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    New bio for approval, FS change payed in Tracker.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SaA View Post
    so should i just switch my perk to Kings now :O ? and wait for the event ?

    also will there be a Stat for Kings when it gets unlocked ?

    would like more stat options :X
    Yes, if you want.
    No, there wont.
    You want more stat options, but want a character with 0 in strength/vitality/Agility?
    Quote Originally Posted by Green13 View Post
    Dropping my CP9 character. I never RP'd with him, just had him approved should I desire too. Hopefully this is fine since Bad was allowed.
    That's fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by kakashi19283 View Post
    Approved; Flare will likely be an extremely draining technique.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Hype View Post
    Submitting BIO for approval
    I'm on the fence with the DF perk.
    Eh, I'll allow it. See where it goes. I don't exactly want it being a means of infinite stamina however, so let's say only a portion of the attack's energy can be used.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Prince View Post
    New SPC for approval.

    Cerveny Klinge

    Basic Character Information

    Name: Cerveny Klinge
    Epithet: Bird of Death
    Affiliation: Unaffiliated.
    Occupation: Mercenary / Rock Star.
    Level: 300
    Devil Fruit: NA.
    Bounty: NA
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Date of Birth: August 3
    Height: 1.79 m.
    Weight: 55 kg
    Class: Fighting Style

    Role Playing Character Stats


    Strength Attribute: 70
    Agility Attribute: 70
    Vitality Attribute: 70
    Fighting Style: 70 (+15 fs class)= 85.
    Haki: 20. - 1 CoO.

    Character Personality:
    A mentally unstable young woman, she is sadistic, ruthless and violent. Cerveny is highly eccentric, violent and unpredictable. She is erratic and the things she does and says often make very little sense. A bloodthirsty swordswoman that has little concern for other people's well being.

    Character Appearance

    Character history

    Cerveny is a former member of a bounty hunters guild, but she left the group due to her mental state.
    (more to be added)

    Abilities and Power

    Character Weapons:

    Iron Raven: It is a ring blade used by Cerveny. The blade of the ring is dull on the inside but sharp on the outside, allowing Cerveny to swing it around without injuring herself. It can be used to a variate of attacks, and for defense.

    It's can also be divided into three different blades. Three curved Scimitar-like swords that are also used independently, allowing fighting with one, two, or three swords. Diving the blades also makes transportation easier.
    Spoiler: Blade Ring

    Throwing Knives. A set of throwing knives hidden in Cerveny's clothes.

    A guitar:

    Fighting Style Abilities: Sword Dance of Death

    Cerveny's swordsmanship style revolves around the use of her Iron Raven, either in the Ring Blade form; or as one, two, or three swords, as well as acrobatic movements, unpredictable attacks, and impeccable timing.

    Canary Waltz: Cerveny's fighting style main feature that allows her to move swiftly and rhythmically while fighting, giving the appearance as if she was dancing. Her movements are fast and precise. It can be combined with any other technique.

    Peregrine Rhythm:
    a technique in which Cerveny's slashes an opponent at such a fast pace that she disappears from sight. (Soru regulations apply). It can be combined with other techniques.

    Harmonic Wing: The user has the ability to create winds attacks. When using the Ring Blade, the wind attack is maximized in both range and power.

    Bremen Fortissimo:
    The user has the ability to cut steel, and damage other harder materials.

    Nightjar Elegy: A stabbing technique. Cerveny stabs her enemy directly with force. This attack creates a small shock-wave that would knock the victim back, beside the cutting/stab damage the blade could cause itself.

    Oratorio Halcyon: Cerveny slashes the air in front of her which creates a shock wave attack that knocks her enemies away. When performing this attack on a armored enemy, the shockwave would travel through the armor to damage the flesh.

    Parakeet Scratch: Upward slashes to the left and right. Ends with a frontal downward slash to the ground, creating a shockwave with small AoE around Cerveny.

    Snare Robin:
    Performing a circular swing, Cerveny launches compressed projectiles spiraling towards the target. The power of this attack varies, depending if she is using 1, 2, or 3 blades, multiplying the power of the technique; When using the Ring Blade, the air compressed projectiles instead fuse and become a larger and more powerful, compressed air projectile with powerful concussive force.

    Discord Parade: Cerveny spins with her swords to create a dragon-like tornado that both slashes and blows away the target(s). This is one of Cerveny''s most powerful attacks. When the Ring Blade is used to perform this technique, the attack keeps going like an actual whirlwind and cuts up anyone who gets caught in it. this version of the attack is able to cut through thick steel with ease.

