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    Marine HQ Instructor Salvatore
    Salvatore is a former high ranking commissioned officer of the Marines that retired from active duty four years ago. Since then, his records have remained untouched, as he agreed to continue on having a role within the Marines, with a special rank, an Instructor, in order to train Marine recruits and prepare the next generation. Overall, Salvatore is a respected gentleman that enjoys doing things at his own pace. He occasionally leaves the Headquarters to assist with missions he finds interesting.


    Salvatore is an older man nearing his sixties, yet he has an incredible physique for his age. He has a full head of black hair, along with a black mustache, and a blue tint to his right eye, while his left one is covered by a black eye patch. What sort of eye lays beneath the eye patch is somewhat of a mystery, as only a handful of people alive have seen him take it off. As for his attire, sometimes he wears a blue, full length military issue coat of his own design, but rarely, since his role within the Marines is a lot less formal. Most of the time he simply wears his military issue slacks with suspenders and boots, along with a short-sleeve black undershirt. Other times, he is seen wearing a gray vest with a white dress-shirt, dress pants, and formal shoes.

    Attires - Military, rape, and fancy gentleman.


    Salvatore is a seasoned Marine that once adhered to the doctrine of Absolute Justice, especially in his youth. At some point during his long lasting career, he realized that the doctrine, along with numerous deeds of the World Government were rotten to the core, and steadily lost faith in them. This eventually led to his resignation from active duty. Nevertheless, he is a pragmatic man that continues to believe in strong institutions. For this reason, he remains loyal to the Marines and is extremely dedicated when it comes to training recruits.

    He tends to deal with Pirates with melancholy, believing that their misguided choices will ultimately lead them, and others around them to a miserable life with a bitter ending. This is another testament that he still believes in the civility of the World Government, despite his overall criticism of some of their policies and actions, and shows little tolerance for criminals that choose a path outside the rule of law. But even this, is no longer absolute, as he is capable of turning a blind eye if the outcome is favorable to citizens.

    As an individual, Salvatore is an exceedingly proud, enlightened and intelligent man. He is usually extremely calm and composed, even under dire situations. When angered, however, his wrathful side is quickly exposed, and can become quite violent. He also tends to disregard standard Marine protocol, which has earned him numerous suspension threats in the past.

    He has a slightly strange sense of humor and a habit of doing rather odd things, such as joking with his subordinates, placing ridiculous wagers on silly things, or even getting along with Pirates whom he isn't actively pursuing.

    Overall, Salvatore is a man that had many struggles during his career, that ultimately led to him surpassing the blind stage of absolutism to a more moral outlook.


    Rokushiki is a special, superhuman martial arts style utilized by people affiliated with the World Government.

    Basic Information
    Name: Salvatore
    Epithet: Gintaka (Silver Hawk)
    Affiliation: World Government
    Occupation: Marine
    Rank: Instructor
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 58
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight: 85 kg

    Total Points: 401
    Spent Points: 401
    • STR: 80
    • AGI: 100
    • VIT: 60
    • FS: 81
    • COA: 80 (100)

    4x Standard Infantry Straight Sabers
    1x Vivre Card
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    Basic Information

    ✖ Name: Black D Lionel
    ✖ Codename: The Orange Beast
    ✖ Affiliation: Ironbeard Pirates
    ✖ Occupation:
    ✖ Race: Human
    ✖ Class: Fighting Style
    ✖ Gender: Male
    ✖ Age: 23
    ✖ Height: 171 cm
    ✖ Weight: 70 kg
    ✖ Traits : Eidetic memory


    Total Points : 300
    Spent Points : 300

    Strength : 78
    Agility : 81
    Vitality : 60
    Fighting Style : 81

    Fighting Ability

    Black Bat Art
    Lionel uses a variant of Black Leg Style that incorporates other body parts and even weapons. Lionel uses mostly his bat, but it could happen that he uses his arms or legs.

    ✖ Bunt : The user swings his bat forward at great speed and then slows down the pace once he nears close to his target. A move to destabilize his opponent. It can also be used with his fist or leg.

    ✖ Rotation. The user spins around himself. This enables him to create a small tornado around him. Using his bat can increase the power of the tornado. This move is fend off attacks or attackers.

    ✖ Spinning Wheel : The user twirls his bat in such a way that heats up his weapon due to friction. It's the user's own version of Diable Jambe (FS 81+)

    ✖ Impact : The user swings his bat with enough speed and strength to create a shockwave effect on anything it hits.

    ✖ Slash : Same process as Spinning Wheel, however the bat doesn't heat up. Instead, he swings the rotating bat at his target. It unleashes slashes onto his foe.

    ✖ Foul Ball : A long range version of Slash.
    ✖ Dive : A technique that allows the user to travel at incredible speeds underwater, resulting in traveling at least as fast as a fishman underwater.
    ✖ Levitation : The aerial version of Dive.
    ✖ Loose : The user loosens up his body enabling him to avoid attacks.
    ✖ Bounce : The user loosens up his body and then leaps from area to another. His movement are quite unpredictable and he's able to easily change trajectory.

    Miscellaneous Information

    ✖ Background
    Younger cousin of Black D Sky, an infamous pirate who disappeared a few years ago. His cousin was known for being a member of two notorious pirate crew, Blackbeard Pirates and Loins of Yeast. Other than being his cousin, Lionel's background is quite a mystery.

    ✖ Personality
    Meet him and you'll see.

    ✖ Profession
    Navigator ***
    Tracking ***

    ✖ Items
    ► A Bat

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    Basic Character Information

    Name: Jinbe
    Epithet: Knight of the Sea \ Leviathan
    Affiliation: Ragnarok
    Occupation: mild mannered accountant by day, 10 foot 700 pound whale shark Fishman karate Grand master at night.
    Level: No idea
    Devil Fruit: none
    Bounty: dunno
    Gender :Male
    Race: Fishman
    Age: 46
    Date of Birth: unknown
    Height: 9'8"
    Weight: 700 lbs. (not fat, all muscle, kapish?)

    Role Playing Character Stats

    320 Points

    Fighting style path (Fishman Karate/Jujutsu)

    Strength Attribute: 80
    Agility Attribute: 80
    Vitality Attribute: 80

    Fighting Style : 80 + 20

    Profession: Student of the earth
    Hyrdology: ★★★
    Geology: ★★★

    Getting to know the Character

    Post-TS Jinbe

    Abilities and Power

    Fishman Karate/Jujutsu

    Fishman physical attributes and capabalities
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    General Information
    Name: Jack Verde
    Epithet: "the Magician"
    Affiliation: Crazy Cage Pirates
    Occupation: Magician
    Class: Devil Fruit Class
    Devil Fruit: Goro Goro no Mi
    Bounty: 670,000,000
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Date of Birth: July 13th
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 179lbs
    Character Personality: Jack is best described as eccentric; appearing happy and whimsical, albeit a little strange. However, beneath that veneer lies his true self; a psychotic, sadistic, manipulative, cunning and ruthless nature. Jack is rarely seen without his signature smile. Above all else he values entertainment, a feeling he will go to great lengths to satisfy.
    Character History:
    Born the bastard child of a noble, Jack received no love or recognition. His own father sold him into slavery to hide his indiscretions. Later bought by a relatively wealthy noble family, Jack was trained from young how to act and behave as they desired. The young master took a liking to him, probably because of their similar age. Because of this, they decided to train Jack to be his personal slave. To achieve this, he was taught to obey the young master completely, physical and mental torture awaiting him if he disobeyed. Once they deemed him loyal enough, he was taught he basics of combat, through unnecessarily cruel and unorthodox means. At the young masters request, Jack was also taught magic, as to serve as a jester for the young master's amusement. As he grew tired of watching the magic performances, the young master started to create his own amusement by inflicting pain upon Jack. This continued on until his teen years, the torture getting worse as they aged.

    One night the house was attacked by bandits who killed the nobles and stole their riches. They did, however, decide to take Jack with them. At first he thought it out of pity, but they just wanted to sell him as his father before had. Before given the chance, Jack stole what he could from them and made his escape. Now with a small amount of money and food, Jack was lost and alone. All that was in the bag was a strange fruit and some Beri. Starving, he took a bite of the fruit, a fruit he later learned was a Devil Fruit: the Mera Mera no Mi.

    After the passing of more time and the ending of his teen years, Jack had finally managed to get accustomed to the world. However, he had one thing he needed: revenge. Setting out, he tracked down his father and brutally murdered both him and his family. First he beat him, then burned him alive. The scene was forever burned into his eyes. It was this moment that truly set him free and allowed him to accept himself. From then he continued to do whatever necessary to survive. Eventually he came upon a group of outlaws calling themselves the Crazy Cage Pirates, joining for convenience since he had little else.
    Beli: 41,200,000

    Character Statistics
    Character Statistics
    Strength Attribute: 81
    Agility Attribute: 100
    Vitality Attribute: 58
    Devil Fruit Mastery: 100
    Fighting Style: 61
    Observation Haki: 100

    Agility Perk: The user's reflexes have reached a level that appears inhuman, allowing them to react to things even those of equal speed couldn't.
    Devil Fruit Perk: The user is able to manipulate the intensity of his fire, making it possible to instantly reach temperatures across the heat spectrum.

    Total: 500

    Profession Statistics
    Profession: Magician
    Sleight of Hand: ★★★★
    Escape Artist: ★★★★
    Acrobatics: ★★

    Abilities & Powers
    Devil Fruit

    The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into electricity at will, making the user a Lightning Human (雷人間 Kaminari Ningen?).

