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    Remember, wind blades need at least a 61 in either FS or DFS or 80 (crude) in strength. Otherwise, approved.
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    Custom Inventions Need of Approval

    Spoiler: New Inventions
    -Fang is a design name for a weapon with a concealed blade made by Dorthy L. Pennyworth. These are only given to members of the Cielo Famiglia.

    @First Addition-Tonfa Fang. The tonfa that has been given a special tool inside the center. Clicking down a switch which is on the handle portion of the tonfa, a blade ejects out from the hole at the end, allowing the user of this to cut the enemy now. At the very bottom of the handle of the tonfa is a button. If this button is pressed, the said blade will eject out and fly from out the tonfa to the location of where the user points his weapon.

    @Second Addition- Twin Fang. These daggers are made pretty much just daggers, yet the design for the handles have a circular structure around the handle, making them look much different. The blades on them are rather long but not to be considered swords.

    Ara Toxin
    -Ara Toxin is a design name for a weapon which contains poison made from the Doku Doku user, Ara inside them, converted into a portable weapon by Dorthy L. Pennyworth. These are only given to members of the Cielo Famiglia

    @First Addition- Tonfa Ara Toxin. The tonfa which has a barrel like form inside the end of the tonfa. These special tonfa have buttons by the handle part of the tonfa, and if pressed, they release a small ball which explodes on impact or when it has been in the air for five seconds. It explodes into a contained blast of poison fog, which inhaled will cause the same effect done by if poisoned by the Doku Doku User, Ara. The button can be pressed rapidly, sending numerous poison balls out, however there is only 25 contained inside.

    @Second Addition- Grenade Ara Toxin- A grenade which contains a high volume of the Doku Doku poison of Ara. When the pin is released for three seconds, or when hit hard enough, it explodes, releasing a large cloud of poison which begins to burn the eyes, throat, and even makes numbness occur, making it hard to count on your senses. Not to mention it poisons you!
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    To be approved


    Weapon Master ★★★★★
    Hand to Hand Expert ★★★

    List of Custom Tonfa :

    • The Sharp Tonfa : This Tonfa has been carved to have a blade at the end of the weapon. It will used as both a Tonfa and Sword. The edge of the Blade is coated by one of Aradi's poison, making it extremely dangerous to anybody who gets cuts by it. The symptoms are lost of feeling in their fingers, having problem to breath and minor sight issues.

    • The Exploding Tonfa : This Tonfa has a launcher at the end of the weapon. In a swift movement, the user can unleash a grenade at a specific target. But the grenade aren't explosive, their actually made out of the Doku Doku no Mi's poison. They have the same effects as the Sharp Tonfa but much more amplified.
    Thanks Nelkk

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    Basic Character Information
    Name: Yggdrasil Floren
    Epithet: Flesh Eater, Plant Man
    Affiliation: Phantom Maelstrom
    Occupation: Hunter
    Stat Points: 300
    Class: Haki
    Devil Fruit: N/A
    Bounty: 0
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human?
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 175lbs

    Getting to know the Character
    Character Personality: Yggdrasil considers anything made of meat to be a source of food. He takes large enjoyment for hunting meat for a meal.
    Character Appearance:

    Character History: Yggdrasil grew up on a small island in the grand line. The island was covered in a dense jungle and only the toughest or smartest of creatures could survive.

    Role Playing Character Stats
    Total: 303
    Strength Attribute: 40
    Agility Attribute: 60
    Vitality Attribute: 50
    Life Return: 100
    Haki: 53 (CoO Haki Lv.2)

    Abilities and Power
    Character Weapons: N/A
    Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A
    Life Return
    Combat Techniques
    10-000 Needles: Yggdrasil’s hair stands on end before being fired, each one doing very small damage but due to the large amount it can be rather hard to dodge and damage builds up quickly.
    Hair Hands: Yggdrasil makes his hair form into hands, they work just like an extra limb. Size can vary and it’s not always hands.
    Triple Spin Buzz-saw Blaster: Yggdrasil curls up into a ball while covering himself in a layer or sharp hair as he rolls around acting very similar to a buzz-saw, he can cut through things while doing so.
    Gut Retcher: Yggdrasil concentrates the acids in his stomach before heaving up a ball of it. The ball it held inside a thin layer of mucus to stop it from hurting himself on the way up. The acid is potent enough to even eat through steel.

