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    1) Not fit for stnadard pacifista tech
    2) Care for fatigue and accidental mouth water-brain-death
    3) Kay
    4) Kay
    5) Do know it can backfire and that it sounds like a lot of charge
    6) No. Not even my system will be permitted that bullocks.
    7) So so... though it can backfire if it targets your flesh.

    Tesla coil, without grounding or care, will kill you. DO NOT FORGET THIS. I REPEAT IT OFTEN. Why am I immune? Canon (bones are immune) and three thunder dials and a grounding system. I.E, horribly favorable conditions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellie Q View Post
    1) Not fit for stnadard pacifista tech
    2) Care for fatigue and accidental mouth water-brain-death
    3) Kay
    4) Kay
    5) Do know it can backfire and that it sounds like a lot of charge
    6) No. Not even my system will be permitted that bullocks.
    7) So so... though it can backfire if it targets your flesh.

    Tesla coil, without grounding or care, will kill you. DO NOT FORGET THIS. I REPEAT IT OFTEN. Why am I immune? Canon (bones are immune) and three thunder dials and a grounding system. I.E, horribly favorable conditions.
    So this fighting style is going to take a lot of work and more upgrades. I won't use it yet then, not until it is a respectable fighting style and not filled with holes.

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    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Tis' the flaw of alllllll cyborgs.... especially fleshy ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    /Doesn't know if he read the new system or not
    Approved though
    ● It is possible to trade 5 levels from an NPC for a star in their profession
    ● This is the only way for NPCs to gain profession stars.
    I did and I exchanged all the levels basically for profession stars. Unless there is something I am missing O.O?

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    Spoiler: General Info
    Name: Amaterasu Okami
    Affiliation: Ironbeard Pirates
    Devil Fruit: Pika Pika no Mi
    Gender: Female
    Race: Mink
    Class: Devil Fruit
    Bounty: 250,000,000
    Age: 18
    Height: 7'2"

    Spoiler: Stats
    Strength Attribute 40
    Agility Attribute 100
    Vitality Attribute 60
    Devil Fruit 100
    Fighting Style 100
    Color of Armaments 100


    Fighting Style - Ceylon: As a mink, the gains a powerful boost in the rise of a full moon, transforming into a new mature form so long as they can see it. This boost is akin to fishman water boosts.

    Agility - Momentum is Power: Through the use of her speed, Amaterasu is able to apply her agility to her attacks, rather than strength. This is not applicable to all applications of strength, rather it is intended for attacks where speed is a key component, and sufficient momentum is built up.


    Linguistics ★★★★★
    History ★★
    Mythology ★★★

    Spoiler: Getting to know the Character
    Spoiler: Appearance

    Personality: Meet her and find out.

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Spoiler: Devil Fruit
    Pika Pika no Mi

    Amaterasu possesses the Pika Pika no Mi. This fruit allows her the ability to create and control light. Through this she has developed multiple applications for her abilities.

    Illusions By shaping and coloring light, Amaterasu can create illusions that work similar to mirages. They have no mass, but can trick the eye.

    Invisibility By redirecting the photons off of her body away from her opponents eyes, Amaterasu can appear to become invisible. This ability takes great focus and thus she can't attack while using it. Works similar to Mirage Tempo with the Sorcery Clima Tact.

    Hard Light Construct Amaterasu can shift her light into a solid form. This allows her to create structures from his light. This works much like a Green Lantern Ring.

    Kami Eyes Amaterasu can use her powers to shift her vision in order to see in Ultraviolet or Infrared.

    Guardian Orbitars Amaterasu creates multiple balls of light. This small orbs will float around and follow her commands. When she gives the signal, each individual orb will release it's energy in the form of a beam. This technique allows Amaterasu to attack at multiple angles at the same time.

    Magnify: Amaterasu focuses a large amount of light into a smaller beam. This creates a huge amount of heat. This ability works on the same principle of focusing sunlight through a magnifying glass.

    Artificial Moon: Amaterasu creates a ball of white light in her hands. Following this, she releases it high into the air where it expands. This orb emits light akin to that of the full moon, allowing her to activate her Ceylon Form.