    Custom techniques:
    • Flash - The user is able move at speeds even greater than lightning travel, by first focusing the electrical energy at his feet before releasing it all. (Soru guidelines apply)
    • Override - The user is able to overwhelm and short-circuit electrical systems with a strong bolt of lightning.
    • Arch Lightning - A technique that uses lightning to augment the power of the user's strikes. Ring-like waves of static electricity are emitted at the place and moment of impact.
    • Dancing Bolt - The user fires a bolt of electricity that does not travel in a straight line, but zigs and zags at various angles.
    • Branching Bolt - A bolt of lightning that branches more the further it gets, hitting multiple points but with less power.
    • Charging - The movement of electrical charges produces a magnetic field. The intense currents of a lightning discharge create a fleeting but very strong magnetic field. Objects passed through can become permanently magnetised.
    • EM Field - The user releases sparks around them that concentrate and create an electromagnetic field through charging.
    • Thunder - The user's lightning causes a rapid increase in pressure and thus expand outward creating a physical shockwave that is also audible as thunder.
    • Storm Clouds - The user is able to use the rapid heating of the lightning to create storm clouds. These can be small and local, or used to charge existing clouds. (81+)
    • Redan - The user controls the electricity within their own body to enhance their physical abilities far beyond their normal capability. It does, however, mean that it is ore draining, getting more unstable the great length of time active, so it can only be used briefly. (81+)
    • God-speed Impulse (Passive) - The user's electrical impulses are all heightened to their maximum efficiency, making his reaction much faster than the normal human. (81+)

    Fighting Style:
    Bloody Clown

    Bloody Clown is a graceful yet brutal fighting style that revolves around delivering devastating blows through fast and unorthodox movements, often hand-to-hand but also known to incorporate smaller hand-held weapons, most notably knives. The style is loosely related to both Kung fu and Capoeira teachings, particularly in movement, though not limited to the arts.

    • Flicker - Punches thrown with great speed, launched with an unorthodox "flicking" motion, appear to disappear when launched.
    • Flicker Cut - A backhanded attack with "flicking" motion, finger nails aimed to slice, generally toward the eyes. The limb in question seems to disappear when used.
    • Phantom Touch - By expertly transferring power from the whole body upon contact, the user delivers an attack that may appear to have been executed with minimal effort, but has incredible destructive power behind it.
    • Phantom Clap - The user claps their hands together with great speed and force, creating a miniature sonic boom that can be used to temporarily stun opponents with particularly sensitive or acute hearing by affecting their auditory nerves.
    • Phantom Shot - The user delivers multiple attacks in quick succession, appearing only as one, but inflicting the damage of many.
    • Phantom Reach - The user launches an attack, instantly adjusting the body once the limb is extended, thus increasing the range immediately. Best used in close-combat.
    • Phantom Knife - With open hand and straightened fingers, the user can use their hand like a knife, stabbing into and piercing objects with great speed and strength. To a less effective level, it can be used to cut.
    • Phantom Blade - By slicing the air with great speed, with either weapon or limb, the user creates a projectile blade of air.
    • Phantom Push - An open palm thrust that pushes an opponent way, rather than focusing the power into one point for damage.
    • Phantom Impact - By hitting the air at incredible speed, a concussive force is projected in the direction aimed. When used with direct contact, the force is transferred through the point of contact, causing internal damage.
    • Phantom Smash - An incredibly powerful attack that creates a shockwave, capable of cracking ground and breaking metal.

    • Magic Step - A high-speed movement technique (Soru guidelines apply)
    • Illusion Step - The user, by mock stopping during movement, creates afterimages.
    • Trick Step - By using quick footwork while keeping the body steady, the user creates the illusion of instant movement.
    • Blur Step - By swaying the body extremely fast while moving, multiple versions of the user appear in the form of a blur.
    • Sky Step - Using incredibly quick footwork, the user can kick off air as it solid ground.
    • Magic Slip - The user relaxes the body and mind, entering an almost trance-like state, allowing for them to avoid attacks with relative ease.
    • Phantom Slip - The user moves their body upon a blunt object making contact, lessening damage while appearing to take the impact.
    • Illusion Feint - Using incredibly high speed feints, the user can create a momentary visible image of the feint, like an extended afterimage.
    • Thruster - The user is able to use their speed by up to 50% by using their Mera Mera no Mi powers.

    • Redirection - The user is capable of using his hands to expertly redirect incoming objects at high speed, even toward the direction it originated.
    • Cutting Potential - The user can increase the cutting potential of an object by moving it at incredible speed.
    • Feint Master - The user is capable of extremely skilled feints, and also seeing through feints.
    • Observation - Through keen observation, the user can track muscle movements to aid in combat, often applied to countering.
    • Magic Aim - The user is able to throw objects with great precision and power.
    • Momentum - The user's speed increases the destructive power of all attacks and techniques.

    • Knives - Various knives designed for efficiently cutting and slicing.
    • Pistol - Flintlock .44 caliber 6 shot revolver
    • Flavour Dial - Used to store smells and aromas, along with other types of gas. [Oxygen]
    • Reject Dial - A stronger version of the Impact Dial.
    • Thunder Dial [x2] - Stores and releases electricity.
    • Water Dial [x2] - Stores and releases liquid. [Water]
    • Cold Dial - Stores and releases cold energy.
    • Flash Dial - Stores and releases an extremely bright light.
    • Lamp Dial - Stores and releases light.
    • Vision Dial - Stores and replays visual recordings.
    • Breath Dial - Stores and releases air-currents.
    • Jet Dial - Stores and releases a burst of air at great speed.
    • Milky Dial - Stores and releases clouds. [Blue Sea]
    • Ball Dial - Produces ball shaped clouds. [Blue Sea]
    • Wind Knot - A length of rope that releases wind when untied.
    • Kairoseki Daggers - Dual daggers tipped with seastone.
    • Kairoseki Chest - A small chest made of seastone.
    • Kairoseki - A chunk of seastone.
    • Enhanced Optics - Night, infrared, zoom, and ultraviolet vision.
    • BOGO Coupon - Buy One Get One
    • Yggdrasil Flashdrive - Information about Yggdrasil and Devil Fruits.
    • Virus Flashdrive Virus capable of hacking most systems.
    • Vivre Card - Boss Lady's Vivre Card.
    • Unknown Material - Tennis ball chunk of material stronger than diamond.
    • Custom Material - Small piece of custom material.
    • Bakumetal Weapon - A metal shape-memory alloy weapon.
    • Laser Gun - A high elemental grade weapon.
    • High Elemental Grade Weapon - Currently unused.
    • Sorcery Clima-Tact - The Perfect Clima-tact is upgraded into Nami’s post-time skip clima-tact using the most advanced Weatherian technology. It is also tipped and lined with seastone.
    • Mask of Maniae - A mask that was cursed by the madness of it's creator. It grants immense physical prowess to its wearer (RP'd, not stat gain), far beyond their usual limits, including enhanced healing, but at the cost of sanity. The longer the mask is worn, the more corrupt the mind becomes, losing all sense of reality. Thus, it can only be worn for brief periods of time, being both mentally and physically draining, and the effects are immediate.
    • Blade of Mercy - A Saijo O Wazamono Grade blade, similar in length to a shortsword, though technically a dagger. This blade separates into two differently shaped daggers. It is know for incredible lightness, while not sacrificing strength or durability.
    • Chikage - A cursed Saijo O Wazamono Grade katana. The curse produces a deadly poison to secrete from the blades, it causes paralysis to spread throughout the body, which if not treated eventually reaches the heart and causes death. Blood is taken from the user to create said poison, so it is just as dangerous for the user to wield. It is activated by the user cutting themselves and is then absorbed through the hilt.

    A baby dragon, named Pyro, hatched from the strange egg. It has the ability to produce and spew fire. It is quite rebellious, often acting out and causing problems.[*]Sandai Kitetsu - The Sandai Kitetsu is one of the Wazamono grade swords, a "Sharp Sword". Like all of its predecessor Kitetsu swords, this one is said to be cursed. Sandai Kitetsu has a sharp edge, making it easier to use for cutting. It does, however, seem to be bloodthirsty and wants to make the user's arm slash without their direction.[*]Bakumetal Armour - A full set of Bakumetal grade armour.

    Custom Exotic Seeds:
    • Midori Boshi: Smoke Blossom - This Pop Green sprouts into a large flower that emits a wide area of thick smoke to cover the surrounding area. This smoke makes it difficult for anyone to see through it and makes for excellent cover.
    • Midori Boshi: Seed Gun Pod - This seed sprouts a small plant pod that spits seeds at their target. These seeds move at a high rate and can be mistaken for bullets. This plant is quite fragile and will be easily destroyed if attacked.
    • Midori Boshi: Snow Pea-shooter - Similar to the Seed Gun pod it also spits seeds at it's target, though it has a slower fire rate due to its added effect. These seeds have a chilling effect when they make contact. While a single seed can only cause mild frost bite at best, when the Snow Pea-shooter manages to land multiple hits it has a chance to freeze things.
    • Midori Boshi: Pincushion - This thorny plant launches it's thorns at it's prey in a rapid fire. It only has moderate range and is quite fragile overall, but if one is not careful they could find themselves full of thorns very quickly.
    • Midori Boshi: Lava Piranha - A plant that can live in lava. The piranha has the ability to spew fire and is quite immune, in turn, to it. The plant also has intelligence, albeit horribly fiery and hot tempered as it screams and shouts with crass language.
    • Midori Boshi: Malbroro - A pop green which sprouts into a massive thing of vines that rots with bacteria, toxins, and plague. With razor teeth it eats foes, and with bad breath it stuns them. The poison of the Malbroro's breath has many, multiple symptoms that can be resisted with a high enough constitution, but are too numerous to be immunized against save for those truly unaffiliated by disease, poison, or simply foul air.

