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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    It'll be a group event.
    does that mean Kings will no longer be a locked to the haki stat then ?

    or required to take it as a perk ?

    more importantly >.>'

    will you be here to do such an event

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    /\Click the Link Above and Watch My YouTube channel :O/\

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    It will still be Haki locked; Perk or otherwise.
    Those who aren't eligible can probably still join.
    Just no chance of getting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    It will still be Haki locked; Perk or otherwise.
    Those who aren't eligible can probably still join.
    Just no chance of getting it.
    so should i just switch my perk to Kings now :O ? and wait for the event ?

    also will there be a Stat for Kings when it gets unlocked ?

    would like more stat options :X

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    Dropping my CP9 character. I never RP'd with him, just had him approved should I desire too. Hopefully this is fine since Bad was allowed.

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    Submitting BIO for approval

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    New SPC for approval.

    Cerveny Klinge

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Cerveny Klinge
    Epithet: Bird of Death
    Affiliation: Unaffiliated.
    Occupation: Mercenary / Rock Star.
    Level: 300
    Devil Fruit: NA.
    Bounty: NA
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: August 3
    Height: 1.79 m.
    Weight: 55 kg
    Class: Fighting Style

    Role Playing Character Stats


    Strength Attribute: 70
    Agility Attribute: 70
    Vitality Attribute: 70
    Fighting Style: 70 (+15 fs class)= 85.
    Haki: 20. - 1 CoO.

    Character Personality:
    A mentally unstable young woman, she is sadistic, ruthless and violent. Cerveny is highly eccentric, violent and unpredictable. She is erratic and the things she does and says often make very little sense. A bloodthirsty swordswoman that has little concern for other people's well being.

    Character Appearance

    Character history

    Cerveny is a former member of a bounty hunters guild, but she left the group due to her mental state.
    (more to be added)

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons:

    Iron Raven: It is a ring blade used by Cerveny. The blade of the ring is dull on the inside but sharp on the outside, allowing Cerveny to swing it around without injuring herself. It can be used to a variate of attacks, and for defense.

    It's can also be divided into three different blades. Three curved Scimitar-like swords that are also used independently, allowing fighting with one, two, or three swords. Diving the blades also makes transportation easier.
    Spoiler: Blade Ring

    Throwing Knives. A set of throwing knives hidden in Cerveny's clothes.

    A guitar:

    Fighting Style Abilities: Sword Dance of Death

    Cerveny's swordsmanship style revolves around the use of her Iron Raven, either in the Ring Blade form; or as one, two, or three swords, as well as acrobatic movements, unpredictable attacks, and impeccable timing.

    Canary Waltz: Cerveny's fighting style main feature that allows her to move swiftly and rhythmically while fighting, giving the appearance as if she was dancing. Her movements are fast and precise. It can be combined with any other technique.

    Peregrine Rhythm:
    a technique in which Cerveny's slashes an opponent at such a fast pace that she disappears from sight. (Soru regulations apply). It can be combined with other techniques.

    Harmonic Wing: The user has the ability to create winds attacks. When using the Ring Blade, the wind attack is maximized in both range and power.

    Bremen Fortissimo:
    The user has the ability to cut steel, and damage other harder materials.

    Nightjar Elegy: A stabbing technique. Cerveny stabs her enemy directly with force. This attack creates a small shock-wave that would knock the victim back, beside the cutting/stab damage the blade could cause itself.

    Oratorio Halcyon: Cerveny slashes the air in front of her which creates a shock wave attack that knocks her enemies away. When performing this attack on a armored enemy, the shockwave would travel through the armor to damage the flesh.

    Parakeet Scratch: Upward slashes to the left and right. Ends with a frontal downward slash to the ground, creating a shockwave with small AoE around Cerveny.

    Snare Robin:
    Performing a circular swing, Cerveny launches compressed projectiles spiraling towards the target. The power of this attack varies, depending if she is using 1, 2, or 3 blades, multiplying the power of the technique; When using the Ring Blade, the air compressed projectiles instead fuse and become a larger and more powerful, compressed air projectile with powerful concussive force.

