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    Quote Originally Posted by Guren View Post
    You linked to an occ post.
    How the hell did that even happen? XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    How the hell did that even happen? XD
    maybe something you copy pasted before, dunno xD.

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    Sensui "The Enlightened"

    Sensui Oldgate | Chief VII-X | Odin Allfather | The Grim | Genysis

    "Hate cannot defeat Love"- Kogen Oldgate

    Basic Information

    Name: Sensui Oldgate
    Affiliation: Rev. Army | Fishman Island
    Demographic: Merman | 52 years old
    Proportions: 213.45 cm | 147.23 kg
    Special Ability: Buddha DF | Haoshoku Haki
    Navigation: ★★★★★ | Cartography: ★★★★★
    Sensui "The Enlightened"
    Sensui Oldgate is a commander in the Revolutionary Army, as well as the Commander of Fishman Island military, having control of its merman forces. Revered as superhuman by his kin, Sensui is the adoptive son of legend Kogen Oldgate. He is also an ex-Spada pirate, with a history of piracy. Following his father's footsteps, Sensui has long fought for peace and unity of all races.


    The Commander is a is a poisonous blue-ringed octopus merman with six massive octopus tentacles in place of legs, making eight limbs with his two arms. The merman changes colors based on emotions. Sensui usually sports a white toga, strapped on one side, golden leg guards, a harikami to cover what the toga does not, and golden sandals. The commander wears a single golden chain with a ring tied to it, belonging to Alice Torchwick.


    Sensui has a laid-back and calm demeanor. The merman was full of hate for his enslavement as a youth in Marineford. The love of his adoptive father Oldgate, and the love he had for La Spada, quelled his hate. With the teachings of his father, the merman has become enlightened, calculating, and willed. Sensui has love for the sauce, and upon being drunk, becomes intolerable and silly, like his father before him.

    Sensui History

    Called the "Drunken Swordsman" by the WG, Sensui broke out of Marojeous in his youth, flew into a rage and slayed both human and kin. Outcasted from Fishman Island, he found solace in the Spada Pirates, where his love for La Spada, and the love from his father Kogen Oldgate, freed his hate. To make his father's dream of unity of races come true, he joined the Revolutionary Army, and became the Commander of Fishman Island forces.
    Personal Relationships

    Sensui has deep roots with merfolk, personally. He is also well loved in the Sky, famous as the son of late Emperor Oldgate, his father. Sensui has deep ties with the ex-Spada pirates, and acting Revolutionary Army leadership, being one of their own. The merman is opposed to Irra "The Bloodhound" and her hate, and is often at odds. Following his father's love for his adopted grandson, Sensui had grown to care for Admiral Torque.

    Revolutionary Army

    Sensui is an acting commander in the Revolutionary Army, having control of its Ocean forces. Subsequently, he is in the inner table of RA, able to make executive decisions. Following the creed of the Revolutionary Army, the merman has sought to liberate those oppressed by the World Government, especially those of minority. Unlike his fellow Revolutionaries, Sensui advocates for peace.

    Fishman Island

    The merman is acting Commander of the Fishman Island military - merman section. He is subsequently has control of the merfolk forces of the deep, as well as the ear of the Royal Family. The purpose of Sensui's command is the freedom of his kind, and the integration to the surface above. The commander has pioneered to set aside the centuries of hate to the humans above, for racial integration and peace.

    Dream of Unity

    Born from the entrails of class warfare, Sensui has has dedicated his life to unite all races. The commander followed in his footsteps of his father, Kogen Oldgate, and strives to end racial warfare. As an ex-Marineford slave, Sensui had let go of his hate for the promulgation of his father's dream of peace. He, along with Irra and Torque, were foretold to unite the races.

