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    Giga Horn Breaker makes me happy.

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    New Bio up for approval!

    Pretty much changed everything about it except that I'm still in the RA.

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    Text color codes:
    "----------'' (Irra)

    "----------" (Asger)

    "----------" (Mori)

    "----------" (Ban)

    "----------" (Nobu)

    General Information
    This is the biography of ''Bloodhound'' Irra, a former Cipher Pol agent that hit the global radar when she betrayed the World Government by killing an entire camp of important World Government officials in the Sand Sand Peaks, and went on to create the Briggs Kingdom to publicly and globally oppose the World Government and their ideals. As the eater of the Shiro Shiro no Mi, she is the Briggs Kingdom itself, serves as its King and the physical home to all its people.

    • Name: Irra
    • Alias: ''Bloodhound'' Irra
    • Affiliation: Revolutionary Army, Briggs Kingdom, formerly a Cipher Pol agent
    • Rank: Commander of the Revolutionary Army, King of Briggs Kingdom, formerly a Cipher Pol agent
    • Bounty: ฿645,000,000
    • Race: Human
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 37
    • Height: 253 cm (8'3½")
    • Weight: Perfect

    Appearance: Irra bears piercing blue eyes with long eyelashes and waist-length blond hair that is noticeably curled at the ends despite being otherwise relatively straight. Her lips are clearly defined and rather full - a striking sign of femininity despite her tough nature. Though slender, Irra sports a rather muscular build, which gives off a clear air of regality and command. What many don't know... actually many know it, that is only her outward appearence. Her real appearence is that of a fortress. She is a fortress for all intents and purposes, she is the center of the Briggs Kingdom. Its principal fortress in human form.
    Irra's appearence:

    Personality: Irra is a severe woman with a fearsome and commanding presence. Harsh with her subordinates and peers and coldly merciless to her enemies, the deceptively beautiful woman's schadenfreude has earned her the nickname "Bloodhound" Irra. Sharp-tongued and highly combative, Irra is no stranger to furious chastisements and bursts of fiery violence, especially toward those who fail to live up to her high standards and staunch adherence to her "survival of the fittest" philosophy. As such, she has no tolerance at all for weakness or lack of willpower. That being said, she is extremely perceptive and adaptive, able to coolly judge which courses of action will lead to the most beneficial results and capable of thinking and acting on the fly in response to unpredictable or mutable circumstances. Skilled at reading people and conscious of even her own limitations, Irra understands that she requires the support of her subordinates and peers in order to succeed and, though she understands that sacrifice is often a necessary part of her endeavours, never forgets the weight and impact that each person has on the world. As such, she takes her commanding role very seriously and has earned the undying loyalty of her men with her hands-on approach to leadership on and off of the field of battle.
    Formerly a Cipher Pol agent, Irra had dealt with the World Government most of her life. She grew disgusted with their ways and defected. Initially, Irra fought against the World Government in a composed way, but her hatred for it gradually grew to the point where Irra became an increasingly violent person capable of doing anything to gain advantage against the World Government, even going as far as willingly endangering civilians and her own subordinates. Gradually walking toward darkness, Irra has strayed from her composed self.
    In the aftermath of the Fountain of Giants Arc, Irra has changed and recomposed once again, likely due to the death of Uos and her short war with Elbaf. Irra has returned from her dark days of losing an arm in the Ambervale Buster Call, and is now back on top.

    Total Points: 500
    Spent Points: 500
    • STR: 81
    • AGI: 100
    • VIT: 81
    • Shiro Shiro no Mi: 81
    • Rokushiki: 81
    • COA: 76

    Perk #1 - Nimble Giant: When Irra is in her massive, heavily armed and fortified fortress-like golem form, she retains an incredible amount of dexterity/agility and speed.

    General, King
    • Charisma: ★★★★★ (5)
    • Command/Leadership: ★★★★★ (5)
    • Irra has full command of all of her subordinates and commands respect from all of them.