    Pop Greens:
    • Midori Boshi: Trampolia
    • Midori Boshi: Take Javelin
    • Midori Boshi: Boaty Banana
    • Midori Boshi: Rafflesia


    General Information
    Epithet: The Major
    Affiliation: Marines
    Class: Devil Fruit Class
    Devil Fruit: Fuwa Fuwa no Mi
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Date of Birth: September 20th
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 210lbs
    Character Personality:
    Character History:

    Character Statistics
    Character Statistics
    Strength Attribute: 61
    Agility Attribute: 61
    Vitality Attribute: 100
    Devil Fruit Mastery: 100
    Observation Haki: 41
    Fighting Style: 41

    Total: 404

    Profession Statistics

    Abilities & Powers
    Devil Fruit

    The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to levitate themselves and non-living things into the air.

    Custom techniques:

    Fighting Style:
    Rokushiki is a special, superhuman martial arts style. The strength of a Rokushiki user is measured by Doriki, which Fukuro can use his "Te-awase" to calculate with. The higher the level, the stronger each technique's potency becomes.

    Unlocked Techniques: Soru, Geppo, Kami-e, Tekkai, Shigan, Rankyaku
    Proficiencies: Soru, Tekkai, Shigan


    General Information
    Name: Johan Weismann
    Epithet: Doctor of Death
    Affiliation: Ironbeard Pirates
    Occupation: Doctor
    Class: Profession
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Bounty: 100,000,000
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 38
    Date of Birth: December 3rd
    Height: 6'6
    Weight: 172lbs
    Character Personality: Dr. Weismann is a man of extremely high intellect and eccentricity.
    Character History:

    Character Statistics
    Character Statistics
    Strength Attribute: 30
    Agility Attribute: 60
    Vitality Attribute: 60
    Profession: 100
    Fighting Style: 100

    Total: 350

    Profession Statistics
    Profession: Mad Scientist/Inventor
    Biology ★★★★★
    Chemistry ★★★★★
    Physics ★★★★★
    Engineering ★★★★
    Gadgetry ★★★★
    Genetics ★★★★
    Medicine ★★★★
    Psychology ★★★★

    Abilities & Powers
    Fighting Style
    Doctor Gadget

    Dr. Weismann excels in using his large array of gadgets, inventions, and experiments effectively in combat.

    • Weapon Theorist - The user, through extensive knowledge of weaponry and the human body, is able to apply theory into practical use. This does not mean the user is a master of combat, however, as they are still restricted by their physical ability and experience.
    • Mechanical Control - The user, through extensive knowledge of mechanics and robotics, can effectively use most forms of machinery. Theory and application are not always the same, however, as the user must have the physical capability to achieve the desired outcome.
    • Behavioural Conditioning - The user can command animals trained through conditioning to complete basic instructions. This does not allow complete control over them by any means, but through studying their behaviour patterns can be created, and positive and negative reinforcement applied to manipulate actions.


    General Information
    Name: Hope Quinzel
    Affiliation: Crazy Cage Pirates
    Class: Fighting Style Class
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Bounty: 100,000,000
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: March 15th
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 140lbs
    Character Personality: Hope is at once psychotic and playful. Despite being a proven killer, capable of firing a sniper rifle and large mallet as her weapon of choice, she enjoys sugary products and exhibits childlike mannerisms at times. She is in love with Jack Verde.
    Character History:
    Beli: 0

    Character Statistics
    Character Statistics
    Strength Attribute: 81
    Agility Attribute: 61
    Vitality Attribute: 100
    Fighting Style: 75 (60+15)

    Vitality Perk: The user's immune system has advanced to the point of having unnaturally high resistance to all forms of poisons, toxins, and venom.

    Total: 300 (+15 Fighting Class Bonus)

    Profession Statistics
    Profession: Magician's Assistant
    Weaponry: ★★
    Acrobatics: ★★
    Psychology: ★★

    Abilities & Powers
    Fighting Style
    Mercenary Arts

    Mercenary Arts is a fighting style that revolves around all aspects of combat, making the user a highly trained killing machine. The lack of aspect focus means it may not truly excel in any one area, but it makes up for that in efficiency and versatility. Hand-to-hand combat the main focus, the style still incorporates various weaponry and firearms.

    • Smash - An incredibly powerful attack that creates a shockwave, capable of cracking ground and breaking metal.
    • Knife - With open hand and straightened fingers, the user can use their hand like a knife, stabbing into and piercing objects with great speed and strength. To a less effective level, it can be used to cut.
    • Axe - Leg raised up, the user brings it down with great destructive force, heel aimed to damage.
    • Tap - By expertly transferring power from the whole body upon contact, the user delivers an attack that may appear to have been executed with minimal effort, but has incredible destructive power behind it.
    • Reach - The user launches an attack, instantly adjusting the body once the limb is extended, thus increasing the range immediately. Best used in close-combat.
    • Push - An open palm thrust that pushes an opponent way, rather than focusing the power into one point for damage.
    • Force - By hitting the air at incredible speed, a concussive force is projected in the direction aimed. When used with direct contact, the force is transferred through the point of contact, causing internal damage.
    • Drill - With or without weapon, the user thrusts their hand forward, adding rotation to drastically improve penetrative force.
    • Cannon - The user performs a circular swing that launches a compressed air projectile spiralling towards the target with great penetrative power.
    • Slash - By slicing the air with great speed, with either weapon or limb, the user creates a projectile blade of air.
    • Gust - The user creates a powerful gust of wind through slashing.
    • Spin - The user spins at incredible speed, with or without weapon, creating a vortex of air to deflect incoming attacks and can be use offensively.
    • Bullet - The user thrusts their weapon forward with incredible speed, launching compressed air bullets at a target as if shot from a gun. It can be used in rapid succession.
    • Clap - The user claps their hands together with great speed and force, creating a miniature sonic boom that can be used to temporarily stun opponents with particularly sensitive or acute hearing by affecting their auditory nerves.
    • Disperse - A powerful thrust that creates explosive force at the tip, capable of dispersing the air to block incoming attacks, such as airblades or physical attacks.
    • Point - The user focuses all strength onto one point, increasing power significantly. Generally used for weapon breaking.
    • Draw - The user is capable of quickly drawing any weapon at incredible speed.
    • Flurry - The user launches a flurry of slashes with immense speed.
    • Claw - The user creates four parallel slashes appearing in one motion, either armed or unarmed.
    • Beam - The user slashes the air and propels a beam-shaped cut at the enemy. The cut is able to bounce off the air on sharp angular turns, and appears with a sharp point at the front of the attack.
    • Twist - The user thrusts the weapon forward with great speed, wiggling the thrusting hand during the technique, creating the illusion the blade wriggles and bends, making it hard to defend against.
    • Curve - Through expert flicking of the wrist, the user is capable of curved trajectory of ranged attacks, such as bullets of blades of air.
    • Burn - The user slashes their opponent with incredible speed. After slashing them, the friction causes the wound to bursts into flames.
    • Defence - The user flexes their muscles to harden them, significantly increasing defence, but limiting mobility.

    • Dash - A high-speed movement technique (Soru guidelines apply)
    • Copy - The user, by mock stopping during movement, creates afterimages.
    • Blur - By swaying the body extremely fast while moving, multiple versions of the user appear in the form of a blur.
    • Flight - Using incredibly quick footwork, the user can kick off air and water as if solid ground.
    • Flow - The user relaxes the body and mind, entering an almost trance-like state, allowing for them to avoid attacks with relative ease.
    • Slip - The user moves their body upon a blunt object making contact, lessening damage while appearing to take the impact.
    • Roll - The user is able to roll expertly to reduce any damage from landing.

    • Marksmanship - The user is extremely skilled in long range combat.
    • Feint Master - The user is capable of extremely skilled feints, and also seeing through feints.
    • Observation - Through keen observation, the user can track muscle movements to aid in combat, often applied to countering.

    • Knives - Standard hunting knives.
    • Pistol - Flintlock .44 caliber 6 shot revolver.
    • Spoon - Basic metal spoon.
    • Brass Knuckles - Pair of metal knuckle weapons.
    • Metal Wire - A length of thin yet sturdy metal wire.
    • Ice Pick - A standard ice pick.
    • Burn Blade - A dial-powered weapon.
    • Eisen Dial + Blue Sea Dial - Stores and releases iron cloud that can form into different shapes.
    • Milky Dial + Blue Sea Dial - Stores and releases clouds.
    • Kairoseki [x2] - A chunk of seastone.
    • Pacifista Plated Baseball Jacket - An external armour of Pacifista metal crafted into a Parka coat.
    • Shotgun Bat - A Bakumetal baseball bat that also functions as a shotgun. When a button is pressed and the handle twisted, the top end of the bat opens up to reveal the barrel.

    "Every living creature on Earth dies alone."


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    General Information
    "Mercenary" Stitch
    Stitch is a well known mercenary & assassin that until recently was particularly active in Paradise. He is usually employed by regimes in order to eliminate threats, such as potential rebels, when World Government assistance stagnates or doesn't have sufficient evidence to get involved. However, there have been incidents where he has been employed to assassinate monarchs or leaders of their respective countries. This suggests that coin is his pure motivation, and the highest bidder in a conflict will attain his services. Because of this, both the World Government and the Revolutionary Army consider him a threat for their agendas, making him a chaotic neutral in the political landscape. That being said, after having a rather successful run in his area of expertise, albeit brief, Stitch has reached the New World in order to embrace piracy. Where this journey leads him remains to be seen, however.