    Combat Support Techniques
    Spit ‘n Shine: Yggdrasil gathers a bunch of saliva and mucus inside his mouth before spitting directly upwards and coating himself in it, this causes him to become very slippery making it harder for attacks to hit effectively.
    Not so silent but incredibly deadly mega gas: Taking a deep breath Yggdrasil lets forth a fart of such foul stench it acts like tear gas. The gas usually is a greenly-brown colour that easily blocks the view of people. This also carries enough force to allow Yggdrasil to propel himself forward.
    Body Reinforcement: Yggdrasil strengthens his body to give himself natural armour equal to pacifista level. By reinforcing further he can reach bakumetal level of armour but becomes unable to move.
    Combo Play: Yggdrasil rides on the back of someone, like this he can do such things as wrap his hair around their arms to combine their strength together into a single punch.

    Non-Combat Techniques
    Chameleon: Covering himself with a thin layer of hair all over, Yggdrasil can change the colour of it to blend into a lot of things. He can even use it to copy someone’s appearance to a certain extent.
    Wings: Yggdrasil lengthens the hair on his back to make a pair of wings to fly or glide with.
    Animal Dash: Moving at an incredibly speed while on all fours Yggdrasil moves faster than people can usually keep up with.
    Chameleon Copy: Yggdrasil creates enough hair to make a life sized copy of himself, using the chameleon technique he can change its colour to copy him perfectly. It can only move while its still attached to him. These are quite flammable.
    Connections for Life: This technique allows the user to restore the flow of life to an object that once contained the same flow of life as the user. Thus allowing hair and limbs to be reconnected, though limbs would take a longer amount of time to reconnect than simple hair.
    Perfect Health: Yggdrasil filters out foreign or bad substances from his body, thus removing poisons and such before they cause harm.
    Natural Recovery up: Yggdrasil makes his cells increase their rate of production in order to heal wounds. The larger the wound the longer it takes. Limbs are also able to be regrown but would take too long and require too much concentraition to be performed in battle.

    Other Abilities:
    Enhanced natural senses: Due to Yggdrasil living in the wild for so long he has an increased sense of smell and hearing.
    Iron Stomach: Due to the concentrated stomach acids Yggdrasil can eat a large array of things people normally wouldn’t be able to. He is unable to eat things that would not normally fit into his mouth and in its current state his insides will be torn to shreds by anything too sharp.
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    My previous sheet just disappeared and each time I try to edit it gets worse. :0

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS]Basic Character Information:

    Name: Shinzo Kyousuke
    Epithet: The Golden Emperor
    Affiliation: Marine
    Level: 41
    Devil Fruit: Sui Sui no Mi
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Date of Birth: February 4, 1995
    Height: 190.5 cm(6'3")
    Weight: 205
    Beli: 1,700,000

    Role Playing Character Stats:

    Total: 205
    Race Benefit: +10

    Strength Attribute: 30
    Agility Attribute: 50
    Vitality Attribute: 35
    Fighting Style Mastery: 30 +10
    [B]Devil Fruit Mastery:[/B%5
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    NPC for approval

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Andy Eagle
    Affiliation: (C)CCP
    Occupation: Mechanic / Inventor
    Level: 40
    Devil Fruit: Mini Mini no mi.
    Bounty: n/a
    Gender: Male
    Race: Giant
    Age: 14 y.o.
    Height: 15 m

    Role Playing Character Stats

    Strength Attribute: 65+15 bonus =80
    Agility Attribute: 50
    Vitality Attribute: 55
    Devil Fruit: 30

    Getting to know the Character

    Character Personality: Andy has ambitions of becoming a great mechanic, however, because he is the host of a devil fruit power he was ostracized by the other villagers back in his hometown. He compensates for this with a cheerful and boisterous personality. He is hyperactive, exuberant, brash, inattentive, heedless to formality or social standings and somewhat perverted.
    Character Appearance:

    Profession: Mechanic.
    Robotics: ☆☆☆☆
    Sketch: ☆☆
    Engineering: ☆☆

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons: optional / needs approval first
    Devil Fruit Abilities: Mini Mini No Mi
    Fighting Style Abilities: optional / needs approval first

    Character History

    Andy left his hometown to become a great inventor.

