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    I did make sure to sort of split the cue in half - where the Pacifista Laser and the Coup De Burst are shot from the front end, and the Burn Bazooka and Burn Blade are shot from the back end, so the four mechanisms are kept apart, and only two different mechanisms (which is not a lot imo) are ''intertwined'' per each half if you know what I mean - two in the first half and two in the second half. I can make the cue longer if you want, for each of these halves to be able to hold two mechanisms. Then when it shape-shifts into an umbrella, the canopy is obviously large enough to host all 4 mechanisms, right? And if it isn't, I can simply keep it separate there as well, with the Pacifista Laser and the Coup De Burst being shot from the apex/the centre of the canopy, while the Burn Bazooka and Burn Blade are shot from the pommel on the handle.

    In fact, what if I just changed from the cue to this dual-sided lance, with two mechanisms in one lance and two in the other, with the shaft in the middle to separate them. That way, there's a proper separation and added girth for more space. Then when it shifts into an umbrella, one of the two lances simply spreads outwards to form the canopy (or both lances can, to form two canopies to guard against two attacks coming simultaneously from different directions), with the shaft still there so it can be held.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    Concerning the FS. You are mixing Axe, Hammer, and Shield in one FS. Since you are doing that, it detracts from your mastery of one weapon. Therefore, it is impossible for you to smash/cut through steel at your level. There are no issues with the moves themselves though.
    Professions approved
    Well thats a bummer then ... I thought it was possible since we have people who combine magic tricks, throwing, feinting AND slicing and are allowed to, even Zoans without any FS are allowed to harm those "superior" defenses and materials... We have Rokushiki which allows the user to; make your body as hard as steel, zap around like Flash, turn your body into paper when needed, blow around yourself with shockwaves AND to cut steel. I thought the FS had to fit a certain theme, which mine surely does. Swinging an axe and swinging a hammer is not that great of a difference. So I'd like you to reconsider your verdict.

    If not; I don't want a FS that is half-assed. Resulting this, will you allow me to rework my FS? I will only use the Shield and the hammer. It will then only use heavy blunt attacks, that should then be able to smash mentioned things. While doing so I'll transfer the karoseiki of my axe to the hammer, turning its head into full karoseiki. Eisendial/Blueseadial will only be used to increase the mass of the hammer into that of a giant. When the Eisendial/Blueseadial are used, they will engulf the karoseki head in the process, turning the karoseiki useless in those cases.
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    Viking fighting style, sword, hammer, and shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBomb View Post
    Viking fighting style, sword, hammer, and shield
    Vikings rarely used swords, as those were the most expensive weapons to get.

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    Personal Information

    Name : Yennefer
    Epithet : Black Witch
    Devil's Fruit: Mira Mira no mi
    Class : DF Path
    Affiliation : N/A
    Occupation : Scholar
    Bounty : N/A
    Gender : Female
    Race : Human
    Age : Unknown, but likely older than she looks
    Height : Fairly tall
    Weight : Unknown

    Personality, Appearance & History
    Spoiler: Appearance

    Personality :
    Yennefer is a cunning and stern woman, traits often found in her line of work. Her shrewd mind and beautiful figure have opened many doors, though she hates her succes being attributed to such things and prefers people to see how hard she works for everything, how many hours she speaks to contacts, sources and enemies alike to get what she desires. She has long known Rasputin. They have loved at times and would go through fire for each other. She isn't above having fun, when her schedule allows it..

    History :
    Raised in a noble household, Yen received a great education and all the things she could hope for. Eventually, she left her lavish lifestyle to see more of the world and reach higher places than she could've ever achieved in her homeland. When she was about sixteen years old, the carriage she was in was robbed by highwaymen, men who worked for Rasputin, a small-time bandit who's trust she quickly gained. The two grew closer as time progressed and eventually, she became part of his crew. While she never killed anyone herself, she was instrumental in working the finances, contacting allies and enemies and taking care of all administrative duties. The two became almost inseparable. When some of the men, lusty for a female, decided to take her from her bed one night, Rasputin retaliated by brutally killing all that were involved, then a few more just for fun. This frightened Yen, and the two separated for a while.

    After Rasputin lost his entire gang to soldiers, the news made her fear for his life. She had been working as a diplomatic figure for the world government and eventually learned he had turned to piracy and was still alive. Relieved, she decided to contact him and she left the world government to join up with him. They sought to establish contact in the Ryukyu Arc, with Yen knowing about the Ironbeards' presence but not about his alliance with them.

    Yen's meeting with the Ironbeards was a succesful one, resulting in her becoming part of the infamous crew. She served as an advisor, negotiator and infiltrator. Yen's relations with the Ironbeards varied and she kept wary of all of them except for Ruby and Rasputin.