    God Mode: A Logia users ultimate form. The user releases their element outward, forming a new, larger appearance. They abandon their ability to evade via their element, but gain a significant power boost, and faster access to more devastating attacks. In Amaterasu's god form Her body expands greatly in size, growing to roughly the same as that of White Beard. Her robes and fur take on the appearance of golden light that billows like fire at the ends. Red Markings adorn her face and robes, swirling in long lines and spirals. This is the true form of the Goddess, Amaterasu!.

    Spoiler: Fighting Style

    Amaterasu practices swordsmanship a form of Swordsmanship based on Fencing. The nature of this particular sword style relies more heavily on speed rather than Raw Power. To aid in this, Amaterasu combines her swordsmanship with Electro. Finally, she is also able to utilize her Pika Pika no Mi in conjunction with her swordsmanship.

    Symphony: With her Pika Pika no Mi, Amaterasu creates multiple swords made of light behind her. These swords are connected to her
    via small laser wires. These swords can be controlled in various ways, along with being able to fire lasers.

    Kasuriuta: Hikari Giri (掠り唄 吹雪斬り Kasuriuta Hikari Giri?, literally meaning "Pastoral Song: Light Slash"): Combining Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri and her Devil Fruit ability, Amaterasu does the same thing Yahazu Giri does but she sheaths her sword from top to bottom and the streak mark he creates with her sword leave behind a bright slash made of light on her target. When she finishes sheathing her sword, the light explodes.

    Kasuriuta: Kari Giri (掠り唄 吹雪斬り Kasuriuta Kari Giri?, literally meaning "Pastoral Song: Volt Slash"): Combining Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri and her Electro ability, Amaterasu does the same thing Yahazu Giri does but she sheaths her sword from top to bottom and the streak mark she creates with her sword leave behind a bright stripe of electricity on her target. When she finishes sheathing her sword, the electricity bursts violently.

    *Note: Amaterasu cannot use any of the ice and cold based attacks that Brook does. Light based variations might be made.*

    Spoiler: Equipment
    Solaris: Solaris is Amaterasu's Ryo Wazamono grade sword. Solaris is a large double edged sword that Amaterasu carries on her back. The blade was made to be able to strike down any foe. One edge of the blade is made if seastone, while the other edge is steel.

    Spoiler: Haki Techniques
    Perfect Edge: The user focuses their Haki as a thin layer on the edge of the blade. The purpose of this Haki is to create a perfectly uniform edge. The Haki fills the microscopic chips and gaps in the metal, making a perfect edge similar to obsidian glass. Image for Reference

    Ascended God: Logia fruit holders have the ability to release their energy in an expansion of power. This is the God Form of a logia that pushes the boundaries of power that their fruit grants. The Ascended God form is an evolution on a Logia's God Form. By applying Armaments Haki, the user forces the great power exploding out to condense inward. This creates a much smaller, concentrated core of power that the user can wield. Unlike the God form's large, expanded size, the Ascended God is smaller, more closely resembling the users regular size. Essentially G4, but for Logia fruits.
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    Account Bound
    Replicating Circuitry
    ---> The owner has an infinite amount of circuitry that CANNOT be traded or sold, nor scavenged or stolen.
    ---> The circuitry, while infinite, does have balance limits for anything above smallest. Cap at three.

    General Bio

    Did you know that 99% of all life in the world IS NOT BEING EXPLODED RIGHT NOW?! THAT'S BULLSH*T!!


    Name: Mr Torgue Hi-Five Flexington
    Race: Human (large)
    Age: 43
    Height: 12'
    Weight: 600lbs


    Affiliation: Marines
    Position: Fleet Admiral
    Division: N/A
    Epithet: Orenjisaru, The Boombringer
    Status: Active
    Funds: ฿700,000

    Reputation: 3700 14 Tokens

    Funds shown is the combined total for all PC's that I own

    Now go punch some bad guys in the d*ck!