    • Name: Stitch
    • Epithet: Mercenary
    • Affiliation: n/a
    • Occupation: Pirate
    • Bounty: 100,000,000
    • Race: Human
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 31
    • Height: 260 cm
    • Weight: Thin

    Stitch is very thin and tall in stature, which gives an overall gangling appearance. He has long, shaggy, straw-colored blond hair and his face is usually concealed by a white, porcelain mask, with a green-colored triangle on its lower half, slits for eye-holes and an unusual symbol etched into the top. His attire consists of a sleeveless black shirt, matching pants, complete with a waist-guard, and striped wrist and leg-guards. He also wears bandages around his neck.

    [Under Construction]

    [Under Construction]

    Total Points: 400
    Spent Points: 400
    • STR: 20
    • AGI: 100
    • VIT: 70
    • DF: 100 - Awakened
    • COA: 110 - Limit Break

    Devil Fruit
    The Ito Ito no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate strings, making the user a String Human. It was eaten by Stitch. The user is bestowed with the power to generate and control white, wafer-thin, razor sharp strings attachable to seemingly any surface (even non-solid targets such as clouds) from seemingly any part of the own body (even the innards), though mostly seen protruding from the palms and fingertips, for many diverse purposes, such as manipulating peoples movements, in a way reminiscent of how puppeteers control puppets, by connecting the strings to their spines, swiping the strings to slice through things like body parts and weapons similar to piano wire or monomolecular wire, attaching them to clouds for aerial transportation, and creating masses of bundled-up, compressed strings for various constructs such as ropes usable as whips, bullets, clones, a humongous cage-like force field or a massive spider web defense. Generally, it is unknown if there is a limit to the length and quantity of the strings producible. Stitch himself calls his Devil Fruit powers versatile. Apart from that, the strings can be imbued with Busou-shoku no Haki, increasing their strength and allowing them to bypass Devil Fruit-based defenses, such as a Logia's intangibility. The strings possess such enormous durability and tensile strength that extremely few things and people can cut, tear or otherwise damage them. At the same time, the strings' thinness makes it almost impossible to see them with the unaided eye, making it extremely difficult to avoid their path. The sharpness of the Ito Ito no Mi's strings is such that Stitch can cut through the flesh and bone of a giant, firearms, and reinforced concrete with ease, all without even being enhanced with Busou-shoku no Haki. Additionally, if "awoken", the Ito Ito no Mi's power also allows the consumer to transmute parts of the surrounding area like the ground and buildings into strings as well, something which makes it no longer resemble the powers of a "mere" Paramecia.


    Parasite:Stitch attaches his strings onto his targets' spines at the base of the neck and manipulates their movements like marionettes; usually, only single strings attach to them, at least when more than one is targeted. The controlled can still control their head, but everything below the neck is manipulated by Stitch, as seen when the controlled are still able to talk and make their own facial expressions, which contradicts their forced actions. Although Indra is commonly seen moving his fingers in a similar manner to how a marionettist manipulates a marionette while controlling people (it visually mimics the marionette cross with a few alterations (both middle and pinky fingers are extended while the index and the ring finger are curved back at the upper digits while the thumb sticks out)), it is not necessary, due to the fact that he can control many individuals at the same time (which also means that Stitch does not have to concentrate on the control(s) at all) and he can even control with both hands in his pockets. While just barely visible, the strings used with this technique are so strong that they can completely and instantly disable the likes of the physically extremely strong individuals, even keeping his victims trapped floating mid-air.
    Not usable on PCs unless with consent.

    Goshikito: Stitch swipes his hand to slash his target with five strings coming out from his fingers. By crossing two Goshikito together, Stitch can form a net-formation.

    Overheat: Stitch shoots a thick rope made of condensed strings from his palm and whips it at the target. Overheat's range can go on for kilometres and is strong enough to cut through a building at that range.

    Tamaito: Stitch points at his opponent with his index finger and fires a small bundle of strings from it, as if he were firing a gun; he can shoot multiple rounds from both hands simultaneously. The attack's power and effect are similar to Shigan, but it has the advantage of the longer range of a normal gun.

    Black Knight: Stitch forms a clone of himself made entirely out of compressed strings. Stitch has great skill in manipulating his clone to orchestrate combined attacks with his real body, such as a double Goshikito, or unravel it for use of Torikago. The clone is very physically strong. Finally, since the clone consists entirely of strings, it does not feel pain and nor does it carry physical pain back to Stitch.

    Fulbright: Stitch creates five detached strings from his hand and throws them downwards to impale his target from above.

    Itonoko: Stitch creates a string from the heel of his foot and attaches the other end to his leg. Holding the opponent down with his arms, he then uses the taut string as a saw to sever the opponent's limb. The produced cut is rather jagged, making it very hard to reattach any severed limbs.

    Athlete: Stitch attaches several long strings to his foot and kicks his opponents, cutting them.

    Break White: Stitch creates two large, thick sheets of string that wrap around his opponent and crush them.

    Off White: Stitch creates two large masses of strings from the ground near him before swiping at an opponent with them.

    Billow White: Stitch turns several buildings into towering masses of strings before sending them at an opponent.

    Ever White: Stitch kneels and touches the ground with his hands before turning a vast amount of the surrounding area into string.

    Flap Thread: Stitch condenses the vast amount of string from Ever White into countless points before sending them at his opponent in the formation of two wings. He likens this technique to "a thousand arrows".

    God Thread: Stitch summons sixteen thick strings which he refers to as "holy ammunition" and sends them at his opponent in a piercing formation. It is his strongest offensive technique.

    Sora no Michi: Stitch attaches his strings to clouds, allowing him to move through the air.

    Torikago: Stitch's ultimate technique. He exudes immense amounts of strings from the center of a palm or a previously created string construct like a string clone, unravelling it, which shoot high into the sky as a concentrated beam. When high enough, they diverge to rain down to all sides in an umbrella-like fashion to cover a large area, even a whole island, creating a gargantuan, razor-sharp wire-domed force field, slicing absolutely everything that passes through it, from cutting physical things to even severing such immaterial things as the signals of Den Den Mushi to the outside. The singular bars are incredibly strong, with even multiple mountain-sized meteorites being unable to dent them, let alone breach through them. Generally, the Torikago is Stitch's last resort for any desperate situation where he cannot allow anyone in the area to escape, such as if a debtor is trying to run away. The Torikago will remain standing as long as Stitch is conscious and, should he desire, he can cause the cage to slowly but surely close in, eventually cutting anything inside apart. Stitch can freely control the shrinking rate. The cage does not contract towards its original center point: instead, it slowly converges on Stitch's position as it shrinks. With enough physical force, the Torikago's advancement can be halted for a brief duration. Logically, one can also escape the Torikago if one is immune to cutting damage.

    Kumo no Sugaki: A defensive technique. As the name implies, Stitch creates a huge web made of string that protects him from incoming projectiles. He can layer them on top of one another.

    Shufuku Sagyo: Stitch uses his strings to stitch together his internal organs have they been injured, acting as a rudimentary form of first aid; however, this is only a temporary measure as this does not heal him, just minimizes further damages.

    Yamārashi: A variation of Bullet String. Instead of shooting a single string from the tip of a finger, Stitch shoots an army of many strings from the entirety of his body, blowing holes into everything in a 360 radius for as far as the strings can reach. This makes approaching Stitch very difficult.

    Torikago Shōheki: A variation of Birdcage. Instead of forming an island-sized Birdcage, Stitch can form a house-sized Birdcage that serves as a defensive barrier. Since the amount of strings remains the same, but is used to form something much smaller, the gaps between the strings are nigh non-existent, making it a dome of safety, save for when dealing with things that can slip through the minuscule gaps, like gases.

    Parasaito no Ten no Ningyō: Stitch attaches/wraps thin, nigh invisible strings to/around his body parts and uses them to control his own body like a puppet. This allows him to keep on fighting even after his body alone can no longer bear it. It should be noted that while this is useful for bypassing things such as paralysis, torn tendons and broken bones, it is not a solution for loss of consciousness, for Stitch has to be conscious to actively control the strings and consequently his body parts. Requires concentration.

    Shīrudo: Stitch can intertwine his strings to create a mesh screen in a blink of an eye to block bullets, punches, and pretty much anything else. This is a smaller, more compressed and quicker version of Kumo no Sugaki.

    Dōmu: Stitch causes strings to swirl around him constantly, cutting up anyone that comes too close.

    String Armor: Stitch can generate string from his body engulfing himself in them from head to toe forming an extremely sturdy armor. The unique thing about the armor is that it's almost impossible to notice that he is wearing it due to it being based on his string clone technique. The colors match the colors he is wearing perfectly. This armor also makes him immune to electricity based attacks being strings are not a conductor.
    Credits for this technique go to BBomb.

    Torikago; Ordeal of String: This technique is a variation of Torikago. Stitch doesn't use Parasite on a large scale but instead places long strands of string throughout a large area. Travelers through the area are slowly entangled in the string, and do not notice it until they can no longer move. Stitch is free to finish them off afterward, being the only one capable of maneuvering his trap. This technique can also be used to accelerate the speed and scale at which Stitch can use other techniques, due to all the strings laying around and ready to use.