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    Is that for approval or are you just posting it because problems?

    Go for it.

    Added a pacifsita owl to my NPC listing. Uses gnome rulings.
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    Just reposting because of problems

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    Blog Entries
    Basic Information
    • Name: Son Rohan
    • Affiliation: Cipher Pol 9
    • Rank: Vice-Chief
    • Race: Mink
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 26
    • Height: 183cm
    • Weight: 73 kg
    • Likes: basebal, Comedy, poker
    • Money: 4,150,000
    • Appearance: Here

    • About:
    Rohan is a mink that hails from Zou the birth place to many of the known minks. However word within the marines spread quickly of the covert and stealth operations this mink possessed and tried to recruit him into their ranks. Through months they obviously failed to convince him and afterwards couldn't even find him as he disguised himself as other people. The Pol 2 chief desperate of having such a person in his rank went to extreme lengths to force him into joining. It was either he joined them or his little sister would find doom at the hands of the celestials. With not much of a choice given Rohan relucantly accepted the offer and agreed to join the Cipher Pols. Years later he suprisingly started to like the job as he got paid to do what he liked, dress up as other people and do covert and stealth tasks like no one else.

    • Personality:
    Rohan is a bit of a trickster/goof. He likes to mess with people which he succeeds due to the nature of his devil fruit. He's rather laid back and a relaxed guy. Even with his status as CP2 agent he still prefers to put in a laugh or two detesting the serious nature that the Pols have. If someone would find the guy at a bar one wouldn't notice that he is a part of the marine's intelligence unit.

    Fighting style path
    • Skill Points: 500 +2

    • Strength: 4
    • Durability: 15
    • Agility: 10

    • Life return: 80 +20
    • Mandalorian Combat: 80 +20
    • Hasshoken: 80 +20
    • Devil Fruit mastery: 81
    • Armaments: 100
    • Mantra: 50

    - Haki master [ Allows Rohan to expand his techniques up to 3 *pending 4*.]
    - Warfare master, being a Mandalorian veteran. Rohan is able to use basic functions of most weaponry while not losing the mastery over his sword based combat.
    Profession: Mimic

    - Impersonation: *****
    - Observation: *****


    - Third Df slot
    - Raid suit
    - EB rank one sword
    - Free path change slot[allows df without needing df path]

    Devil Fruit

    Mane Mane no mi
    The Mane Mane no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn into a physical double of anyone he or she has touched, making the user an Imitating Human (マネ人間 Mane Ningen?).[2] When the user changes, they also imitate the copied person's flexibility, strength, and abilities, aside from those bestowed by a Devil Fruit.

    The fruit allows the user to become a flawless copy of someone they touch with their right hand, in both face and body. It also allows the user to take on strong opponents with their own strong copied bodies and abilities. Since they mimic a copied person's strength and others that means they also possibly gain that person's weaknesses whatever they might be. Rohan has perfect recollection of every person whose form he has ever copied. Whether this is from his DF or just personal skill is unknown.



    - Mane Mane Memory (マネマネメモリー Mane Mane Memori?, literally meaning "Copy Copy Memory"): Rohan transforms into somebody he has physically touched, taking on their physical properties including strength and form. Turning him even human in this case.

    - Shift copy: Allows Rohan to shift between collected personas in the blink of an eye, allows him to chain moves together. Shift into a quick person -> Shift into a strong person to deliver a quick but strong attack.

    - Situational copy: An advanced technique that allows Rohan to copy a persons boosted phyiscal attributes that are provided thanks to a devil fruit. Like for example Zoan forms or bide strength. This however requires Rohan to retouch his opponent while he/she is in their boosted form. Due to the temporary nature of the boosted form Rohan loses this copy over a certain time, which requires him to again touch his opponent.[81+ technique]

    -Photo copy: Allows Rohan to copy a person he has seen through a picture without having to ever touch the target in question.


