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    Not the exact same thing: it was vastly limited to shotgun strapped to a scythe. Wapol metal was the consensus on allowing it to transform.
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    How do you enter the Free Roam to interact with rpers.

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    oh wasn't aware that he nerfed/changed it.

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    The Grim

    Basic Information

    Name: "The Grim"
    Affiliation: Unknown
    Demographic: Tiefling | Deceased
    Proportions: 172.72 cm | 11.35 kg
    Special Ability: Yomi Ittoryu
    Leadership: ★★★★★ | Musician: ★★★★★
    The Grim
    Death is all around us, by the name of Grim. The Grim beckons, with the icy grip around the land of living. The breath of the hounds of the underworld beckons. The unrelenting rat-rat-rat of her scythe on the chamber anon. From the depths, a soul resurrected, to seek the souls of the living in return for time amongst them. From infamy amongst the New World while living, to death, to resurrection. The Grim Reaper beckons thy soul.


    To wit, the Grim is covered from head to toe in a coak reminiscing that of the Grim Reaper. Beneath the shadow of the cloak gleams two piercing yellow eyes, with slit pupils. Marroon rotting flesh can be seen where one's cheeks would be, with pieces hanging off, telling the tale within. The Grim's hands are much the same to rot, half of them at pure bone, maggots slithering in and out. Only her bright red lips tell the tale of life, while the rest seems devoid of breath. The stench of death accompanies her, of a dead body, walking.


    Cocky. Serious. Morbid. Hypnotic. Much of the underworld is within, with a dark and morbid demeanor. By the signature call of the soul, Grim is confident in her abilities, and rarely one to smile. Torture comes natural, to toy with her opponents. Composed, absent of fear or doubt, Grim remains calm even when facing fearsome opponents. The soul within acts largely on whims and selfish desires, to assert the underworld in the higher world.

    Personal History

    A single command uttered from the highest palace in the world set the events in question to Oldgate's death. A single command uttered from the woman ushered in the death of Yonko Bryanna. A command through the chief of Cipher Pol. Upon Bryanna and Oldgate's death, the pieces were set. The Grim called select pirates to come together in the River Styx, to usher in the captivity of the World Government. To whence the veil covering the life before death will be lifted.
    Personal Relationships
    Memories of Grim's past life come in and out. Of deeply rooted personal relationships to be severed by the betrayal of one. It is the call of her soul. Betrayed, and left to rot, the soul of the wicked woman searched for a home. Roaming the underworld, the soul was to contact many dead. Pirates and marines of all ages came to form the soul that would rise. Resurrection.

    Soul of the Wicked

    Satied desire to live. Impregnated with hate for the living. The souls of the wicked call to the land of the living, through the gate of the underworld. The gate called Grim. Borrowing time from the earth, the one resurrected would seek penance for her soul by hate. The Ultimate Weapons complete the key to open the Underworld, for the wicket to run amok. To wit, to satiate the desire of hate.

    Law & Piracy
    Pirates. Only ignorant fools declare their grandiose dreams. Such is the view of the underworld, referring to trust and faith in others as idiotic. To Grim, the values that Pirate King symbolizes are worthless. Military power takes precedent. Grim has no taste for the law and disregards it. For more, the World Government only symbolizes a barrier for the resurrection of the souls of the wicked in the land of the living.

    [Equipment & Abilities] Ω


    Strength | Might: 60
    Speed | Agility: 120
    Energy | Vitality: 60
    Ittoryu Style: 60
    Busoshoku Haki: 75
    Yomi Yomi no Mi: 100
    Death Note: 25
    Yomi Perk: Possession | Speed Perk: Limit Break
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    Keep in mind that profession is knowledge, not application. Otherwise, I see nothing out of ordinary. Approved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellie Q View Post
    Keep in mind that profession is knowledge, not application. Otherwise, I see nothing out of ordinary. Approved.
    I missed you too. <3

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    Character Info
    Name: Yuugi
    Spoiler: Appearance
    Awesome 'Party Hat' included.

    Epithet: Oni of the Sea
    Affiliation: Freelance
    Occupation: N/A
    Class: Fighting Style
    Points: 350
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Bounty: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Race: Fishman (Swordfish)
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'8" (203 cm)
    Weight: 232 lbs (105 KG)
    Personality: Yuugi is a happy-go-lucky fishwoman who likes to party, compete, and enjoy life. Raucously loud and active, she's usually the center of attention and directing the mood. Overly friendly and physically so, even to enemies, you tend to either like her or hate her. She usually handles things as if to prevent fights, but it's purely accidental. After all, if she sees someone wanting to fight, Yuugi will gladly take them up on that offer. That said, she's a bit ignorant of people's feelings and motives. This can mostly be explained by her full sense of confidence in herself and her good will. Although not arrogant, that confidence can have the same outcomes. As for her intelligence, it isn't that's she's dumb or instinctual, Yuugi just simply thinks simple. As such, she can show spite for things that are needlessly complicated... or even the things that are just complicated.

