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    Whoops, I posted this in the wrong thread/ xD

    Anyway now that I'm here, p20 please check mah bio for the Bhudda techs.

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    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Whoops, I posted this in the wrong thread/ xD

    Anyway now that I'm here, p20 please check mah bio for the Bhudda techs.
    They're fine, I think Smurfi used the same exact things :O
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    Approved; I'm assuming that I approved the NPCs before, since all I could find was Bacchus on that page. Direct links to posts are better

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    Ban is a 119 year old man who looks about 30. Due to his old age, he has been around for a very long time, and has made a lot of friends and sailed on many a pirate ship with some of the big names of the past. Right now, he sails on the pirate ship of Captain Mao, under the flag of the ''Boar Hat Pirates'', as the ship's doctor.

    General Information
    • Name: Ban
    • Alias: Ban ‘’the Immortal’'
    • Affiliation: The Boar Hat Pirates
    • Rank: Shiip's Doctor
    • Bounty: A bounty was never put on his head for some reason, despite his long life as a pirate
    • Race: Human
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 119 (looks about 30)
    • Height: 181 cm (5'11")
    • Weight: Unknown, lean muscular build


    Ban is 119 years old but looks like a man in his early thirties. He has spiky silver hair, blood red eyes, a scar on his face, and usually wears dark red shoes or boots, blood red pants and a blood red coat with no shirt. Sometimes, his shoes/boots, pants and coat will be a darker red color, or sometimes even black.


    Personality: Ban is hard to see through. Sometimes, he is extremely caring, as a doctor should be, while at times, he is completely apathetic to those in need. He seems to take his stand based on whether he thinks the person in need is a good person or a bad person. He also seems to be biased, and will help a friend in need even if they had done something wrong. Ban is very knowledgeable when it comes to medicine and human anatomy. Sometimes, he is immature for his age and behaves rashly, while at other times he is extremely mature, as expected of a man that has been around for more than a century. Whether he is immature or mature likely depends on the topic and situation at hand. In battle, Ban is focused and has a cool air about him. He will often provoke and chastise his enemies with vicious words - sometimes, that is a sign of his immature side, while at other times that is just him being smart and using everything at his disposal to overwhelm an enemy.

    Total Points: 496(+80)
    Spent Points: 496 (+80)
    • STR: 60 (+20) = 80
    • AGI: 70 (+30) = 100
    • VIT: 66 (+30) = 96
    • Tori Tori no Mi; Model: Phoenix: 100
    • Life Return: 100
    • COA: 100

    Perk #1 - +1 To All Boosts: Boosts increase from 1/2/2 to 2/3/3.

    Perk #2 - Old Sage: Due to his impeccable mastery of Life Return, Ban ages much slower than a normal human.

    • Medicine: ***** (5)
    • Anatomy: ***** (5)
    • Ban is extremely skilled in traditional medicine, but his capabilities as a doctor increase further through the use of his Devil Fruit and Life Return.

    Tori Tori no Mi; Model: Phoenix:

    The Tori Tori no Mi; Model: Phoenix is a Mythological Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the eater to transform into a mythological bird called the Phoenix. It was eaten by Ban. Using the abilities of his Devil Fruit, Ban is able to transform into a Phoenix, as well as into a Human-Phoenix Hybrid. Due to his advanced mastery of his fruit, he is also able to use a number of partial transformations. When Ban is using his Devil Fruit, whether he is fully transformed into a Phoenix or only using one of his partial transformations, he is able to summon the Blue Flames of Resurrection. As the name suggests, these flames are blue in color, and they do not burn, but instead heal. When using these flames on himself, Ban is able to heal even extremely grave injuries almost immediately. These flames can also be used to heal others, but the effects are slower and more limited in that case. As a Phoenix, Ban is also able to fly and has access to the Phoenix's anatomy, including a sharp beak, wings, and sharp talons.


    Phoenix: Ban fully transforms into a Phoenix. In this form, Ban loses all of his human anatomy and becomes a Phoenix. The downside is that he doesn't have arms and legs to use in battle, but the upside is that his body is completely covered in his Blue Flames of Resurrection.