    Devil Fruit Path 500 Skill Points

    Strength: 100
    Speed: 80
    Vitality: 120
    Limit Break - Vitality Perk
    DFS: 100
    Awakened - DFS Perk
    Color of Armor: 100
    Haoshoku - gained from quest

    15 Excess Skill Point(s)

    EXPLOSION Mechanic 10 Stars (★)

    Robotics: ★★★★★ (5)
    Engineering: ★★★★★ (5)

    Marine Reputation Rewards
    Reputation: 3700 14 Tokens Total
    12 spent, 2 remaining
    ● Marine Branch G-7, will be added as a location in the WG IC thread (3 tokens)
    ● Branch Upgrade - hangar bay for the Battleship and Badassasaurus (1 token)
    ● Marine Squadron (1 token)
    ● Marine Outfitting - turning said troops into engineers whose sole purpose is to work on Badassasaurus and keep him running (1 token)
    ● Marine Battleship, HMS Badassitude (2 tokens)
    ● Battleship Upgrade - flight deck for Badassasaurus (1 token)
    ● Buster Call (3 Tokens)

    Getting to know the Character


    Mr Torgue is a very tall (Sakazuki height), physically fit 43 year old man who shows off his muscular body on a regular basis. He wears a red bandanna on his head, awesome sunglasses and headphones with a mic extension. He wears metal plates with leather over his fore arms and hands, and rocks the blue jeans. But, most importantly, he has the must have accessory of all manliness - the well groomed mustache.

    He also wears the long white jacket with the Kanji for Justice on the back that signifies his status as a Marine officer. As an Admiral, he wears a suit that is as badass as he is. His tailored suit is orange with a black dress shirt and an orange tie. The cuffs of his officer's coat are orange, which matches his suit. He commonly wears the coat draped over his shoulders.

    Mr Torgue has a chip in his brain that automatically censors all the curse words that he is known to spew on a regular basis. Whenever he says words like sh*t, f*ck, *ss, d*ckballs, there is a (bleep) that censors the word automatically. Mr Torgue hates this chip, because that's like half of his f*cking vocabulary. It's f*cking bullsh*t.

    He has also run many, many tests on himself. And after much extensive research and study, he has objectively determined himself to be incredibly badass. His tears cure blowing it up. Along with the person who had cancer.


    Likes: Explosions, Sick (Air) Guitar Solos, Hi-5's
    Dislikes: Crying, Tofu, Movies about kissing in the rain and sh*t

    Mr Torgue's Top Ten Most Favorite Badass Things

    1 - Treating a woman with respect
    2 - Explosions
    3 - Blowing sh*t up and walking away in slow motion without looking back
    4 - Hi-5's
    5 - Giant Metal T-Rexes
    6 - Milk
    7 - Loot
    8 - Mustaches
    9 - Working out
    10 - Unicorns and fantasy and sh*t

    Mr Torgue has an obsession with blowing things up. This obsession also requires EXCESSIVE use of CAPITAL LETTERS. When he gets excited, Mr Torgue will also state the obvious, or sometimes, show a hint of higher intelligence. Overall, you could say he has an EXPLOSIVE personality!.. Ok, sorry, that was in bad taste.

    Badass Justice

    Mr Torgue's personal brand of the Marines' Justice is Badass Justice - BECAUSE IF YOU DIDN'T DO IT LIKE A BADASS, THEN IT WASN'T WORTH DOING AT ALL!! Also known as 'Explosive Justice', this brand focuses on bringing justice to criminals and piracy like a real badass. Whether it be by blowing up pirate scum, blowing up their ship, or just plain blowing stuff up, Badass Justice is not a brand that is to be trifled with. Bystanders may occasionally get caught in the cross fire, but if they could talk after death, they'd all be like "Hey, that was a totally badass death! Keep going on and bringing justice to pirate scum and ****!"

    The Torgue Corps

    Since his promotion to Fleet Admiral, Mr Torgue cannot personally command the G-7 division of the Marines aka the Torgue Corps. Instead, he has transferred his power and authority to his most trusted comrade, Juri.

    Devil Fruit and Abilities
    Now go blow some sh*t up!