    White Falcon: Stitch's other strongest offensive technique, just as strong as God Thread. He creates a falcon out of strings and sends it at an opponent. The falcon is connected to Stitch through strings and can thus be controlled in flight. Its piercing power as it plows through enemies with its beak is on par with God Thread. If needed, the falcon can be unraveled in a near-hit situation, rapidly cutting up everything in the area. Alternatively, if the falcon is unravelled, the strings can be used to bind.

    Black Knighties: Instead of creating a real-sized clone of himself, Stitch creates up to ten Dwarf-sized clones of himself. The downside to this technique is that the clones cannot serve as a distraction due to the obvious size difference, but the upside is that they can attack from all directions and overwhelm an opponent with nimble flight and small size.

    White Titan: Stitch creates strings out of his entire body and forms them into a Titan. His real body remains inside the titan, controlling its every action. The strings that make up the Titan's body can be unravelled for attacks. The Titan can also dual-wield Overheats.

    Stitch has one of the strongest Hakis in the world, which only adds to enhance his strings.

    Busou-shoku; Reactive Armor: Stitch has trained his Busou-shoku no Haki to the point where he can activate it on reflex, so that he can protect himself even when he doesn't see the attack coming.

    Busou-shoku; Edge: Stitch has trained his Busou-shoku no Haki to the point where he can make an edge of Haki thinner than any physical sword's edge. This allows him to increase the cutting potential of his strings.

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    Spoiler: Marcus

    Spoiler: general info
    Name: Marcus Silvers Russo
    Epithet: "Laughing Phantom"
    Affiliation: Crazy Cage Pirates
    Occupation: Freeloader/vice-captain
    Devil Fruit: none
    Class: Haki
    Bounty: 380mil
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 23
    Date of Birth: 5th Feb
    Height: 1.95m/ 6.5ft
    Weight: 85kg/ 187lb
    Money: 750k

    Spoiler: stats

    Total: 500
    Strength Attribute: 40
    Agility Attribute: 120 (limit break)
    Vitality Attribute: 75
    FS Mastery: 85
    COA: 100 + 25 (limit break)
    CoO: 80+20 (conq haki unlocked from quest done in crew ic)

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Spoiler: normal look

    Spoiler: phantom look

    Spoiler: History
    Originally born into a noble family in North Blue, Marcus joined up with a gang hoodlums that were somehow considered a police force. After the force had been disolved due to being an eye sore, Marcus set out at sea, becoming a pirate so he could continue dooing whatever he wanted, never even considering ending up a noble, instead prefering to be a scoundrel.

    Spoiler: Personality
    a bit eccentric( translation, prone to doing crazy things) self centered,narcisist, nihilist, often sarcastic. saddistic, "weak" to attractive women, completely erases the the existance of ugly women unless they're dangerous.

    Spoiler: Weapons
    Spoiler: basic stuff

    Bladed poker cards: a deck of poker cards which are sharp like knives. The bladed cards are made out of a strong aluminum(tougher then normal aluminum but keeps the advantages)

    A bright colored laughing gas: Hidden as normal juggling balls.(doesn't burn/ignite) (max of 5)

    Explosive Balls: disguised as normal juggling balls but these ones explode.

    Throwing knives,Lighter,thin sharp wires and a sea stone Dagger.

    flutter kick coating.

    darwin bark spider silk armour clothing: 10x tougher then kevlar

    high grade gadget blueprint

    messiah's hat

    strange egg(hatched a cow)

    chunk of seastone

    Spoiler: dials

    Spoiler: pop greens
    Midori Boshi - Sargasso
    Fires a Pop Green at a target, which then explodes into an array of resilient seaweed, strong enough to delay an avalanche of rock and earth.

    Midori Boshi - Devil
    A Pop Green that creates a large Venus Flytrap which attacks enemies. In addition to being able to eat enemies with its large mouth, it can ensnare those nearby with its vines.

    Spoiler: Light Reaver

    Weapon: Rank 3 Scythe

    Ability: Light Eater: The pitch black blade draws in light creating an optical illusion which gives the impresion as if it eat's light/emits darkness. (visual effect only)

    Telescopic Handle: the handle of the scytche is elastic and can strech(think whip sword) , can also be split apart into pieces for easier transportation(think nami staff)

    Arhaic Symbols: On the side of the blade there are strange symbols etched within the side of the blade, these symbols are coated in seastone. Not being near the edge means that the sharpness ain't affected yet the sea stone can still be used vs DF users by hitting with the side of the scytche.

    Hidden Blade: At the end of the handle there is a hidden blade designed to turn a normally blunt strike from the end of the handle into a piercing one if the user so desires.

    History: A copy of a cursed weapon, but being a fake means that the curse is fake which in turn also means it's power is fake as well.

    Spoiler: Inferno Skates
    Inferno Skates: Air Treks that store and release heat. These can also "fly" for short amounts of time by riding air currents or releasing heating but they can't maintain flight for long periods of time. wheels can withdraw inside to turn the skate into a normal boot.

    Spoiler: moon gloves
    moon gloves: ability to absorb or release light, either in a constat slow stream or a rapid burst like a laser. backhand coated with sea stone

    Spoiler: Plasma Gun
    plasma gun: a hand gun that is able to shoot plasma bullets which can pierce through any armour. Has a faster fire rate and projectile speed then normal guns. Contains water,jet and thunder dial as fuel source.

    Spoiler: Phantom Soul(FS)
    Inspired by Tai Chi and Taoism. Uses Haki since i substituted the "chi" with haki in some cases due to the universe.

    Spoiler: Actives
    One Mind, One Body: Having understood the ways of the human body and mind, Marcus is able to alter his movements in order to create illusions/afterimages and the like. (previously aproved under the phantom and illusiory techs)

    Energized movement: Focusing on the body's natural energy(kinetic), the user is able to speed up his body or a single part, increasing speed and damage based on agi. If used as movement technique has soru limitations. (previously approved under blur teches)

    Universal Conection: the sterotypical long range wind blade/blast attack with a fancy name.

    Flowing Opposition: Based on the taoist concept of non-action, rather then opposing an attack, the user "goes along with" said attack in order to nulify/minimize damage. Doesn't work on all attack types (can throw yourself back with a punch in order to avoid the damage but can't exactly do the same with a blade). (Previously approved under phantom defense)

    Yin-Yang: an alternation of the "Flowing Opposition", rather then trying to negate the force of the incoming attack, the user takes the force into his body and redirects back at the opponent while also adding his own. (previously approved under phantom counter).

    Deflection: Using one's Chi to interact the enviroment, the user is able to deflect even non tangible things. (saw the admirals blocking whitebeard's shockwave with haki so should be doable)

    Meditation: User goes into a meditative state in order to speed up recovery, cannot move while doing so.

    Ambient Energy: Ability to use add one's surroundings to the attack (if used underwater add water to it, if used on surface aid air, that sort of thing).

    OpenMind: User enters a "zen mode" which clears his mind of any distraction increasing his focus and reaction time. (previously approved on both kat and marcus).

    Phantom Mode: User shroud's himself in a cloack that increases defensive and offensive ability. Marcus' body and movement become much more fluid, seemingly more akin to a shadow/shade/phantom then a human being(think an enhanced kami-e version. My version of zoro's Asura).

    Spoiler: Passives
    Retribution: Uses opponent's own weight/strenght against them in order to throw them off balance.

    Movement Mastery: User has learnt to cut out any unnecesary movements, thus saving energy and time in his actions.

    0 Movement: Ability to strike at full power with minimal movement.

    Wu-Wei: Taoism's fundemental concept of non-action, by observing and waiting for the oprtune moment, the user is less likely to fall for feints and counters while his own counters are much more likely to succed.

    Pressure Points: Due to the knowledge of the human body acquired from the martial art, the user is very familiar with pressure points and other such weak spots on the human body.

    Form Mastery: ability to change the damage type(blunt/pierce/slice/shockwave/combination) of your attacks based upon the method of delivery.

    Spoiler: Items
    Darkness and Light: combining the "darkness" aspect of his scythe with the light of his gloves, Marcus is able to enhance his optical illusion ability's

    Mirage: Marcus uses the heat from his skates to distort images

    Image Projection:with the help of his illusiory skills, heat(boots) and light(gloves), Marcus is able to project an image unto an open space or surface in order to confuse opponents.

    Flame Burst: Suddenly releases a large burst of flames/heat from the skates, can be used to rapidly propel himself

    Laser Lens: Using the mirage technique to form a lense of sorts in combination with the burst light release of his gloves allows marcus to shoot a laser.

    Spoiler: Haki Tech
    Will Sense(coo custom): user is able to sense left over amounts of "will" on the objects that came in contact with powerful individuals, can even sense killing intent on said object. previously approved on Marcus.

    Haki Aura(CoA custom) Instead of "painting" the users body in haki(like luffy or vergo) the haki freely "flows" around the users body like an aura(aesthetics only so far). The users haki can "turn solid" preventing undesired things from coming in contact with the body unless they are able to penetrate the haki. Due to the fluidic nature of this haki, the user is able to focus all of his haki only in the desired area without having to coat the rest of the body(think gaara’s sand shield). Previously approved on Kat

    Chi Blade(CoA Custom) User focuses some of his chi on his hand to form a blade/weapon. Can alter length up to a meter. Can alter shape of weapon at will(claws, swords, daggers, whatever). Can Dual wield.
    Spoiler: inspiration

    Spoiler: Other Abilities

    Silver Haki: Doesn't do anything except change the color of haki from black to silver.