    Shiro Shiro no Mi:

    The Shiro Shiro no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to become a living fortress, making the user a Castle Human. It is, for all intents and purposes, what makes Irra the very top of the Briggs Kingdom, what makes her its King, its founder and the center of the Briggs Kingdom. It is also why the Briggs Kingdom began with her, and will end with her eventual death, literally. She is not only the King, but also the physical home for all of her people. The main strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to become a living fortress, the inside of their body holding many openings, including portcullis and drawbridges; deeper inside contains various rooms, ranging from stone brick rooms for combat to well-refurbished meeting halls, complete with long-table, chairs and even decorations. The user can hold even living people inside their body, by shrinking their sizes as long as they are within a vicinity of the user. When the objects and people within the user reach a certain distance away from the body, shown by a pinkish layer of an unknown aura centered on the user's location, they revert to full size. In addition, the user's castle defenses can be deployed in a circular formation to give them a full 360 degrees of protection and attack coverage, as well as the potential to conduct decisive surprise ambushes. The user has complete control over the fortress in their body, and can telepathically move around and create objects from inside as they see fit. They can also manifest features of a fortress on their external body, including tank treads, castle walls outfitted with cannons, etc., and can even transform into a massive, heavily armed and fortified fortress-like golem.

    The people and things that Irra holds inside her body:
    • An entire Kingdom's worth of soldiers
    • The soldiers are of all races, including Humans, Minks capable of Electro, one Giant, Skypieans, Fishmen capable of Fishman Karate, etc.
    • All sorts of basic weapons, shields and armors
    • Many standard Castle Cannons
    Marine Warship Weapon: Buster Call Cannons
    Warship Weapon: Gaon Cannon
    Warship Weapon: Railgun Cannon
    • [300 stats Shiro PC, costs 25 Shiro points] Honorary Member Asger "the Giant King"; the late Uos' older brother
    • [300 stats Shiro PC, costs 25 Shiro points] ''Commander of the Sea'' Mori; Commander of Irra's Fishman Squad
    • [Specialized Shiro PC, costs 10 Shiro points] Head Mechanic Ban; Commander of Irra's Skypiean squad in place of Roku, mans and fires the Warship Weapons that Irra carries in her body
    • [Specialized Shiro PC, costs 10 Shiro points] A Skypiean and Ban's twin brother, Nobu; helps man and fire the Warship Weapons that Irra carries in her body


    Castle Tank: Irra transforms her legs into tank treads, allowing her to move at high speeds. Useful when making an escape or when tackling.

    Castle Walls: Much like how Irra can transform her legs into tank treads, she can transform her arms into castle walls for defense. The castle walls can also be outfitted with cannons or any of the Warship Weaponry that Irra carries inside her body. The castle walls, and the cannons that they are outfitted with, can be imbued with Busou-shoku no Haki, because they are part of her own body.

    King in Voller Größe: Big Mom: By raising her pinky and middle fingers, Irra transforms her entire body into a massive, heavily armed and fortified fortress-like golem. In this form, Irra is at her strongest, most durable and biggest, and most dangerous, and her body can be fortified with cannons or any of the Warship Weaponry that Irra carries inside her body.

    King in Voller Größe; Big Mom; Human Castle: Same as above, but instead of transforming into a massive, heavily armed and fortified fortress-like golem, Irra retains her normal human size, but her skin turns into stone pavement like that of a fortress, with portcullis and drawbridges all over her body, cannons at the ready.

    Sky Rokushiki:
    Rokushiki that incorporates Dial Weaponry.

    Techniques (all canon techniques plus the following):

    White Flash: Irra performs a stabbing motion with the Eisen Sword. The Eisen Sword extends forward in an attempt to stab the target from a distance. Similar to Ichimaru Gin’s Shikai from Bleach.