    Yuugi was a Swordfish in a family of Swordfish in a group of Swordfish. Unfortunately for her Swordfish self, her Swordfish mother passed away, leaving the Swordfish named Yuugi in a family of Swordfish consisting of male Swordfish. Because of this, a spark of competitiveness rose within her. A complete overacheiver, and overcompensating for her smaller horn, Yuugi dove head first into everything. Soon she was bringing more food to the group than the other (male) members of her family. It was very shameful for them. Before long, Yuugi's innate abilities showed themselves furthur, and she was brining food in at a rate where the rest of the Swordfish group barely had to hunt. They all agreed she had to go, but they knew flat out telling her wasn't going to work.

    So it was on a day of a particularly nasty storm that the rest of the group split apart from Yuugi, allowing her to believe she was lost instead of abandoned. Washed up on an island, she cried for the first time in her life, and even then only because the tempest would hide her tears. She hadn't even cried when her mother was lost, Yuugi was simply too young then. So now she cried, and she cried herself to sleep. Tired and exhausted, even when she woke up she stayed curled up. It was then that sounds and lights gained her attention. Thumping in the distance, cheerful shouts. It was then she was reminded there was life on land. Humans. Never one to sulk, she picked herself up and headed that way.

    When she reached the edge of the village, she could hear and see more clearly, and it was so wonderful. Not daring to venture forth, she was eventually discovered, stared at, and finally called out by a middle-aged lady. The situation worked itself out with Yuugi revealing her origins. The middle-aged woman, the propriator of the local courtesan business, sent Yuugi off into the festival with some ceremonial clothes (that managed to fit her) and money, telling her to respond to any questioning person that her horn was actually a 'party hat.' And so Yuugi experienced her first festival. The wonderous taste of alchohol, the glare of flickering lights, and the joy of a good time.

    Dissapearing back into water for the day after, Yuugi returned once more in the morning carrying many fish. It was these she gifted to the lady that helped her out (despite the oddness and her expectations of a new worker the lady accepted,) before setting out into a brand new world. Her heart was no longer sore about her lost Swordfish group, and her eyes were full of hope. Out there were more parties, more festivals, more fun! It was a wonderous thought! And so she took a foot forward.

    Soon however, she was dissapointed by the fact that... there just weren't that many parties. They were often yearly occasion, and darnit that just wasn't often enough! So Yuugi decided to throw her own parties after learning about them through experience. Naturually she didn't have the money, so she stole almost everything. Fish was easy to get her hands on though. And she didn't have a place to throw the party either. Of course there also needed to be people. So she brought the materials to a village. It was certainly odd, a large woman coming in with many parcels and requesting help to set up a party. But not many were against such a thing, especially since the village was not well off. And so Yuugi repeated this process, stealing from the moderately wealthy and making a party for the poorer folks. Naturually, many obstacles stood in her path.

    This was how Yuugi, the Swordfish fishwoman, gamed famed. But her journey wasn't over. Many adventures awaited her, both fun and dangerous! She would overcome many trials, and pass through many enjoyments! Her goal... To put together a party fit for the King of the World! For that, of course, she needed to travel the world and experience the many different parties different societies had to offer.

    Combat Info

    350 points
    Strength: 120 (Limit Breaker)
    Agility: 50
    Vitality Attribute: 120 (Limit Breaker)
    Fighting Style: 60 + 15 (75)

    Strength: Limit Break (Stat limit up to 120)
    Vitality: Limit Break (Stat limit up to 120)

    Character Weapons:
    ---Large Bottle of Sake and an equally large drinking dish
    ---Her Swordfish horn. Careful not to poke an eye out on that thing!
    ---Chains at her wrist and ankles, useful for blocking bladed weapons or tripping people up. Can potentially harm opponents if they barely manage to dodge her punches or kicks.

    Fighting Style Abilities: Hoshiguma Style. Uses her massive power and durability with an emphasis on doing big things!

    Earth-Break: Raises her foot to the sky then crashes it to the ground. Ravages the earth for a few hundred feet, flipping up stones, creating holes, loose debris, and bad footing (closer=more ravaged than farther away.) Useful for slowing down fast opponents. With a moderate level of control, Yuugi can focus this technique in front of her, causing a large tablet of Earth to flip forward for a short distance.

    Heaven's Thunder: Gathers power in her arms then slams her hands together in a monsterous clap. Vibrates the air in an area so ferociously that using it (air) for most techniques becomes impossible, including techniques already in motion. Chokes and weakens, or even dispels, flames. Blasts away smoke/dust.

    Breath from the High Mountains: Uses both her stomach and lungs to inhale an impossible amount of something, usually air. From then she can expel it in various ways, from multiple bursts to a singular one, or wide and spread. From practiced use and her high durability, Yuugi can even perform this using harmful materials such as fire (turns into smoke) with minimal damage. Because the air consumed can be stablized inside her body, this technique is even usable even if Heaven's Thunder was just used.