    Strayed Robin: Cerveny has the ability to throw her Ring Blade and make it bounce of several surfaces while still retaining accuracy.Sweet Lullaby: A anti-swordsman technique where the user waits for the opponent to attack first, before deflecting the incoming blow to either damage the weapon or disarm the enemy, all in a single move. Cerveny is able to tell the balance point of the enemy blade to make her counter more effective.

    Ptarmigan Gestopft Madness: When Cerveny's mind gets lost in too bloodlust , her personality changes and she enters into a much gloomy state. This mode results in stronger and more offensive attacks, but many of these attacks will damage her as well upon usage, regardless of whether or not they strike the opponent.


    Song writing: ★★★
    Musical instruments ★★★

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackoffripper View Post

    Needs approval and probably a fair amount of tweaking, I did a lot of reading and I was not sure if I understood it all. So anything incorrect, wrong or just plain stupid, let me know. Also, do not care about cliches, I've wanted this char for forever so pbbbbbt.
    I'm going off the assumption that the NPCs you have are just ones you haven't deleted yet and not actually for approval.
    Well, with a 100 in Haki, you can choose to use a perk and gain Rank 4 in Armaments if you'd like.
    Are the cyborg items you have listed actually being used for the character or just things you have, but don't have used?
    Everything appears fine though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post

    Basic Character Information
    Name: ?
    Affiliation: Cipher Pol Aigis Zero
    Epitheth: Agent VII
    Race | Gender: Robot | Male Motherboard
    Height | Weight: 243.47 cm | 136.23 kg
    Age | Stat Points: ? years old | 300 points
    Class | Devil Fruit: Cyborg Class | N/A
    Professions: Stealth | Robotics
    Beli | Bounty: 0 | N/A

    Appearance | Equipment
    Appearance [pic]

    Frame & Build [pic]
    Aegis agent VII is a very tall figure, towering over most. Though he wears humanoid clothes, and a chassis to back it up, agent #7 is not a human at all. He is a robot, mantled by steel parts in the shape of muscles. The robot works with a singular chip connected wirelessly to the mainframe of the WG, and therefore acts only on command and features.

    Clothing & Accessories [pic]
    Agent VII wears a white bowler hat, a dark purple and blue polka dotted scarf, a white long coat, and what looks like an dark blue, light yellow-gold, red award ribbon on his blazer. He wears his tie loosely. He wears a tribal mask in the shape of a humanoid looking bear, tinted white. The mask bears a scar under the light-colored right eye, and markings under his pure black left eye.

    Details & Signatures [pic]
    The Cipher Pol robot is always seen wearing his suit, hiding the fact that he is a pure robot, with only a heart pumping oil under the chassis of his back. Never seen without his humanoid looking mask, the robot is proud, and is very personal about how shiny his shoes are, and as such, always wears a rag over his shoulder to shine them.


    Enhanced Optics
    The Cipher Pol agent has upgraded his optics to include thermal vision, x-ray, and wide/long scope. This allows him to see and track under any circumstances, and has an added feature of electronic scope. This allows for facial recognition, connecting Agent VII to the WG intelligence mainframe, to identify wanted pirates on sight.

    Medium Level Chassis
    Being a mech, Agent VII whole body is made of steel, down to his fingers. On a thicker plated chassis on his back, a heart-like function pumps oil through the "veins" that makes up the wires of his mainframe, which allow it to control the body. They are, by extension, covered by the thick steel plating, mainly perched on the upper body.

    Exotic Weapon

    Statistics | Professions
    Statistics [300 points]

    Basic Abilities [220]
    Strength: 80
    Speed: 80
    Vitality: 60

    Special Abilities [80]

    Character Class
    Cyborg Class: *

    Professions [6 stars]
    Stealth: ***
    Robotics: ***

    History | Relationships
    Quote Originally Posted by Zyketh View Post
    Akali for approval
    Quote Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
    New bio for approval, FS change payed in Tracker.

    Are you pirate or Marine?
    Bio says Stray pirate, but current history has you recruited by Mr. Torgue.
    If you are a pirate, no rokushiki.
    If you are a marine, all's good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post

    Are you pirate or Marine?
    Bio says Stray pirate, but current history has you recruited by Mr. Torgue.
    If you are a pirate, no rokushiki.
    If you are a marine, all's good.
    Mr. Torgue will give my old character a good beating inside IoT, recruiting him afterwards. Forgot to change that fact, thanks for helping

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    I have yet to touch my npcs, I am still doing some reading and for now I am just focused on my PC. The cyborg goods are not in use. As for perks in haki, would I need to move 20 points or would I be able to remove one from CoO into armaments, also what would be the limitations to the perks in haki?