    Bomu Bomu no Mi
    Info Link: Here

    Mr Torgue ate the Bomu Bomu no Mi, or the bomb fruit. Simply put, he is a human bomb who can explode any and all of his entire body. He is immune to all explosions. He can turn his punches, kicks, and just about anything he uses his body for into an explosion. Mr Torgue was originally trained in the art of Explosive Boxing by his grandmother, Supreme Vice Admiral Exalted First Class Grandma Flexington, at a very young age. Since he ate the Bomu Bomu no Mi, he has developed his own style of fighting based around the explosions that he can create with anything from his body. He calls this Bomb Boxing, a fighting style specially oriented to his ability to blow **** up.

    Awakening DFS Perk - Mr Torgue can awaken his Devil Fruit powers and turn inanimate objects into bombs. He does this by either touching them directly, or by touching them with his bodily secretions touching things. Obviously, he can't touch an island and turn it into a giant nuke. The range of his Bomu Awakening is a ten foot radius from where he touched that becomes a bomb or landmine.

    Standard Techniques

    Bomb Bomb Jab - a very quick punch to which Mr Torgue explodes his fist upon impact, the main force of power being that his fist explodes with the force of a grenade.

    Bomb Bomb Boom Jab - a variation of the standard jab, this punch instead explodes at the elbow, launching his fist at the opponent at incredible speed and momentum before exploding his fist upon impact. The strength of this jab is used to hit opponents hard enough to break them into pieces.

    Bomb Bomb Boom Engine - Mr Torgue repeatedly launches a barrage of jabs, exploding his elbows to launch his fists at high speeds and exploding his fists at the apex of each punch, pushing them back before repeating. This results in a high speed explosive barrage of punches. Because his arms are constantly exploding, they are referred to as pistons in an engine, hence the name.

    Bomb Bomb Straight - Mr Torgue explodes his elbow for a punch much like with the Bomb Bomb Boom Jab, but this sends him flying behind his punch with his whole body weight, and explodes his fist at the apex of the punch/upon impact. This makes the punch much more powerful than the standard jab, and can be used to close in on an opponent or chase them.

    Bomb Bomb Boom Rocket - Mr Torgue performs a Bomb Bomb Straight like above, but instead explodes his lower legs for greater acceleration and velocity. Also, he explodes his upper body, increasing the explosive output. This move can be used like a battering ram or like a tackle.

    Bomb Bomb Step - Mr Torgue explodes his feet in a focused direction away from him, which propels him at Soru-like speeds. It is essentially Soru, but with an explosive start. Follows standard Soru guidelines.

    Bomb Bomb Escape - when an enemy is sending a ranged attack or closing in for close combat, Mr Torgue initiates the Bomb Bomb Step, leaving his attack/opponent in an explosion as he makes a quick getaway. Follows standard Soru guidelines.

    Bomb Bomb Multi-Step - After the initial step, Mr Torgue can continue the technique, delivering a quick jab or punch in between. He generally uses this technique in tandem with Bomb Bomb Jab, delivering a multitude of explosive punches while moving at high speeds from the Bomb Bomb Step. Follows standard Soru guidelines.

    Bomb Bomb Jump - this is a low speed but longer distance travel variation of the Bomb Bomb Step, used mainly for traversal and conservation of energy over long distances. Similar to Rokushiki Geppou.

    Bomb Bomb Boogie - Mr Torgue picks his nose and procures a booger. He then flicks this booger from his fignertip using his massive strength, propelling the booger at bullet speeds. It sticks to the target and explodes with great force.

    Bomb Bomb Loogie - Mr Torgue hocks a loogie and then spits it with great force at his target. The loogie's somewhat liquid/sticky nature makes it next to impossible to deflect or block, hitting and spreading when it hits the target before exploding with even greater force than the Bomb Bomb Boogie.

    Bomb Bomb Breath Bullet - Mr Torgue takes in a deep breath and holds air in his cheeks. With the built up pressure in his cheeks, he shoots his breath in bullets at his target(s), the bullets exploding on impact.

    Bomb Bomb Dempsey Roll - Mr Torgue weaves back and forth, using the momentum of his body to increase the strength and speed of his punches. He unleashes a barrage of explosive punches to overwhelm and destroy his opponent.

