "A sword that that showed people how little they are". Before he died, her father told her that her swordsmith skills were rough, but that she possessed something would someday make her dream come true.
    Since she couldn't keep working in Cravel, she moved to the Central Green Island. An agricultural center with modest mining, where she went to work alone in her workshop, in the middle of the forest; where she curses humanity for the dead of her father.


    Basic Character Information
    Basic Information[/SIZE]
    Name: Adalene
    Epithet: The Maid
    Affiliation: Cipher Pol
    Occupation: Ninja Maid
    Level: 305
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Type: Devil Fruit
    Age: 28
    Height: 175 cm
    Weight: 75 kg

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength: 30
    Agility: 75
    Vitality: 70
    Devil Fruit: 100
    CoA: 30

    A believer of "Clean Justice," Adalene is a marine by heart. She believes everyone deserve a peaceful life, but those who break the rules deserve to get their butts kicked. She is cheerful and intelligent, however she may appear awkward and clumsy.

    Likes: Flowers.
    Dislike: Injustice.

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Character History

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons:

    Color of Armaments Haki
    Rank 1

    Devil Fruit:

    Gear stuff: With her high mastery over the hana hana devil fruit, Adalene is able to make her limbs disappear when under attack, similarly to logia defense. Unlike logia defense her limbs get hurt from the damage they take before they disappear.

    Devil Fruit Perk. Adalene has awakened her powers of the hana to the point that she is able to create limbs of the same material as the surface they sprout on. The size of the limbs is limited for the quantity of the material,

    Ninja Maid:
    Anatomy ★★★
    Maid skills. ★

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    [FONT=Century Gothic]
    • Character Information
    Spoiler: I
    "the Assassin"
    World Government
    Vice Admiral
    Path of Justice:
    Absolute Justice
    1940 {7 Tokens}
    Devil's Fruit:
    Current Funds:
    • Role Playing Statistics
    Spoiler: II
    Character Sheet
    Character Class
    Fighting Style
    Starting Points
    Total Points
    Points Earned Since Last Stat Reset
    Powers and Abilities
    Fighting Style Mastery [Limit Breaker]
    100 {+20}* = 120
    Armament Haki
    Observation Haki
    Navy Officer
    • Powers and Abilities
    [SPOILER=III]Rokushiki (六式) Rokushiki is the secret martial art of the World Government and one of the most feared fighting styles in all the seas. The six techniques that make up the core of the style rival even those powers bestowed by devil's fruits. A fully developed hand to hand fighting style Rokushiki has a fully developed spectrum of offensive and defensive forms that are versatile enough to compliment the natural fighting style of any user, many users even finding ways to incorporate devil's fruit abilities as well as weapon based forms within the style. Over the last 800 years Rokushiki has played a powerful role in the absolute dominance of the World Government, it's versatility and customization combined with it's raw power and utility make users of the style nearly superhuman.[SPOILER=Rokushiki Techniques]
    • Yontōryū (四刀流 "Four Sword Style"): Zelse has mastered Rokushiki to the extent that he has successfully combined the style with a proficiency in swordsmanship. In practice, this technique gets its name from the user dual wielding swords while using their legs hardened by Tekkai to kick Rankyaku projectiles, effectively wielding four "swords" at the same time. Able to freely chain and combine the use of swordsmanship with any of the other six powers makes this style of the most versatile and deadly techniques in all the seas.

    • Shigan (指銃): the "Finger Gun" is one of the most powerful single strikes in the martial arts world. Focusing all the acceleration and power of a high-speed jab into the tip of the user's index finger the strike pierces flesh and leaves an incredibly painful and damaging wound similar to a bullet.
      [Variant Techniques Unlocked]

    Spoiler: Variant Techniques
    Goshigan (五指銃 "Five Finger Gun"): Zelse's signature Shigan variation the "Five-Finger Gun" functions exactly as it sounds. Having trained the each of his fingers and his thumbs in the same fashion as the index finger he can inflict a Shigan attack with any or all of them. In practice when performing this technique Zelse holds his hand like a claw with all five fingers digits directed forward. Performing Shigan in this way inflicts five deadly bullet-like wounds in tight grouping which inflicts massive damage to his enemies. Since Zelse can perform this technique with either hand, he can and occasionally does perform it with both hands simultaneously, the technique's name then changes to Jūshigan (十指銃 "Ten-Finger Gun").

    • Rankyaku (嵐脚): the "Storm Leg" is perhaps the second most famous Rokushiki technique, a high speed kick that moves so fast it generates a blade of air pressure that slices the target at a range.
      [Variant Techniques Unlocked]

    Spoiler: Variant Techniques
    Yontōryū - Ransurasshu ( 四刀流 - 嵐スラッシュ): by swinging either of his swords at the same incredible speeds that he kicks his legs to utilize this technique Zelse creates a similarly sized and equally powerful air blade, thus increasing the total number of 'limbs' capable of performing Rankyaku to 4 in keeping with the sword style's name. [Custom Technique]

    Yontōryū - Neji Hakujin ( 四刀流 - ネジ白刃 "Four Sword Style - Spiraling White Blade"): performed after propelling one's self at high speeds towards the opponent using Geppo or some other method, the user spins mid air while generating a Rankyaku with the foot not controlling the forward motion and his swords held in a tight reverse grip. This action transforms the user's whole body into a spinning drill of cutting wind capable of ripping and tearing his opponents to pieces. [Kaku's Technique Renamed]

    Rankyaku Hakurai (嵐脚白雷 "Storm Leg - White Thunder"): a much more powerful version of the Rankyaku this technique is performed by kicking with both legs at the same time in order to produce a projectile that is twice as powerful and possesses a larger cutting surface.

    Rankyaku Rōdan (嵐脚龍断 "Storm Leg - Dragon Fang"): performed with a powerful vertical kick this Rankyaku surges upward with tremendous cutting power and vertical driving force.

    Rankyaku Amane Dachi (嵐脚周断 "Storm Leg - Severing Cut"): the most powerful form of Rankyaku performed by spinning with incredible speed in a circle to generate so much extra force and pressure that the air itself warps. The pressure is then released one of two ways, the user can release it in a massive circular blade in all directions around himself or as a single massive wave shaped blade that destroys everything in its path. The projectile is powerful enough to slice cleanly through entire buildings and ships.

    Rankyaku Rin ("Storm Leg - Ring"): A version of Rankyaku that cuts in a circular ring outward from the user. Perfect when the practitioner is surrounded. [Custom Technique]

    • Tekkai (鉄塊 "Iron Mass"): this is a defensive technique where the user absorbs the damage from incoming attacks by hardening their muscles to be like iron.
      [Variant Techniques Unlocked]

    Spoiler: Variant Techniques
    Kurashi Tekkai (暮らし鉄塊 "Living Iron Mass"): this is not so much a variation as it is a mark of mastery, Zelse has mastered Tekkai to the extent where he can move while under its effects. Additionally, he can also harden individual portions of his body, allowing for a versatile range of offensive and defensive uses: like a punch from an iron hardened fist or turning just your arm iron hard to parry a blow and conserve stamina. This technique is Tekkai Kenpo renamed.

    • Soru (剃 "Shave"): this is the most famous of all Rokushiki techniques, a high speed motion technique that through explosive acceleration allows the user to appear to vanish and reappear elsewhere almost instantly. These levels of speed greatly amplify the offensive and defensive abilities of the user.
      [Variant Techniques Unlocked]

    Spoiler: Variant Techniques
    Kamisori (剃刀 "Razor"): this variation of Soru is performed in combination with Geppo so that the user can move at incredible speeds in any direction including through the air.

    • Geppo (月歩): the "Moon Step" allows the user to travel through the air and set up swift aerial attacks by stomping so fast that the user can leap off the air itself as thought it were solid.
      [Variant Techniques Unlocked]

    [SPOILER=Variant Techniques]Yuiitsu Geppo (唯一月歩 "Single Moon Step"): not so much a variation as it is a mark of mastery, Zelse has mastered the Geppo to the point where he needs only
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    Basic Character Information
    Full Name
    Sairus Wesker

    Black Coil



    24 Human Years

    183 Centimeters

    84.5 Kilograms

    Blood Type

    World Government

    Cipher Pol 9



    Devil Fruit
    Spring Spring Fruit

    In-Depth Character Information
    Wesker is a physically fit man near his mid 20's standing at a height of 6'0 and a weight of 186 pounds of mostly lean muscle. He has short blonde hair that is regularly slicked back to keep a professional and clean look. Wesker's eyes are probably the most distinguishing facial feature due to them being cat-like and a glowing blend of red and gold, but he knowing that they make him stick out he keeps them hidden with a pair of black shades. His attire comprises of a black leather zip up 3/4 collared shirt with a sort of snake skin pattern to it. This is worn with a pair of black leather pants that fits his lower half just right and fastened with a silver buckled clip belt. For footwear Wesker wears a pair of black boots that are made with a durable leather. With this outfit he normally wears a long black trench coat made of the same material as his shirt and as the same snake skin pattern and accessorises with a pair of black gloves that is also leather in material.

    "The only thing that can defeat power is more power. That is the one constant in this universe. However, there is no point in power if it consumes itself. I will enlist the help of an old friend against our common foe; I will use one pawn to eliminate the other, and emerge with the spoils for myself..."
    Wesker's overall personality was that of a power-hungry machiavellian. He also tended to observe the action from behind the scenes and then strike when the opportunity presents itself. He had also demonstrated to be perfectly willing to betray anyone who placed trust in him if it meant accomplishing his goals. He is cold and calculating rarely displaying fits of anger. He also believes in Darwinism which states only the strong services which drive most of his actions. With his background as a psychologist he is able to analyze an opponents thoughts through there movements. He tends to pinpoint a psychological problem or trauma an picks at it to put the opponent at a handicap.

    Character Statistic Information
    Devil Fruit Path
    Points: 300

    Strength: 50
    Speed: 70
    Vitality: 45
    Devil Fruit: 70
    Fighting Style: 65


    Psychoanalysis(Sense Motive): ★★★★★

    Philosophy: ★

    Information of Abilities/Powers
    Fighting Style
    Rokushiki or The Six Powers as it translates to is the secret martial art of the World Government and one of the most feared fighting styles in all the seas. The six techniques that make up the core of the style rival even those powers bestowed by devil's fruits. A fully developed hand to hand fighting style Rokushiki has a fully developed spectrum of offensive and defensive forms that are versatile enough to compliment the natural fighting style of any user, many users even finding ways to incorporate devil's fruit abilities as well as weapon based forms within the style. Over the last 800 years Rokushiki has played a powerful role in the absolute dominance of the World Government, it's versatility and customization combined with it's raw power and utility make users of the style nearly superhuman.