    During the events in the Bronze Cosoareno, Yen came into contact with several interesting figures. The most noteworthy was Duke Needles, to whom Yennefer pledged her loyalty in exchange for her life. In return, Duke Needles gave Yen the Logia fruit so many had been after. Yen gave this fruit to a man who's morals and alliances are shady at best. Why she gave it to him is unknown to all but her.

    Gravity Rises

    After contacting the Deep Delvers, with some help of Rackham of the Ironbeard Armada, Yen has embarked on a journey to meet with the World Eater Fis, hoping to create an alliance between the herself and the mermaid. Here, she met the Floran Genevieve, the Delver Tiefling Harmonia, and strangely, the Vice-Admiral Suu. While on Spin Top island, Yennefer met Fis, who sent her and her new compatriots to investigate the strange island, and find the cause of the disappearance of entire villages in the surrounding area. Yen also met C, an android from New Age Genetics. During their investigation, the group came upon a massive tomb, and were subsequently surprised by an unknown figure, who provided them with more information. Accompanied by new arrival Morti, captain of the Deep Delvers, Yennefer and co. ventured into the temple and discovered something they never could have anticipated.

    Inside the temple, they discovered Cran Yam and his machinations of horror, along with Screamer and Doapillia. Yen and Morti were soon subjected to Yam's mysterious powers, and their devil fruits were removed. When Fis attacked the temple in an attempt to destroy Doapillia, she inadvertently saved the lives of Yen and Morti. Yen and Morti, having been bestowed with new powers, also discovered a child with strange powers. They either had the option of leaving the girl or continuing onwards. Yen chose the latter option, and left with the girl in tow.


    Total points : 365

    Strength : 10
    Agility : 70
    Vitality : 60
    Devil's Fruit : 85
    CoO Haki: 40
    Profession: 100

    Devil's Fruit:

    Yennefer ate the Mira Mira no Mi, a paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to create mirrors by using her hands. She can use these mirrors to transport herself and others to the mirror world, reflect attacks, or create mirror images of other people.

    Mirror World
    A truly vast dimension where all the mirrors in the world are located. In here, Yen is untouchable. She considers this her greatest power, and the thing that will make her an invaluable connection for current and prospective allies. Even Yen herself has not seen every nook and cranny of this place. To those inside, it looks like a gigantic pit, descending thousands of meters underground.

    Yen has great plans for her new domain, intending for it to be a dungeon where she rules supreme. There are several areas inside the mirror dimension, each of which serves a different purpose, all of which were shaped by Yen's mind.

    White Palace
    Yen's preferred plane of the mirror dimension. A beautiful, crafted palace at the very top of the pit. The palace is empty, save for a few servants (no combat purpose). Here, Yennefer spends most of her time, further crafting her plans and meeting with allies.

    The Firelands
    A plane in the mirror dimension shaped by its guardian Yogg. Here, many shattered mirrors are stored, to be mended by Yennefer at a later time. The plane, once an empty area of stone, has become a home for the Cherufe Yogg, and few but Yen are welcome here.

    Equipment :

    Profession :

    Name : Scholar

    Total ★ : 36

    History: ★★★★★
    Linguistics: ★★★★★
    Occultism: ★★★★★
    Negotiation: ★★★★★
    Analytics: ★★★★★
    Architecture: ★★★
    Geography: ★★★★
    Barter: ★★★★

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    Amanita - Yennefer - Kilgrave - Nanachi

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Zero View Post
    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    Spoiler: For Approval
    Spoiler: General info
    Name: Wesley "Wes" Ralston
    Epithet: Shinzo no Shiri
    Affiliation: WG
    Occupation: CP Agent
    Stats: 300
    Path: Fighting Style
    Rep: Not too sure about this one
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Height: 6' 0"
    Weight: 170 lbs

    Spoiler: Stats

    Strength Attribute: 81
    Agility Attribute: 71
    Vitality Attribute: 61
    FS1: 51+10 (61)
    FS2: 26+5 (41)

    Spoiler: Items

    :-Web Shooters: A weapon on your wrists that can shoot pressurized liquids at high speeds. They can also act as guards due to their toughness. They can be used to defend against bullets/sword attacks etc.

    :- Gel Cartridges: Cartridges of white gel made from Darwin Bark Spider's web and another substance that solidifies once it comes into contact with air. The solid form is sticky to the point that it can stick to any solid surface. It is also highly tensile and super flexible due to being formed with the Darwin Bark Spider's web that is known to be 10 times tougher than Kevlar.