    Gear 2nd - Sweat Man YEAH! SCIENCE MOTHERF*CKER!!
    Mr Torgue explodes the ATP in his cells at the microscopic level, which creates lots of energy. This energy is then translated into body heat, which in turn causes him to sweat profusely all over his body. This sweat coats his body, and can be used for multiple different things. First off, it gives him the ability for Explosive Sweat Armor, the sweat acting as volatile bomb armor, which detonates when it is touched. Mr Torgue can also use the sweat as a projectile in tandem with his other techniques, vastly increasing the explosive potential and range of his attacks. The down side to this technique is that it dehydrates Mr Torgue faster than normal, which can lead to dizziness and fatigue with extended use. If he pushes even longer through the fatigue, he puts himself at risk for heat related problems, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The bad effects can be delayed by staying hydrated.

    Gear 3rd - Muscle Man I'm Mr Torgue, AND I APPROVE THIS SH*T!!
    Mr Torgue explodes the metabolic pathways on the cellular level and puts the energy toward building his body. His muscle mass and density increases exponentially, making him even stronger and tougher than before. The mass of his muscle increases the physical damage of his attacks, as he can punch things so hard that they explode (without using his Bomu powers to explode his fist). The other perk is that the density of his muscles, when he tightens them, makes them so incredibly hard that they become stronger than steel, similar to Rokushiki's Tekkai skill. The downside to this Gear is that overuse will fatigue the muscle, and without ample supply of oxygenated blood, the muscles cramp and cannot be controlled. Overuse can eventually lead to temporary skeletal muscle paralysis and even loss of muscle. Just like working out, if Mr Torgue doesn't consume protein to help build back and replace the muscle, he will lose it.

    Gear 4th - Radioactive Man NUCLEAR GODDAMN EXPLOSIONS!!
    In this gear, Mr Torgue has figured out how to unleash destruction and devestation at the level of a nuclear warhead. To activate, Mr Torgue explodes the bonds of different kinds of molecules all around his body. This causes the protons and neutrons in his body to be propelled in all different directions and thus, collide with eachother. Thus, little energy spent creates insane amounts of Bomu energy. The drawback is that this energy is highly volatile and unstable. Thus, Mr Torgue has to make use of his armaments haki and harden all the tissues and organs in his body so that they can host this energy without it needlessly going off. Unfortunately, armoring all the organs and tissues of the body takes incredible concentration and normally isn't able to be done - unless one has an unbreakable will. Mr Torgue uses his Haoshoku haki on himself, and thus, is able to maintain this chaotic state.

    This is a gear that takes his Bomu powers and Haki to their limits. Mr Torgue's Haoshoku makes his body glow orange internally, and is visible as orange wisps. His body is hardened by glowing orange armament haki. His veins bulge from increased blood flow, and even his hair stands on end with orange haki power. In this state, Mr Torgue can utilize the energy to create miniature nuclear explosions. The force of these explosions rips matter apart at the atomic level. Not even logia intangibility is safe from this level of destruction. He can also choose to unleash all the nuclear energy that he has accumulated in his body in one massive explosion that is truly enough to wipe out an island and then some.

    The drawbacks to this stage are even worse than Gear 2nd and 3rd. First off, Mr Torgue gives off radiation which affects his longterm health in the form of cancer. This process is slowed in his Gear 4th form due to haki but his armaments does not by any means give him immunity. If he stays in Gear 4th long enough, be becomes too unstable and all the energy in his body is released as a nuclear explosion. Even if he safely disperses the energy and reverts back to normal, he is fatigued to the point that he cannot even move. On top of this, he cannot use Bomu or Haki powers for a certain amount of time after. Bottom line, this gear can kill him if he's too reckless.

    Haki - Color of Armor
    Mr Torgue has had extensive training in haki, specifically in armaments. He never really had any kind of talent for observation (probably due to his obnoxious personality), so he spent all of his time and effort into mastering armaments. He has developed a couple of his own techniques, and after realizing his full potential, has finally learned to force his will upon others. His Haoshoku, or King's Haki, was realized after defeating his less than decorated off-family member Low-Five Flexington.

    Armaments: Mass Increase
    Mr Torgue uses armaments haki on an affected body part. This technique increases the mass of the affected part without changing its size, thus increasing its density. Particularly useful when laying some badass smackdown, as well as holding your ground with a powerful defense.