    - Copy Memory: Allows Rohan to remember any person he has ever touched which in turn allows him to turn into them at a later point in time.

    - All touch: Rohan has learned to transform himself into the person he remembers without touching his own face. While he still has to touch a person to copy them he can do this with any part of his body. As long as they are in physical contact with him, he no longer needs only his right hand or to touch their face. This also works if the person in question hits him that also allows him to acquire their physical attributes.[81 advanced technique]

    Player copies

    I'll file all the copied player characters here, with proof provided.

    Physical stats
    Strength Attribute 50
    Agility Attribute 50
    Vitality Attribute 47

    Physical stats
    Strength: 50
    Agility: 100
    Vitality: 70

    Physical stats
    Strength Attribute 98
    Agility Attribute 60
    Vitality Attribute 50

    Physical stats
    Strength: 60
    Agility: 80
    Vitality: 60

    Physical stats
    • STR: 80
    • AGI: 100
    • VIT: 40

    Physical stats
    Strength: 120
    Speed: 80
    Vitality: 100

    Uos The Giant
    Physical stats
    • STR: 60
    • AGI: 40
    • VIT: 60

    Physical stats
    Strength Attribute: 100
    Agility Attribute: 10
    Vitality Attribute: 43

    Life return

    Life Return is a technique used to allows the user to control their bodily functions. While Rohan can use the basic functions of life return his focus of life control is his muscular system. This allows Rohan to bulk up and bulk down his muscles to a humane degree. As there are certain limits as to how far he can boost his own muscle fibers. If these limits are exceeded this style will act as a double edged sword and will even harm the user in the process, causing muscles to tear and limbs being unable to function.

    Perfect stamina control: Rohan through having perfected life return is now able to fight much longer than what's normally possible. Through his stamina control he is able to fight without wasted movements, which allows him to execute draining techniques more often.

    Enhanced recovery: As the name implies Rohan is able to boost the recovery speed of his body. Allowing him to return to a previous fight much quicker granted if his issues are only stamina related. Losing a limb for example is still a huge drain on stamina even with his enhanced recovery. This is purely if Rohan runs out of gas when he has been fighting for days.

    Boosted muscle increases: With perfect mastery over life return Rohan is able to boost his muscles(20% increase) even further than before. Allowing him to be much faster/stronger than ever before. This boosted form does suffer from severe stamina drain for it allows Rohan to go beyond the natural limitations of the body.

    Hair Control: Rohan can control his hair to use for offensive and defensive means, as well as binding and capturing. With a combination of Life Control and Busou-shoku no Haki, the effectiveness of Rohan's hair climbs dangerously high.

    Bone Control: increases the toughness of his bones. Defensive prowess.

    Sensory Control: increases the performance of one sense at the cost of others. For example, he can increase her sight at the cost of his hearing, or his sense of smell at the cost of his sense of taste.

    Temperature Control: Rohan can control his natural temperature to help deal with extreme heat or cold.

    Excretion: Rohan can deal with, decompose and excrete harmful substances that enter his body, such as if he gets poisoned. He will normally exhale or spit the harmful substances out to a certain extend of course.

    Lung Control: Rohan can hold his breath for extremely long periods of time and go without breathing. He can inhale and exhale extreme amounts at the same time. He can also scream very loud, to the point where his screams together with hasshoken can cause shockwaves.

    Adrenaline Pump: Rohan can increase his adrenaline to fight longer and feel less fatigue. Overuse will result in the suppressed fatigue coming crashing down. Defensive prowess.

    Dense body – User controls his muscle mass to such a degree it becomes a formidable defense without the usage of haki or tekkai. Allowing one to defend with pure body mass on its own against certain attacks. The current physical strength being a factor in what he can tank with pure muscle.

    Lean muscle control – User augments his/her muscular system into more lean muscle allowing for better and agiler movement. One could say this is the form to move faster.

    Bulk up - By boosting the muscle system in his arms or legs the user is able to increase the damage potential their attacks normally do. The activation of this technique can be seen by the sudden expansion of the user's muscle mass.