    Devil Fruit
    The Bane Bane no Mi or Spring Spring Fruit as it is translated to is a paramecia class devil fruit that once eaten grants the user the able transform parts of their body into a spring turning the consumer of the fruit a Spring Man. The user is also able to manipulate the firmness, compression, and length of the extension of their springs making them able to/simulate do a plethora of superhuman feats.
    Spoiler: Custom Techniques

    Mustang Kick
    The technique "Mustang Kick" is kick that varies between a front or side kick which is augmented by the practitioner transforming his leg from top of shin to ankle into a compressed spring. Then proceeds to release the tightened spring upon contact with the target releasing a lot of kinetic force focused in one area causing a great amount of damage at close range. Similar to the kick of a real mustang

    Cobra Strike
    The technique "Cobra Strike" is executed as a forward palm thrust generally aimed towards the upper half of the target. The palm thrust is augmented by the practitioner transforming the wrist of the striking arm into a tightly compressed spring before making contact. Upon making contact the practitioner releases the spring causing an immense amount of kinetic force enough to cause delayed heart palpitation, concussion, and etc if unguarded. This technique's severity is equivalent to that of an actual cobra strike.

    Tiger Uppercut
    The technique "Tiger Uppercut" is executed as a palm strike similar to the "Cobra Strike", but instead of an average straight palm strike this technique is done in a uppercut motion and a clawed hand gesture imitating a tiger's claw. This strike is augmented by the same way the "Cobra Strike" is, but the compressed spring would be from the practitioner's wrist to elbow causing this technique to be more deadly that the "Cobra Strike". This is able to generate an immense amount of erupting force towards the targeted area similar to the swat of a tigers claw.

    Elephant Step
    The technique "Elephant Step" is varied in execution between an axe kick and a stomp this mostly use on a target on a more lower ground than the practitioner. This technique is more of an augmented after effect technique the first of it's kind in this move set. For the axe kick the technique is really executed at the end of the kick when kick would have made contact and is guiding the target towards the ground the bridge of the striking foot between becomes a compressed spring that releases. The stomping variant is when the user stomps his foot towards a target with great speed while his ankle becomes a tightened spring upon contact causing a great amount of pressure on the target similar to the step of an elephant.

    Ram Horn
    The technique "Ram Horn" is executed via a side elbow strike using the other hand to push the striking elbows arm for maximum damage. This technique is augmented by the practitioner transforming forearm into a tightly compressed spring during the execution of the elbow strike and upon contact releasing the spring to create a great amount of kinetic force combining his own with the spring. The strength of this technique is enough to dent some metal like what a ram's horn is fabled to do.

    Ghost Butterfly
    The "Ghost Butterfly" is a devastating technique that has to variations in execution which are a dual forearm thrust and a dual palm thrust both variation cause equal amount of destructive damage with different locations of augmentation. The forearm variant is when the practitioner transforms their biceps into super compressed springs before contact releasing them as the attacker executes the attack causing massive amount of force at close range. The palm variant has a longer reach than the forearm variant mechanics-wise the augmentation on this variant is that from the arm to the bicep transforms into a super compressed spring mid execution and releasing right before contact causing a massive amount of damage on contact able to knock back the heaviest of foes with the technique's sheer force causing a plethora of damaging effects.

    Rhino Charge
    The technique "Rhino Charge" is a devastating one in the aspect of force and range. The execution of this technique is just a simple full handed nukite or spear hand strike as it's translated too. Ideally the target for this technique would be vital location's like the stomach, chest, and etc. The augmentation of this technique is during the execution of this technique the practitioner transforms their entire forearm into a super compressed spring which releases on contact giving the nukite enough power to stab the entire hand into the targeted area. Such straight forward force is reminiscent of a Rhino Charge.

    Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. Psychology has the immediate goal of understanding individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases, and by many accounts it ultimately aims to benefit society. In this field, a professional practitioner or researcher is called a psychologist and can be classified as a social, behavioral, or cognitive scientist. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring the physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors. This field has many subcategories, but the one Wesker is most familiar with is psychoanalysis which helps him a great deal.
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    Account Bound
    - One extra Devil Fruit slot;
    - All of this account's unused gear listed under a former bio: list;

    Custom Material: Vibranium - A metal material with the same properties as pacifista grade alloys, save that it can also absorb, displace, and protect whatever its is made into from kinetic forces akin to blunt damage and shock-waves. This effect is similar to a impact/reject dial, and can absorb any kinetic force. Energy forces, such as heat, and forces with a slicing property behind it, are not able to be absorbed by the material.

    Class Free Devil Fruit User - The player can choose one character to utilize a devil fruit without using the devil fruit class. This allows them to use any other class.

    Zoan Weapon Slot - The player can have one character with a Zoan weapon without requiring a devil fruit slot to use it, and can be used in tandem with a devil fruit. Must be a generic Zoan.

    Conqueror's Haki - The player has one free slot of CH.

    Floran Race - Allows the user to use the floran race for characters.

    Goron Race - Allows the user to use the goron race for characters.

    Tiefling Race - Allows the user to use the tiefling race for characters.

    Slime Race - Allows the user to use the slime race for characters.

    Biorg Slime - A strange rubbery slime that eats electricity instead of water. When large enough, it can hijack AI-less systems like a parasite, taking control and morphing their 'host.'

    Basic Information
    Name: Morticia
    Epithets: Addams, Who
    Affiliation: Deep Delvers
    Occupation: Captain
    Level: 500
    Bounty: Varies
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tiefling Kyton EB Cyborg w/ EB Zoan Weapon
    Age: ???
    Height: 9'8" hunched, 11' aligned
    Weight: 385

    Likes: Negativity, sadism, masochism, nihilism, gloom, doom, stalking, the dead, dying, morgues, undertakers, coffins, watching, muck-racking, Tim Curry.
    Dislikes: Rushing, new social interaction, being told to smile.

    Role Playing Character Stats
    Strength Attribute: 20
    Agility Attribute: 100
    Vitality Attribute: 80
    Squeeze Squeeze no Mii: 100
    Panzer Kunst: 100
    Armaments: 100

    Perk I: Awakened Infusion Woman - The user has become awakened, allowing them to squeeze the area around them for juice. However, more interestingly, they can now infuse their juice into anything as a flip-side as they awakened. Inorganics and other organics can now attain the sweet juice of the user as the user can.

    Perk II: Momentum is Power - The user strikes fast, using their agility for damage instead of just strength. Allows for the user to apply agility to cutting requirements as well. Does not replace strength, the need to lift, or the ability to grapple with agility.

    Profession: Ghost in a Shell
    Occultist - *****
    Through extensive research, the user is beyond well versed in all matters of the occult. Through magic, mystery, and myth, the user is armed with knowledge of the paranormal and bizarre that many would never credit in the light of day.

    Robotics - *****
    The user knows her way around technology of the modern day cyborg and robot.

    Getting to know the Character
    Character Personality, History, and Appearance
    Personality & History - 'Shy,' reclusive, but certainly invasive and itching for pain. Stalks and peeps where not wanted. Likes self degradation and being coldly merciless to others, if not outright patronizing. Sociopath with hints of sadistic pleasure in pain, unleashing when offended or aggravated... or bored. Talks to self often, and is often rude to others who interject. Takes her devil heritage seriously, especially as a Kyton.

    After the events of Ambervale, Morticia found herself bound to a life support of a cybernetic construct. The changes have only made her more calculated, cold, and dangerous. An AI Core regulates much of her body, but takes over once she sleeps or is unconscious. This AI is depressing and sounds somewhat like Alan Rickman.

    Facing off against Cran Yam, Morti had acquired the cheer cheer no mi. This new power had turned her even more enigmatic, though it has done nothing to ease her depression. She still wanders the world with a Nihilistic viewpoint, even becoming the surrogate mother to Nyarlathotep (Nya.)

    Now, Morti wants to host her own radio station. As she attempts this dream of hers, her brother had stripped her of the cheer fruit in terrible combat. Incidentally, Morti has since found a replacement.

    Claims the Chaos Deity of Change, Tzeentch, as a patron.

    Appearance - Ozen from Made In Abyss

    Synopsis: - Tall, Morticia towers over many normal humans even when hunched, keeping with her brooding demeanor and downcast personality. This appearance of hers is nearly completely artificial, given she had lost her body to a Dyna stone blast some time ago. Thus, it can always be changing, though Morti has found a look she enjoys.

    Pale like her heritage of Teifling peoples, Morti's skin is like porcelain, contrasted by her insistence on wearing dark gray and black clothing. Morti's eyes are often black and sunken, without a single iris or pupil to be seen; however, she does indeed have eyes. Her hair is a mix of black and white, the white highlights hard and keratin like her horns before the explosion that took her. Sometimes, beyond her normal clothes and looks, Morti will don a wide bowl hat and armor, thick cloth and metal plating, distorting her image even more.

    Abilities and Power
    Character Equipment
    Wooden Spoon - Good for soup, coffee, or slow and painful deaths.

    Kris - A curved steel knife designed for ritual sacrifice. The curve of the blade allows for easy penetration past ribs.

    Den Den Mushi - A snail that resembles the user in some way, used for communication purposes.

    Seastone Chunk - A chunk of seastone.

    Raid Suit Capsule - A raid suit capsule. Can hold something in its bizarre pocket dimension ways. Currently holds Biorg Slime.

    Royal Jelly - The user has access to royal jelly, a highly nutritious slime meal that can cause a slime to achieve total mass. This total mass state is of similar power and size to that of a monster point. One use per encounter.

    Lemon Scented Muggy Ball - LSMB for short, the tiny bomb that is the LSMB packs quite the punch. Exploding with the force of several cannon fire, they leave the field coated in a stinging acidic bite that reeks of lemons.

    Spoiler: Cyborg
    Vibranium Seastone Gauntlets - Made from one of the rarer materials that may not even be of this world, the user has a set of gauntlets that can absorb any kinetic force that strikes them, entwined with seastone chunks, and can displace that force safely. This effect is similar to that of an impact/reject dial, only now made into an actual material that can be formed. The material, for its metal parts, can still be cut into/melted like one would pacifsita steel. No more material of this variety exists in a larger quantity, leaving the user's gauntlets to be extremely rare.
    - The gauntlet itself is a hand-to elbow-armor.
    - The seastone is ground into a sand and applied to the metal, giving it an overall coating of seastone.
    - The gauntlets are also weaved and meshed into the user's limbs, leaving them to become a part of their robotic body and are not removable.
    - There is cushion between the gauntlet and flesh of the user, allowing for devil fruit powers.
    - Due to the robotic nature of the owner, the gauntlets have openings that can be triggered to allow for the user to use their cyborg equipment located in their hands and fore arms. These are weak points.

    Seastone Ringlets - Seastone in the form of ring washers. Easy to equip and install into anything. Currently, these are located in the user's feet, specifically the balls of each foot, to allow for seastone kicks.

    3X Lightning Dials - The user has lightning dials, dials that can absorb and utilize vast amounts of electricity.
    - Power the user's body and internal Tesla Coil.

    1X Flavor Dial - Can store gas, air, and other things.
    - Currently in jet system.

    3X Jet Dials - Stores and releases air like a jet stream.
    - 3X currently in jet systems.