    [Equipment & Abilities] Ω


    Strength | Might: 80 + 40 = 120
    Speed | Agility: 70 + 10 = 80
    Energy | Vitality: 70 + 30 = 100
    Hito Hito no Mi Daibutsu: 100
    Busoshoku Haki: 100
    Kenbunshoku Haki: 80
    Haki Perk: Passion | DF Perk: +1 Bonuses
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    Bio updated with two PC. Cyborg path Blank and Devil Fruit path Aikio. Both have perks that need to be approved/denied.
    "FTTB" - Ellie Q
    Morticia & Bo & P!nk & Ara-Ni

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taco Lord View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by CNP View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
    Bio for approval: Link

    //Stole Ichis Biolayout and hopes Ichi is good with that
    Approved; be aware that Godsword will not be a large sword with no relevance to arm length. It will really only be the size of your arms put together, possibly with a little extra size, but definitely not like an extra 3 feet or anything crazy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuchiki Akiru View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Rin View Post
    Bio for approval. I think I did it correctly though I'm not really sure if I need FS to use my DF or not.
    Approved; answered that question in the master thread
    Quote Originally Posted by BBomb View Post
    Sting Cocoon - Kamina attaches strings to an opponent to stop them from moving. The more strings the more effective it is. This technique is much more effective through the use of Marionette. When used together, Kamina can stop things that are much more stronger than him, due to his strength being almost doubled. Half from him and the other half from Marionette.
    Well, while strings can prevent someone from moving with enough force, I have to deny the part about the Marionette. It does not double your strength, as you are still controlling the Marionette. It is not a separate entity.
    Quote Originally Posted by Green13 View Post
    Approval, please. All that I've changed are the stats, and obviously the introduction of class. Will think of a perk later.
    Pain Tolerance will be a Vitality Perk, should you choose to go that route.
    Magic Skills/Mimicry will require professions, which I did not see on your sheet. Unless I am blind and just missed them.
    Manipulation works better under the Charisma stat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sea View Post
    Bio for approval!

    Me and Ichi have similar base techniques from a FS we created, we just modified it to suit our own style. So if you encounter similar techniques from Ichi's bio, totally do not be alarmed.
    Mangetsu will not cut through steel as an Air Slash; on contact, yes. But not as a ranged attack.
    Other than that approved.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rin View Post
    Fixed the stats and profession stars for my characters : o
    Keeping the ori for my main char. Link to the secondary is at the end of the main char post. Also, just to make sure, do we add up the old bounty with what we should get by the new rules? Also I didn't remove my custom haki tech until an official decision on them is made. Speaking of haki, if I pick the perk of getting rank 4 at 80, does that mean the haki stat is maxed for me? As in, the stat points awarded for haki usage would become free.
    Eh, I'll let you know of the Bounty Updates when I finish them.
    Haki techs are limited at 2 with Rank 4 Haki.
    No, you asked for your Perk Early. You can still put another 20 in to reach 100 and get Rank 1 observational if you want.

    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    Two CS for approval. Second one's link is at the bottom of the first one. I have just fixed stats for the most part and added a perk (pre approved).

    Also, the cyborg stuff isn't in use. Will do something with it in the future.

    Opting out for bounty btw.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post
    Bios for approval

    Isis La Spada
    Going Haki class for her, given I won logia in MB. Choosing perk of 4 tier CoA at 80 mastery, instead of Conqueror's Haki. She has 60 currently, so the perk will go into effect when she gets 80 in willpower.

    Kogen Oldgate
    The Bilkian is going DF class. With 100 in DF, the perk I"m requesting to be approved is the human-sized Bhudda form. I had it last time I RPed Oldgate with the Bhudda, if ye remember. It's a human-sized Bhudda, with understandably lower shockwave/strength power, but with the benefit of maneuverability.

    Shinobu Sensui
    The Merman has FS class. His bonus in FS reflect this.

    The only change on the above bios are the stats to reflect the new system.
    Sand Destroyer will require you to be connected to it, otherwise it is a useless pile of sand.
    Oldgate can only use his knowledge of Pressure Points in battle if he has a FS for it. If he wants to use them on someone who is willing/tied down and being forced to undergo it, that's fine.
    Other than that, approved

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellie Q View Post
    Bio updated with two PC. Cyborg path Blank and Devil Fruit path Aikio. Both have perks that need to be approved/denied.