    Fast twitch muscle control - By boosting the twitch muscles in one's body the user is able to react faster as these types of muscles provide short bursts of speeds. The downside to this however is that these types of muscles fatigue quicker than other types. Therefor this technique has to be used sparingly as it drains the most stamina.

    Mandalorian Combat


    Rohan hails from a unique tribe with the Mink community known as the Mandalorians. This tribe has always been focused on the art of war and only the strongest could survive. Because of the harshness of the mandalorian way many members of this little clan set out the become bounty hunters or mercenaries. Rohan being the oddity chose to become a member of the government, acting in assassinations and infiltration. When a member of the mandalorians graduates from trainee they receive their own raid suit that can be used in combat.

    Combat focus weapons and swords

    Raidsuit - Is a skin tight suit that's created from a memory shape alloy. Giving its user a formidable defense while not losing speed due to bulky nature of most armors. The theme of Rohan's suit is the jet systems that are incorporated inside of the suit. Allowing him to traverse locations much quicker while also providing him the speed to attack quicker and with more force. The added systems on both the elbows, ankels and back give him the ability to move around in more directions than straight forward or back, allowing for omnidirectional movement. There are also vents on the fists allowing for them to release powerful gusts of wind.

    Rohan's suit also is able to memorize a new form in the event that Rohan's new appearance does not fit his usual lean size. Giving him the ability to coat even bulkier forms in this armor.

    Rank one sword: The Sundari A unique rank one weapon with a durability of 300 that can withstand the vibration output Rohan can exert with Hasshoken. Because of this the weapon's cutting abilities are enhanced even further causing even the slightest glancing blow to potentially become a gaping wound. Even the most highest of amours can be seen as if they're made out of paper when met with this blade and Rohan's martial arts.

    Sword based combat

    Rohan's way of sword fighting is based on stances with each one of them having their own emphasis. One focuses on evasion and speed while the other focuses on sheathed attacks as to give a few examples. However, one is fully capable to switch learned stances on the fly making it so that techniques aren't forced to that one style in particular. The list down below is purely for teaching purposes and to learn in phases instead of everything at once.

    Bladed combat: Being trained in the arts of knives and blades, Rohan has taken up this basic training to a master like level.
    Raid suit combat: Basic mandalorian training incorperates a raidsuit into their culture, allowing for trainees to get accustomed to their suit and its built in weapons.
    Fire based weapon combat: Rohan learned a unique varation on the bladed combat training. It allows him to generate, attack and cut with fire.

    Stance 1 Shii-Cho

    The most basic stance and is the first one uses while training in this form of combat. It focuses on both one on one combat and large groups of enemies. It is also the stance where air blades are thought in higher masteries due to the wide swings one uses while in this stance.

    - Air blades
    - Doryu ha, cutting the ground and sending debris towards an opponent.
    - Gentle sword, The technique allows the user to deflect and redirect attacks to any direction she chooses. The user does not directly oppose the force of the redirected blow, as the name suggests, but instead uses the opponent's force against them.
    - Kagenui, For this technique the user needs to relax his body competely, adopting a "natural posture". Then, suddenly, use all his unused muscular strength to rotate the body, simultaneously evading a hit and going into range of an opponent.

    Stance 2 Makashi

    Or informally known as the hermit stance. For when one adopts this stance a sheathed position is always needed. It is a stance that awaits an opponents movement and counters quickly with an iai strike or a batto jutsu. If the time isn't right to counter or prediction isn't met this stance also focuses on foot work. Soru esque moves in the forms of dashes and sky walks are mostly seen while in this form.


    - Dash, Soru move
    - Sky walk, self explanatory.
    - Aragami, A counterattack, the user concentrates, then raises his sword horizontally over his head. When the enemy weapon is about to hit him, he attacks the weapon with a downward slash while rotating the sword at the same time, resulting in a powerful blow that knocks back the weapon, chipping it.

    - Soryusen, a two phase technique. By drawing the weapon faster through Iaijutsu the user follows up the first strike with a powerful blunt force from their sheathe.

    - Hiryusen, By using great strength one can flick out the sheathe towards an approaching opponent like a projectile. While not really a damaging move it provides useful as a distraction.

    - Ryu no Hirameki, a standard Iai but going through a different name than Lion's song.