    2X Breath Dial - Can store air, gas, and more gas.
    - 2X currently in jet systems.

    1X Flame Dial - Can store and release fire.
    - 1X installed in mouth.

    1X Water Dial - Stores excess juice and can release said juice. Kinda like a time capsule.
    - 1X installed in core of body.

    Cyborg Tech
    Flutter Kick Coating - The user has a flutter kick coating. It... er... makes a bubble. Comes from under the main plating.

    Bakumetal Quality Plating - The wearer utilizes thick protection and circuitry to assist and defend themselves in battle; plating greater to that of Pacifista. Requires 180 FS/STR and a cutting technique to properly damage. This model transforms to open up, allowing for many, many other robotic entities to latch on and fuse.

    ERS - The Electric Routing System, ERS, is a system (of wires, insulation, and other electrical doo dads) that takes in any foreign charges of electricity, and then redirects it through the user's body. This redirection of energy is often used to force currents to bypass important, vital parts in the user and force them to expel elsewhere (often into the ground or into a thunder dial.) The redirection also often fuels energy to the rest of the body, and can be weaponized in tandem with a Tesla Coil.

    High Gadget Exo ERS Systems - A safety net more than a need, this system is installed into a base unit (cyborg) and can expand through exo systems, providing a continuous link to all systems for grounding purposes.

    Sensory Upgrades - The user, through tweaking and additional parts within their light and sound reception devices, the user has been able to apply upgrades to two of their basic senses. Their vision has been upgraded several times over, incorporating thermal vision, ultralight vision, night vision, and the ability to extend their sight by several multipliers (much like a telescope.) In addition, the user's ears are also connected to said vision converters, permitting a powerful sonar ability that can be amplified (and simplified) in sensitivity (or turned off.)

    Laser Diversification System - Installed into the user's laser systems focused around their palms, this gadget can take a laser beam and split it into smaller, weaker beams. This allows the user to either fire one strong laser from their palm, or one of five weaker lasers from their fingers. This directly modifies laser cannons, and cannot work independently.

    Fluffy Cables - Cable coating that protects a cyborg's insides from electromagnetic interference, including magnetic, as that radiation is quite annoying. Ignores the user's own magnetic powers.

    (F)Limb Legs - As their name does not completely imply, the limb legs are a set of small, mechanical spider legs installed throughout the user's body. In the event the user finds a body part detached, the user can turn on the Limb Legs and have whatever part missing come back to them. Whether or not the limb itself will fit back onto their frame is a situational story. This upgrade also permits the user's body to be segmented.

    Life Support System - A back up life support system that can give the cyborg an extra set of healthy organs should their own fail. Air regulators for when air is no more and the lungs fail. Energy converter for when the stomach is empty. Spare mechnaincs in the event the user's own shut down.

    (F)AI Core - More akin to a second brain located elsewhere in the user's body, the AI Core can think for itself. If the main brain is hampered for any reason, the AI Core can kick in, taking over the main body of the user. This core also helps the user control many of their robotic functions and calculations, quickening results and allowing the main brain to be more relaxed. Kinda like adding RAM to a computer or upgrading its processor. This also allows the user to passively use the more complicated systems in them, like sonar and targeting.

    2X Laser Cannon - Standard for most cyborgs in their later stages of awe and destruction, the laser cannon is self powered, rechargeable, and devastating. The power of the laser, without further upgrades, can level redwood trees at tremendous speeds with great force.
    - Two are in the user's palms.

    1X Tesla Coil - Coiled alloy attached to systems and a power source, the Tesla Coil converts any of the user's energy they desire to part with, and turns it into a powerful charge of electricity that can shock or obliterate targets. Combined with the ERS, the accuracy and efficiency of the coil is excellent and has a middle range. Long range strikes require peak conditions of both air and ionic charge, and cannot be done on the ground.

    Jet Systems - Throughout the user's body lie a series of tiny, compact tubes that can channel air through themselves from a central system located right below the Tesla coil. These tubes can channel extreme bouts of wind and air, pressurizing it with their tiny forms, and then guiding it to parts of the user's body that are allowing it to escape. This highly pressurized and powerful air current can escape the user and then be ignited by an electrical current, creating a powerful plasma stream that can be controlled based upon the flow of fuel. The dials used can be refilled via the jet system, creating a minuscule vacuum effect. A flavor dial is added to the systems for extra diversity in using the tubes to channel effects.
    - Uses jet dials.
    - Uses flavor dial.
    - Uses the ERS to ignite.
    - Functions in the user's hands (fingers/palms) legs (calves/feet/heel), mouth, and back (tentacles.)
    - The user cannot use all at the same time and expect a speed boost, but they can use it to fill an area with intense heat and plasma.

    High Elemental Sonic Cannon - Located in the user's voice box, the sound cannon can screech lethal vibrations at a target. Vertigo, deafness, bleeding from the ear, and unconsciousness can result from the intense sound. This banshee wail can also be used as a megaphone, amplifying one's speech ability. If the user cannot turn off their hearing, they may very well go deaf at greater decibels.

    Vibrating Black - The user vibrates their haki rhythmically, allowing it to strike with a greater force on impact. The user can use haki techs for cutting requirements.

    Red Hawk - The user can ignite with fire, using their haki to fuel this process. Why? No one knows. If the user is already aflame through another technique, this amplifies the heat to a hotter color.

    Conqueror's Haki
    The user has conqueror's haki and can incapacitate average NPCs. PC's can feel their presence and the will when unleashed, as a sort of power play.

    Panzer Kunst
    The art and practice of Panzer Kunst, the premier cyborg martial art, is a long and tried combat. From it spawned many a unique facet to cyborg martial arts, but all tie back to it: an art designed to take on and absolutely destroy armored opponents. With a single strike, the Kunstler invades the target with vibrations that pile upon each other, resonate, and explode with the force injected.

    Every kunstler is complimented in their style by their unique, innate cyborg upgrades and parts. Some use separating gizmos to make more arms and limbs to strike with. Others use heavy electromagnetic fields created with a generators in their body, to strike down with bolts of electricity and defend with magnetism or even super heated plasma. No matter the gimmick, the kunstler is ready to fight and face all opponents as martial artist... and as assassin.


    Training: Cybernetics - Being an assassin of cyborgs, and cyborg themselves, the kunstler will often understand how to use most cyborg armament if their mastery is optimal for it. Some kunstlers can even go as far as taking weapons as salvo and using it later for themselves.

    Training: Martial Arts - Palm thrusts, karate strikes, pokes, and punches are just a few of the hand forms a kunstler will utilize in combat. They also are apt to using their feet, kicking and flipping through combat with a light touch in every step. Grappling is not unheard of, though practices of grappling follow the principle of aikido more than anything else: flow with your foe and bring them crashing down with their own strength and force.

    Training: Shadow Tracking - The Kunstler begins their career learning how to read and follow opponents and their movements; reading them like a book and reacting rapidly to counteract. Some masters (81+), however, take this art to a new degree and act as the shadow of their opponent, moving with them and behind them without ever a chance to be seen.

    Training: Tremorsense - Through a mastery of vibration, the kunstler can read and sense all forms of ticks in their environment. Through deducing which does what, intensity, and consistency, the user can even form images and understand placement of certain objects within their environment. This ability follows CoO in terms of growth and distance to sense.

    Training: Heat Resistant - Their demon upbringing as a teifling has brought the user's fleshier bits a heat resistance, helping with electrical burns and malfunctions with plasma and welding torches. However, this does not cover intense heats, like that of a Dyna Stone.

    Shakushi - By moving their feet rapidly in a wretched, chaotic fashion with a sway of their body, the user can disappear from sight and reappear some distance away in a flash. This follows soru rulings.

    Slice - With weapon or body, the fighter slices into a target, rending them cleanly cut in twain. When experienced enough, the user can even cut through steel, pacifista, and baku alike.

    Heart Strike - The user strikes with vibrations, sending forth an extra portion of damage into the target and striking beneath their defenses. This is considered the most basic form of Kunstler attack, though it gets stronger with time and mastery.

    Heart Needle - The user strikes, sending a vibration into the foe that rebounds within their body, gaining momentum with each rebound. The user then strikes again, causing the energy of the first vibration to release its built up energy, exploding with force and causing painful damage.

    Outer Thrust - The user accepts an attack, only to redirect its energy (by twisting) through their body, safely, and deliver it all in a counter kick into the target.

    Armor Movement - The user moves in tune with their foe, finding weaknesses only to then counter the foe and target their weakest points mid exchange.

    Missile Blow - The user punches rapidly, delivering a supersonic blow fueled by their jet thrusts while being electrically charged.

    Jet Slice - Using their jet systems and a spark, the user turns their hand into a plasma blade, with the fingers acting as hilts. This plasma burns in excess of several thousand degrees Celsius, and is modeled after a welding torch's actual heat current. The user mostly uses this to pierce metal, melting and softening the hard surface before striking.

    Jet Thrust - The user, palms/fingers/feet acting as rocket thrusters, can attain a rapid flying speed for several minutes (as long as the jet dials can last before needing to recharge.) This allows the user a rapid, strange aerial combat ability that can be off putting due to the rapidness and erratic nature of the technique.

    Backhanded Rocket - Using the Plasma Jet, the user launches their hand rapidly like a rocket into a target. The extra speed adds force to the blow, making it hit much harder than prior. The after burn can also strike into the target, melting our burning whatever is struck.

    Trembling Self - The user begins to vibrate individual parts of their body internally, shaking their entire frame with ebbing and growing pulses. If the user is trapped, they can utilize this technique to soften their current holds, be it dirt, metal, or more harsh extremes where they otherwise could not move by harmonizing with their cage.

    Cuttlefish Zoan Biorg Slime Armor
    A very, very unique item that is a (relatively) dumb living thing fed to a zoan, kept as a pet. The user has tamed biorg slime, a slime that likes to eat electricity and store it as a battery. Feeding it electricity and treating it like a computer system, it follows basic commands so long as charge is present. To make matters more terrifying, the user has fed it the ever intelligent cuttlefish zoan. So long as it is fed, or motivated properly with a convenient cheer, it will perform the tasks given to it.

    Immunity to Physical - They are slime. Come at them. Stab that water. It will hurt so much.

    Form - A slime is a liquid sort of beast, and thus can take any form it wishes, be it blunt fists, coiled tendrils, or puddles. However, these forms will look like the slime and gain no bonus in subterfuge or attribute.

    Adaptive Camouflage - The cuttlefish zoan works with the slime's ability to form to become flexible camouflage. So long as the slime is ordered to, it will gladly take most any form and become perfectly matched.

    Absorb/Drain Electricity - Unique to the biorg ooze, the ooze can drain electricity to heal, grow, and live. Should someone find a way to drain this power, the effects would be inverse.[/I]

    Squeeze Fruit
    A strange fruit that grants the user the ability to squeeze fluids out of anything, while also allowing them to absorb and utilize said juice in bizarre ways. Once awakened, the user can juice and infuse juice into anything at a short distance.