    Armaments: Reflex Armor
    Mr Torgue can reflexively apply armaments haki wherever on his body he is being targeted.

    BIG DEAL! I can use innuendo too!.. BLOWJOBS!!

    On His Person

    High Tech Sunglasses
    Mr Torgue wears some sweet shades over his eyes. Stylish, badass, and they actually serve purpose outside of protecting his eyes from the intense rays of the sun. Complete with optical zoom, thermal and low light vision, these shades serve as a nifty utility for Mr Torgue.
    ● Ideal sunlight protection
    ● Thermal vision
    ● Low-light vision
    ● Optical zoom

    Kairoseki/Steel Plate Arm Covers
    Mr Torgue keeps steel plates covering his forearms with nuts and bolts sticking out. Because not only is it useful, it's a very good wardrobe accessory. The outer layer is made of seastone, followed by the steel, a layer of leather in between, and then Mr Torgue's skin, so as to not negate his own Devil Fruit powers.

    Pandaman Keychain
    A nifty and pretty keychain with a depiction of the Pandaman. The Pandaman is a figure in the world of One Piece that has the same kind of capacity for fairy tales such as the sasquatch to the real world. Aside from holding keys, this item has high value in certain circles and some suspect it has other unknown functions. Or it is just a nifty keychain. Who knows..?

    Den Den Mushi
    A transponder snail that is used for communications. It even has the sweet 'stache and sunglasses that Mr Torgue rocks.

    Hastur's Cloth
    A piece of golden linen that Torgue obtained from his adventures into another dimension and fought a Lovecraftian God. Hastur was a deity of the arts, and a power like no one had known. This cloth is a remnant of that powerful God, holding the resilience similar to Bakumetal while still a cloth. It almost seems alive, and whispers thoughts into the user's mind to perform the strangest of villanous acts. Torgue wears the cloth wrapped on his right arm.

    At the age of 6, Mr Torgue's parents were killed in a horrific mine cave explosion. Mr Torgue's grandmother took him in and raised him in place of his deceased parents. Poor Mr Torgue cried for days, but he finally wiped away his tears from his mustache, and vowed that he would conquer and master explosions themselves, and avenge his parents' deaths. He began to achieve his first goal when he ate the Bomu Bomu no Mi at age 7, which turned him into a bomb human. At the age of 8, Mr Torgue had developed pec's so that he could make his body stronger to make more powerful explosions, and had sufficient mastery over his Devil Fruit powers at age 9. Much time passed, and after a series of misadventures and wrong decisions, Mr Torgue finally joined the Marines with his second in command (slash secretary slash whatever you call the person who makes sure you don't do stupid things all the time) Ashe, who was eventually replaced by Juri. Through many hard ordeals and trials, Mr Torgue has distinguished himself as one of the Marines' top officers.

    Canon Lore
    A Talk with Grandma
    Becoming an Admiral
    Kogey and Grandma
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    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Profession and skills for approval as well:

    Spoiler: Profession
    Oceanographer 12 Stars (★)

    Oceanology: ★★★★★
    Marine Biology: ★★★★★

    Two stars (★) unused

    Oceanology is the branch of Earth science that studies the ocean. It covers a wide range of topics, including marine organisms and ecosystem dynamics; ocean currents, waves, and geophysical fluid dynamics; plate tectonics and the geology of the sea floor; and fluxes of various chemical substances and physical properties within the ocean and across its boundaries. This knowledge also includes the study and understanding of upscale rivers, whirlpools, knock-up streams, and all other crazy bodies of water related to the world of One Piece.

    Marine Biology is the study and understanding of marine life forms. 'Nuff said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Zero View Post
    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Approved. Approved for NPC Kaka, as well.

    Dunnno what Domo is going on about... but... ehhhhh.
    "FTTB" - Ellie Q
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellie Q View Post
    Approved. Approved for NPC Kaka, as well.

    Dunnno what Domo is going on about... but... ehhhhh.
    Grey wrote most of that He wanted an NPC to follow him around. I told him if he made a bio for it, I would post it as my NPC and he could have it follow him around until he got to level 40 and got his own NPC slot.

    What is posted is the "bio" he came up with...

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