    White Arc: Irra performs a slashing motion with the Eisen Sword. The Eisen Sword extends in the earlier portions of the swing and lashes out like a long whip with a sharp edge.

    White Tree: Irra stabs the target with her Eisen Sword. If successful, she can have the Eisen Sword spike outwards like dozens of white tree branches, lacerating the target from the inside.

    White Warrior: Irra bashes her Eisen Shield into her opponent. This can also release a Rokuougan.

    White Wall: Irra transforms her Eisen Sword into a wall for defense.

    White Moon: Irra transforms her Eisen Sword into a sphere or a semisphere that curves around her, offering 360 or 180 degrees of protection respectively.

    Buster Blade: Irra uses all of the Eisen Clouds from one Eisen Dial, leaving it empty. The size of her Eisen Sword increases tens of folds, becoming a massively sized, cloud light buster blade.



    Busou-shoku; Reactive Armor: Irra has trained her Busou-shoku no Haki to the point where she can activate it on reflex, like a Logia-type, so that she can protect herself even when she doesn't see the attack coming.

    Busou-shoku; Castle Demon: While in her massive, heavily armed and fortified fortress-like golem form, Irra is able to coat her body in a thick crust of black Busou-shoku no Haki in the design of tribal markings, bulking up her musculature immensely. In this form, she towers at the incredible height of actual Giants and looks like a demon of death.

    STRONGEST ATTACK; BIG MOM; BUSOU-SHOKU; 1000 FORTRESSES GAON RAILGUN BUSTER PUNCH!!!: Irra will transform into a massive, heavily armed and fortified fortress-like golem. She will then imbue her arms and upper body with her strongest black Busou-shoku no Haki in the design of tribal markings, increasing her musculature and bulking up, as well as using Busou-shoku no Haki’s offensive and defensive boost. She will then punch with a double fisted Shigan with fists the size of a house each, while firing the Gaon cannon from the portcullis in one fist and the Railgun Cannon from the portcullis in the other fist, and releasing a Rokuougan all at the same time. The result is death by savagery.

    Asger "the Giant King" is the older brother of the late Uos. After Uos' death in the Fountain of Giants Arc at the hands of ex-Admiral Koko, Irra travelled to Elbaf under the guidance of the Vivre Card that Uos had left behind. The Vivre Card led Irra to Asger. Initially, misunderstandings threw Irra into a war against Elbaf, but eventually, it was cleared up and Asger joined Irra to avenge his younger brother's death. Asger is only an honorary member, and he will leave Irra's army after he has avenged Uos' death. Asger is big even by Giant standards, knows Hasshouken and has one of the strongest Busou-shoku no Hakis in the world. He is also a very good swimmer.

    Total Points: 300 +20 Haki Class Bonus
    Spent Points: 320
    • STR: 60
    • AGI: 40
    • VIT: 60
    • Hasshouken: 40
    • COA: 120

    Busou-shoku no Haki Techniques:

    Busou-shoku; Reactive Armor: Asger has trained his Busou-shoku no Haki to the point where he can activate it on reflex, like a Logia-type, so that he can protect himself even when he doesn't see the attack coming.

    Busou-shoku; The Giant King: Asger is able to coat his body in a thick crust of black Busou-shoku no Haki, bulking up his musculature immensely. In this form, he towers over other Giants and looks like a demon of death. This form earned him the nickname Asger ‘’the Giant King’'.


    ’'Commander of the Sea'' Mori is a Shark Fishman and the Commander of Irra's Fishman Squad. He is a master of Fishman Karate. He is fiercely loyal to Irra, but also to Krieg. When Irra was recruiting members, she invited Mori to join, and Mori stated that his pride would only allow him to join if she could defeat him in battle. Krieg stepped up instead and defeated Mori convincingly, prompting him to join. Mori frequently asks Krieg for training spars. Their current score is 21 wins and 2 losses in Krieg’s favor.