    Juice - The user produces juice from what they squeeze. This juice can have a variety of affects and can come from near literally anything the user touches and works. This juice is said to be divinely delicious, robust, and unique to its last drop.

    Bad Touch - At least when animated and not on paper, the juicing process the user employs is weirdly pleasurable. In some instances, euphoric. Almost like a purifying cleanse. It's, er, in the wiki.

    Awakened - The user, through perk, has awakened their juice powers. This grants a ranged juice effect but, more importantly, allows the user to infuse their juice into their environment. This allows for cyborg juicing, among other oddities.

    Awakened Juice - By awakening the juice specifically, the user can allow others to drink said juice and gain similar boosts the user may acquire to a limit. This juice is different than normal juice, as normal juice only works for the user. Can be bottled.

    Squeeze - The user squeezes, wrings, or slaps fluids out of a target (organic or inorganic.) This dehydration severely impacts the targets health (if organic) or general stability (inorganic.) Works will with outside fighting styles.

    Drain: X - The user drains and juices a specific element from their target. These elements will recover on their own after a short period of time if a player character. If consumed, these juices act like a limit break.
    - Strength: Squeezes out the target's strength, making them weak. Leaves strong juices.
    - Agility: Squeezes out the target's agility, making them stiff. Leaves flexible juices.
    - Vitality: Squeezes out the target's vitality, making them feeble

    Press - The user presses the ground with strength, technique, and their juice powers, squeezing the juice out of the ground and making a watery wasteland. This juiced earth can be used by fishman, and will not affect the user negatively due to its nature.

    Detox - The user specifically squeezes out dangerous elements from their body, removing them as harmless juice. Good against poison, disease, and other ails; even those labeled incurable.

    Dry Up - The user can reverse their absorption process, shrinking instead of growing. This effect is no where near instantaneous, but it allows them to remove their giant state, or become smaller for certain occasions like fitting through normal human sized doors.

    Hydro Pump - Through intense squeezing and collecting of juice, the user can release a beam of juice equal to the juice absorbed. Dangerous, especially if the user has been absorbing a lot of juice.

    Juice Gatling - By punching rapidly, the user can either release juice bullets that act akin to real bullets, or strike a target and juice them like a meat tenderizer tenderizes meat. All in all, dangerous.

    Reallocate - The user is able to reallocate juice in their body by squeezing. This allows the user to shrink parts of their body and grow others, or to juice themselves for juice based attacks.

    Power Ups
    Absorb - The user absorbs the juice they produce, seemingly from just contact alone. This absorption grants them size and power, and possibly other boons as well.
    - Giantess (81+): The user absorbs enough matter to become a giant, gaining the benefits of the size without the hassle of the upbringing.
    - Oars (100+): Truly a terrible form, the user absorbs enough matter to reach the cap of size, gaining equal power in the process.

    Gear 3: Bone Juice - The user places juice specifically into their bones, expanding them. Grants a giant attack that does powerful damage, similar to gear third of the gomu gomu.

    Gear 4: Muscle Juice - Maximized haki and juice allows for the user to allocate juice into their muscles. Without haki, this expansion becomes useless as the muscles form too large to maneuver. With haki, the user can condense the growth, allowing for the power. Lasts for awhile, though energy consuming.
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    Basic Character Information

    Name: Argon Greyas
    Epithet: Black Wrath, Dragon King
    Affiliation: The Red Skull Pirates
    Occupation: Shipwright
    Level: 50
    Devil Fruit: (Western)Dragon Fruit
    Bounty: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Date of Birth: March 6
    Height: 6'
    Weight: unknown
    Money: 1,650,000 Beri

    Role Playing Character Stats - 245

    Unused: 10

    Strength Attribute: 56(72)
    Agility Attribute: 60
    Vitality Attribute: 49(65)
    Fighting Style Mastery: N/A
    Devil Fruit Mastery: 80(70+10)

    Hybrid/Full Form

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality:
    Normally a calm person whom seems to only be interested in making random gadgets and alterations to and for the ship, he has a short temper.... a VERY short temper. He may beat crew members for slacking off, breaking things , and for many other things that set him off. However, he truly cares for their well being.... well, usually.....

    when angered or excited, he loses his... err... 'calm'ness and becomes more prone to being rash and uncontrollable, but he is able to keep a certain amount of control of himself at all times. He is highly loyal.

    Character Appearance:

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons:

    Black&White: Light and Highly durable swords, that can have poles attached to the bottom of their hilts to turn them into spears. They become more powerful in spear form.

    Two poles: The poles required to turn Black and White into spears, they are kept on his back. They can also be used as back up blunt weapons.

    Devil Fruit Abilities:
    Dragon Mythic Zoan: Allows the user to turn into a dragon.
    Full Dragon Form:

    A western Dragon the size of an adult giant. It has Wings that has fire instead of the thin membrane of bat wings. The flame of the wings may be intensified to around 200 degrees Celsius. Can also breathe fire. Has four holes near the tip of the tail where flames can blast forth from. When fire on wings is not burning, the wings only retain the form of the skeletal structure of the wings, with scaled skin covering it, and a thin membrane. The wing fire is not solid, and exists mostly as a way to protect the membrane. Leaves a flaming wake as it flies. highly resistant to heat and flames. High body temperatures.
    Bonuses: |Spd/Str/Vit| 0/2/2

    Hybrid Form:

    Same as full dragon form, only 5 inches larger than his human form.
    Bonuses: |Spd/Str/Vit| 0/2/2

    Fighting Style Abilities: N/A

    Items: -

    Profession: Shipwright

    -Ship Craft: 5
    -Blacksmith: 5

    Character History

    will add later.
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    Basic Character Information

    Name: Laguna Arcrow
    Epithet: Mad Scientist
    Affiliation: Phantom Maelstrom
    Occupation: Mad Scientist/Captain
    Stat Points: 315
    Class: Profession
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Bounty: n/a
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-Fishman (shark)
    Age: 32
    Height: 8’3”
    Weight: 182lbs
    Beri: 900,000

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Total: 318
    Strength Attribute: 58
    Agility Attribute: 87
    Vitality Attribute: 60
    Fish Gun-Fu: 62
    Haki: 50 (CoA Haki Level 2)
    Profession Attribute: 1

    Profession: Mad Scientist
    Gunsmithing: ★★★★

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality: Laguna is an inquisitive scientist always getting crazy ideas for new experiments and wanting to study the more exciting of such things. However his experiments usually turn out bad for others. He is easily befriended with a few quick compliments and has a fondness for lab coats believing ever researcher of anything should wear such equipment for it is the ultimate in clothing.

    Character Appearance:

    Due to being a half-fishman Laguna looks mostly human but he still retains a few fishy traits such as sharp pointy teeth, webbed feet, gills and bluish skin along his back and arms and legs. Anything really notable is covered up with clothing.

    Character History
    Laguna grew up in the kingdom of Gamall, a kingdom located in South Blue. Where scientists and researchers were held in high regard similar to nobles. When Laguna began reaching adulthood he ended up killing the king and kidnapping a princess, as such he has a high bounty for such a place however it seems that the bounty doesn’t hold up much outside of the kingdom. After leaving the place Laguna started causing much mayhem with experiments as he sailed the oceans in attempts to find fascinating and undiscovered objects.

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons: Jet Pistols: High powered pistols that while firing normal ammunition can also simply fire air blasts. Due to the guns being powered by jet dials they have a high amount of recoil, enough to push weak people around. (2 Jet Dials installed)
    Customised Shotgun, Joke Gun (Fires a boxing glove)
    Jarate Bullets: Special bullets filled with a mysterious yellow liquid, they break upon impact and release the liquid which produces a foul stench

    Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A

    Fish Gun-Fu
    Speed Step: The user bursts forth with incredibly speeds usually causing the opponent to lose sight of them for a brief moment.
    Silent Step: The user moves around silently but also in such a way that it is impossible to follow with your eyes, similar to a fly’s movements.

    Water Blade-tip: The user flicks droplets of water from their finger which fly forwards with such speed they act similar to the tip of a knife/bullet.
    Strong Fist: The user readies their fist for a power packed punch putting all their strength into it as well as hardening it.
    Machinegun Combo: A series of quick punches, while each one isn’t that strong they can build up damage quickly and once one lands it’s almost impossible to dodge the rest.

    Gun-based Techniques
    Fireworks: The user spins their gun around their body like a pair of nunchucks while blasting away, usually used with larger guns.
    Counter-Shot: Requiring two guns the user blocks a sword (or similar weapon) with one gun, changing the direction of the attack enough for it to miss while quickly stabbing with the barrel of the second one and firing.
    Spinning Kick: The user fires their guns to spin them around from the recoil and in doing so quickly builds up a large amount of force to come in with a powerful kick.
    Ricochet: Laguna fires a bullet at another bullet (or similar projectile) to knock it off course.

    Underwater Techniques
    Tide Withdrawl: Laguna sends forth a large torrent of water with a power packed punch, capturing his targets within before withdrawing his fist causing a current through the middle of the water to pull the targets through the water towards him.

    Other Abilities:
    Instant teeth regrowth: Should Laguna’s teeth get broken, damaged or removed new teeth grow in a second, stronger than the first bunch.
    Gills: Gills allow Laguna to breathe underwater when needed.

    Other Items:
    Scalpels, Baby Den Den Mushi, Kairoseki chunk, Burn Bazooka, Scouter, Clima-Tact.
    2 Heat, 2 Flame, 1 Jet, 1 Reject
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    General Information
    Vice Admiral Indra
    Indra is a hardliner within the Marines who openly advocates military expansionism via conquest. This entails the direct subjugation of independent nations and Yonko Protectorates. He wishes to see the Marines conquer the New World, under any means necessary. Overall, his authoritarian approach and beliefs have led him to become quite controversial, as some higher authorities within the World Government treasure his mentality, while other, more cautious voices consider him downright dangerous. Indra is also affiliated with a relatively new political movement, named Seagull. This movement is notorious for its radicalism, and embodies the most absolute and brutal political beliefs within the World Government. A prime example of their ideals is the concept of a One Great Power in the sea, the World Government; this is something that Indra cherishes. However, in contrast, the concept of the Three Great Powers is something he loathes and considers a great insult, as according to him and other members of Seagull, it legitimizes piracy.

    • Name: Indra
    • Epithet: Aotori (Blue Bird)
    • Affiliation: World Government
    • Occupation: Marine
    • Rank: Vice Admiral
    • Race: Human
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 41
    • Height: 300 cm
    • Weight: Fit

    Indra is a lean, muscular, blonde-haired man with a rather sleepy look on his face and some stubble around his chin. He wears a Marine coat with the standard blue epaulets and a suit and tie underneath. The suit itself is white, similar to the Marine coat, while under that he wears a black shirt. His tie is a lighter tone of blue than his epaulets. Indra also wears an elaborate black belt around his waist, which also serves as an attachment for his standard katana on his left hip. After his battle with the Lighting King, Indra lost his left arm. He usually keeps this hidden under his Marine coat.