    Hybrid: Ban only transforms his arms into the wings of a Phoenix and his feet into the talons of a Phoenix. The downside is that his Blue Flames of Resurrection only cover his arms and transform them into wings, but the upside is that he retains his legs and can use his sharp talons to attack enemies.

    Wing Point: Ban transforms into his Hybrid Form, but his wings become much bigger, increasing his wingspan. This allows him to fly faster, as his wings take more air under them, and it also allows him to use his big wings as a big shield made out of his Blue Flames of Resurrection.

    Beak Point: Ban fully transforms into a Phoenix, but his beak becomes much longer, sharper and more durable. This allows him to better use his beak as a weapon.

    Talon Point: Ban transforms into his Hybrid Form, but his talons become much bigger, sharper and more durable. This allows him to better use his talons as a weapon. It also allows him to pick up bigger objects with his talons.

    Phoenix Man: Ban retains all of his human anatomy, but covers his whole body, including his head, in his Blue Flames of Resurrection. In a sense, this is one of Ban's most profitable forms, as he retains all of his human anatomy and the benefits that come with it, while at the same time accessing his full healing potential. While in this form, Ban can still partially transform, such as transforming his feet into talons.

    Healing Point: Not really a transformation per say, Ban summons his Blue Flames of Resurrection into the palm of his hand and puts them against a wound to heal it. If he puts it against his own wound, the healing process is almost instantaneous, whereas if he puts it against the wound of another, the effects are slower and more limited.

    Monster Point: Ban transforms into a massive Phoenix, many times bigger than normally. In this form, his strength, vitality and healing potential are amplified.

    Awakened Point: Ban transforms into a 20 foot tall Phoenix Warrior. In this form, he is 20 feet tall, Blue Flames of Resurrection cover his whole body, he retains the body of a human, but grows a beak, a pair of wings on his back, and his feet are turned into talons.

    Life Return:

    Ban is a master of Life Return and as such, he is a master of his own body. He can control his bodily functions to the point where he can grow hair rapidly on a whim, make his nails grow out and become sharper and more durable, build muscle quickly or lean down quickly, burn through his food reserves quicker or slower, cope better with extreme heat, cold, humidity, hold his breath longer and cope better with an atmosphere with thinner oxygen, build antibodies for poison extremely quickly, expel malicious substances out of his body extremely quickly by puking it out, sweating it out, or through other means, burn through his stamina reserves slower, stop bleeding by coagulating the blood, amp up his sense of sight, amp up or numb down his senses of hearing, taste, smell, numb down his sense of pain or even almost null it, and even control the functions of his organs, change their locations inside his body, and age much slower. Ban mastered Life Return because his policy is that a good doctor should be able to go into any hazardous environment, no matter how dangerous and aggressive, to help the one in need.


    Hair Bind: Ban can grow out his hair rapidly and use it to bind his enemies, or even attack them with it. By using Life Return, Ban can strengthen his hair, and he can imbue it with black Busou-shoku no Haki as well, making it very sharp and durable.

    Body Blades: Ban can grow out his nails rapidly and increase their sharpness and durability to the point where his nails can easily puncture human flesh. By imbuing them with Busou-shoku no Haki, his nails can even crush rock and steel. Naturally, by doing this with his talons, which are extremely sharp to begin with, the effects are amplified.

    Bulk Up, Bulk Down: For normal humans, building a noticeable amount of muscle can take months. For Ban, he can start a battle as a lean man and by the time the battle is cover, he would be twice or three times as muscular, having used the battle as exercise and Life Return to speed up the process. He can also immediately lean down as well. Naturally, when bulking up, his strength increases but his flexibility decreases, whereas when leaning down, his strength decreases but his flexibility increases.

    Food Man: Ban can control his metabolism to the point where he can go without food for months without it affecting him. On the flip side, he can eat a bull and burn through it instantly, absorbing all the nutrition instantly. He can do the same with alcohol - he can drink gallons of sake and not let it affect him at all, or he can take a sip and get wasted if he so chooses, to have a good time.

    Nature Man: By using Life Return, Ban can cope extremely well in almost any type of hazardous environment, including extreme heat, cold, humidity, areas with thin oxygen, among other.

    Breath Control: Ban can hold his breath for extreme periods of time. Furthermore, he can inhale extreme amounts of air all at once, and blow it out with intensity. This is not enough to use as an attack, but it is potent enough to blow out hundreds of candles at the same time, and blow away smoke, steam, poison gas and other types of gaseous obscurities.