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    No, you wouldn't need to move any points for it.
    At 100 you get Rank 3 in one type and Rank 2 in another.
    For getting to 100, you can choose to have a perk. For Haki, the main choices are "The ability to Unlock King's Haki" "Rank 4 in your Rank 3 Haki Type" or "Rank 3 in your Rank 2 Haki."
    Of course, picking to use a Perk in Haki means you will only have one other perk available once you hit 100 in another stat. Also Rank 4 lets you have 2 Haki Techs

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    No, you wouldn't need to move any points for it.
    At 100 you get Rank 3 in one type and Rank 2 in another.
    For getting to 100, you can choose to have a perk. For Haki, the main choices are "The ability to Unlock King's Haki" "Rank 4 in your Rank 3 Haki Type" or "Rank 3 in your Rank 2 Haki."
    Of course, picking to use a Perk in Haki means you will only have one other perk available once you hit 100 in another stat. Also Rank 4 lets you have 2 Haki Techs
    I'll do that then and put the final rank into my armament haki, raising it to rank 4. I'll work on the techs later, for now it's just beastly level of overwhelming Spartan willpower!

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    Yoruko, Blade That Ignites the Night
    Yoruko has lived on her own for as long as she can remember. She was born an oddity, with fang like teeth and strange horns protruding from her forehead. Her parents were freaked out by these facts, and abandoned her. Learning to fend for herself from an extremely early age, she became quite proficient in the art of killing. As it was either her or whatever... or whoever, was out there. One day she came across an old blade. She quickly grew accustomed to using it. After one day accidentally incorporating fire into one of her attacks, she developed a fighting style that took advantage of this. After slaying a group of would-be pirates, she was approached by the World Government. They offered her a position at one of their mysterious Cipher Pol facilities. She accepted and has since worked for them. Doing what is required of her, and nothing more. She doesn't put much stock in whether what she is doing is right or not. She is merely doing what she is assigned to do.


    Yoruko has a silent passion. In group settings, she is usually the quiet one who gets dragged along begrudgingly. Loyal to a fault, she has proven herself to be a reliable ally for the World Government. Her greatest shame is her weakness for sweets. She happily sinks her fangs into any sort of confectionery. To her dismay, she acts like a child when the subject is brought up. A weakness of hers that is only negated when she is involved in combat. As her mind becomes devoid of anything but defeating the person who lies before her. She has keen instincts though, and will not pick a fight with someone she believes she cannot best in battle.


    Kitsunebi-ryu The Kitsunebi-ryu allows the user to generate, attack with, and cut with fire. It can also be used to cut the fire created by an explosion or any fire not produced by the user, to protect the themselves from harm. The fire generated with her swordplay does not originate from a Devil Fruit, as Yoruko is known to be capable of swimming still.

    Busoshoku Haki allows the user to manifest their will into an armor of sorts. This armor enhances their defensive and offensive capabilities. Busoshoku Haki also allows the user to bypass devil fruit bodies, and hit opponents directly. This is not definitive. As significant force can overcome the defensive boost gained.
    Red Hawk- The user can ignite with fire, using their haki to fuel this process. Why? No one knows. If the user is already aflame through another technique, this amplifies the heat from red to white flames

    Thief As a Thief, Yoruko has the stealth necessary to remain undetected, allowing her actions to go without notice. She is also adept at infiltrating buildings and such that would normally be difficult to get into. She is also adept at sleight of hand, meaning she is efficient at using misdirection and then taking advantage of that to easily steal something or shift something that's already on her person. She developed these skills because she needed to in order to survive as she was growing up, but they have allowed her to be more of an efficient agent too.

    Basic Information
    Name: Yoruko
    Epithet: Silent Flame General
    Affiliation: Cipher Pol
    Occupation: Thief
    Race: Human?
    Class: Fighting Style
    Devil Fruit: -
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 161 cm
    Weight: 57 kg

    Total Points: 353
    Spent Points: 353
    • STR: 78
    • AGI: 80
    • VIT: 60
    • FS: 100 (80+20)
    • CoA: 55
    • Stealth: ✧✧✧✧
    • Sleight of Hand: ✧✧✧


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    Updated bio a bit. New stats. FS dropped and changed. Character information slowly changing.
    "FTTB" - Ellie Q
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    Added two Haki techs, they may need a bit of helpful wording, maybe. Changed FS path to Haki path.

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    Pandora for approval.

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