    Indra is a man whose ideology and personal goals seem to drive him greatly. For all intents and purposes he believes in Absolute Justice in its most radical dogma. He dislikes anything associated with anarchy in this world, which includes piracy and operating outside the sphere of politics. He is loyal to the World Government but it isn't beneath him to disregard official orders, at times. This shows that he has his own agenda and viewpoints that influence him greatly. Whether he wishes to remain in the Marines throughout the remainder of his career remains to be seen; nevertheless, Indra has exhibited great ambition that could lead him to attempt to seek something more than a military career, one day.

    Indra was born in a small nation that struggled to remain independent and unaffiliated to the World Government, refusing to be persuaded into doing otherwise for many years. This lead to the isolation of that country, politically, and more importantly, economically. Its proud citizens argued that the World Government was a wicked institution that committed far too many war-crimes and atrocities, and they'd rather struggle with poverty and isolation, than to be assimilated into such a thing. This eventually proved to be catastrophic for them.

    Growing up, Indra battled starvation and extreme poverty as sanctions further increased. As a result, this led him to the point of absolutely loathing his own people, and country for being so stubborn and proud. During these years, the child would occasionally visit the country's ever declining port in order to see the arrival of different envoys on behalf of the World Government. Indra was mesmerized every single time by the lavish ships and sheer wealth these employees were surrounded with, and to his disappointment, they would depart without managing to convince this stubborn country from joining them.

    Fed up with his life on this poverty stricken island, one day Indra decided he'd sneak into one of these so called enjoy ships in order to escape his wrenched life, promising to himself that he would one day return here and force them to join the World Government under any means necessary. Although he was still a boy at the time, his hatred and ambition to see this through had already festered within him. That being said, Indra was fortunate enough to get caught by a high ranked Marine within the envoy ship, who was quick to understand the boy's value in becoming a loyal soldier to the World Government, he seemingly admired so much.

    Total Points: 468
    Spent Points: 451
    • STR: 30
    • AGI: 100
    • VIT: 80
    • DF: 100
    • FS: 41
    • COO: 100

    Perk #1 - Lightning Force [AGI]
    Indra can use his lightning enhanced agility to strike at opponents, instead of strength. Whenever he strikes this way, electricity flows through his body, granting it a distinct appearance, and warning.

    Profession #1 - Blacksmith [★★★★★]
    Indra is capable of creating and reforging weapons at maximum efficiency via the assistance of the Goro Goro no Mi. He can even use metals from his surroundings to do so.

    Devil Fruit
    The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into electricity at will, making the user a Lightning Human. It was eaten by Indra. It is also mentioned to be one of the fruits with the reputation of being “invincible”, though this is an exaggeration.

    Custom Techniques

    The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into electricity at will, making the user a Lightning Human (雷人間 Kaminari Ningen?).

    Custom techniques:
    • Flash - The user is able move at speeds even greater than lightning travel, by first focusing the electrical energy at his feet before releasing it all. (Soru guidelines apply)
    • Override - The user is able to overwhelm and short-circuit electrical systems with a strong bolt of lightning.
    • Arch Lightning - A technique that uses lightning to augment the power of the user's strikes. Ring-like waves of static electricity are emitted at the place and moment of impact.
    • Dancing Bolt - The user fires a bolt of electricity that does not travel in a straight line, but zigs and zags at various angles.
    • Branching Bolt - A bolt of lightning that branches more the further it gets, hitting multiple points but with less power.
    • Charging - The movement of electrical charges produces a magnetic field. The intense currents of a lightning discharge create a fleeting but very strong magnetic field. Objects passed through can become permanently magnetised.
    • EM Field - The user releases sparks around them that concentrate and create an electromagnetic field through charging.
    • Thunder - The user's lightning causes a rapid increase in pressure and thus expand outward creating a physical shockwave that is also audible as thunder.
    • Storm Clouds - The user is able to use the rapid heating of the lightning to create storm clouds. These can be small and local, or used to charge existing clouds. (81+)
    • Redan - The user controls the electricity within their own body to enhance their physical abilities far beyond their normal capability. It does, however, mean that it is ore draining, getting more unstable the great length of time active, so it can only be used briefly. (81+)
    • God-speed Impulse (Passive) - The user's electrical impulses are all heightened to their maximum efficiency, making his reaction much faster than the normal human. (81+)

    ^Credit to Green.

    Fighting Style - ???
    [to be updated]

    Indra has the ability known as Kenbunshoku Haki (aka Observation). However, his Haki is distinctively different as it's further enhanced by his Devil Fruit, making him virtually omniscient of thoughts and actions in a massive area around him.

    With enough skill, he can use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack much easier to evade. This prediction appears to the user as an image of brief premonition of what the opponent will do in Indra's Mind Eye, and the damage he will take if the attack actually hits. This however can be circumvented by various means.

    With the Goro Goro no Mi, Indra can also pick up electromagnetic waves from the air, allowing him to overhear conversations and everything around him with extraordinary range: this has extended the range of his Mantra to cover roughly a large island.

    God's Radar: This technique is achieved by combining Indra's extraordinary observation Haki and his Devil Fruit. The result is that Indra can pick up electromagnetic waves in the air, allowing him to overhear conversations and everything around him with extraordinary range.


    Marine HQ Instructor Salvatore (NPC)
    The relationship between Salvatore and Indra is one of great admiration and bitterness.

    Many years ago former Vice-Admiral Salvatore served as a guardian to a high political authority within the World Government, who was sent on a diplomatic mission in order to persuade an Independent Nation to join the global institution. Needless to say, the diplomatic mission failed.

    After the envoys departed, Salvatore discovered that a young boy had hidden himself in the ship. The child was desperate to escape his homeland, evidenced by his malnutrition, and was emotionally on a breaking point. Seeing this, Salvatore decided to take responsibility for the boy and decided to enlist him into the Marines. This young child was Indra.

    Back then, Salvatore still believed in the dogma of absolutism, and perhaps without his intention he had influenced Indra into inheriting that belief. However, as the years progressed, Salvatore started to understand the corruption of the World Government and adopted a more moral outlook about the world. On the other hand, Indra became a staunch radical; so much so, that Salvatore was shocked by Indra's extremism at times. This eventually led Salvatore into growing deeply sorrowful, blaming himself for Indra's perceived madness. The thought that a child became a monster because of him eventually broke him, leading to his resignation from active duty. As for Indra, seeing his mentor's resolve on absolutism break led to him becoming bitter at his old mentor, believing that the years had made him soft and incompetent.

    Even to this day, the relationship between the two is highly stained, although Salvatore hasn't given up on his old pupil, whom he considers a son. He is still trying to save Indra from his hatred. But Indra has completely dismissed his old mentor.

    The Mysterious Baron (NPC)
    The mysterious man known as the Baron approached Indra several years prior to the current time-line. The Baron appears to have assisted Indra greatly during his military career, even being behind Indra gaining the powers of the Goro Goro no Mi. He did all this so Indra would one day become a Marine Admiral, and serve as a leading public figure for Seagull ideology. How the Baron stands to benefit from all this, remains to be seen.

    The Baron is also one of the main reasons why the relationship between Indra and his former mentor, Salvatore, has been strained, with Indra having been greatly influenced by the likes of the Baron in his earlier years. This is something Salvatore tried to prevent from happening, but unfortunately did not succeed in doing so.

    Nevertheless, as the years progressed Indra began to grow weary of his relationship with the Baron; though he continues to adhere to his will. It should also be noted that the Baron has greatly assisted the Seagull movement via propaganda, along with other sinister forces within the World Government.

    What remains to be seen out of this relationship is whether Indra plans to continue to serve the Baron – and the forces he represents – or attempt to break his shackles and follow his own goals.

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    Basic Information
    Quote Originally Posted by Summary
    Name - Elizabello XIV
    Epithet - n/a
    Race - Human
    Age - 26
    Height - 170 cm
    Weight - 58 kg
    Gender - Male
    Birthday - January 5th
    Birthplace - Prodence Kingdom
    Organization - Rooks and Kings
    Position - Navigator
    Money - 200,000 ฿
    Class - Devil Fruit Class
    Devil Fruit - Gama Gama No Mi: Model Poison Dart Frog
    Significant Traits - Royal as ****
    Goals and Aspirations - Being kissed by a princess to remove his frog curse
    Quote Originally Posted by Statistics
    466 Stat Points

    Strength Attribute --> 100 --> 110
    Agility Attribute --> 50 --> 80
    Vitality Attribute --> 70 --> 80

    Fighting Style 1: Devil Fruit --> 100
    Fighting Style 2: Air of Royalty --> 66
    Fighting Style 3: Busoshoku Haki --> 75
    Fighting Style 4: Kenbonshoku Haki --> 5

    *Red = Zoan Bonus (1 Str, 3 Spe, 1 Vit)
    Quote Originally Posted by Appearance

    Quote Originally Posted by Shop-bought Possessions

    Combat Information
    Quote Originally Posted by Devil Fruit
    The Gama Gama no Mi - Model: Poison Dart Frog is a fruit which allows the user to transform into a poison dart frog, complete with slimy poisonous skin, long sticky tongue, loud annoying croaking and of course incredible jumping ability.

    Base Points.

    Crouch Point, Hunch Point and Stand Point are the three base points. Crouch Point is the full frog form, which is the size of a hamster. Stand Point is the full human form. Finally, Hunch Point is the hybrid form, in which Elizabello has many frog features such as a smaller stature, more frog-like legs, webbed hands and feet, a vocal sac, a longer tongue and a slightly bluer colouration.

    Jumping Point.

    While in this form, Elizabello's legs grow larger and stronger, while his arms become weaker and smaller. The rest of his body shows no change compared to Hunch Point. This form simply gives Elizabello greater strength for his kicks and greater speed and range for his jumps. However, it does also have one special move that properly sets it apart from Elizabello's other forms:

    Vault - This move utilises the great jumping prowess of Jumping Point, to allow Elizabello to jump on thin air, much like Geppou.

    Tongue Point.

    While in this form, Elizabello's size is halfway between Hunch Point and Crouch Point, about the size of a large dog on all fours. However, his head is bigger in this form than in any other form. This is due to the fact that it houses a very very long tongue within it, several times his own height. This tongue can be manipulated much more freely and quickly than in other forms, due to being packed with a lot more muscle. This allows Elizabello to lunge out with faster and stronger tongue strikes, that can also be withdrawn very quickly. Not only that, Elizabello can make the tongue bend in mid-air, halfway through attacks even.

    Despite being named after the tongue, this form affects the whole mouth and so also Elizabello's saliva production. He can, to a certain extent, control the rate of saliva production. It also becomes a lot more sticky, though due to anime logic, it doesn't glue his mouth together.

    Mortar - After a moment of accumulating sticky saliva in his mouth, Elizabello suddenly fires out a cannonball-shaped ball of saliva. Upon contact with its target, this ball "explodes", and sprays the sticky saliva out across a large area. While this is the main shape and size for the sticky saliva, Elizabello can spit thin strings of the saliva or just spray it out of his mouth like vomit. He just couldn't be bothered to name all those variations.