    Stance 3 Ataru

    The aggressive stance and the one mostly used when attacking an opponent. In this form the most deadly of techniques are taught and combined with life return its power is enhanced even further.

    - Cutting techniques combined with the fire properties of kitsunebi-ryu

    - Drill sword [ Slime only] An attack only usable while in the form of Suu or another slime for that matter. The technique entails having the user wind up her sword arm and then release it, creating a drill effect. The end result is an immensely powerful attack capable of cleaving through even the toughest of armours with just one strike. Due to the nature of this technique no ordinary human is physically capable of twisting their arm at such a degree without lasting damage. Because of that Rohan turned to the slime their very flexible bodies, allowing him to twist his arm to incredible degrees and drawing forth immense amounts of force upon impact.

    - Kosen, The human and inferior version of the drill sword. It's a thrust performed while using the rotation of the whole body to increase the penetrating power of the blade, transferring all the strength to the tip and turning it into a drill.

    -Gekirin The user attacks with an apparently normal slash from above, only to quickly switch the position of his hands on the sword (The right slides down while the left grabs up, and viceversa), enabling him to change the direction of the slash at the last moment, surpassing the enemy guard.

    -Tanryuu Hibaku This technique is very similar to Gekirin, but instead of changing hands, the user simply removes his right hand entirely and uses the left one on the bottom of the handle to push while twisting the body in order to extend the reach, turning the slash into a thrust which leaves no escape to the enemy.

    Stance 4 - Synthesis

    A Rohan unique stance of his own creation. It's a stance where he uses all of his fighting style into one unique and deadly form. The cutting power of his weapons in this form are greatly enhanced.


    Ripple sword Rohan by using his hasshoken through his arm allows him to vibrate both his arm and weapon at an incredible rate. The rate at which his sword vibrates creates the illusion that it is a rapid moving snake. It is a very hard attack to counter, only those with sensing abilities such as mantra or tremor sense should be able to fully observe the path the sword takes. As it is constantly moving the user is able to weave it around a defender's sword, slashing them even if their block is up.

    Phantom Mirage By boosting his twitch muscles through life return to the point that the user leaves an after-image. It confuses adversaries and is used primarily to dodge attacks while occasionally used to launch an attack as well. Due to the nature of this technique it is very taxing as boosting twitch muscles causes them to fatigue that much quicker. It also causes cramps or even muscle spasms if used to frequently.

    - Virbo sword, Rohan channels hasshoken through his weapon giving it a buzzing noise and augments its cutting potential greatly.

    - Wind cutter By boosting one's agility through life return one is capable to unleash a flurry of slashes while drawing. To those with untrained eyes it looks as if someone swung once while in reality they're slashing them multiple times at once in a very quick attack. Combined with the virbo sword ability this turns the technique into a very powerful one.



    Hasshoken is a fighting style that allows the user to control vibrations around their limbs to generate shock waves . This shockwave is powerful enough to destroy a metal shield or defeat a strong man easily. Some also claim that these attacks are unblockable and reverberating, causing defenses to shatter. A strong enough opposite force can counter the reverberating nature of these attacks.

    - Seismic sense - By perfecting the vibrational control. Rohan is able to detect vibrations in the ground. This skill enables him to perceive objects, people and other aspects that would normally be out of sight or obscured. In essence this trait acts as a sonar, allowing Rohan to detect things around through earth and metal.

    - List of canon attacks here.
    - Military punch: Using hasshoken through punches, causing the shockwaves to go through their body and mess up their insides.
    - Military jab: A very fast punch that lacks in strength, often used by the not dominant arm.
    - Canon punch: User punches the air and releases the shockwave like a projectile towards the opponent.
    - Thunderclap: By clapping his hands together one can release an outwards expanding shockwave that pushes the enemy away. Mostly used to reset combat encounters.
    - Tsubame gaeshi: By twisting into an attack made by the opponent, the user is able to redirect that energy against them, resulting in a kicking or punching counterattack that is stronger than would normally be launched. While the attack appears to be counter the damage from said attack is definitely felt by the one receiving it as he flows it through his body while also adding his own attack into the mix.[credit to ellie for the idea]
    - Tremor: The user stamps their foot, releasing powerful vibrations into the ground causing the area to shake violently.
    - Big bang impact: By concentrating for a few short moments the user channels as much hasshoken energy as he possibly can endure. Afterwards he/she unleashes the attack in a punching or kicking manner dealing immense amount of damage to the surrounding area and their opponent. This attack is more draining than the other ones thus making successive moves with this attack is not advised.