    Total Points: 300 +20 FS Class Bonus
    Spent Points: 320
    • STR: 80
    • AGI: 100
    • VIT: 40
    • Fishman Karate: 100

    Perk #1 - TBA: TBA

    Perk #2 - Master of Fishman Karate: Mori has mastered Fishman Karate to the point where he can use the water in the atmosphere to turn any of his attacks into a shockwave, so that any of his tile techniques carry the properties of Samegawara Seiken, with the number of the tiles determining the strength and size of the shockwave.

    Not in use:
    • Foxy Chef Disguise (Novelty item)

    Marine Warship Weapon: Buster Call Cannons (2,500,000)
    Warship Weapon: Gaon Cannon (2,500,000)
    Warship Weapon: Railgun Cannon (2,500,000)
    • Raid Suit (3,000,000)
    • Storage Canister (600,000)
    • Blue Sea Eisen Sword (2,000,000)
    • Blue Sea Eisen Dial (1,400,000)
    • Reject Dial (1,000,000)
    • Jet Dial (1,000,000)
    • Flash Dial (900,000)
    • Fire Dial (1,000,000)
    • Thunder Dial (1,000,000)
    • Breath Dial (900,000)
    • Sensory Gadget (800,000)
    • Infinitely Multiplying Circuitry (∞)
    • Saijo O Wazamono, Excalibur

    Ban and Nobu:
    • Rail Rifle (Shoots white hot railroad spikes at high speed using air pressure (Found in the Return to Sacred Blessings (RSB) Arc and made by Ellie Q))

    Total value: 21,100,000

    The Sand Sand Peaks (SSP) Arc

    • Irra took the world by storm in the Sand Sand Peaks where she went from being a nobody Cipher Pol agent to a world threat.
    • Irra murdered an entire meeting of Naval Commanders and thereby betrayed the World Government, and was caught in the act by two members of the Ironbeard Pirates and Vice Admiral Juri.
    • She made her escape toward the desert and left three of her Cipher Pol agents to deal with the two pirates and Vice Admiral Juri.
    • The three Cipher Pol agents lost their lives but Irra made her escape.
    • She was later on tracked down by Vice Admiral Juri and the two engaged in a battle of such proportions that the climate in that area was changed temporarily.
    • Irra came out victorious and took Vice Admiral Juri captive.
    • Irra then engaged in a battle against the Sky Priests and the Sky Emperor, working together with Admiral Torgue to save the world despite the grudge that Admiral Torgue held toward Irra for holding his subordinate, Vice Admiral Juri, captive.
    • Irra's team took down the strongest priest, Hobosaurus.
    • Irra told Admiral Torgue in his face that the next time they see each other, they would be enemies and she intended to bring the World Government down.
    • In the aftermath of the Sand Sand Peaks Arc, a huge bounty was put on Irra's head for her betrayal, as well as her words to Admiral Torgue.

    The Mineral Colonies of Barvola (MCB) Arc

    • After the events of the Sand Sand Peaks, Irra created the Briggs Kingdom.
    • The Briggs Kingdom started to publicly and globally oppose the World Government.
    • The Briggs Kingdom publicly issued a global war in the name of Irra against the World Government, which stirred up the already bad relationship between the Briggs Kingdom and the World Government even more.

    The Revolutionary Army (RA) Arc

    • The Briggs Kingdom with its King Irra and the Asgard Kingdom with its King Odin met up with other Kings to discuss a potential alliance and the development of the Revolutionary Army.
    • Ex-Admiral Pavlovena attacked the home Sky Island of the Revolutionary Army.
    • Pavlovena fought against the Revolutionary Army’s entire frontline until Irra and Sensui attacked her, literally pushing her off of the island.
    • Pavlovena reported the formation of the Revolutionary Army and Irra’s joining.
    • Irra pursued Pavlovena and tracked her down on Garuda Island.
    • Irra defeated Pavlovena after a ten day battle and took her hostage, as well as took over Garuda Island.
    • In the aftermath of the Revolutionary Army Arc, Irra’s bounty skyrocketed.