    Croak Point.

    While in this form, the vocal sac at Elizabello's neck grows in size, forming several wrinkles on his neck area, while the rest of his froggy body stays similar to that of Hunch Point, if not slightly smaller. In this form, the stretchy sac can grow to two thirds the size of Elizabello's body. Due to the enlarged size of the vocal sac, it can be put to several uses that are unavailable for use in any of the other forms.

    Shatter - After filling his large vocal sac with air, Elizabello lets out a very-high pitched croak, capable of shattering glass, and disorientating enemies - and allies if not careful.

    Balloon - This is a very very very original defensive move whereby Elizabello fills up his vocal sac like a balloon, against a suitable oncoming blunt attack, like a punch or a cannonball. The blunt attack simply bounces of the bulging vocal sac, like it just hit a trampoline or whatever.

    Sigh - After filling his large vocal sac with air, Elizabello wraps his arms around the bulging sac and forces it to collapse. The air is then forced out like a cannonball from his mouth.

    Skin Point.

    While in this form, Elizabello skin becomes a whole lot more slimy, and his skin glands also produce more toxin. Elizabello only secretes the poison in Skin Point and Crouch Point, but in Skin Point he can produce a slightly higher amount of it. Though, nowhere near the amount of the Doku Doku no Mi. The poison itself is a nerve poison, preventing nerves from sending impulses, leading to paralysis and maybe unconsciousness over long exposure.

    Slither - By accumulating more sliminess at a certain part of his body, Elizabello can writhe out of certain situations. For example, someone grabbing his limbs. Unlike his saliva, this poisonous slime isn't sticky, but just very slippery.

    Spray - Another very very very original idea of Elizabello's. After accumulating a decent amount of poison on the surface of a limb, Elizabello swings that limb in the direction of an enemy, spraying a lot of poison droplets all over them across a large area.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kicks that will eventually become a fighting style
    Elizabello is very proficient at fighting with kicks, though he can use his hands fairly well too. At some point, he intends to develop this into a proper fighting style.
    Quote Originally Posted by Haki
    Elizabello currently only has fairly high mastery of haki, allowing him to use black haki to strengthen parts of his body (Rank 3 Busoshoku).

    Character Information
    Quote Originally Posted by Profession
    Sketch - ★★★★
    Meteorology - ★★
    Geography - ★

    Elizabello has always been very gifted with a paintbrush or a pencil. At his current level, he can sketch quite lifelike pictures in a matter of seconds, which is useful when having to record people's faces or certain objects or landscapes. Eventually, he got himself interested with navigation and weather, due to his great ability to draw maps.
    Quote Originally Posted by Personality
    Elizabello is a pretty flirtatious, cocky guy, who explodes quite easily when things dont go his way. Has the tendency to laugh at inappropriate situation, because the suffering of others is hilarious as ****. But can make a 180 degree turn and be all serious and cool when trying to woo women, though he always ends up screwing that up.
    Quote Originally Posted by History
    Elizabello XIV is the second son of the King of the Prodence Kingdom. His elder brother is the heir to the throne and so he has never had to be responsible and look forward to being king. Instead his interests laid in adventure and exploration of the world. His childhood was filled with fairytales and stories, which would eventually be the cause for his departure onto the high seas.

    Upon eating his devil fruit and turning into a frog, he convinced himself that he had to go out and find a girl. One that would kiss him even in frog form, to dispel his curse. His father and step mother opposed this, but Elizabello wouldn't believe the stories about zoan devil fruits. So he instead scampered off in the middle of the night.

    At some point he was taken in by Kamina and his Rooks and Kings pirate crew, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the crew split up, and Elizabello is now in the Crazy Rainbow Stars. He joined because he thought being WG affiliated would let get access to more princesses, but it didn't quite work like that.
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    Basic Information
    ♦ Name: Taiga Hasegawa (長谷川 大琥)
    ♦ Epithet: n/a
    ♦ Gender: Male
    ♦ Race: Human
    ♦ Age: 24
    ♦ Height: 181 cm
    ♦ Weight: 60 kg
    ♦ Affiliation: Deep Delvers Pirates
    ♦ Occupation: Assassin
    ♦ Class: Fighting Style

    During his time with the World Government, as a young teenager – Taiga was trained to be a ruthless cold-blooded killer, despite the shady missions – he truly whole-hearted believe that the World Government was having its people’s interests at heart. However, he was not without emotions and morals, and sometimes even questions the mission targets at times, but regardless completes his missions without fail. During missions, he tries not to kill innocent people or the women and children unless he does not have a choice in the matter. After the imprisonment, Taiga originally shows hatred to those of World Government, and kills marines or officials when opportunity arises. But after having been on his own adventures – he develops a much kinder personality, though not really actively hating on the World Government – but possess a much hostile attitude to most if not all of those affiliated with them. And the time with the pirate crew he develops some interests in exploration to find even the darkest secrets. He still kept a cold-blooded and ruthless attitude when it comes to fighting, a habit he never changed – but when things call for it, Taiga shows benevolence more than what people would initially led to believe. Otherwise one might consider Taiga quite a very normal human being that still actively trying to find a new purpose in life.

    Click to see a younger Taiga Hasegawa
    Taiga Hasegawa used to be an agent for the World Government, trained as an Assassin along with Cipher Pol, but eventually cut off as a solo agent. Ultimately this place him in an awkward position where he technically does not belong to any of the World Government units. The only thing that allows him to affiliate with the World Government and the Marines is the set of black military uniform set given to him. In a way, he is an assassin-trained marine, sent for assassinations, sometimes to deal with all kinds of shady missions – killing of ‘corrupt’ officials, or even underworld leaders to an extent. He was a young marine back then and improve his swordsmanship tremendously, helped to eliminate the World Government’s enemies. His identity was not really known to many people due to his missions performed under the shadows and never publicly recognized since witnesses are never left alive. Eventually, his final mission for the World Government would be his only known incident.

    An incident in the North Blue where a small village was holding refuge for a number of rebels, or rather from the Revolutionary Army – where Taiga was sent to kill the rebels and the villagers that are against the World Government. When Taiga managed to deal with the rebels and the villagers that are actively resisting, the marines came to clean up, but at the same time attacked Taiga when he is off-guard – unaware that he was to be made scapegoat by the World Government to put the Revolutionary in a bad spotlight. Captured and imprisoned for a year, it made Taiga question himself, having knew that he will not be let go. The World Government would eventually dub the massacre to be of a murderer from the Revolutionary that is also linked to several other killings that Taiga did, calling him ‘Red Raven’, due to his black uniform and having killed many. Understanding he were to be executed soon, Taiga make plans to escape prison.

    On the day of execution, Taiga managed to escape during the transport – killing several marines when the opportunity arises, taking one of his guard’s sword and getting out by sneaking around despite the marine prison on alert. Afterwards, to evade the Marines – Taiga cut his grown-out hair and kept a pony tail, as opposed to his neat short hair given his ‘marine’ days. Wearing a traditional samurai-style clothing, he kept his black military uniform though – in the event he would require it. His hatred to being made a scapegoat and discarded by the World Government made him dislike anyone that affiliates with the World Government, where he would kill any marines or officials if given an opportunity. Taiga after his escape became more of a wanderer, going on an adventure on his own to find a goal in life after being betrayed – helping civilians or even strangers if he could, especially dealing with the World Government.

    During his adventures, he would eventually meet Kana Bo and Morticia, where their goals of finding anything, and everything of a curious mind would take them – a thirst of knowledge led Taiga to rethink his life and goals. He doesn’t know what he wants to do, but perhaps by following the duo – where they would not just make enemies of from almost everyone, but also the World Government – it gave Taiga the opportunity to help and offer his skills. Perhaps by doing so, he would find a new goal in life.

    Statistics - Fighting Style Path
    Skill points - 409 + 20
    Remaining Points: 9
    ♦ Strength: 85
    ♦ Agility: 100
    ♦ Vitality: 90
    ♦ Fighting Style Mastery: 80 + 20
    ♦ Busō-shoku no Haki: 45
    ♦ Kenbun-shoku no Haki: 0

    ♦ Assassination: ★★★★★
    ♦ Sneak: ★★★

    One Sword School: High Heaven Moon Style(Ittō-ryū: Kōtentsuki-ryū 一刀流: 高天月流)
    Kōtentsuki-ryū is a variant of Ittō-ryū that has incorporated the Western sword styles as part of its core. This allows Taiga to use rapiers, straight swords and sabers as well for his fighting style effectively. By nature, Kōtentsuki-ryū is more of a swordplay than kenjutsu due to Taiga's clan as sword dancers, however to allow Taiga to efficiently fight with his sword style - he train and develop movements and skills required to wield Kōtentsuki-ryū in real combat situations.

    Seen in combat as a style that is very fast, elegant and graceful - his swings generally moves in wide arcs and aim to deliver lethal strikes during the flow of combat. But have also shown tendencies to use short swings and thrusting strikes of the western sword style that makes his style unpredictable at times.

    Ittō-ryū Original Techniques
    Canon Techniques
    Yakkodori: The user launches from his sword a crescent moon-like projectile of compressed air to the opponent with great speed, able to cut into substances. Spinning his arms as he creates it, one can also form an airblade with a whirlwind-like effect. For more versatility, a simple wind current can be made.

    ♦ Maeburedori: The upgraded version of Yakkoudori, the user launches a two crescent moon-like projectile of compressed air in form of a cross with two hands on his sword after using another move or have gained momentum. Because of that the projectiles are larger and longer than the older version. And like Yakkoudori, Maeburidori can also be generated with a whirlwind-like effect.

    Daishinkan: This technique consists of the user running towards his opponent, gaining momentum, and executing a two handed overhead swing used to split his opponent into two from the top down. The power of the move is such that even after cutting through the substance, a shock wave spans from it.

    Hiryu: Kaen: Using one sword wielded in his left hand with his right hand gripping his left wrist for support, the user jumps high up into the air and slashes his opponent. After slashing them, the friction caused by the blade and it's mark will then bursts into flames from where they were slashed. The flame burst is akin to a blaze, engulfing the enemy, hence it's name.

    ♦ Hiryu: Kaen Tatsumaki: The user holds the sword with two hands, the weapon in positioned downwards with the tip in contact with the ground, where the user drags the weapon against the ground, causing friction. Spinning the sword whilst striking at the same, this generates a tornado that engulfs the target and combined with the friction of the sword bursting into flames, creates a fiery tornado.

    Custom Techniques
    ♦ Spinning Cut: The user places his weapon by his side and immediately twist his dominant leg and leap forward, utilizing the momentum to make a couple of spins. Because of the way the weapon is position when spinning, it allows the weapon to spin along with the user, creating both an offensive and defensive move at the same time.

    ♦ Sameha: The user and jumps and holds his sword in reverse direction, landing on the target area with the intention of stabbing his/her opponent. The force of the attack is so great it generates a shock wave around the area of impact.