    A reverse thunderclap that instead of being one direction is omnidirectional. However, due to nature of the attack, its power potential is greatly diminished compared to the regular thunderclap.

    Hasshoken: Armor

    Just like how Tekkai and haki and other fighting styles can envelop the user in an aura or armor a Hasshoken master can do the same but slightly different. The way it is different is that a Hasshoken user vibrates his or her body at such incredibly speeds and velocity that damage gained is halved. It is also a great way to break through encasement like ice. However this technique cannot be used constantly as it has quite the stamina drain.

    Hasshoken; Final Explosion.
    One of the most dangerous moves in a hasshoken master's arsenal. Just like how a boxer has to warm up to deliver the king punch a has spoken user has to build up and gather an enormous amount of energy within his body. Because of this energy gathering the user is not able to perform any hasshoken attacks at the same time. When enough energy is gathered the user releases it all from within his body in one incredibly outward explosion that equals - in terms of destructive powers - a serous punch from the Gura gura no mi.

    The downsides to this attack is that one it is final. Once the user releases this move their entire stamina is exhausted and they're knocked out. Such is the fate of those that use Kamikaze moves. The second is that it takes a lot of build up time in which a Hasshoken master cannot defend himself with his own fighting style, which is a huge weakness. Rohan however has trained his skill in hasshoken to such a degree that it takes half the time to charge up this attack.


    Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess. Rohan is one of the few beings on the new world that managed to perfectly master both types of haki. While having mastered both types, Rohan still is slightly more skilled with armaments.
    Spoiler: Haki ranks & Techniques

    Armaments IV
    Busoshoku Haki or armaments haki allows the user to use their spirit life force to create, in essence, an invisible armor around themselves. Similar to Tekkai, this Haki allows the user to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause them harm. Rohan has trained his armaments up to a perfect degree. Others have even noted that his armaments is weirdly tougher than others. Thanks to his perk his haki gives him a buff in muscle mass and strength when applied to his body users find that hitting him gives the same feeling as punching a thick metal block. Even haki users broke several bones trying to punch him in his full body form.

    Rank 4 - Full body black Haki achieved. High damage and defense boost. Second tech allowed


    - Reactive armor: Haki is applied subconsciously mimicking a logia auto defense.
    - Haki Pulse: The user forms black haki and then strikes. As they strike, the haki vibrates and moves rapidly. This motion adds an extra crushing or sawing force to whatever it is applied to, amplifying the damage considerably. This technique also allows the user to apply haki to cutting requirements.[ credit to Ellie for this technique]

    -Red hawk: Allows Rohan to heat up his limbs, allowing for elemental damage while punching.
    -Iron Clad: By putting even more focus than normal hardening. Rohan can increase the durability and attacking power of his haki armour even further. Allowing him to attain a haki power beyond normal hardening. In terms of combat it allows him to even damage those with equal haki. Due to the intensity and focus it requires Rohan only uses it on one limb at a time. It cannot be used on the entire body for its stamina drain would be too intense and the focus it requires would be counter productive within a tough battle.

    Mantra IV
    Kenbunshoku Haki, also known as Mantra (心綱(マントラ) Mantora?, literally meaning "Mind Rope") on Skypiea, is a form of Haki that allows the user to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. As with his armaments haki, Rohan is able to perfectly use this form of haki. Allowing him to sense strong opponents from far away or if his vision is obscured.

    Rank 3 - Rank 3 - Prediction Ability usage lowered to 2 turn cool-down. Moderate focus needed. Distance improved to moderate radius. More specific outlines of presences being sensed. First tech allowed.


    - Cloak: Makes it so that other mantra users only sense Rohan's desguised form and not his true self. Makes it so that if he copies a civilian his stronger aura doesn't blow his cover.


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