    :- Venom Cartridge: This one contains the neurotoxin of a black widow spider known as latrotoxin. It is only in liquid form and causes pain, muscle rigidity, vomiting, and uncontrollable sweating leading to dehydration. It is, however, not fatal.

    :- A silver chain with a white feather pendant around the neck.

    Spoiler: FS
    Rokushiki: Everything unlocked except for Rokuogan.

    Spoiler: FS2
    Gel shooters: Being able to use Gel shooters effectively in combat.

    Spoiler: Personality and History

    Personality: He is a little immature and due to it, he is treated as a little unreliable. If not specifically given a mission, he doesn't really do much for his sense of Justice is a little non-existent.

    History: soon

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Spoiler: Prof
    Specialized Gadget Creator: These are specialized to maintain and improve Wes's current weapon/ammo.
    Arachnology: 2
    Chemistry: 2
    Gadgetry: 2
    For Approval
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    can i add lip reading as one of ivan's ability's?

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    All characters up for approval.

    P.S. If it's possible to get 3 FS and get the FS path boost on all 3, I'd also like to reserve the right to potentially scrap Haki and get a 3rd FS too.
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    Basic Information
    • Name: Thomas Tew
    • Nickname: Tommy
    • Affiliation: WG
    • Rank: Captain
    • Residence: South Blue
    • Occupation: Slacker
    • Race: Human
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 16
    • Height: 173 cm
    • Weight: 52kg
    • Likes: Meat, music, rain
    • Money: 1,100,000

    • Appearance: Here

    • About:
    Thomas, a young man born to an ordinary family and lead an ordinary life. And for a change it stayed that way. Nothing dark or traumatizing happened in this young boy's life. However his fate changed on his 13th birthday when his marine uncle came back from a long trip. His uncle always tried to get Thomas into the marines due to overwhelming talent the boy possessed, great skill in fighting and overall physical readiness. Yet his parents always declined until that very day. His uncle brought back a hidden gif that contained a rather rare devil fruit which blessed him with the healing powers of a phoenix. With his new found powers seen as a true calling his parents finally caved in and let him go with his uncle. There he received the normal marine training as well as some devil fruit control from his uncle. Now in the present a mere 3 years later, Thomas has reached Captain rank and has complete control over his devil fruit powers.

    • Personality:
    Thomas is a very upbeat and zany person that's a bit eccentric. He delights in eating meat, but prefers to cook the meal himself as he doesn't trust anyone else with the delicacy that is meat. He is rash, impulsive, and determined to do everything his way, whether for good or bad. In battle, Thomas either comes off as his ordinary crazy and unpredictable personality, or his more serious, cold and steely side, which other characters have described as a rare occurrence, and as an intimidating scene. Behind this crazy and egotistical facade lies a caring friend that'd go to hell's end to make sure they're alright. He also doesn't like those that pray on the weak.

    DF Path
    • Skill Points: 310
    • Strength:42+10
    • Agility: 80 +30
    • Durability: 60 +10
    • Devil fruit: 100
    • Explosive boxing: 28

    • DF: Burning point(allows Thomas to turn some of his healing flames into actual flames. Cannot be separated from his body so only on touch.)

    Profession: Cook
    Cooking: *****


    -Adams Wood Bokken(laced in Kairoseki)

    Devil fruit

    Thomas is the current wielder of the Tori Tori no mi; model Phoenix. This devil fruit is considered ultra rare as it gives Izuki the ability to turn into a phoenix a creature considered to be immortal. While Thomas isn't immortal he's the closes being to it in reality as he can heal from almost any wound. And even survive dismemberment if he can retrieve said limb and reattach it. At the age of 16 Thomas has perfected his fruit and uses it with several different forms.

    Spoiler: forms

    Wing Point
    - The user grows bigger and stronger wings which enhances everything down with them. Also capable of high speed flying.

    Talon Point
    - The users talons grow longer, sharper, more durable and stronger.

    Healing Point
    - The user is able to heal other people with his/her flames. Although not as instant as self-healing, it is quite effective and fast. While the user does this however, he/she won't be able to heal himself/herself.

    Flame point

    - The user in this point covers his body with the healing flames of the phoenix. This causes an aesthetic effect that turns Izuki's black jacket and trousers into a bright blue. His hair also goes upright and gains a fiery look. When ever Izuki gains damage in this form it is healed instantly. While this might be a powerful form it is not without its heavy drawback. Which in this case is the stamina upkeep, the longer he fights and the more damage he takes drastically decreases his endurance. This form is something the boy uses in short bursts.

    Burning point

    - The user trades the healing properties of his flame for a more damaging one. This allows Izuki to burn his opponents to a high degree. Yet he cannot make his flames fly like a mera user can. And therefore this is only used in hand to hand combat where he can deal an additional burning damage.