    Spoiler: prof
    10 free
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    Spoiler: Crystal

    Name: Crystal NightRoad
    Affiliation: CRS
    Role: Dancer
    Devil Fruit: Vampire MZ
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 21

    Stats 406

    Strength Attribute: 50 +20
    Agility Attribute: 80 +20
    Vitality Attribute: 55 +30
    FS: 45
    DF: 100(perk)
    COA: 75

    Character Personality: one way to find out

    Spoiler: appearance

    Character Weapons:

    Devil Fruit Abilities: Vampire MZ
    Stat Bonus 1-1-2
    Spoiler: custom

    Draining Strikes: Rather then bitting or grabbing hold and fully draining the target in one go, the user slowly drains the target with a bunch of repetead attacks.

    Life Force Absorption: the ability to "use up" life force in order to rapidly recover, can use own life force.

    Life Force Infusion: By using Life Force into corpses, the user is able to raise undead minions. The risen minions power is that which they had while alive. Minions retain their previous personality but are obidient to the user. Minions can be destroyed by using up their life force(bunch of small wounds) or destroying the body (one big ass attack).

    Shroud of Confusion: Rather then the usual cloacking, the shroud disguises the user by changing appearance.

    Wing Point: Increases size and toughness of wings while also making its edges razor sharp. Loses claws and fangs.

    Talon Point: Stronger claws and fangs, looses wings.

    Sound Point: Enhances the hearing ability(unlocking ultrasound) but weakens sight

    Shroud Point: Extends the range and power of the shroud from selfusage to area usage. Can't steal lifeforce while in this form.

    Bat Point: User's wings turn into small bats that swarm around attacking and gathering life force. bats are mentally connected/controlled to user.(brick bat style)

    Awakened/Monster Point: Upon receiving a critical wound, the user goes into a bloodlust, instantly healing and activating all "points" for a short period of time without their drawbacks.

    Perk: adds a 1-1-1 to stat bonus.

    Fighting Style Abilities: will add later.

    Spoiler: Prof
    Dancing: 5
    Singing: 3

    Spoiler: Katarina's unused items

    two blades of meitou quality(rank3) coated on back with sea stone

    Frost Skates: a pair of AT just like crystal's but instead of it being focused on storing and releasing large bursts of wind, this one focuses on creating ice/liquid gas trough high pressure( so ice instead of wind skates). Just like Crystal's AT's these can also "fly" for short amounts of time by riding air currents but without Crystal's FS they can't maintain flight. The wheels can withdraw inside turning it into a normal boot.

    Tesla's Bracelet: a device that can absorb electricity(current or static) in order to create EM fields, it can be used to magnetize and electrically charge objects for short periods of time.
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    Spoiler: Ivan
    Spoiler: General info
    Name: Ivan Vakarian
    Epithet: "Fate"
    Affiliation: WG
    Occupation: CP0
    DF class: Giro_Giro_no_Mi
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Height: 1.90m
    Weight:70 kg

    Spoiler: Stats
    Strength Attribute: 35
    Agility Attribute: 100
    Vitality Attribute: 85
    FS: 65
    DF: 100
    Coa: 100 (Conq Haki unlocked from quest)

    Spoiler: Items
    Sniper Rifle, Revolver(normal), silencer

    Spoiler: Vasily Zaytsev
    Sniper Rifle and HandGun forms(bakumetal weapon)

    Rail Gun: The shoots are electricaly charged increasing their range,power,speed,etc through the use of electromagnetism, while also adding electric damage beside the normal bullet one. It can also absorb electricity from outside sources and store it for later use(thunder dial).

    Electric Charger: A self-winding clockwork device that generates electricity for the rail gun.

    Spoiler: Armour
    -Pacifista Base

    -Helmet equiped with a filter that automatically analizes and purifies the air.

    -Torso contains a life support sistem that allows for temporary survival under extreme conditions.

    -Arms include a dart shooter and self-propeled grenade laucnher

    -Legs include an automated storage unit and a EM shield(works as a short burst which repels attacks succeptible to EM, long cooldown)

    -Hands are equiped with Echo Gloves (gloves that can absorb kinetic energy(impact/reject dial like), but instead of releasing it back in a shockwave, it uses the energy to cause vibrations. Can create a sonic barrier by releasing the vibrations into the air, can also be used to shatter object trough resonance by grabing hold of said object and releasing the vibrations upon it.)

    -Feet contain: Air Trecks, which are simply 'self-propelled shoes equipped with powerful suspension, air cushion systems, and ultra small motors in the wheels'. The wheels exterior is made out diamond to increase its cutting power and resistance while the boot's exterior is coated in sea stone.The boots have a turbine/windmill system that allows it to absorb wind and add it to the users own power.
    Wheels can withdraw inside turning into a normal boot

    Spoiler: DF
    Peeping mind(canon)
    Tear Whale(canon)

    Vision "glases"(semi canon, as we only saw x-ray): after forming the "glases" with his fingers (one eye or both), user is no longer limited by the normal human vision spectrum (x-ray, infraed, night vision, whatever)

    All Seeing Eye: Ivan is able to "scan" a body/object with his vision in order to determine exactly where the weakest part is located. It can also detect old wounds, repairs, and other similar stuff like that.

    Information Scan: Ivan "scans" the object with his vision and learns the information about it(it will tell him their properties). PS backed by his proffesion.

    Tracing Eye: Due to the DF's incredible insight ability, the user is able to study an object and learn it's "history"(will be able to detect traces left behind by individuals who came in contact with it, more recent stronger trace). These traces are undetectable by any other means then the Giro

    Tear Bullet: User is able to use their own tears as bullets, if the tear is used to encapsule another bullet, then the power is greatly increased

    Tear Shield: similar to the whales but instead of attacking, used for blocking.

    Tear Weapon: User turns the tear into a weapon.

    Tear Gun: User "shoots" the target with his tears (the diference between tear gun and tear bullet is that the bullet tech requires a gun to be fired from.)

    Slow-motion vision: Ivan is able to view everything in slow motion( how slow depends on how much he focuses), this speeds up ONLY his vision, has no effect on his body speed.

    Image Projection: Ivan is able to project images from his mind onto any surface(think video projector style),air included, or into someones mind directly( telepathy sort of). The amount of turns this tech was in use equals the amount of turns Ivan has to wait untill he can use it again.

    Mimicry: using the giro's abilities, Ivan is able to learn every single detail about what happens in a body when a person uses a certain technique, down from the smallest muscle twitch to the electrical signals fired of by the nerves, this in turn allows Ivan to perfectly copy a person's technique after observing him do it. The technique's power is based on Ivan's own stats and Ivan must be physically capable of performing said technique, so anything DF related or cyborg tech required is impossible to mimic. Ivan does NOT learn the technique.

    Giro Perk Ascension: Ivan's eyes are able to see things most people arent even able to imagine, thus allowing Ivan to clearly see every single thing in it. (examples would be like seeing into the Doa dimension while its closed off, being able to see the ope's invisible slashes, etc. Another bonus is that it allows Ivan to mind read without directly touching people(however direct contact would let ivan bypass random thoughts more easily).

    Spoiler: FS
    Special Ops: A FS designed to train soldiers in handling all sorts of situation, includes both weapon usage and hand to hand.

    Master Marksman: The user's experience with guns has made it so that he is innately able to account for weather effects and other such distracting when shooting and is now able to shoot from any distance with perfect accuracy.
    Weapon Expertise: User is trained in using a variety of weapons.
    Camoflauge Knowledge: User is able to hide or detect hidden things/people with ease
    Rough Terrain Training: Having trained on roughed terain, the user is not hindered even in the sligthest when not in possesion of solid footing or finds himself with a sudden terrain change.
    Winter Island Legacy: Ivan seems to enjoy cold climates and is thus more resistant to it.

    Move Fast: When enganged in long sniper battles, changing location fast is esential, Ivan is well adapt at rapidly moving from one spot to another( soru restrictions)
    All range: Due to his DF, Ivan's shooting range is only limited by his gun, he is able to snipe with perfect accuracy from any range as long as the gun is strong enough to fire to said range.
    Pattern Recognition: As all snipers, Ivan is able to quickly distinquish and learn a person's subtle movements and uncouncious impulses, allowing him to somewhat predict where the target will move next.
    Joint Lock: ability to subdue an opponent, regardless of strenght, trough locking his joints and preventing his movement
    Aikido Throw: ability to throw an opponent of his feet by using his own strength against him.
    Rapid Reload: user reloading time is greatly decreased and is not able to reload in various exentric ways.
    Rapid Fire: a hail of bullets is rained down upon the target in rapid succesion, making it seem like there's more then one shooter
    BullsEye: user shoots several bullets at the exact same spot, usually used against though armor and other similar cases when 1 bullet aint enough to penetrate trough
    Ricoche Shot: user is able to bounce bullets off various surfaces and still retain accuracy and power.
    Sonic Barrier: releasing the vibrations into the air around the gloves, the user creates small sonic barriers around the hands(like small hand shields/bucklers)
    Shattering Grab:contact with weapons and other inorganic materials with result in the vibrations damaging/destroying said object based upon length of exposure, intensity of vibration and quality of said object.
    Vibrating Strike: Releasing the vibrations from the gloves while striking at the opponent causes damage to the inner ear upsetting balance.

    gyrating bullets: bullets are designed to spin after being fired increasing range and power, used on all bullet types
    armour piercing bullets: as name implies
    exploding bullets: bullets designed to be used agaisnt cyborgs and machines, explode on contact

    Corrosive Shot: a bullet with contains a capsule of one of the most corrosive agents known to man, the capsule breaks upon impact, releasing the agent upon the target. Will eat through anything exept plastic. (there's a similar acid in reality, flourhidic i think).

    shatter shot: a special bullet which can be set to vibrate at a certain frequency. The true destructive ability of this bullet is shown in combination with Ivan's devil fruit, first using his eyes to discern the target's natural resonating frequency then setting the bullet's value and firing it upon the target, resulting in the target area shattering through vibrations.

    splinter shot: bullet that explodes before hitting target, scatering into several pieces of shrapnel instead.
    inciendary Rounds: bullets set target ablaze.
    Cryo Rounds: bullets freeze target.