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    Thanks for the Information, changed the technique so that it would still work in its purpose.

    I have thought of two Perks the Supa Supa No Mi could have with 100 DF Points, are they possible?

    -The ability to cut everything; With the Supa Supa No Mi being essentially a blade or cut fruit, this perk would be the most logical at 100 DF mastery. Workings against 81-100 FS Swordsmen with considerably strong swords would be needed.
    -Enhanced steel body; The defensive poperties of Toyos steel body excel this of normal steel, enhancing his overall resilience even further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    Pain Tolerance will be a Vitality Perk, should you choose to go that route.
    Magic Skills/Mimicry will require professions, which I did not see on your sheet. Unless I am blind and just missed them.
    Manipulation works better under the Charisma stat.
    Ah, forgot to remove those.

    Removed all of the "other abilities" and added professions for the magic stuff.

    "Every living creature on Earth dies alone."


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    Quick question since I'm confused on the matter. Do the people that have Haki path have to do the quest to unlock kings haki?

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    update complete i guess

    anyway in regards to my new pruchases new techniques.
    Spoiler: Marcus

    Misdirection:(passive) ability to redirect opponents attention trough tricking their mind with an aray of subtle/and not so subtle movements(got quite a few tech's that use misdirection so shouldn't be a problem)

    Yin-Yang: combining the "darkness" aspect of his scythe with the light of his gloves, Marcus is able to enhance his optical illusion ability's

    Mirage: Inspired by Crystal's flame road, marcus uses the heat from his skates to distort images

    Image Projection: with the help of his illusiory skills, heat(boots) and light(gloves), Marcus is able to project an image unto an open space or surface in order to confuse opponents.

    Flame Burst: Suddenly releases a large burst of flames/heat from the skates, can be used to rapidly propel himself

    Laser Lens: Using the mirage technique to form a lense of sorts in combination with the burst light release of his gloves allows marcus to shoot a laser.

    Spoiler: kat
    Liquid Blades: With the help of her skates, Katarina liquifies air/gas and shoots it as a slicing blade towards her inteded target, of course due to the low temeperature of the liquid gas, it will also instantly freeze almost anything it comes in contact with.

    Ice Knives: similar to the liquid blades but creates ice spikes from the water vapor instead

    Mirror Ice: as the name implies, Kat creates a shiny surface of ice to reflect light.

    Charge: Kat "charges" up an object with electricity for a short period of time, magnetizing it in the process.

    Magnetic Strike: After magnetizing an object with her bracelet (usually her blades), she can attract them back towards herself or repel them forward with increased momentum.

    EM shock: After charging an object with the bracelet (usually her blades) and tossing it, she can then create an electric discharge between the object and bracelet(similar to the ope's counter shock)

    Magnetic Supercharge: after several charges on the same object in short sucesion, the object is able to retain the magnetic field for longer periods of time and at stronger intensity's allowing it in turn to magnetize other objects upon contact.

    Balance strike: upon contact with the echo gloves, vibrations move trough the body damaging the inner ear and upsetting balance, needs direct contact with body.

    Resonace: contact with weapons and other inorganic materials with result in the vibrations damaging/destroying said object based upon length of exposure, intensity of vibration and quality of said object.

    "Piezo-electric strike": combination of the gloves and bracelet would result in electricity and vibration hitting the body at the same time paralyzing/stunning/locking/(whatever you want to call it) the target into place as long as contact is maintained.

    Sonic Barrier: releasing the vibrations into the air around the gloves, the user creates small sonic barriers around the hands(like small hand shields/bucklers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky View Post
    Bio for Approval
    Chose Fighting Style Path.
    Will add more techniques later on today or tomorrow, but at least I can start posting on the new free roam.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rupu View Post
    Bio for approval. Choosing FS path
    It seems these bios were skipped over. Bumping them in case they got missed.

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