    Awakened form.

    -Thomas's awakened from is where he's completely shrouded in the blue phoenix flames. He turns into a massive bird like humanoid that consists completely out of the phoenix flames. This in turn causes damaging Thomas in this mode almost impossible as most of the damage gets instantly healed. While in this form Thomas gains overall boosted physical abilities making him a true force to be reckoned with.

    Fighting style

    A MMA-like Boxing and Brawling fighting style which involves the user getting close and personal. Switching between powerful jabs, dodging and trying to grapple throw the enemy around. The speciality of the fighting style is however the shockwave the user can send out behind their attacks by focusing their power to create a shockwave as they attack.


    One-Step Straight Punch
    - A straight right performed by placing weight on one's left foot, ducking, and launching a right fist. The motion can be done vice versa, with a straight left.

    Liver Blow
    - The boxer directs a hit underneath the target's right pectoral behind the ribcage. If enough strength is put behind the attack, it ruptures the liver, causing internal bleeding which leads the effected individual to experience nausea and disorientation. If used with a shockwave, the internal damage can be devestating should it connect.

    - This punch is naturally between a hook and an uppercut. It is thrown with the same trajectory as an uppercut, starting from the waist and ending over the boxer's head. The difference is the fist is turned sideways, and the arm is more straightened out at the finish. The target is always the chin. Thus it can often confuse the opponent to where the attack is aimed at. It can be performed with either arm.

    Denting Blows
    - A series of attacks that focus on one point, breaching defenses, and potentially breaking armor/shields.

    [ Locked Till 41+ mastery]

    Cockscrew Blow
    - The Corkscrew Blow is a right or straight thrown with the rotation of the arm, giving it more power and the ability to penetrate an opponent's guard. The Corkscrew is chambered inwardly to the body, making it easy to foresee. Thanks to the motion however, the strike is strengthened through the entire body, making it very powerful.

    Gazelle Punch
    - The Gazelle Punch is a technique in which the user crouches slightly, making a 90 degree angle with the lead arm, then springs upwards, using the momentum to perform a leading uppercut to the head/chin. This technique requires strong legs. It is capable of launcing enemies into the air.

    Jolt Blow
    - The combatant charges head-first at top speed and whips their arm from an overhead position into a straight, resulting in a haymaker of a punch regardless of whether or not it connects. It is powerful enough to damage Ippo even when he guarded against it. It is a high risk, high reward kind of move.

    Flicker Jab
    - A jab that comes from a lower angle and with a jerking motion which allows it to come from either direction. Can be turned into a very rapid movement kind of attack.

    [ Locked Till 61+ mastery]

    Dempsey Roll
    - The user lowers their stance and central balance and begins to aggressively weave their body in a pattern similar to the shape of a figure eight, making it increasingly difficult for the opponent to trace their movements accurately. The user then fires (starting from either left or right) a series of rapidly executed punches whilst continuing their bobbing and weaving, catching the target in a high paced barrage of punches that few succeed on escaping from. As the Dempsey Roll is a flurry of hooks throw with the fighters full body weight behind them, few fighters can widthstand it should it land successfully, particularly if it isn't gaurded against. Higher agility and fighting style master makes this technique more effective. How it looks.

    Shockwave Gatling
    - The user bring his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms, however he does not actually grow more arms so he can still be stopped by an opponent fast enough. This move is extremely useful if used while creating shockwaves as it will send dozens of them infront of himself. Quite taxing however.

    [ Locked Till 81+ mastery]

    New Dempsey Roll
    - The New Dempsey Roll is an evolved version of the original technique that stops and starts abruptly, avoiding counters and throwing off the opponent's rhythm. However, the sudden movements put a great strain on the legs and hips, and overuse can cause permanent injury.

    Heart Break Shot
    - The Heart Break Shot is a direct punch aimed at the heart. The aim is to strike the heart with a strong punch. This causes the victim to become physically stunned for up to a full second, granting the attacker time to launch any follow-up punch they desire at maximum power.

    Shockwave Piston
    - The user swings both his his/her fists right in front of the target and launches a devastating shock wave in a forward direction.

    - The user punches the ground and send small shockwave through it. Depending on what angle the hit came from, the attack either makes everything around him shake for a moment or it is aimed at a target. Think 360 degree small radius shaking and a 90 degree medium sized degree. The size can be amplified through different actions. Haki, dropping from a height, etc.

    History and Relationships

    To be added after campaigns..

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    Bio of Killian and Karl needs to be approved. Click under my sig "Killian and Karl"
    Thanks Nelkk

    Inherited will. Destiny of the age. The dreams of people. These are things that will not be stopped. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of freedom. These things will never cease to be.

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