    Poison Immunity: Ban can build antibodies extremely quickly and can forcefully expel malicious substances out of his body by self inducing, on a whim, puking, extreme sweating, etc..

    Tireless: Ban can keep his stamina reserves up for an extremely long time.

    Blood Control: Ban can forcefully induce bleeding if he needs to bleed out a malicious substance, he can replace lost blood extremely quickly, and he can also coagulate his blood to stop bleeding.

    Sensory Carnival: Ban can amp up his sense of sight, amp up or numb down his senses of hearing, taste, smell, numb down his sense of pain or even almost null it, he can see well in the dark, but also cope with looking directly into intense sources of light.

    Organ Circus: Ban can change the locations of some of his organs in his body to make sure a vital organ doesn't get hit. This, of course, has its limits, and he cannot move his heart down into his foot, but he can shift it just enough to potentially void a vital injury.

    Sage Man: This is a simultaneous use of many of the above applications of Life Return, bringing Ban into an almost superhuman state of being where he is highly resistant to extreme heat, cold, doesn't need to eat or drink, barely needs to breathe, has enhanced senses, doesn't feel much pain, has a lot of adrenaline, doesn't bleed easily, etc.. Even though he is also using Life Return to not fatigue easily, this technique is so tiring that his stamina reserves will still deplete with time.


    Ban has one of the strongest Busou-shoku no Hakis in the world.

    Busou-shoku no Haki Techniques:

    Busou-shoku; Reactive Armor
    Ban has trained his Busou-shoku no Haki to the point where he can activate it on reflex, like a Logia-type, so that he can protect himself even when he doesn't see the attack coming.

    Busou-shoku; Demon
    Ban is able to coat his body in a thick crust of black Busou-shoku no Haki, bulking up his musculature. In this form, he is stronger both offensively and defensively, and looks like a demon of death.

    • A big sake gourd


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    Changed my Bio A bit, I put up videos for my movesets for now, I will still put descriptions later...eventually...

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    Spoiler: .
    Name: Crystal Maine
    Epithet: "Sky Dancer"
    Affiliation: CCP
    Occupation: Dancer
    Level: 51
    Devil Fruit: Bara
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Date of Birth: june 9th
    Height: 1.75
    Weight: 58

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength Attribute: 55
    Agility Attribute: 65
    Vitality Attribute: 40
    FS: 50 +20
    DF: 45
    CoO: 0
    CoA: 0

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality: fun loving, easy going, manipulative, nympho, bi, self centered.

    Character Appearance:
    Spoiler: .

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons:
    Spoiler: .
    Air Trecks Air Trecks are simply 'self-propelled shoes equipped with powerful suspension, air cushion systems, and ultra small motors in the wheels'.

    The wheels exterior is made out diamond to increase its cutting power and resistance while the boot is coated in sea stone.

    The boots have a turbine/windmill system that allows it to absorb wind and add it to the users own power.

    Devil Fruit Abilities: Bara_Bara_no_Mi

    Fighting Style Abilities: Air Boxing(kick boxing powered up by the air trecks)
    Spoiler: .

    Gravity Control: the shifting of one's centre of gravity in order to extend the height and distance of jumps.
    Wings: a tech which takes an existing tailwind and adds the user's own wind to it extending speed and flight time.
    Air Blade: self explained.
    Air tornado: By spinning the user gathers wind and creates a whirlwind around herself that she can launch by "kicking it"(user can also "ride" the tornado)
    Air Blast: User kicks the air sending a blast of air to knock away ****.
    Air Ride: Crystal can "ride" fronts of high air pressure as if she was ridding on the ground( can basically ride upon air blades and the like)
    Flame Road: The user can make their AT's generate heat and flames trough friction to use in combination with his other attacks.
    Heat Haze: By creating heat with the AT, the user creates a pseudo mirrage to distort the opponents vision.

    Sonia Road: Works by using the hip as the axis and the base point for all moves instead of the knee, this improves maneuverability by moving the rotational axis closer to the centre of gravity. Supersaturation of the bloodstream with nitrogen through hyperventilation, which is used to form cushioning bubbles at joints. The use of this "stance" allows the user to surpass her physical limits but damages her in the process.