    Sonic Shot: A bullet that after being shotwould constantly emit a high frequency sound wave along its path, the sound waves would hinder/damage anyone caught inside them even if they blocked or dodge the bullet, especially effective against humans and other such organics due to inner ear damage and destroying balance.

    -Cryo: freezes
    -Incendiary: burns
    -Poison: Infects
    -Corosive: Corrodes/Melts
    -Sonic: Vibration Damage.

    Self-Propeled Grenades/Mini-Rockets:

    -Cryo: freezes affected area
    -Incediary: burns affected area
    -Corrosive: Melts/Corodes affected area
    -Sonic: Creates a sonic boom in the area that deals sonic damage
    -Shrapnel: release shrapnel in area in order to maximize damage against multiple targets.
    -Muggy Ball.

    Spoiler: Personality and History

    Personality: Strange, tends to slightly creep people off, self-justice:guided by his own morals he is just as likely to kill a pirate as he is a marine if he feels they were evil, the exact criteria for what exactly constitues good and evil in his mind has yet to be determined by others.

    History: Information about Ivan is scarce at best, nobody being able to trace his past more then a couple of years back and even then the information is little, he is suspected of being from a country not affiliated with the WG. After Ivan's dissapearance a while back, he has rejoined the WG under a secret identity working for the Cipher Poll.

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Spoiler: Prof
    Forbidden Knowledge:
    Cybernetics: 3
    unused: 6

    Other: Lip reading: self explained
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    Tornado Step: Creating splendid movements with the users feet and moving incredible fast the user can create tornadoes starting from the bottom up. The user must quickly move out of the way to escape the range of the tornado. This tornado is considered a miniature one compared to many tornadoes.

    Wind Step: The user can with intense concentration, make movements with his feet that will allow him to 'walk' in the air. To any normal person's eyes it will look like he is taking regular steps but he is in fact, making many tiny steps.

    Slash Step: With a swift movement with his feet through the air, he can create a sharp and powerful wind slash.
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    Basic Character Information

    Name: Lyn (short for Evelyn)
    Affiliation: Rooks & Kings
    Class: Fighting Style Class
    Occupation: Pirate
    Level: 320
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Bounty: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Race: (Half-)Fishman
    Age: ??
    As a half fishman her fish traits aren't quite as pronounced in her appearance. Furthermore due to her control over her body thanks to her mastery of Seimei Kikan she is capable of altering her appearance freely allowing her to make herself look entirely human.

    Height: 1.66
    She's whimsical and will often let her emotions influence her decisions as she prefers doing whatever seems the most interesting. At the same time she can also be calm and calculating trying to analyze situations to try and get the most out of it. Depending on her mood she can be kind and caring or ruthless and cold. She believes in survival of the fittest and that people should stand up for themselves if they want something rather than relying on others though this doesn't mean she won't help an ally or a friend. She's a bit sadistic and enjoys playing around with others.

    Lyn was born on a small island in West Blue. Her father had been a fishman pirate who had been terrorizing the area and had raped her mother. Her mother died giving birth to her while her father was captured and sent to Impel Down before she was even born. Her mother's family along with the other villagers resented her for what her father had done and wanted her dead. Her mother had made her family swear to not kill Lyn however so they took care of her for a few years. However their resentment didn't dissipate as time passed on and the other villagers started treating them worse and worse for taking care of her. In the end they could no longer take it and decided to do something else to get rid of her.

    They left Lyn on an uninhabited island not too far away. It wasn't due uninhabitated due to being too small but due to the wildlife being too dangerous. Still young they believed she'd die within days however using the abilities she had inherited from her father she managed to not get killed straight away. In the following years she learned how to control her body and the basics of haki as she went from barely staying alive to easily surviving. When she was sixteen a pirate ship stopped by. The pirates found her and offered her passage to get off the island and return to civilized society. Though she had little to no memories of that she was interested in her own kind and got on. However the first night after they left the island the pirates assaulted her though it ended in their demise. Having not left anyone alive she was alone on the ship with no idea how to navigate it. As the days passed drifting on the ocean the food ran out and after which she ate them to survive.

    After a few weeks she was found by a marine ship. Most of the men on board viewed her as a monster and wanted to kill her however their commander thought otherwise and let her on their ship. He would then teach her how to speak as she had long forgotten and how to read and write along with other basic subjects. She didn't have too much trouble learning and eventually became accepted by the crew as well. She was fairly strong and helped them though she never officially joined the marines. With time she started to gain feelings for the commander and they eventually became lovers.

    However this would come to an end when he received orders to kill a ship filled with civilians. Though he was not told why he couldn't believe that this was the right thing to do and instead of just disobeying the orders he went out of his way to help the civilians escape. In the end the marines quickly sent a force to complete the mission and punish him. Lyn went with civilians and brought them to safety however he was killed.

    After his death she wondered what she should do. She hesitated whether she should also join the marines or continue doing the right thing following his dieals but decided against it as that just wasn't the type of person she was. Disappearing for a time she trained to become stronger while also gaining connections to the underworld and would eventually join Ragnarok.

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength: 20
    Agility: 70
    Vitality: 50

    Seimei Kikan: 100 (80+20)
    Armaments Haki: 100

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons: None
    - Transparent Haki: When using Rank 3 or 4 Color of Armaments Haki Lyn can choose whether or not to make it black or keep it transparent so it isn't visible. This makes it incredibly difficult to tell when she's using higher ranking Armaments Haki or that she's even using it at all even when using CoO.
    - Cutting Wires: When using Rank 3 or 4 Haki to coat her hair she's able to give her hair a cutting effect allowing it to cut most materials. Her strong haki combined with her high level of proficiency in Life Return allow it to cut through most materials with ease.

    Seimei Kikan
    Enhanced Regeneration:
    As a master of Seimei Kikan Lyn doesn't just heal faster but also better. The increased regeneration speed isn't great and will only really be noticed with injuries that take weeks to heal. Overall Lyn heals about twice as fast as regular people. However the main point is that she heals better. Given enough time she can pretty much heal from anything even when it is normally not possible such as regenerating a limb.
    Complete Body Awareness:
    Mastering Seimei Kikan has allowed Lyn the ability to gain complete awareness of her body. This allows her to feel everything from the tips of her hair to her toes. It allows her to accurately judge the severity of injuries and the overall stae of her body. It also enables her to sense any foreign substances within her body such as poisons and viruses. Due to this sense she is also able to control the movements of her body perfectly allowing her to fight without making any unnecessary movements.

    Hair Manipulation
    The ability to control the user's hair. This includes allowing it to rapidly grow but also manipulating it's movements, color, strength and other atrributes such as texture. The hair can also retract. The speed and control of this ability are largely dependant on the user's skill. Lyn's mastery allows her to rapidly grow her hair to several times her length in mere moments while also allowing for rapid movements. Furthermore her control and ability to sense each hair allows her to control each one seperately. She can also strengthen her hair until it's durability is similar to that of steel.
    Crushing Grip
    Spider's Web
    Sky Web

    Nail Manipulation
    The ability to freely control the user's nails. Ca freely extend and retract them as well as manipulate their movement. The speed of this is determined by how skilled the user is with Seimei Kikan. Though the color can't be controlled freely the user can make the nails clear/transparent making them harder to see especially when moving at high speeds. The durability of the nails can be enhanced as well up to pacifista level. Furthermore they can also be made extreely sharp turning them into deadly weapons.
    Nail Shot
    Nail Snipe

    Focused Regeneration
    Lyn can further increase her recovery speed by focusing on it outside of combat. This requires quite a bit of energy forcing which has to be replenished by eating more food. The focus required is significant enough that it is unusable in combat and leaves her vulnerable to surprise attacks as it'll take longer for her to react. In return she can heal from injuries several times faster than normal.
    Lyn can enter a state of hybernation in which she regenerates even faster by focusing all her energy on healing. Requires her to store energy beforehand for it to be more effective. Furthermore it leaves her even more vulnerable than Focused Regeneration because even if she wakes up before the attack for some time after waking up her reaction speed and movement speed will be significantly lowered.
    Blood Generation
    Lyn can increase her blood production making it harder for her to bleed to death. Using this does drain her stamina quite a bit if used for longer periods of time.
    Blood Clotting
    She can quickly cause her blood to clot to rapidly close off wounds to prevent bleeding. The time it takes depends on the severity of the injury (1-3/4 posts). Can be used in combat.
    She can reconnect severed parts of her body such as her limbs if they were cut off. Requires significant focus making it difficult to use in combat but not impossible. It does have to be used fairly quickly (several minutes) after the part was severed otherwise it becomes impossible.
    Life Connection
    Lyn can take foreign body parts implanted in her and make them part of her own body. This can be used to make limbs she attached to her body to become usable. Furthermore it allows her to regenerate her animal implants if they are damaged.
    Enhanced Immune System
    Lyn can rapidly increase the production of anti-bodies and white blood cells to deal with poisons, diseases and/or viruses. This makes her very resistant if not immune to diseases and viruses though not to poisons as this isn't quite as effective against them.
    Poison Filter
    Lyn can isolate and secrete any harmful substances in her body. This can be used on poisons and other harmful chemicals as well as dieseases and viruses. In the case of poisons she can also use this to store them due to her body's special traits as a nudibranch fishman.
    Blood Type Manipulation
    The user can change the type of their blood. This takes a lot of focus as the user has to effectively alter all his or her blood in mere moments. As such it can't be used in combat and requires a lot of focus. Can also alter blood they receive to their type. This is somewhat easier as the amount of blood altered is decreased.