    The Autumn Island of Ambervale (AV) Arc

    • Through her former Cipher Pol connections, Irra found out about the Marines' movements in Ambervale.
    • Irra planned on ambushing the Marines in the swamp and take all of them down, but saw a weird creature flying through the sky and followed it.
    • She ended up meeting Koon and Marcus of the Crazy Cage Pirates and they were all attacked by Marines.
    • Irra snatched a Den Den Mushi off of the defeated Lieutenant Dan's body and was then attacked by Marine Captain Barry.
    • A call came in on the Den Den Mushi and Irra found out about the Marines' reinforcements, ambushes and plans.
    • Irra fought and defeated Captain Barry while sending Krieg to intercept the Marines' reinforcements - a big group of new advanced Pacifista models.
    • The reinforcements got past Krieg and attacked Irra.
    • Irra defeated the reinforcements.
    • Later, Irra was seen resting on Ambervale when the whole island got destroyed by a Buster Call.
    • She survived the Buster Call but lost her left arm.

    The Garuda Island (Kakampaign) Arc

    • After Irra lost her left arm in the Ambervale Buster Call, she became very dark, and angry.
    • Having held ex-Admiral Pavlovena captive ever since their fight, Irra decided to execute her publicly to get revenge on the World Government.
    • Irra broadcasted an invitation globally, challenging the World Government to come to Garuda Island and try and save Pavlovena.
    • The World Government responded by sending two Cipher Pol agents, VII and Rohan.
    • Various other figures got involved, including the ex-Admiral and co-Founder of the Hippo Agency, Tylor, as well as the ex-Shichibukai, Rogue.
    • Initially, Irra sent VII and Rohan on a wild goose chase on Garuda Island, but eventually, she succeeded in luring VII, Rohan and Tylor inside her fortress.
    • The final battle eventually converged on St. Henrrick’s Island, where Irra had been hiding all along.
    • The large scale battle resulted in VII being heavily damaged and Rohan on the verge of utter exhaustion, but the two managed to retrieve Pavlovena successfully.
    • Pavlovena turned out to have been poisoned by Irra in advance due to the latter's boiling rage for the World Government at the time, and passed away later on.
    • The World Government preserved face by interrupting the execution from being shown to the public, but they lost the ex-Admiral.
    • In the aftermath of the Garuda Island Arc, Irra’s bounty was increased even further.

    The Fountain of Giants (FOG) Arc

    • Irra took shelter for a while, not knowing what to do with her rage for the World Government at the time.
    • Irra and Akai were called to the Maneki-neko Casino by a fellow Commander of the Revolutionary Army, Caesar, who overheard something about ex-Admiral Koko.
    • Irra and Akai made their way to the Maneki-neko Casino when suddenly a cloud of miasma took the casino and the street that it was on.
    • Irra was not affected by the miasma due to her fortress-esque body, but Irra's subordinates, and Akai, were.
    • A mysterious man by the name of Prometheus took center stage and said he had a cure, but he would only reveal it if he was brought the head of ex-Admiral Koko.
    • Irra and Akai encountered another fellow Commander of the Revolutionary Army in the casino, Sensui.
    • The three took off in search of Koko.
    • Two presences that felt like Koko were identified. Irra and Akai went after one, and Sensui and Tenguman went after the other.
    • Irra’s choice was incorrect, and she ran into Razzo.
    • After a fight with Razzo and then Satan, Koko, who had defeated Sensui, finally came to meet Razzo.
    • Irra was quick to pick a fight with Koko, but she was intercepted by Razzo, leaving Uos to deal with Koko alone.
    • Irra was blocked by Razzo until Uos’ fight with Koko concluded.
    • Uos lost his life willingly, bringing Koko to his deathbed in exchange.
    • In an attempt to avenge Uos, Irra tried to finish Koko off, but the drugs in him transformed him into a monster.
    • After a short fight against the monster, Odnar interrupted the fight and finished Koko off
    • Thereafter, Irra disappeared for a few weeks. First, she had lost her left arm in the Ambervale Buster Call even though that fight had nothing to do with her, then she executed ex-Admiral Pavlovena, but found out that it would not calm her rage. Then she got caught in another fight that had nothing to do with her, and Uos lost his life. Irra was devastated.
    • A few weeks after the aftermath of the Fountain of Giants Arc, Irra took the Vivre Card that Uos had left behind and followed it to Elbaf. Initial misunderstandings threw Irra into a war against Elbaf, but eventually Asger ‘’the Giant King’’, Uos’ older brother, joined Irra as an honorary member until he would have his revenge for Uos.