    Discord Parade: Cerveny spins with her swords to create a dragon-like tornado that both slashes and blows away the target(s). This is one of Cerveny''s most powerful attacks. When the Ring Blade is used to perform this technique, the attack keeps going like an actual whirlwind and cuts up anyone who gets caught in it. this version of the attack is able to cut through thick steel with ease.

    Strayed Robin: Cerveny has the ability to throw her Ring Blade and make it bounce of several surfaces while still retaining accuracy.Sweet Lullaby: A anti-swordsman technique where the user waits for the opponent to attack first, before deflecting the incoming blow to either damage the weapon or disarm the enemy, all in a single move. Cerveny is able to tell the balance point of the enemy blade to make her counter more effective.

    Ptarmigan Gestopft Madness: When Cerveny's mind gets lost in too bloodlust , her personality changes and she enters into a much gloomy state. This mode results in stronger and more offensive attacks, but many of these attacks will damage her as well upon usage, regardless of whether or not they strike the opponent.


    Song writing: ★★★
    Musical instruments ★★★
    As a master musician, Cerveny can compose songs that are able to affect those that listen to them, the songs may have different effects.

    Courage: Cerveny sings a epic song, granting those that hear her the courage and bravary to continue fighting, with renovated strength.

    Distraction: Cerveny's performance, replete with dizzying flourishes, is designed to distract and confuse. The target would forget who it was fighting and becomes disorientated. (Used with NPC, or at PC discration).

    Captivating Song: Cerveny begins an entrancing song that stuns hostile targets nearby. The song may continue indefinitly, but Cerveny cannot move or take any other action while singing.

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    Needs approval and probably a fair amount of tweaking, I did a lot of reading and I was not sure if I understood it all. So anything incorrect, wrong or just plain stupid, let me know. Also, do not care about cliches, I've wanted this char for forever so pbbbbbt.

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    Cipher Pol Chief VII-X

    Basic Information

    Name: VII-X "Chief"| "Yonko-killer"
    Affiliation: Cipher Pol 9 | WG
    Demographic: Robot | ? years old
    Proportions: 457.1 cm | 272.12kg
    Special Ability: Mecha Rokushiki
    Robotics: ★★★★ | Costume: ★★
    Chief VII-X
    From the need to have an agent undeterred by humanity, in light of the morbidity of some missions, the robot was created by Vegapunk's father. The robot is connected wirelessly to the mainframe of the WG through a single chip, and therefore acts only on command and features. The Chief is mantled from bakumetal parts, in the shape of muscles.


    An alloy "suit" makes up VII-X's skin, giving him a human appearance. VII-X bears a light-skinned skinny female frame, with. blond hair and blue eyes. This skin hides the fact that she is a pure robot below, with only an engine pumping oil under the chassis of her back. The Cipher Pol Chief sports a red leather suit without a tie. VII was reconstructed as VII-X after VII model was destroyed in the Buster Call of Ambervale, called in by the chief himself, leading to the death of Yonko Bryanna.


    Chief VII-x is devoid of emotions and pain, making her extremely straightforward. The agent has an anomaly in his system that beckons her to sever limbs and body parts from living beings and wear them as clothes. After the Nobles re-wired his CPU, VII-X adopted another anomaly; emotion, through an installed chip.

    Cipher Pol 9

    CP9 members are not based on intelligence gathering, but instead are shadowy assassins who kill anyone that opposes the World Government. CP9 has special privileges not available to normal Cipher Pol squadrons, such as the ability to kill any person perceived as a threat to world stability.
    Genysis & Scion
    Nicknamed "Island Destroyer", Genysis is a giant robot under the command of Cipher Pol 9's Chief VII-X. Made out of Bakumetal, Genisys doubles as a submarine and a giant mech, capable of Buster Call destruction. Connected to the WG mainframe, the giant mech acts on its own through AI, complete with facial bounty recognition. Chief VII-X is able to amalgamate with Genysis through the cockpit at it's chest, acting as one. Scion is a cyborg hawk who sits upon Chief VII-X's shoulder and speaks for the chief.

    World Nobles

    The World Nobles, also known as the Celestial Dragons, are the descendants of nineteen of the Twenty Kings who established what is now known as the WG. As of late, they have taken a more hands-on approach to the world's balance. They captured Chief VII-X, and re-wired the bot with a CPU chip, in order to control her from afar, typically in opposition to WG orders, to promulgate their power.