    Appearance Manipulation

    Hormone Manipulation
    The ability to control the production of hormones and their release into her system to cause various effects.
    Adrenaline Burst
    Lyn can create and release adrenaline into her system. This can temporarily increase her focus and increase reaction speed as well as give a small boost to her strength and making her more resistant to pain however when finished Lyn feel more fatigued than she actually is for a while.
    Lyn can create various hormones which can temporarily increase her physical abilities. Overdosing causes internal damage while using it for longer periods of time will cause her stamina to drain increasingly faster.
    Lyn can use her hormones to forcefully calm herself down allowing her to remain calm even when feeling strong anger or fear. However using this too much will cause the user to become drowsy and make it increasingly more difficult to focus.
    Lyn can create hormones which make her go berserk with rage. This causes her to abandon rational thought and react purely based on instinct greatly increasing her reaction time. Furthermore it allows her to push her body passed it's limits though this also causes a significant strain on her body. Another downsides of this technique is that she becomes too focused on offence weakening her defence.

    Pheromone Manipulation
    The ability to produce and release various pheromones in the air which affect those surrounding the user. The varying effects give this ability multiple uses both in and out of combat. Only one type of pheromone can be used at any one time however it is possible to switch while someone is still affected by the previous one to stack effects though the effects will fade with time if not constantly released. Furthermore the effects aren't instant and require a few moments to take effect. The range is somewhat limited and is affected by the wind when outside. It's effects can vary as those with stronger will could potentially resist it's effects to some extent.
    A pheromone which causes anyone within the range of effect to become very attracted to the user however it only works on those who are already attracted to some extent so it's generally more effective on men. It's effects can be resisted to some extent.
    A pheromone which causes those within it's range of effect to feel anger. It's most effective against those who are already angry or annoyed while it barely does anyone who is feeling very calm and relaxed when using it.
    This pheromone causes targets with a weak will to fall asleep while making others drowsy. Those with strong wills will be able to resist this though they'll still have a harder time focusing and feel more tired.
    A pheromone which makes targets feel elated and happy. Effective at causing others to drop their guards and making them less likely to become hostile. Also makes them more loose-lipped making it easier to get information from them.
    Causes targets to see hallucinations. The severity and nature of the hallucinations vary per person. (Up to them to rp the effects)
    A pheromone which causes targets to feel more fear. More effective on targets who are already afraid. Otherwise is will just make them more cautious, often overly so.

    Sensory Manipulation
    Lyn can use Seimei Kikan to manipulate her senses for varying effects..
    Enhanced Senses
    Lyn can use Seimei Kikan to sharpen her senses. She can choose which senses to enhance. The fewer senses she enhances the more effective this technique is.
    Focused Senses
    Similar to Enhanced Senses but enhances her senses even further. In return one or more senses are reduced. Likewise the fewer senses which are enhanced and the more that are reduced the stronger the enhancement is.
    Shut Down
    Can turn off one or more of her senses to protect herself from an attack which affects them.
    The user can instantly adjust their eyes to various levels of light. This severely reduces the effectiveness of abilities which target the user's eyes such as bright flashes.

    Bone Manipulation
    Extends and strengthens the user's canine allowing them to use them to pierce into and tear off flesh by biting the opponent. With more strength stronger materials can be pierced.
    Enhanced Flexibility
    By manipulating her joints and muscles Evelyn is capable of greatly increasing her flexibility to the point of it seeming unnatural.
    Beast Form
    By manipulating her joints she she can effectively while on all fours. The user has more balance and mobility in this form along with making their movements harder to predict to being unusual.

    Excretion Control
    Odorless Sweat
    Lyn is able to secrete sweat from her body at will. She is also capable of controlling the smell so that it's odorless. If not for that she'd rarely use it. She uses it to gain some additional resistance to flames. Can also be used to soak some of her. Overuse will lead to dehydration.
    White Mist
    By conbiming Odorless Sweat and Temperature Control she is capable of creating a white mist over a small area making it hard for others to see.

    Poison & Acid Control
    Poison Mist
    By breathing out a poison which she has stored in her body after using her abilities to change it to gas form she is capable of creating a purple mist over a small area. Anyone caught in the range of the attack will be affected though to what extent depends on how much they breathed in and their vitality. Even when holding one's breath some of it wll still get in the target's system. A downside of this technique is that the poison is less potent than usual.
    Acid Enhancement
    Lyn is capable of increasing the effects of her acid somewhat allowing it to burn into the opponent's flesh. The amount affected at a time is fairly small.
    Acid Spit
    Lyn spits out small bullet-sized balls of the acid she produces and fires it at her opponent at considerable speeds. Can be fired in quick succesion for a few moments. The attacks range isn't very long being somewhere inbetween short and midrange. The acid can be mixed with the poison she produces or other poisons stored in her body.

    The user can break down parts of her body to regain energy. As it breaks down parts of her own body it is only used when she has no other choice. There will be side-effects depending on what she breaks down (for example using it on her muscles will weaken her physical abilities). In return the energy gained is considerable.
    Vocal Cord Manipulation
    By manipulating their vocal cords the user is able to freely manipulate their voice allowing them to sound like others. However the larger the difference between the copied voice and the user's voice the more strain is put on the user's vocal cords. This can lead to them being hoarse for a while making this ability lose it's effectiveness as well.
    Body Reinforcement
    The user is capable of hardening their body in combat making it considerably harder to damage them. With her skill Lyn is able to harden her body to the point of it being as hard as pacifista steel. It is possible to reinforce the body further so it is as strong as bakumetal but this makes the user unable to move. This can also be done on only a part of the body.
    Feign Death:
    The user slows their pulse down to the point that they appear to be dead. The ability is so realistic that even skilled doctors will have a hard time seeing through it.
    Temperature Control
    The user can adjust the natural temperature of their body by up to 100 degrees Celsius (Meaning it could range from – 70 to + 130). This would help them deal with extreme outside temperatures.
    Muscle Control
    By focusing on the precise control of muscles during a particular battle technique in combat, the technique's precision/'quality' is increased.
    Nerve Control
    The user is able to create new neural cells, increasing their impulse processing capacity and thus increasing reaction speed and hand-eye coordination beyond normal by forming new nerves.
    Digestion Control
    User can instantly digest and absorb the nutrients from eaten food, which results in stamina recovery.
    Lung Control
    User can freely manipulate their lung capacity. This allows for storing of oxygen for up to several hours. Taking in more air also allows the user to take in more oxygen making it take longer for them to become exhausted.
    The user can relocate the organs in their body, switching their position to avoid grave injuries. Movement of the organs is still quite limited so it's mainly effective against attacks which only effect a small area such as a sword thrust.

    Fishman Traits:
    Evelyn is a nudibranch fishman and as such has several traits unique to her kind. Like all fishmen she is capable of breathing underwater and her physical capabilities are increased underwater though the increase is a bit below average though it is unknown whether this due to the type of fishman she is or due to only being half-fishman. Besides she has several traits unique to her type of fishman.

    Enhanced Sense of Smell:
    Her sense of smell is considerably better than that of a redular human or fishman. She can accurately make out multiple smells at the same time and is capable of locating someone by their scent. It is also useful for tracking down others as long as she can recognize their scent. Can be used underwater as well.
    Enhanced Sense of Touch:
    Her sense of touch is also more refined. Though on land this doesn't give much of an advantage underwater she can sense her surroundings by feeling the flow of the water around her. This can be used to track others without having to follow them with her eyes or giving her rough grasp of the surrounding area.
    Enhanced Sense of Taste:
    Her sense of taste if more sensitive. This can be used to taste any poisons or other harmful substances in food however for her this is a rather pointless ability.
    She is capable of camouflaging herself to the point of being nearly invisible. When standing still or moving slowly it is all but impossible to see her however when moving at high speeds it is possible though still very difficult. This doesn't counter abilities such as Thermal Vision. Furthermore she can still be sensed using other senses and CoO can be used to find her position. (This also affects clothing as Zeo's buckle (and boots(?)) were also affected as well as Sebastian's clothing)
    Poison Generation:
    Evelyn produces a paralyzing poison which she can secrete from her skin. It's effect is quite potent though it doesn't affect the target just through touch but must enter the system of the target to affect them. This could be done by poisoning their food or by inflicting a wound by a weapon coated in the poison.
    Poison Assimilation:
    Evelyn has the ability to store other poisons in her body by ingesting them. This allows her to use multiple kinds of poison allowing her to inflict multiple adverse effects. Furthermore with her skill in Seimei Kikan she is capable of storing poisons which entered her system through other means effectively rendering her pretty much immune to poisons. Though the amount of poison she can store is limited and incredibly potent poison (such as Kinjite) can't be absorbed as such this ability isn't perfect. Additional poisons must be obtained IC and she can't use acquired poisons indefinitely as she'll run out.
    Acid Secretion:
    Finally she is able to secrete an acid she produces herself from her skin. Though not very damaging it can burn the target's skin inflicting pain. Mixing it with her poison allows her to affect targets with her poison just by touching them.

    Acquired Poisons:

    Other Abilities:


    Profession: Medic
    Anatomy: ★★★
    Medicine: ★★★

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