    Flurry: Launching the weapon in a flurry of piercing thrusts so fasts, the user is capable of seemly stabbing multiple areas at a single time - This is coupled by the fact that the user can easily change the entire flow and pattern of the attack by simply moving his wrist, making it difficult to see the attack through. This technique greatly resembles Rokushiki's Shigan.

    Devil Slicer: Utilizing a series of many piercing thrusts, with each thrust with a twist of hand – the user creates a wind blade for every thrust similar to Rankyaku Sen, that tends to travel slightly sideways due to the hand twisting. Because of the way the wind blades travelling a little out of a straight line and having a large amount of wind blades generated from each thrust, it creates a storm of wind blades that may be rather difficult to avoid.

    ♦ Devil's Lock: During a clash of swords, the user moves his hand holding on to his sword inwards and twists his wrist downwards around the opponent’s weapon before pressing firmly on the opponent’s hand, locking the hand in place. Once done, the user moves his body in as he forcefully slides and pushes his weapon down to impale his enemy. The user can also use his off-hand to pull the opponent towards him as well.

    ♦ Devil’s Returning Blade: The user counters an incoming attack, by moving away from the attack before swinging his sheathed blade along the same direction as the opponent’s attack. This will cause his weapon to ‘push’ the opponent away past him and allow him to dodge the attack completely, after doing so the user would simply withdrew his sword from the scabbard and attack from behind.

    ♦ Devil's Misfortune: The user parries the opponent's weapon towards the side and force his own entire body as a weight to push the opponent's weapon away, preventing the opponent from easily swinging back his weapon. Upon doing so, the user placed two hands on his weapon and drives a vertical cut pass his opponent, capable of completely taking out his/her opponent's arm. However this can easily change to whichever the user intends to attack.

    ♦ Twister: The user twist and spins the wrist of the hand holding on to sword around intensively, generating air blades in a circular manner like a tornado around the sword. This amplifies the attack as well as allowing the tornado-formed air blades to cut anything it touches, granting a radius of potential danger around the sword. This technique is best used with a thrusting strike rather than slashing as the way the air blades form grants a huge boost on its piercing capabilities. [Image 1] [Image 2]

    High Heaven Moon Style Techniques
    High Heaven Moon Technique - Wild Dance Of The Moon (高天月流 - 月の乱舞): The user starts off in an Iai-like position, placing both hands on the sword. Afterwards he/she will move forward while at the same time creating extremely fast and erratic sword movements, creating wind pressures to form sharp-like wind pressured whips. The movements of said whips are related to the movement of the sword and thus never have the same pattern unless the user did it so the exact manner.

    ♦ High Heaven Moon Technique - Crescent Moon (高天月流 - 三日月): Starting off in a position where the user place the sword up to his shoulders, with one hand holding the handle in reverse grip. The user slashes diagonally so quickly that in one movement, moves his sword into multiple angles to deliver additional attacks. Allowing the user to deliver a total 5 different attacks of differing angles in the same area.

    High Heaven Moon Technique - Moonlight Sword (高天月流 - 月光剣): Similar to the Crescent Moon, the user instead placed his blade behind him before performing an attack. The only difference in the two techniques is that Moonlight Sword is a technique that is only possible if the user possessed such great mobility/agility that he could move his body to perform 3 different attacks of different directions at the same time.

    ♦ High Heaven Moon Technique - Full Moon (高天月流 - 満月: Adopting a counter attack stance, it is the basis for several techniques to the Moon Blade Style. Usually placing his dominant leg forward and hold the sword by his side with two hands, usually the tip of the sword facing to the side. Upon when the enemy attacks, the user immediately parries the weapon away while at the same time twisting his dominant leg while his other leg pushes along, causing the user to immediately spun a few times while the sword goes along with the user. This cause the user to deliver a couple of fatal attacks from the spin as the user moves past his target. The attack is deem rather both lethal and fast. It seems to be be derived from the base technique 'Spinning Cut'.

    ♦ High Heaven Moon Technique - Relentless Phantom (高天月流 - 執拗幽霊): Holding the sword in reverse grip, the user uses his dominant leg to twist and spin both himself and the sword on the spot several times to generate a huge flow of wind around him. Immediately switch the grip back to normal, the user swings forward to break the flow of wind apart with air blades that creates large amount of force as a result, causing the wind to flow along with the air blades as it burst outwards in random, erratic ways. This results in a strong tornado-like barrier that moves in all forms of directions outwards around the user, protecting as well as causing damage to anything that touches the wind. Due to erratic and unpredictable movement of the wind, it leaves little opening to get through without being hit. When hit by the wind, the wind flows around the target, engulfing the target with the air blades that are flowing with the wind. Being a technique that dealt with wind at a high level, it possess a large range that can hit its target from a distance away. [Image 1] [Image 2]

    High Heaven Moon Technique - Heaven Divide (高天月流 - 天国分裂): Moving his upper body towards the side, positioning his sword all the way back – the user swings his blade in a vertical uppercut into a 360 swing, creating a massive wind blade (size similar to Zoro’s 1080 Pound Cannon) along with smaller wind blades that moves in a wide circular motion before travelling in a bullet-like fashion following the movement of the sword. Due to the large size and power, it is strong enough to seemly cut through and inflict massive damage to anything in its path. The only difference compared to other wind blades is that it is similar to the Cipher Pol Rokushiki’s Rankyaku variant Sen. With that in mind, the wind blade ‘spear head’ would be deadlier compared to the ‘sides’.

    ♦ Katana
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    Post Biography

    "Black Dragon" Lafayette - Pirate - Biography
    Quote Originally Posted by General Information

    Name: Lafayette
    Epithet: "Black Dragon", "Ace of Clubs"
    Affiliation: Donquixote Pirates
    Rank: "Ace of Clubs"
    Bounty: 88.000.000 Berri
    Occupation: Chef
    Level: 54
    Devil Fruit: Dragon Dragon Fruit: Western Type
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 31
    Date of Birth: 29/06
    Height: 236 cm
    Weight: 210 kg
    Quote Originally Posted by History
    Born in Logue Town Lafayette had a rather normal childhood. At a certain point he gained the powers of a powerfull zoan fruit that enables him to turn into a giant dragon. His great powers enabled him to preveal several battles and advantures. At some point he joined the Donquixote Pirate Crew and became an elite officer, namely holding the rank of "Ace of Clubs".
    Quote Originally Posted by Personality
    Quote Originally Posted by Appearance
    Lafayette is a tall, well trained man, with his 236 cm he towers above most other humans. His dark skin is also rare on the seas. He wears his long light brownhair as dreadlocks, that are force to fall over his back by a red bandana. Normally he does not wear any shirt, albeit he wears a yellow coat in colder regions. Around his neck he wears a necklace that is made of a voodoo doll and two skulls. His red Pants are held by a big black belt that also has a skull as lash. His boots of choice are black.
    Spoiler: Picture
    Quote Originally Posted by Stats / Ocupation
    Strength: 47 + 14 = 61
    Speed: 65
    Vitality: 47 + 14 = 61
    Devilfruit: 60 + 10 = 70
    Fighting Style: 51 + 10 = 61

    Cooking: 5
    Zoology: 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Fighting Style / Universal Wrestling
    Universal Wrestling is Toyos choice of fighting style. While possessing powerful and extremely fast punches, Toyo prefers to use wrestling-style moves such as throws, take-downs, leg drops, high-flying strikes and dropkicks. Those are assisted by his abilitie to fly while being transformed. This style uses several basic techniques that are modfied or improved with higher mastery, similar to Rokushiki.
    Quote Originally Posted by Devilfruit / Techniques
    The Dragon Dragon no Mi is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to transform into a western Dragon at will. The main strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to transform into a giant Dagon, gaining an extreme boost in strength to match his size. Transforming into a dragon does not only boosts Toyos power and vitatliy but also brings several advantages. A dragons body is covered in very thick and hard scales that work as a natural armor. With those Toyo is completely protected from weaker attacks and can deal better with stronger attack. Besides his physical resistance, as a Dragon Toyo is also able to withstand certain amounts of heat. Additionally to this, Toyos hands and feed turn into deadly claws, which he can use to tear strong slicing wounds into his oponents and even stronger materials. Even stronger than his claws are a dragons teeth. Having the biting power of a dinosaur, Toyo can even bite through steel. Not only that his Hands, feed and teeth turn into weapons, he also gains an enflameable breath turning Toyo into a living flame thrower. The dragons breath naturally becomes stronger with Toyos fruitknowledge. As a dragon, Toyo comes into possession of large wings that enable him to fly and a larger tail that allows him to manouver better while flying. As an animal that hunts while flying, a dragon has very keen senses, it has excelent eyes to spot pray from above and a very good nose to track it down while being on ground.[/INDENT]

    Stat Boosts
    • Strength: 2
    • Speed: 0
    • Vitality: 2

    • Increased Sight
    • Increased Smelling
    • Usesage of a Firebreath
    • Deadly Claws
    • Strong Bite
    • Giant Dragon Transformation
    • Hard scale covered Skin
    • Flight

    Spoiler: Reference
    Spoiler: Hybrid- , Awakened-Mode
    Hybrid Mode

    Combining both original and fruit-bestowed species into an unusual form; the Hybrid Mode is born. Zoan powers are usually utilized for their hybrid form, as this form enhances the physical statistics of the user by combining positive attributes from both the user and the physical-level equivalent of the Zoan species. Zoan fruits are thus favored among already superhuman users who prefer to enhance their physical abilities.

    In the Dragon Dragon no Mi's case, the user transforms into a hybrid Dragon-like creature . His Body becomes covered in hard, black scales. His body increases 3 times in size, growing large enough to match his new-found strength and durability. His hands and feed turn into strong claws with razor-sharp Talons, enabling stronger slashes or even ripping attacks. Two large wings and a strong tail appear while transforming. Even his head looks similar to a Dragon while still keeping Toyos characteristics.

    Abilities Unlocked
    • Increased vision unlocked
    • Increased smelling unlocked
    • Firebreath unlocked
    • Deadly Claws unlocked
    • Strong Bite unlocked
    • Scale-Armor unlocked
    • Flying unlocked

    Awakened Mode[Locked]

    With high mastery of his Devil Fruit, zoans are capable of performing a true feat; unlocking their awakened mode. Whilst in the awakened mode, the user is capable of transforming to his form completely, yet are able to stand in hind legs. Essentially, this form is a stronger, faster and tougher version of the hybrid mode. The user's abilities with his transformation are also dramatically increased in this stage. This mode also gives faster recovery time, at an abnormal rate, which functions completely involuntarily, even when the user is unconscious.

    In the Dragon Dragon no Mi's case, the user transforms into a giant, full Dragon-like creature, gaining an extreme boost in strength and vitality to match his colossal size. His Body becomes covered in hard, black scales. His body increases several times in size, growing large enough to match his new-found strength and durability. His hands and feed turn into strong claws with razor-sharp Talons, enabling stronger slashes or even ripping attacks. Two large wings and a strong tail appear while transforming. Even his head looks similar to a Dragon while still keeping Toyos characteristics. All previous abilities granted to him in his hybrid mode are vastly upgraded in this form.