    The Elbaf War Flashback Arc

    • TBA

    The Funeral of the Sky (FOS) Arc

    • Start by describing the new and composed ‘’on top of it'' Irra
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    My new NPC will need to be approved when all the Freeness is done. Link in sig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Dash View Post
    Stuff for approval!

    Spoiler: Technique
    The user channels their energy into their horn to fire a rainbow colored concussive beam.

    Spoiler: Rumble Form
    Horn Point
    Aurora's horn grows to a massive size, resembling that of a large drill. With this massive horn, Aurora's beams increase in power along with giving her other valuable uses. Due to the horns large size, it can hinder Aurora's vision.

    Giga Horn Breaker
    The user flies at their target at high speeds. They perform aileron rolls while flying. This causes the horn to spin like a drill. With this the user aims to impale their target. This can be used in conjunction with the Sonic Rainboom.

    The user flies at the ground at high speed and spins with aileron rolls. When they collide with the ground their horn works like a drill. This allows the user to dig through the ground for a limited amount of time. With Aurora's skills in navigation she can burst from underneath her opponent with an attack.
    Approved; Be aware that while your beam might be energy based, it doesn't have the effect of armaments haki. So logias are a no go.
    Quote Originally Posted by Guren View Post
    New Bio up for approval!

    Pretty much changed everything about it except that I'm still in the RA.
    Quote Originally Posted by kakashi19283 View Post
    New bio for approval:

    (I'm the one who made those points for Guren when he had the Phoenix MZ, so I'm not stealing any ideas here.)
    I don't know if you read Ellie's comments before when Guren asked for them, so I'll repeat them.
    The forms are approved; Rebirth form will significantly more draining on your vitality than any other form as you are constantly summoning the flames.
    But yeah, everything's fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackoffripper View Post
    My new NPC will need to be approved when all the Freeness is done. Link in sig.
    Eh, approved.
    It's going to keep the weakness to open flames though. Hopefully it's smart enough to know that high temperatures are bad.

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    Logia's weren't even a thought when I requested it, though it is good to know the limits.

    Thank you for the approval.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    I don't know if you read Ellie's comments before when Guren asked for them, so I'll repeat them.
    The forms are approved; Rebirth form will significantly more draining on your vitality than any other form as you are constantly summoning the flames.
    But yeah, everything's fine.
    Two questions:

    (1) How draining will Rebirth Point be? I get that that's a hard question to accurately answer, but with 100 vitality (which is Admiral-ish vitality, which is a '10 days of fighting energy' type of thing), I'd think it wouldn't be too much of a problem. I mean... if I had it activated throughout a whole Campaign then yeah, but other than that I'm not sure how much of a factor it'd be? Also, in two levels, that 100 vitality will be 120 vitality too.

    (2) Are instinct arts still a thing?

    Oh and thanks for the approval.
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    My poison isn't weak to flames nor heat as shown in impel down, but I am assuming it is just for the NPC, correct?