    Roar from the High Mountains: Uses both her stomach and lungs to inhale an impossible amount of air. From there, she uses it on an incredibly loud battle roar. It isn't much of an attack, but the ferocity of it can break glass and loosen screws/bindings with the vibrations. The weaker of heart will definitely run away with a brown stain. Naturally, those in close range can lose their hearing temporarily.

    Gentle Fist: No, it isn't. When used, she punches her hand into somethingand lifts or pulls out a large chunk of it, such as a boulder right from the ground. She can easily throw and handle the chunk.

    One Last Punch: (That's a lie.) Only usable when heavily damaged or exhausted. Surpasses her limits and charges forward with great speed, unleashing a punch with power above her normal limit. Once the punch is made, she loses all but a miniscule sliver of power to make a second, much weaker than normal, attack. Afterwards, she falls from pure exhaustion and becomes unable to move.

    Number One Awesome Punch: Yuugi's signature technique; An all out punch. When used underwater, this technique can cause an enourmous tidal wave. Takes two turns/post rounds to charge. (Turn 1 starts charge, Turn 2 continues, Turn 3 it can be unleashed.) While charging, her arm builds up with strength, turning it into a large oversized mass of muscles that make it clear something big is coming. While charging, Yuugi can barely move the arm. Capable of charging both arms.

    Super-Jump - Bullet: (Soru Restrictions.) Bending her knees and leaning forward, Yuugi gets into a precticable charge form. What's not predictable is the surprising speed. Instead of running, Yuugi jumps forward with all her might, sending her forward like a bullet with enough force to destroy the ground beneath her in a backlash and pass through non-solid things like fire without being unharmed. One use per two turns/post rounds [leaving a round in between.] (Strength becomes a large factor of this technique's speed in addition to Agility and Fighting Style.)

    Super-Jump - Pendulum: A modified version of the bullet, starts off by hopping from side to side. The hops quickly gain power, making her faster and faster (to a limit comparable to about 60% of bullet.) Useful for advancing on an opponent while cutting off their routes of escape, allowing her attack while passing from side to side. Currently this can only be used from back to forth like a crab, making it predictable if you get the timing down right. While the speed increases her velocity, Yuugi can't throw full punches due to balance issues, nor can she use her legs if she plans to continue this technique. Additionally, because of her speed, physical attacks against her while she jumps become more powerful as well. (Strength becomes a large factor of this technique's speed in addition to Agility and Fighting Style.)

    Super-Jump - Arrow: Jerks her body back then pulls it back, allowing for more output, before crouching both legs and blasting off into the air. The angle can vary to any degree, but the more vertically inclined the jump is, the faster she is. A jump straight up at maximum power can take her straight to the clouds, leaving a crater behind. Incredibly useful for travelling distances, surveying the land (especially with her fishman eyes,) or intercepting something airborne. The fall can also add increased power to an attack at the cost of being on a predictable path. (Strength becomes a large factor of this technique's speed in addition to Agility and Fighting Style.)

    Other Abilities:
    ---Ridiculous Alchohol Tolerance.
    ---Able to take/land large falls while suffering little damage. (Fighting Style)
    ---Ability to breath & freely move underwater, increasing physical stats (Fishman)
    ---The ability to heat her eyes up to enhance her vision. (Fishman Trait)

    Profession: Walking Festival
    ---Cooking: ★★
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    Narhwals are mammals; whales. Not fish.

    Also, FS techs are in order, below:
    - May need a decent FS for control.
    - No two turn disable. Can be used to dispel things, though.
    - No fire if you inhale it; that snuffs it out. Fire eaters rely on that. Fire on the outside needs a spark.
    - That's gonna need more FS. No exceptions. Also, highly doubt-able it ignores size.
    - Might be under soru rules.
    - Agility also determines speed to an extent. This counts for the above.
    - Same as above.
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    in OP fishmen are considered mamals since they birth live babies instead of eggs or whatnot

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    And octopus is an invertabrate. Fish are all vertabrates. But if you really want me to change it, I'll just replace 'Narwhal' with 'Swordfish.'

    -Removed the cracking into large pieces; made it so the alternative only flips a tablet forward a short distance
    -Made it so it just dispels current techniques
    -Noted that the fire turns into smoke. (Or would it just dissapear?) Removed foresight of FS upgrade. (In the future she'll use the chain against her teeth for a spark. I imagine 80 vitality is enough that it wouldn't break her teeth if she did that. 60 FS for the tech.)
    -Changed it to a power punch for now. As for size, would it be fine at 80 FS? A 'small' punch leaving huge imprints isn't unheard of in fiction, so a high FS should allow something like I had. If the damage not decreasing is an issue, I'll make it proximity based.
    -Although it's a high speed movement technique, It's a straight out attack. May as well limit it to one use per two turns though.
    -Changed the note to: (Strength becomes a large factor of this technique's speed in addition to Agility and Fighting Style.)
    -Same as above
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