    Abilities Unlocked
    • Increased vision unlocked
    • Increased smelling unlocked
    • Firebreath unlocked
    • Deadly Claws unlocked
    • Strong Bite unlocked
    • Scale-Armor unlocked
    • Flying unlocked
    • Increased regenration unlocked
    Spoiler: Partial Transformations

    Arm/Leg Point
    One of Toyos's most powerful human forms; his biceps, triceps, and shoulders become extremely muscular in a human-esque form and he retains his dagon hybrid form. Inversely, his legs can do the same thing. The arms and legs this become huge, overshadowing every other part of his body. In this form, Toyo's punches, slashes or kicks become powerful enough to inflict a great amount of damage.

    Wing Point
    In this form Toyo keeps his hybrid or awakened form but his body halves in size. In return his wings become even larger, growing several times in size. The new found span of his wings does not only allow a faster flight, but also allow Toyo to send stronger air currents by flapping with his wings. With thick scales covering them, his wings can also act as a shield to protect Toyo from strong attacks.

    Flame Point
    In this point Toyos wings and legs become very small. However in return Toyos chest size increases several times, as well as turning his lungs bigger. This allows Toyo to make greater usage of his firebreath, turning his already dangerous breath into a deadly threat. This could also be called flamethrower point.

    Tail Point
    In this point Toyos tail becomes several times longer and durable. This allows Toyo to use it as a whip or to even create punch like attacks by thrusting with it. He can even restrain oponents with this, by wrapping his tail around his oponent and use it like a manacle.

    Spoiler: Dragon Moves

    Primal Whip
    Class: Devilfruit / Fighting Style
    Range: Short-Mid

    While being in any transformation having a tail, Toyo strikes out with it in a whip-like movement. If a target or oponent is hit, he will suffer from a very sudden, shockwave impact that creates a loud noise. This attack is basicly a whip-slash just done with a strong scale covered tail.

    Primal Slash
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short

    This move can be dealt in any transformation including claws. Similar to the Primal Punch this attack is simply put a slash with his claws, just with increased power. Each talons path is followed by a white trail showing off the power of the attack, being only an obtical feature.

    Primal Bite
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short

    This move can be dealt in any transformation. Toyo bites his target with his sharp teeth and his very strong jar. With this he can even bite through steel.

    Primal Bomb
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short
    Requirements: 21+ DF

    While being in a transformation that enables flight, Toyo is able to perform his Primal Bomb move. He basicly grabs an oponent, restrains him with his four claws by grabbing each limb of the oponent with them. He then flys high into the air just to dive downwards again. Toyo accelerates to great speed while diving. At the latest moment possible he lets go of his oponent and turns his course by oponeng the wing, dashing away low over the ground. The oponent is rammed into the ground head-first. This move can create great damage and hurt even strong oponents.

    Primal Ember
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short-Long

    This move can be dealt in any transformation. However the size, power and heat of this attack is greatly boosted in awakened mode, full form and in flame point. Toyo first inhales deeply and then fires of a simple fireball. This projectiles detonates upon impact, creating a fitting explosion that enflames the nearby enviorment aswell.

    Primal Breath
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short-Long

    This move can be dealt in any transformation. However the size, power and heat of this attack is greatly boosted in awakened mode, full form and in flame point. This is the most basic form of Toyos firebreathing-powers. He breathes out, enlights his breath and creates a wave of flames that flys towards his oponents.

    Primal Blast
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short-Long
    Requirements: 41+ DF

    This move can be dealt in any transformation. However the size, power and heat of this attack is greatly boosted in awakened mode, full form and in flame point. First Toyo inhales deeply, pumping air into his lungs. He then breathes out in a rapid manner, enflaming his breath while doing so. With this he creates a powefull and hot blast that does not only blows away most things and impacts strongly but also burns things that are hit.

    Primal Firestorm
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short-Long
    Requirements: 81+ DF

    This move can only be done in awakened mode, in flame Point or while being completely transformed into a Dragon. Toyo first inhales deeply to pump air into his lungs. He then exhales strongly in a constant, focused manner. His breath enflames and turns into a spurt of hot flames. This move is especially hot as the area hit is constantly, enabling to melt even steel.

    Primal Gust
    Class: Defensive/Supplementary
    Range: Short-Long
    Requirements: 41+ DF

    While being in Hybrid-, Awakened-, Full Form or Wing Point, Toyo claps with his wings strongly and creates a strong gust of wind. While its damage is kept rather low, this move can push back oponents or reflect incoming, large scaled attacks. It can also be used to blow away dust clouds or other gases. This move is several times stronger when done in Wing Point, in this it is even able to unroot smaller trees.

    Primal Hurricane
    Class: Defensive/Supplementary
    Range: Short-Long
    Requirements: 61+ DF

    While being in Hybrid-, Awakened-, Full Form or Wing Point, Toyo claps with his wings strongly and creates a strong, turning gust of wind. This wind gust gets stronger and stronger until evolving into a strong Tornado. This destructive pillar of wind smashes and tears apart things that get sucked in.

    Primal Roar
    Class: Defensive/Supplementary
    Range: Short-Long
    Requirements: 41+ DF

    While being in full-form Toyo releases a loud roar heard even in great distance. A dragon stands at the top of the footchain naturally and as such its roar is feared by most animals. With this Toyo can even scare weaker humans and make them flee.
    Spoiler: Power Punch

    Power Punch
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Short
    Requirements: 1+ FS

    The most basic and commonly used move within most martial arts is a well set punch. As that the Universal Wrestling style offers a fast and powerfull strike, that accelerates the users fist fast enough so that the arm appears to become a flash and strong enough to leave an imprint of ones fist at the area that was hit.

    Flying Power Punch
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Mid-Long
    Requirements: 41+ FS

    Toyo uses his Power Punch technique on long range but on close. The Flying Power Punch is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by punching at very high speeds and strength, sending out a blunt compressed fist-looking air current that can damage objects and greatly damage a human body.

    Flying Power Punch Storm
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Mid-Long
    Requirements: 41+ FS

    Simply a barrage attack of the Flying Power Punch technique, that sends several air projectiles towards Toyos oponents. Each of them is smaller than a normal Flying Power Punch.

    Superior Power Punch
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 41+ FS

    This is a stronger version of the normal Power Punch. Toyos fist damages a larger area than his fist could possibly be. This is shown by the larger imprint that is left behind.

    Tornado Power Punch
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 61+ FS

    A basic Power Punch that got modified. Toyo trys to Power Punch his as normal, but turns his fist for 180° while doing so. His incredible strength and speed begin to compress the air around the fist and the turning motion of his fist twists said air around. The compressed air would have ist origin and center at the front of Toyos fist and enbales the punch to pierce through tougher materials.

    Ultimate Power Punch
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Mid-Long
    Requirements: 81+ FS, Strength, Speed

    This is the strongest and ultimate version of the Power Punch. The user strikes with his arm forwards and creates a super strong air projectile that is several times greater than the user himself. The projetiles has enough force to destroy several buildings standing in a line a leaves a line of destruction in front of the user.

    Spoiler: Lariat

    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 21+ FS

    The user charges at his opponent, striking them with a Lariat move. A successful strike can heavily damage a target's entire chest with a direct hit. The attack is rather straightforward, but very quick, powerful and is easily capable of knocking down an opponent.

    Super Lariat
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 41+ FS

    Super Lariat is dealt just like a normal Lariat move. However it is modified in one way. While charging and and lungeing out one arm, the user creates a sharp-air blade that is covering the arm. Instead of hitting the oponent with a blunt attack, Toyo trys to slice him with noted air-blade. Its cutting power is on par with a rankyaku and its strength is improved by Toyos charge.

    Amboss Lariat
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 61+ FS

    Super Lariat is a modified lariat move. Instead of running towards his oponents, Toyo actually jumps straight forwards, almost flying in a straight path close to the ground. This may actually be supported by his devilfruit powers. Upon reaching his enemy, Toyo flexes his muscles incredibly and turns them iron hard. That way Toyo turns himself into a strong projectile, that would hit as hard as an Amboss would do.[/

    Ultimate Lariat
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close-Mid
    Requirements: 81+ FS, Strength, Speed

    A modified and improved version of the Super Lariat. Toyos charge is improved with high speed movement, gaining Soru-speed. With this his charge becomes more powerfull as well as his air-blade. Toyo suddenly stops his forwards-movement while still being several feet away from the oponent and releases a strong cutting wind that hits anything 180° in front of Toyo.
    Spoiler: Storm Throw

    Storm Throw
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 21+ FS

    Toyo grabs his opponent and lifts them high up into the air. Then, using his extreme strength, he smashes them head first onto the ground in what resembles a powerbomb manoeuvre. This is devastating enough to shatter a large area of the ground itself on impact, creating a giant crater in its wake.

    Hurricane Throw
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 41+ FS

    Toyo grabs his opponent and lifts them high up into the air. Instead of curshing the oponent into the ground beneath, he lunges him far away and spins him around like a baseball. This creates strong turning winds around the target and should render him imcapable of protecting himself until strongly hitting a wall.

    Shattering Storm Throw
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 41+ FS, 21+ DF

    Toyo lifts his oponent high into the air, or grabs an oponent that is currently in mid-air. He then fastly dives downwards to the ground with soru-like speed while holding his oponent head-first. The air-resistance and Toyos strong grabbing leave most oponent stunned. Shortly before hitting the ground, Toyo lets go from his oponents and turns his flying path so he won't damage himself. His oponent however impacts the ground heavily and creates even more damage than a normal Storm Throw.

    Ultimate Storm Throw
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 81+ FS, Strength, Speed

    The user grabs the opnent, lifts him up and smashes him int the ground just like at a normal Storm Throw. However in this move the oponents face or neck is grabbed specificly and instead of letting his grab grow after smashing his oponent into the ground, Toyo puches his oponent downwards a second time after the impact. This creates an even stronger impact and multiplys the damage dealt several time. The crater enlarges and damages most area around.
    Spoiler: Guillotine Drop

    Guillotine Drop
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 21+ FS

    Tyo leaps from a high vantage point and performs a simple yet powerful horizontal chop on his opponent from above, seemingly using the momentum gained in the previous fall to increase the force behind his strike. This can be either dealt as a punch or kick. Instead of jumping Toyo may use this move while flying in his zoan-form.

    Guillotine Power Drop
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 41+ FS

    Toyo uses his Guillotine Drop move and coveres his attacking limb in compressed air to increase the damage dealt and to improve Toyos defense against blocking attacks.

    Chopping Guillotine Drop
    Class: Offensive
    Range: Close
    Requirements: 41+ FS

    Toyo uses his Guillotine Drop as an axe-kick move. He covers his leg with an air-blade and creates a large scar on the ground by impacting.
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