    The highest authority in the WG, the Gorosei primary concerns are protecting an unstable world from the influence of piracy, and maintaining the public image of the WG. Since VII-X is a machine, with no emotion, the Gorosei sometimes use the bot to further their interests in secret, primarily in matters where order compliance is a necessity.


    Strength | Might: 82
    Speed | Agility: 60
    Energy | Vitality: 60
    Rokushiki [cyborg]: 100
    Strength Perk: N/A | FS perk: Full Bot
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    Basic Information
    General Information

    Name: Priscilla
    Epithet: Bolt Blue
    Affiliation: Crazy Rainbow Stars
    Class: DF
    Devil Fruit: Goro Goro no Mi
    Bounty: 20,000 (Frozen)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'2" / 157 cm
    Weight: 115 lbs. / 52 kg
    Beri: 0

    Role Playing Character Stats
    Spoiler: Stats
    Strength: 55
    Agility: 50
    Vitality: 55
    Devil Fruit: 100
    Fighting Style: 41

    Engineering: ★★★
    Shipwright: ★★★

    Getting to know the Character

    Spoiler: Character Info
    Spoiler: Character Appearance

    Spoiler: Personality
    Priscilla views herself as a Goddess, thinking others are beneath her until proven otherwise. Anybody who pledges their self to Priscilla would be taken under her care, and she'd make sure they were content within reason. Those that anger her would get lightning bolts thrown at them.

    Spoiler: History
    Priscilla grew up on an isolated island, far removed from advanced technology. They believed in many gods, and whoever obtained a Devil Fruit was said to have been blessed by the Gods. Their society greatly resembled Ancient Greece. Through an archery tournament, Priscilla won a prize to taste the fruit of the Gods, which ended up being the Goro Goro no Mi. From then on, Priscilla was considered to be a Goddess, being the daughter of Zeus. But soon enough, travesty struck. Their emperor, through a fit of insanity, set the empire on fire. Priscilla could do nothing but watch everybody she ever loved or cared about burn to the ground. This gave Priscilla her judgmental tendencies, as there was nothing left to reel her back until she met Marisa.

    Equipment and Abilities

    Spoiler: Battle Info
    Spoiler: Equipment
    Bakumetal bow/claw

    Chunk of seastone

    Flame dial

    heat dial

    thunder dial

    Spoiler: Fighting Style

    Bow claws
    Priscilla was trained in the art of archery growing up, while learning how to use claws. She can replicate that techniques with the claws in Phoenix form, utilizing her talons.

    Spoiler: Devil Fruit Abilities

    The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into electricity at will, making the user a Lightning Human (雷人間 Kaminari Ningen?).

    Custom techniques:
    Flash - The user is able move at speeds even greater than lightning travel, by first focusing the electrical energy at his feet before releasing it all. (Soru guidelines apply)

    Override - The user is able to overwhelm and short-circuit electrical systems with a strong bolt of lightning.

    Arch Lightning - A technique that uses lightning to augment the power of the user's strikes. Ring-like waves of static electricity are emitted at the place and moment of impact.

    Dancing Bolt - The user fires a bolt of electricity that does not travel in a straight line, but zigs and zags at various angles.

    Branching Bolt - A bolt of lightning that branches more the further it gets, hitting multiple points but with less power.

    Charging - The movement of electrical charges produces a magnetic field. The intense currents of a lightning discharge create a fleeting but very strong magnetic field. Objects passed through can become permanently magnetized.

    EM Field - The user releases sparks around them that concentrate and create an electromagnetic field through charging.

    Thunder - The user's lightning causes a rapid increase in pressure and thus expand outward creating a physical shockwave that is also audible as thunder.

    Storm Clouds - The user is able to use the rapid heating of the lightning to create storm clouds. These can be small and local, or used to charge existing clouds. (81+)

    Redan - The user controls the electricity within their own body to enhance their physical abilities far beyond their normal capability. It does, however, mean that it is more draining, getting more unstable the greater length of time active, so it can only be used briefly. (81+)

    God-speed Impulse (Passive) - The user's electrical impulses are all heightened to their maximum efficiency, making his reaction much faster than the normal human. (81+)

    Spoiler: Perks

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