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    Rhea Aldaine, "Sentai Pink"
    After acquiring a super suit and dubbing herself Sentai Pink, she set sail with the aim to end corruption in the world. As no one knows she is Sentai Pink, Rhea Aldaine is an ordinary citizen, just another face in the crowd. Leaving her free to sleep in peace, despite the enemies she will likely make as Sentai Pink. Her goal may be a lofty one, but she has the conviction to see it through. Her heroics do not make her stupid though. She knows her limits and will refrain from doing anything that is guaranteed to get her killed. She cannot fight the good fight dead after all. She is rather confident in her ability to survive though. Thanks to her Bari Bari no Mi abilities, she can be more reckless than most. Which is the biggest boon she could have asked for.


    She is normally a caring and gentle person. With a bit of a sarcastic side. She always seeks to do what's right, and is willing to fight the world for what she believes in. She is smart, but nothing like a genius. When donning her Sentai Pink attire, she adopts a boisterous persona. Full of poses and shouting. She does it in attempt to both inspire allies, and frustrate enemies. Though, her biggest reason for doing it is for herself. To be able to face anything without fear, she needs to. Sometimes the heat of battle causes her to forget this, and that is when she is most vulnerable.


    Bari Bari no Mi Eating the Bari Bari no Mi has turned her into a barrier human. She is capable of utilizing her barriers in numerous ways. For attacking, for defending, and even moving about the battlefield. Thanks to some advanced level control over her barriers. She is very prominent with its use, and one would find it hard to tell she has a limit of only creating one barrier at a time, due to her frequent use of them.

    Busoshoku Haki Like many others, she has the capability to utilize Busoshoku Haki. A form of Haki that allows the user to use their spirit to create, in essence, an invisible armor around themselves. This Haki allows the user to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause them harm. Significant physical force can still overcome this defense however, so it is not infallible.

    Spoiler: Techs
    Serration She is capable of applying black haki as sharp serrated edges to weapons and objects. Greatly increasing their cutting ability.

    Pink Storm Her haki violently stirs the air around it, causing slicing winds to swirl around whatever is coated by it. These winds add a second layer of damage to her attacks.

    Sentai Ranger Pink A self-made profession. To her, it means protecting everyone who deserves protecting. Regardless of their alliance. An honest Marine needs assistance? She'll be there. An honorable pirate in a tight spot? She'll be there. Recently discovering further capabilities of her suit, she has put them to practice. After accidentally activating her suit's AI system, Olivia, she also learned of a weapons system her suit possesses.
    Olivia- Liv for short. Liv is an AI system within the Sentai Pink suit. She is capable of displaying a HUD on the suits helmet that depicts things such as the current temperature, the time, and the heat signatures of nearby people or animals. As well as operating any of the suits other functions entirely on her own. Thanks to Liv, she has no need to control any weapons systems installed into the suit, and can focus on other things.

    Spider- A wire based weapons system. Thin, but highly durable wire is stored in cartridges. Spider is primarily controlled by Olivia, and based on Rhea's discretion she can take manual control of it. The wire is shot from underneath either of her wrists, with enough force for it to pierce a building. Allowing an alternate form of travel. Due to the force used to puncture buildings, it can also be used in combat. Especially if powered up with Armaments Haki. The wires utilized in Spider can have their color altered. This function is controlled by Olivia as well.

    Basic Information
    Name: Rhea Aldaine
    Epithet: Sentai Pink
    Affiliation: Super Sentai Force
    Occupation: -
    Profession: Sentai Ranger
    Devil Fruit Path: Bari Bari no Mi
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Height: 160cm
    Weight: ???

    Total Points: 478
    Spent Points: 478
    • STR: 71
    • AGI: 81
    • VIT: 88
    • FS: 61
    • DFS: 100
    • CoA: 76
    • General Knowledge: ✧✧✧✧✧
    • Charisma: ✧✧
    • Heroics: ✧✧

    Sentai Pink Suit (Raid Suit)
    Sentai Pink Morpher (RS Canister)
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