    Charge: Using the turbine system in the AT the user stores up air for later use to power up his other technqiues.

    Ice Road: Similar to Flame Road but instead of using friction it uses high pressure to lower the freezing point and thus create ice( obviously unnusable with flame road)

    Other Abilities: great dancer
    Air knowledge: Ability to see and predict the wind and differential pressure

    Traits: Sky dancer
    Meteorology: 1
    Charisma: 1

    Character History: maybe later when im less lazy

    second npc, for approval
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    Basic Character Information

    Spoiler: Basics
    Name: Raven Yasuri
    Epithet: Deviant Blade
    Level: 34
    Beri: 0
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Gender: M
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Date of Birth: Oct 31st
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 150lbs

    Spoiler: Stats

    lv 34 x 5 = 170
    Strength Attribute: 50
    Agility Attribute: 50
    Vitality Attribute:30
    DevilFruit: N/A
    Observation Haki: 21
    Fighting Style: 19 +10

    Traits: 6 stars
    - Sleight of Hand ★★
    - Sense Motive ★★
    - Escape Artist ★★

    Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A
    Fighting Style: Kyotouryuu style

    Spoiler: Fighting Style

    Kyotōryū: As a practitioner of the legendary Kyotōryū school of swordsmanship, he does not use a literal sword when fighting. In place of a sword, he uses his hands and legs as weapons; the Yasuri family has historically been incapable of handling actual swords. However being able to use their own limbs as their weapon to deliver fatal blows to opponents using only the extensions of the body.


    Kyotouryuu Ultimate Secret Technique:
    Shichika Hachiretsu- the opponent takes 7 hits, getting ripped apart in the blink of an eye and divided into 8 pieces

    Kyotouryuu, Seventh Hidden Art: Rakka Rouzeki (Scattered Blossoms)- Left leg axe-kick.

    Kyotouryuu, Seventh Stance: Iris -uses
    Gets into a "race start" position. Rushes forward with quick speed creating a phantom illusion feint. Chains into other techniques. (follows Soru guide lines)

    Kyotouryuu: Plum- A powerful kick with the right leg to the opponent's left shoulder, vice versa.

    Kyotouryuu's Fourth Secret Technique: Ryuuryoku Kakou (Red blossom and Green willows)-
    A powerful punch directed at the opponent's body. An armor-piercing technique that can hit behind armor, shields, barriers, etc. Targets the skin, muscles, organs, bones, etc. (Requires 61 FS/Strength)

    Kyotouryuu: Poppy-
    An upward right hand palm strike (bearing an after-image effect) to send the opponent high into the air. Air pressure utilized. (Requires 61 FS)

    Kyotouryuu: Hikara Kyuyou (Falling Blossoms, Scattered Leaves)-
    Lets the opponent get up close, then parries backwards and claps hands together (FMA style). Next strike at the left and right shoulders consecutively.

    Kyotouryuu: Violet- A double palm strike to the opponent's chest (hands slightly apart). Right knee forward, feet close together.

    Kyotouryu: Chrysanthemum- Draws/catches the opponent's weapon between the user's back and arms, snapping/breaking it. Primary sword-breaking technique.

    Kyotouryuu Ultimate Technique: Shichika Hachiretsu Kai-
    1. Ryuuryoku Kakao- Right punch to the stomach. (Armor-piercing technique)
    2. Kyouka Suigetsu- Right palm strike to chest.
    3. Hika Rakyuou- Double palm strike to chest.
    4. Rakka Rouzeki- Axe kick with right leg.
    5. Hyakka Ryouran- Right kick to the opponent's side.
    6. Tenka Kinjou- Double karate chop at the opponent's sides below their ribcage.
    7. Kachou Fuugetsu- Jab to the opponent's chest with the right hand extended.

    Spoiler: History

    Due to his father's exile, Raven was raised on an isolated island in Tamba. He was second-born but chosen over his sister, Miko Yasuri, to inherit the Kyotoryu fighting style. He feels protective of his sister. However, later in the years, his older sister had passed due to an incurable illness, and after such events, Raven, traveled the vast worlds hoping to learn more of the world.
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